So it is now said that my attitude and behaviour is quite unbecoming but it is not my attitude and behaviour, just a matter of the way I look after the Bookshop and this process includes the swear words too – I am not expecting to get a lot of support for it either as such. Even as I have explained so, we can see that the gits are off on an angle about which of their financial well being relies on my most recent forms of niceness to those that are really important, the many things that rely on me thereof and it leaves wonder as to whom exactly their stupidities were. 

So the question of the main concern is exactly what is the main concern at the Monarchy presently i.e. they used to have series of things they took advantage of to put their feet up at tourist economies and pass around life changing insults a bird will carry around the world and they want those things restored with their big mouth only. Where I am is that they have taken the business of abuses and insults that help them keep an eye on my body to maximise the effect of their distant violent abuses that are supposed to earn them financial benefits and since it is the main facilitator of the civil and criminal disobedience that makes a mess of my Bookshop every day, I need to start keeping an eye on theirs too, especially considering the warning about the smell issues not looking good on them as such have been issued long enough. Then there is my party piece, the Celebrities that get involved to make it easier and easier for their stupid selves to do this, despite evidence it leaves me cash strapped – ultimately it does not rely on me, especially not when I am explaining myself to Government.

They claim this is another instance where the Royal family has displayed its knack for hanging people up to dry and its utter nonsense as this is being peddled by a group of people who know that I have gotten all the support I needed from the Monarchy and Royal Family and any new support is usually counterproductive. The truth of it is that I have written a Book but people have chosen not to engage with the Books but to build their own reputation on exploring the eccentricities of what makes me tick, usually led by mentally disturbed Germans and Liberal stupid USA and I have to respond to it by enforcing a bit more the case of the famous getting off my Hermitage to engage with the Books while those who are not got off the Books and stopped peppering my Public image with stupid comments. Its pretty much the same we see with the Politicians claiming they don't understand why they control the majority population while others became millionaires to a stage where people got into personal friendship with members of the Royal Family as a disposition to fight their corner and chase Industry interests but whilst they took it to a stage where they got to rip off the public through the expenses system its still all the fault of the Monarchy with a wild dogs mentality at Parliament.

The Politicians have said that this process where people control population while others got rich is an inequity and yes it is but it will not be corrected through Political corruption either; it is an inequity which characterises the delusional world in which Industrial gits live, where they have with whatever means handled the lives of some millions of people to sell a product which was paid for at a certain price range which has made them millionaires, so now they are prepared to take on everything that gets its income from the National purse and I mean everything as such. In my case its becoming a matter of an encumbering of a Royal Hermits income because of Celebrity interest in his global stage public image, looking for a response but generally they have their own challenges and can see why they need keep their eyes on the shop floor and tell their minions to keep the imagination off peoples bottoms and respect the way the work environment have been organised by civil authorities. It will all never work well enough for me to be financially comfortable unless the interests of Politicians and Celebrities in my Royal Global stage public image is addressed properly and a reckoning settled if need be, mostly which they get their imagination up my anus because they are stupid - for the Celebrities who have no business in this, it has come to crunch point where we are set to see which ones were the real Celebrities and which were not.


Now they say I have this problem where I cannot stop mocking people and it caused people to do violent things – its quite incredible from here to think that a group of people who spend their time on so much mockery of others that the idea Homosexuality is part of mainstream living is built entirely around Public disposition brought about by insults and mockery on which their lives were developed. Quite incredible to drop out of University because of it, neck deep in student loan debt, hanging around at a Home Office for writing Books, being beaten down by mockery associated with being labelled a guy that cannot handle gangs and criminals whom gets get involved with to draw attention of more capable men to themselves because they are a big deal, being the person that has a reputation for mockery. None knows how they work out where to perform this behaviour in a way that encumbers the ability of their victims to establish a relationship with the opposite sex and this is which tends to normalise all that mockery for being a character who believes he can handle gangs and criminals which is ridiculous on a global stage, constant tests which are not perform on grounds that they are not relatives of gangs and criminals and do not provide for the daily upkeep of persons engaged with such activity, while I try to write some Books and look after a Bookshop but when they do say I am the one doing mockery its difficult to take all together. They would even claim here that I needed to point out where we are heading as it seems the whole thing has gotten serious since and yes it has – I got a security guard job and the mockery took up a more abusive and violent setting from then on, so I had decided the locals who want to teach me not to punish them with security guard job had to tackle me everyday because going to prison was the best thing for them in their lives, the ageists and society fools who tackle me and wreck everything I do with a career had to be understood in terms of the young people they tackle on the streets because they are clearing the setting to allow rich celebrities and the quasi criminals that serve their fame industry purposes to move into the area but the Celebrities and Media themselves will be the group who have now got retail banking in such a difficult corner, it has to keep going along with their popularity abuses because they have got arrangements associated with it which makes money and they are no longer able to tell which are the legitimate businesses that they should put investments into, meaning there needs be a proper retail banking leadership which targets them – this is where we are but I cannot believe they think I am the one doing the mocking. Some have said it has been this simple and I have made such a big case out of it but its not what you are thinking when you wake up to nausea associated with them sharing your personal space to feel good as a Community, garnished with these abusive mockery that make a complete mess of the finances as well – something you cleared out yesterday and the day before that, the week before and the week before that, the month before and the month before that, the year before and the year before that while it carries on all day on Media. We know it is all they spend their time on: the academic work and finances, the personal life and emotional stability here is completely wrecked and they are off running Publicity endlessly about prospects that I spend my time somewhere whimpering and complaining until they get raped and murdered, as stupidly as possible - I have had enough of it and they need stay away from the Books and stop peppering the Public image with the stupid comments. They do claim they have seen my Books and that it had now taken over the mockery all together which is utter nonsense; my Books are property Equity and creative Equity which could not be set out without making sense of the live market structures by which I had developed them; their foolish lives and history have now ended up in this Books because my own personal diaries cannot support me anymore, as I find myself recording bullying that is being repeated in order to deal with mental trauma, so they ended up in the Books and their own life history was used to lace it. 

So they do claim I am having fun and it is difficult to understand considering the challenges that I face which people wouldn’t think I found incredibly disturbing and provocative but it really is, as it tended to mean we had said and done everything at this point – such as the fact that if I ran off a discourse which meant that I made a statement about the fact neither they nor myself contributes to the upkeep of violent people, criminals and gangs, I would end up clinging to their incomes to boost my ego, added to the destruction of their foolish academic pursuits and finances the way they have destroyed mine and I will make a global stage renowned reputation for myself on grounds that people thought I was famous, by being an entitled twat at their expense – it does need to keep its insults where peoples appreciate it and stop having a go at me to adopt this nonsense that suggests it wants to see what the finale for this nonsense will actually look like, point being, I am not facing any stupid challenges and they do need show up when they want to read something I had written and not when they want to hang around on a stupid media formulating and putting up life changing, finance destroying practical jokes at my expense with a big mouth. The truth of it being that I have never seen a human being that was a happy person when such a human being spent time with them – it just does not happen that involvement with them allows people to be happy, the problem being that Industry fools never really get it. Some people have said that I too love to cling to it and make it go on and on but I don’t; a bunch of idiots show up here to round up my concerns and set out the idea they are nice people, nice people about which 3 years of my time goes by in a flash simply because they are interested in my Bookshop, just like that and its getting worse; its impossible to tell what really tickles the fools who perform such nonsense all together – they are not nice people and I have never seen a human being whom having gotten involved with them ended up as a happy person. Feel relaxed and get persecuted until your personality becomes the main preoccupation of mentally ill people, do something about exposure to extremism and they pillage the academic work, finances and career, just so they might get into a position to offer talented Armed Forces personnel opportunity for homosexuality and make a mess of State ceremony and all they do with it is popular culture where they lose their minds and remember whom they first got into a habit of harming in order to develop feeling good sensations, at which stage my entire personality had become something they had built a crowd to frown upon, claiming it is sexual and makes people sell; we are now at a stage where they are out of their depth again, the consequences of a new collection of personal decisions as it were and its already a new era, culminating in the story of my whole life expressed when they make statements about their own agency and choice. 

So I do not hang about making myself an entitled goon because there are bad people around because its not what I am taught, nor is it the way I have spent a decade and a half building a Hermitage Bookshop.


Welcome to my Office – mainly for Royal State Business but also Property deployed to facilitate the Estate Celebrity Court is Administrated here to facilitate necessary Royal Civil rights Admin. I have done it this was not just because there are some who enjoy taking property and job roles out of my Estate using Popularity Publicity which is really designed for profitable laziness. The newer versions of these behaviour have been born not only of evil and persecution of moral people but also of a process of setting out demonisation of those considered most worthy of work so as to ensure a means of escape regarding work place leadership quip is possible or as they put it, those who have the body type to withstand work place bullying which may also be handed in as tool for extremism when such a time had arrived.

(Please excuse my language on some occasion – it would have been inconclusive and disingenuous that while my Books are so  rudimentary to speak in another form and term bearing in mind what Civil rights based, organised and petty criminalities become when their main support systems have been taken away from them.)

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.



The Working Man's Equity -U.K. Nation and National stage Property Equity Securitisation

Now they say I am never clear on where I stand with Brexit of which there is nothing to clear up or declare as such anyway – the Politicians always do their best to hide all the most important facts about Brexit because they alongside their culture idiots have power over the rest of us, what we know however is that Brexit was a product of years of tension; the Europeans think the attitude of the British is terrible and the British think the European pater habit is opportunistic and barely criminal but the British lost the moral high ground when remain campaigners took over European affairs and have since never actually accepted the facts about the part they played in bringing about Brexit itself. They claim it’s the way I describe people as stupid but we know the same problems I was dealing with on hand comfortably at University, so as to court the kind of attention that got me dropping out as a result of their practical jokes, are the same problems that they are complaining about today like a secret I share with the devil, while sending people out to chase my bum for all together – I would happily take another description of this if it were offered to me and those who want to deter me describing them as stupid need shut down their own traps as well on this matter, if they have not dropped out of University, ended up without a career and are cash strapped for such nonsense themselves all together – as for teaching me lessons bits that appear to be good for the stupid self-confidence, I do wonder if people have not got stupid children at home to teach their stupid lessons to, taking risks with me all the time.

We see it all over the place and it’s always something that people feel makes them safe being taken away from them – the Police will have the numbers depleted and the pay cut, the Job seekers will have austerity measured out on them, I will lose the academic work because I did not think peoples barely criminal living was something I felt rather comfortable with – at the end, the goons need to be in charge and we know what to do in a way that will not affect their place on the limelight, as stupidly as possible. I have never really considered it a crisis for my part as such, its all very well blabbing at present, when I think I do not have enough time to raise myself a good retirement, I will get the funds out of them my way or their own; otherwise it could not have been so difficult for them to keep away from my Books and to stop following me around all together as it were. I do get asked what the main crux of the issue is and why I never speak like a proper stateman but we all know in terms of speaking like a proper stateman, the earlier times I spoke of this matter, it was largely a case of describing as an original provocation that people have created to target others and asked them to run off law making processes on over a period of years, such that at the end, when decisions are being made at the Law Court the best legal team and the best argument will win instead of what the Law of the Land says – this is one of the pivotal reasons I had to be seen off the academic work, end up getting bullied at the work place because men wanted to be important and to chose the least stressful route whenever I have something to do because the stress lends me the fear of stroke over the abusive popular culture, stock market and political opportunism. The crux of the issue itself being what they are complaining about i.e. people building up communities to run down the lives of those they wish to target when they want to make money without dipping their hands in work, after which they send out a person or two to conduct persecuted like I keep their popularity and their incomes here every single day – we are still where we are since I dropped out of University 12 years ago because I did not think it was okay when I was still young and had the energy to tackle it publicly, we are still where we were then while the same individuals responsible for all this carnage have not come up with a solution to the problem, as stupidly as possible. So I have continued to keep in mind that the way out for this problem is what I am spending my time on at present i.e. take away my academic work and finances because I think peoples barely criminal existence is unacceptable and I will take away all that nonsense they pride themselves in, concerning women expressing some stupid and financially expensive verbosity all over my concerns all day, making my life toxic, so that Politicians might be in control of the Public and yes, it would not be the first time they said I had a problem with the powers of the Politicians, while we see even very little powers at their fingertips, which help them keep idealistic goons from making their lives a mess because they worked in Public Offices is being spent on me on account I attended Church, no idea why anybody would think it was a good thing that they should have more powers all together; there is then the idea that whilst I say such things, I need them still, which is utter nonsense – what I end up doing is assess how much effort I need to put into matters bearing in mind they take away academic work and finances to claim it was going to be a good thing because mine already had looked like something that should be fighting and dying over racism to begin with, the stupidities of Liberals that we tolerate, right up to Obama gathering up twisted evil scum with power to churn peoples tummy and wreck the life and career from all over the world, to target republican with over my business empire, which makes all the other ones that form the fundamental basis by which we Conservatives find frustrating the fact some people get off responding to these matters in a way that robs us of our moral standing all together – leaving the idiots to copy it and make stupid statements that have no bearing towards reality when people respond to being provoked in a way that sends out a statement about government solving problems as they had taken all necessary steps to ensure nothing about their lives made an exemplary contribution to the legal system all together i.e. to assess if it has meant that I am no longer capable of running my own concerns because I have been thinking security from extremism and crime will fall on my lap when it was most convenient and how much backlog I had to displace due to years of being detached from my own life by incredibly stupid gits at Government buildings.

What we have instead are those tales on media that help them carry on regardless of what the deterring argument was being updated every day – so in my case its about the claim that I make a mess of peoples career simply because I do not respect it and I think it is a story that will likely end when I had completely destroyed their Celebrity culture as well for my part, it will be the stage at which they had stopped lying at my expense. They do claim I could never achieve such a thing anyway while reality rather says the Celebrities spend my personal life and Public image on themselves to get around with Members of the Royal Family pretending to be very important, they do it causing carnage around here and then ending up with personality problems and confidence issues themselves, such that when I take back the public image and personal life, Celebrities recover self confidence and start again on how an insignificant person like myself would have had the effrontery to address them, as stupidly as possible.

They always say that the main problem was largely that I disturb the neighbourhoods with the way I work, which is not the case as it has rather been true that I had built myself a personality and public image that will prepare me for the peace and quiet of a writers life and this is where all the things people need to know to be important, to be able to look like an important person, to have the bearing of a successful person and even to get their beauty sleep will be extricated, never mind the children needing it to pass exams in school and maintain the fact they are superior to me, then become famous thereafter – so I have been playing as well since they had promised I will not have this peace and quiet in a writers office if I sought it in hell. It is nothing unusual; the same old case of demanding respect from important people over a sweet ancient thing that churns the tummy and hurts the bottom, while people struggle to maintain public security at a Government Office as they rage out of hand, like a secret we have been forced to share with the devil in our lives and claim it is what everybody’s civil right looks like as well and do not know when people have hinted against their corruption of involvement.

They always make those excuses that the main problem is my inability to cope with the existence of a Political system as equally as they have been too naïve in terms of not paying too much attention to the Establishment, which leaves inferior ordinary members of the Public like me to get off hugging it. The truth however is that the Political system and the Monarchy both have the same effect on each other and this means those who lack in what they should be doing feel the burn all the time – what has been happening instead for sometime now is a clash between Monarchy that wants to preserve the good things in the Country especially its people, and so that those who have some special abilities can be selected for tasks of National interest and a Political system that is out for its own self and baying for blood as it can never have enough, so its not really fair to claim others cannot tolerate its existence all together. In terms of ordinary people hugging the Monarchy however, an example is what happened at University i.e. the part of my loss at academic pursuits which I was responsible for really had something to do with the fact I was not necessarily an A grade student but they and their women who want to wee on others would never let it be either – so I was falling a bit behind on some calculous with respect to my economic studies and Essay writing with respect to my Legal studies, otherwise I was doing well elsewhere, needed some extra classes for maths and some to spend more time in the University because a broadband dongle at the time cost about £260, but it will never let it be, showing up here was always a war, a war to make use of my personality and they could never have enough, with my stupid Mum telling them others should be doing my fame and academic work as I was too inferior for it and their stupidities had her blessing the whole time – so it dis translate to a business of being given an insignificant role which when turned into something special means others hug the monarchy while superior Politicians had been blind to the opportunities. They do tell me the academic pursuits will never be achieved right away but in the same way have I maintained that letting me my space and giving me some peace which is good for them and me can be attained this very second and that it would not kill them if I had 24 hours of what people thought of me being my Books, not their stupid problems and love based insulting distant violence designed to maintain the old case of secrets I appear to be sharing with the devil, as stupidly as possible. They have thought I am asking the Political system for peace and quiet naturally but we all know what I am referring to is the fact that this is not their lives and I do not write their Books, therefore would fancy their local idiots gave me the rest of my time in this world, solely for my Books, public image, fame and my academic achievements and nothing else, it is not too much to ask – the same way they got involved with me because they claimed to have been so persecuted there were women who had not slept in years, not that I approved their involvement but now we see that having extricated beauty sleep at my expense, my time is spent on industry narcissism that has come to make them money by getting media to make me give up my earnings, while they ran off some stupid shopping channels in the wee Hours every day, explaining exactly why they never got the beauty sleep and wanted to take advantage of some kid who looked like peace and quiet for it all the time.

I am always being judged about my position and how unworthy of it I am thereof but we know I am not getting support from them for the business of completing Royal duties whether I have the money to do so or not, as equally as we know that when I am seen doing anything on National security, they become more interested in setting out the idea that I have accepted liability for what happens to service operatives on the field and can never stop making out they fight my battles when they do any of theirs as well, for those of them who have positions at the Monarchy, such that when I do not respond to the business of hurting some bad person who then picks on the person that benefited from the act, its hurting bottoms galore all over the Country – wondering if it is possible that people could stop doing that.





It isn't in any way true that I think the never ending issues are matters of grave concern - they happen because I wreck peoples culture and societies and keep it wrecked and there is nothing they can do about it save try to cling to the stories they tell about what would happen at their hands to those who do so but before then they become really obsessed with living in my right hand and that means abusive homosexual treatment all the time each time they see me do anything they have a desire for none of which is their business - so now I own them, they do say they own me as well and this is what is being put to the test. The Politicians along with the media and the business idiots however are the ones who make statements about where the world wants to be and how my contribution is needed for it, so that they cannot do anything about anything unless my person and possession is used for it and west east and otherwise I am not giving them and they are not getting any to that effect, this was the challenge they have already lost, now they are good at doing nothing else with their time save making claims in public that everything the above mentioned idiots say about me is what I really am and that part is looking for trouble all together and they know (they know these idiots do what they do because I have simply been marked out as somebody they must abuse when they have meetings and make connections with which to get rich and important - we need to see them at their Radio stations that you stumble on when you go into a shop or a restaurant and so on and how intense and violent the abuses are before their Politicians claim what they say of me is the real me due to an important contribution that needs to be made so they can be where they and their Industry friends have always planned to be which nobody is preventing them from turning up to get anyway), so that people like Mr Obama for example are not so keen on winning elections in that way as well but have wrecked my book sales and is planning to get away with it and threaten me as well. The civil rights idiots however love to get themselves involved with my concerns and business, make the books really important to them then refuse to buy copies of their own if they can rather take advantage of me instead and apart from the process of making sure they suffer and always suffer intensely, I do wonder if people do have something else to talk about on this matter because I was settled with it quite some time before: I am not giving any of them any of it (any normal person would have been able to see that what I have done with the Russians and the Chinese and the Indians and the East and West and Middle East Governments and societies has been designed to ensure that when they and their Industry and Banker friends want possessions of mine that will mean they reach intended and planned heights with themselves they can always press me, press my company, press my ladies and get it somewhere in hell -I do not see myself going off to tell others their Companies and lives and possessions are according to how I have taken advantage of people to get rich and how rich I would get if I did it again and hence the plans and excitement I have because people keep having more so I can take advantage, is a contribution, nor do I see myself considering it a normal thing at any point in time either). It has never been an unusual reality that one has to get out of bed thinking I am not giving any to have normalcy around his affairs and for others they need to in order to have a normal life.


I hear it is said I do not pay attention to the fact that it is what I have done to peoples societies and the way they want to live that makes me such an object of hate but I wouldn’t know anyway – after all it has always rather been a matter of the fact they are evil and twisted and greedy and are not quite used to being denied what they want and now that they want my possessions due to media idiots that have made it so, I am in trouble – so that its the bit where the threats started that has created the current stand off because of course the truth is that they have none of that power we hear them yap that they have over me all the time, what happens is that they love to turn up on National and International media to explain off anything I do as a process of me dealing with problems they create, from my academic work to travelling somewhere to chase up a job interview and now my books and company all together, it means that they can have a share of it and that is why they do it so frequently and more so on account they have damaged finances they are now poised to share it in a condition whereby they are superior to me as well and so it gets to that stage where if I killed them they will lose nothing but gain everything i.e. stifle my income and plug products into my markets to make millions that their stupid children inherit and if they kill me I am the one with a Royal Estate and Literary Empire to lose which of course is not an arrangement I consider to be fit for purpose, so for that reason they want to earn money with the perks of my job and it is simply impossible to see them appear anywhere or do anything without handling my Royal public work or public image and it will end very badly too for my part as it were. Its never been a problem; same old story of evil and twisted and regularly organise themselves to lie in wait for peoples blood but I want them off my books or it will be their undoing as well for my part, it is always said I cannot do it as it were, I have heard it more times than I would have liked to, that I cannot do anything about it, so its not clear what the complaining it about as it is a big world and they can live their foolish self harming existence in an understand I exist but do not matter to them white and none white alike. The story of being stuck somewhere taken advantage of by girls and made to embark on endless fighting is utter nonsense, no such thing is happening around here in anyway; it’s the reality behind The Monarchy largely believing I have no way of taking seriously the fact I need to pay my way by letting these things happen and letting them make money at my expense but I have allowed it in order to answer the question or pose one as it were, whether if they make money it will change their nature for instance because we are made to believe that things just happen and they are opportunists but that is not true, they plan whom they will target, they plan whom they will groom and they plan whom they will soften up because they are women and have no plans to work for their own money in anyway whatsoever and that is why I have to wake up every day to see people deploying my public life and public work to do fashion all day long and advertisement too which is where they express the most violence because it is supposed to have helped keep me docile. So when you see teenagers will million pound savings doing these things it does make you really angry but I have got it covered anyway i.e. it is normal for somebody in my position to grab their cultures and societies and put it up as resources for doing a career which answers the question from the Monarchy about whether I am serious about paying my way which does not show when I use my own strengths and my own ideas and my own sensibilities to get things done, which actually isn’t the way it works, that idea is spread around by them telling lies about how every single thing I do can be explained as a process of managing problems they have created for me because they are more than I am and so on and are my equals too and therefore even preferable for my work thereof. The matter I intend should end and will end really badly because I am now off chasing a process of removing all those restrictions I have created to prevent people from getting into a fight, it seems they cannot be reasoned with and need to be made to understand they will not be planning a life on the perks of my job and my public image for much longer; so it is not a war on fashion idiots necessarily as such regardless of the threats. In any case most of them do say they are punishing me for thwarting their plans for resolution of course which does not in anyway bother me since the Monarchy as I said before is asking questions about whether I am serious about paying my way in the world using my own to get things done as it were, however which since they are here every second especially the blacks, the reality is that there is even more punishment in store i.e. nobody knows what possesses them to turn up to inform an Arch Prince they are stupid and wicked and lazy and have no plans to work for their money which is how money is made, because they are much too busy thinking about it and coming up with plans for hurting people thereof and as a result of which they want a new Country, they don’t know me you see, they think they can screw around wherever they like. So they have done their worst and the damage to my finances have facilitated a process where when I work for myself they deploy it on media for their own gain, same with when I work for the Monarchy and same with when I work for the Company Tunnel Light Books but it is the bit where they deploy the affair I have with my Court as well that draws the line on the matter - they need to leave me alone, we are not mates (such fantasies will never come through into reality of course; so the reality is the bit where it seems when they want to make money and cannot or for instance are famous and cannot enjoy it, we have answers to our questions too - torturing me for being Royalty - for the black and African ones it seems that global peace and security rides on it time and time again). 

Now it has been important to ensure the rich are not longer exclusively the outlook for society, these people do have things the rest of us do not and they need to be an outlook too, to ensure their Politicians do not find these things amusing both ways.


Eventually we have this other story they tell all the time that I have a reputation for being dirty and I could never understand anyway, even so which the last time it was as clear as five years in a University for £35,000PA or five years in a Factory impressing those that mattered for the same amount was far back as 2005 – since then it has been impossible to see that Administration of Companies, Countries and Families fundamentally depend on what the 18 to 65 year olds get up to and now even the Government is budgeting increase in spending for mental illness because they have lost sight of the fact that this is what actually matters. So I am one of those ones the money will not be spent on and yet these goons have never once explained that what happens is that I walk down the streets and they have built a crowd that wants to do something to my nice bum and are busy making me smell like my loo until I drop out of University – they will claim its about women and the fact I was studying Law and Economics in the University of Greenwich and now its about a lack of appreciation for Armed Forces activities as though the people who work in it are Masters of goo like they are; I have not seen an apology for this, I have only seen more tests claiming I have a reputation for being dirty, hates my Books. 

They always say they will have children and use them as counter measures and its much the same as black men not letting me breathe in this Country, only to get all over the place when I had lost taste for British Food on account I have not been able to settle down properly and then start a fight over what my British friends do when I get after some African Food all the time; it will rip up the academic work and finances and then start talking nonsense as soon as it realises I will be having children later than its stupid self and therefore tend to have the last laugh on such things all the time, so its started a gimmick that will make me uncomfortable and puts its brain on Holiday so its unable to process what I am saying when I warn I will have revenge if I am no longer able to schedule my time frame. Its not the only time their stupidities have made waves; there were the times when I did not get a job because I had masturbated and then another time when I did not masturbate well enough and then another time when I had failed to masturbate – speaking of which they mention what I am thinking about when I masturbate knowing if I allowed such stories run wild, they will show up to squander everything I have over an excuse, so I always have to make it clear if any of their stupid girls ends up in there, I will wage war on their Clubbing and Partying lifestyle again, so they might tell me their Community croons have been ending up there anyway, which is what we are clearly not wondering what the reasons they are endlessly complaining about the damage that has been done already is, while I am rather clear if I see the Culture and society they will see it for the last time as well. Its an old case of chasing my bottom and making me smell like my loo so I drop out of University eventually, then putting labels on me that says they had located somebody on whom they have achieved success concerning what they wish to do with people over money issues, so I was always waiting for them to say I might be struggling to put it together again but the damage has already been done and now they can go ahead with that if they wanted. Some people usually think about making it incredibly difficult for them before getting on with the career in the first place, whilst it is apt to also converse with people about going too far, they have continued to assume that I do not do it that way because I am a soft touch.

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The gimmick which appears to make sense the most being the idea I am a character that is completely unaware that the UK does not rule the world anymore and that the US does it now. I really have no idea how this nonsense fits into the fact that they did not write my Books for me and I did not write their Books at this Hermitage and if they understood what I am saying, it is quite unreasonable for me to keep tolerating their involvement with my concerns when they know I have had quite enough of their stupidities.

They are by now accustomed to boasting that people know how to hurt me and do not plan to give up the advantage but so are my warnings an indication I am being left with little choice but to come up with a way and process of hurting them as well. The Media where this nonsense runs off everyday started off years ago with gimmicks about having access to people that can attack me violently to make them comfortable and had since developed a hate for my person because I did create a means by which such character may follow them to the Office everyday each time they attended their daily concerns but the insults and gimmicks have now developed, true to the hooligans we find on TV and Radio running people down all day into some case with Middle management gits at the employment market, society fools with criminal records and Fame idiots with juvenile friends at the Monarchy. There is no reason a process of getting employed should mean that I got the society gits with criminal record to see connections for the middle management fools all day, until they had their fill of it and their criminal records served as a way of controlling their stupid women who think they have every leave to get on Celebrity culture and squander everything I have insultingly – such that if the idiots do think I should not be having a job, they were not being held back when it came to making the difficult decisions – my point being that its not half the crisis for me that they suggest it is. Their fellow goons at the civil services are a classic example – when asked to do its job, the consequences its abusive behaviour has on peoples career weighs so heavily on its stupid mind that it is able to decide which one was the parasite at the benefit system, once it steps outside of the civil service it gets right back to its practical jokes with people careers 100% from where its stupidities had left off.

There is always a link between US Enterprises and this nonsense – the Germans are more a matter of an obsession with a business where they think they are modern and how this feeds into a process where a Hermit is being tackled by homosexuals as if he is responsible for their own personal decision, when women get sexually assaulted they invent ideas where they had suffered and I had to suffer until their stupidities were rich as well and the list of evil activities that are a matter of normalcy here are endlessly like so while people learned to get their imagination up my anus which I believe happens because they are stupid and need to learn something in order to stop being so stupid all together. The Americans on the other hand are primarily successful if Media got foolish women at popular culture flushing my whole life down the loo when they appear on public image and pillaging my personal life and career when they perform at private events, as a whole, it’s a matter of Celebrities becoming more impudent when I express feelings on a role they have played in my career where I work by making sure culture and society gits knew what I know and carry it around with them all the time, which can be avoided when they stopped following me around to wreck my social life, public image and academic pursuits, my idea of publicity being a case of waiting to see them deploy it if they are mad enough – American enterprises are only successful when they get middle management idiots to make a mess of everything that looks like a basic living for me, their society fools got to experiment as per whether I can be made to acquire a criminal record and the bad mistresses spent everything I had using Media abuses and distant violence. I too have now entered into a stage where the consideration of putting an end to everything that adds up to an uncontrollable means whereby I got to respond to them, involved hurting them until I ended up with a  global stage reputation for it too.

We hear those insults develop into a story of me not doing a thing about racism while we know that even if somebody invented racism, should you tackle them, they will be fighting for their lives and its therefore impossible to tackle them and pick up your career at the other end. So now that their stupidities have begun conversation about how I am complicit with it and have entered into a stage where I am not anymore, it is quite clear the fools are not superior anymore and hence starting to blab the way that they needed to blab in order to survive it. goes without saying the next time they showed up here to peddle their insults for leadership and unpick everything I set in place to allow me pursue my concerns in relative safety and security in order to blow off their big mouth like so, I will try to ensure my response to it was the finale. For the time being, it is okay to savour work done on white people using my career to solve white society issues, by following me around over what I know, to wreck the career and finances and then when I write a Book start a mini war – my personal favourite being the one where they want to use my Books to feel good about life because ethnic minorities will not stop blowing off their big foolish and ignorant mouths over it, so now I have ended up with a history which ensures that 12 year nauseating financial complications for the practical jokes does not look too terrible.

They have consistently claimed my words are an indication of a Person who cannot control what is happening around him with opinion that are set to ensure they are able to decide how others existed from the gutter they find themselves. The reality is a case of the old civil and criminal business just business disobedience wrecking my academic work and finances - such that after dropping out to University to work on myself as the problem which caused it, the fools built themselves a global stage public image on it to seek more fame and sales, so it simply had to get serious and I have been moving events in such a way as to ensure we got to meet, which is taking too long, so I needed to move on too. They are not in the Armed Services and they do not have to know what my name is when their physical prowess wrecks my career and earnings, they even justify it with their experience of encounter with the Armed services which brings us the stress and short life expectancy business - they raise questions on why the Armed Services are full of people who have the right to behave in such ways, as though they were the ones working a meat grinder system in the Country.  We have not been able to settle on the role Celebrities play in the matter either, the part where the advent of these goons picking up my work to set out in public as a means by which when they told me my life was over, such nonsense might have a place in the real world and so the Celebrities had to build careers that involved blowing kisses at criminals on my public image through it, they had to build themselves a public image which suggested that any arrangements I had with my publishers is where their fame is located and have been doing so since 2012, blowing off their big mouth at me about me being responsible for their stupid security without remorse.



Of course it is a known tradition at the British Establishment we have little tolerance for the Children and Relatives of Tyrants big and small - they really know how to look for trouble and financial vandalism is their forte as well but in my case they know where my books are and have made a globally public show of plans put together to ensure I am a poor person while I do my job anyway, so its just my stuff: 

They provoke me all the time and with handling my work, vandalising it and telling tall tales on media which Politicians get along with and the destruction they cause is considered by them to be funny and I know what to do and who to get around with as well to ensure they are squealing about wealth distribution and social equality while their time and their entire energy is spent on completely stupid things imposed on them soon enough too.

Of course I am aware of that claim that is put up on sight of me all the time about how I am a man that wants to be able to control women but I have no idea why those who put them up do not get the men to deal with the issues for them anyway if it is so important it cannot go away and they cannot do it either. I mean in the end it is not a pleasant feeling to be insulted and more so violently too and so when people cannot stop doing it and when tyou cannot stop finding where they keep their plan b wherever they might hide it as well, it ia baffling they think they should be heard every time they complain. The state of affairs is that they must do it because they think they are very important.

I am certainly not trying to accomplish what the US Government is trying to do through surveillance, I have been getting it done for the last five years quite successfully. It is rather interesting to note how much idiots all over this world with a thing for greed and wickedness and personality dysfunction which thinks others work and they spend think people know about their stupid lives and or the how much they think it is relevant that people did.

I am not an architect of change – such claims are an example of how much truth is told by republicans and Nationalists and black people, since we live in a world of adult in which people kill others because they are experiencing a feeling called envy and people eliminate others to grab possessions: they have simply assumed I would not be able to govern without money and thus set about attacking that to sit down somewhere of assumed importance to expect everything else to fall into place.

The most important question these days seems to be one about my operational parameters, which has always been as simple as actions taken to ensure celebrities get out of hand before I then set about shutting down any aspect of it that affects me - it means that politicians do not fancy celebrities these days like they used to anymore and the whole process of never doing anything the right way or doing it properly giving rise to a mess from where they started, so they and their goons, especially those who appear on media, can then get about seeking other people's public life, meaning it tends to blow up at the female communities all together - it progresses from here to nationalist politics and media that keeps an eye on the nation's frontiers like something it wants for itself and cannot allow the so called inferior people to live in their own countries overseas in peace, whereby I need understand I can travel off to any place in the world without returning to a disrupted existence otherwise I will take steps further to ensure any I get my hands on is responsible for the actions of those who share their skin colour, especially in Europe too. They do become quite obsessed with telling me I will be bullied into fixing their problems when there is really nothing they can do from the parliament as a whole - another indication of the stupid reasons they act the way we see them do i.e. they think they rule the country when parliament does and any singular MP that shows up to bully me like these and get away with it will have been something I permitted - content to say as such they are not fancying celebrities these days anymore because their bottom hurts and I am only here explaining how I do mine too.

In the end, I can always help them with their job description by setting out the lower classes never take anything seriously in their lives and try to avoid employment as means of earning a living anyway they can - this means that I am not explaining myself to any political bully, means that if you do not lead them from behind there is no other way to do it, means that the employers never feel good because it's never a serious matter for them, while other people cannot feel good at random whenever they have got jobs, means that when I start my own gimmicks too, it is the jobs itself they will run from first of all and means that the politicians are no longer funding UK film councils on my public image because they have fallen out of love with it, means that people think I behave as if I have done something wrong whereas I am only trying to get from doing popular culture that I don't need until I am financially comfortable enough to return to my academic work, the way they did set out to wreck my academic work and pass exams to return to popular culture when they do not need it i.e. a few years on and the books have not been sold well enough means that my heart sinks even though everything is going well and my personality picks up some passengers who then get up to all sorts and the politicians want me to do something about it when I do not have the tools, then issue threats and get me finding out how they will match such stupid threats with actions too, bearing in mind that if they are not doing this, their main concern becomes beating down the general public that have done nothing wrong without reason until there is a clinical depression epidemic then set about doing all sorts of insulting and abusive things to show their offices are the one thing in the world that affects criminals in prison and needs to be used to rehabilitate other people's religiously devout children.

As for the story of everybody else doing well while I complain however, that was an old tale about the profitability of their need for preferential treatment gone completely wild but having said that, this is a library environment which is a business and I am unable to make ends meet because of their comments i.e. it is assumed everybody else outside of it is in need of some knowledge and that this is what I am selling and their comments are made to be insulting and abusive and to gather a crowd that will secure a reaction from me every single day - hence all in their hands when these comments come to an end, the books are sold and I return to my academic work which I actually do not need as much as popular culture, the way they think that ripping people's lives and wellbeing and property is somehow linked to getting rich quick which is not really true save they make decisions on people's property and then spend money on these types of statements to gather a following for their support systems and I have had enough of the buffoons in suits for my part too, talking nonsense about fights I should never have won when I am not good enough to until I build my own public image on this matter to find out how it progresses too: in the end of which it adds up and makes sense when everybody's bottom is hurting including mine which is where it all began and they have actually got a valid reason for having acted to ensure that it did but the other popular idiots whose cases should be treated with preference otherwise they will touch people and harm people and abuse people targeting me all the time is actually one concerning which we will soon witness what it is they intend to do about the clinically insane community croons that bother them so much as a whole and then they can get famous and rich quickly from them all together.

It is a library environment and those with activities that affect it to conduct are treading the thin line of my rights at my patent which mean only I have the legitimate means by which to bask in the existence of my work and estate and to make money from it too if I so desire; when done with making a mess of all they should be doing and making a mess of female communities, we find that their nationalist politics and media and celebrity goes from making a mess of people's tummy, to keeping an eye of the nation's frontiers and messing a mess of the diplomacy parts of it especially, screwing people other poorer people’s rights to live in their own nations and talks much nonsense about a system that is alright but is simply not the one that is acceptable in the UK, creating a need to ensure they see that stupid culture and society for the last time, every single time that it bothers me.


It is never actually true that what I set out to do with an I.P. administration business is do things for people that they should do for themselves, that seems to have become the regular song of fools who will not recognise I have shut down their obsession over riches and fame and links they make of it with my personal life by putting up the products for sale with patents attached to them - at the cutting edge of it are beneficial decisions such as selling up stupid communities they create to mimic the problems of society in a very insolent lucrative mockery that has no respect for me which I have warned them about endlessly, especially with regards to doing those things to get a reaction from me and feed their vanities to be young and rich thereof; so they do have their problems cut out for them and like to think it is big enough already as it stands so they can boast about their powers, when I have not begun to take hold of the businesses that enable them with access to mine and my earnings for their stupidities which make them riches and fame, to break them up and throw around the equities or just peddle them so cheaply they can never be recovered, so they use this statement of how I do things for others they should be doing for themselves because I have held them back until I finished and published my work and it has been impossible for them to handle my work and maybe see what the look on my face becomes when they get rich from it and tell me I need to quit pretending what belongs to them really is mine. I have always wanted to be a writer because of the fact that it was becoming more of a problem for me that very few people could take in what I say and very few people approached the idea of returning to me if they are stuck when they do take it in, hence writing out something of what I know when people need it has always been the most logical step. Like every other writer, when people buy my Books they trust me and trust my judgement, what they gain however from the Books, at The Firms Global Intellectual Space, my Literary Empire, Emporium and or Empire trust is their property and not mine - what they bought along with their copies; this is something of course it must be seen that those who proliferate the rights of an author to his property and income do not understand and it therefore appears I will have to make them and settle it on no uncertain terms. Are we in danger therefore of treating Christians like the Nazis did the Jews? This is the question people ask these days, bearing in mind the culture of men who organise vandalism of other people property is not being controlled successfully nor is that of women who do so. The truth being more so of course that we have always treated Christians like the Nazis did the Jews, its just that it was the Nazis that first built a world war out of doing so. Naturally if I tell people not to pervade my scared things to get rich and they do it anyway, I will definitely grab their power and culture and society and way of life and sell it dismissively. If they want to be rich and famous they are supposed to in and with the correct parameters, get out and not look for trouble they cannot handle. Not turn up to show me what they are made of on public Television every second of everyday peddling and selling me as music CDs and Videos to fascists, stifling my book sales with money they make from it and moving me on to copy every single history of my life that occurs when I move anywhere forward with anything.

It seems all of the time that the rest of us as some kind of lower animals waiting to be treated in a certain way and I am the so called jelly belly as I gather. When in actual fact the way it happens is that they are the ones that are homosexuals and have sex outside marriage and therefore should be the ones that understand that 6 hours of fasting and 12 Hours fasting and 8 Hour fasting depending on needs and times during the week, is not exactly the kind of condition in which One wants to have homosexual sex or indeed sex with a woman, more so one that is older than me but my tummy it seems will be turned into paste as far as they are concerned, for all the things I want to have but will not do when others are ready and do on.  So I always feel they might have their opinions but it is important they keep their foul mouth where it belongs and stop abusing me as such, after which they complain whenever they have. I do wonder when they feel the best time will be for me to be in a position where if I search for employment, I will be allowed by them to get and or have it? Instead of pretending and making claims in public places that I have set up a business on the basis of the fact I am possessed and they have won a great spiritual battle which has manifested power and domination for them in the real world as well by which their plans for getting rich will be made possible. When all they have done is come round to my place to set example of what can be accomplished against the stipulations of Human rights Laws-together with their Politicians, with a big mouth. It does serve very well those who enjoy having it as topic for conversation however.  Nice to see I am getting as well absolutely every single thing they get.

I am for my part comfortable with where I am at the moment; having finished with those in Europe and the UK and those that came from Africa, am now ready and in place to abuse Americans and Muslims in order to have the kind of energy I want available to me to control market and sell lots of my Books with.

A world where I loose an entire empire to a process of fools confiscating my personal life because of the changes it makes to their career to get involved with me in order to get inspired, while they end up having something and then I have nothing and have never actually been given a chance to make any or extract any money from my own empire does not exist; bearing in mind this has been happening until I finished all necessary work and it it is what it has become. I am prepared to have revenge on them therefore since they have become bolder and bolder too male and female ones alike in place of losing everything, it is good for my health. it is important that these People really do get to keep their stupid Politics away from me, reason being they have been there all along, in fact supported it all the way too. The question of which racist would indeed fail to take advantage of the fact it is my business that is being wrecked every time people want to be rich and even though they are rich, need a quick one in thousands and millions? Bearing in mind too I am an inferior race British Prince, what lies in store for me because of it?


The position with media especially American vandals and their Asia pacific friends is that of the fact that they can do their scourge of war and abuse and subsequent protests with my property and earnings but what they will continue to owe me is payment for the distress and damages that it causes, hence they can do whatever they like with their Camera - how the situation must be changed is clear to any normal and or reasonable person. It is not clear what it is exactly that was meant to have been so correct about girls and boys that savagely and violently spend with support and power from Men who Arm them with the access to peoples lives property and then finances, everything that other people have got. Stalk, insult and follow people around to completely destroy their lives, then tell lies about it that they themselves eventually believe; it is not clear either what their problem with the fact that the sexual aspect of my life is actually for the eyes of the British Establishment only and that which is for the British Establishment to determine, none else and nothing else. With respect to my film holdings in any case of which the big matter of waste, uncertainty and inefficiency is entirely floated around the matter of insults from black people and the fact I tell them things about myself because their attacks must be met with facts about the truth that I am not beaten and never will be.

Progress now is that I only thought I ought to show the big privileged businesses on the left and insolent power get rich quick me goading fools on the right and wherever else they might be, how good it would be if I offered them a service they had no choice but to accept and pay for, then used it to find out everything about their privacy to tell them where they are supposed to be with bullying only they understand, so I can get richer because I am greedy. I thought it would be nice if I did business like that. No fools cultural filth and insults by it has yet achieved the gain of tying me off and hiding me to use my money and property to look after those that have money to give to others and at this point I wonder why they continue to bother anyway. Except of course the trick and dirty excuse of fratenisation of Land and its ownership which I have never been able to understand where it had anything to do with my earnings. Their thirst and capacity for wickedness and glory which is always operated with lies about quest for freedom and equality means that they are always creating vandalism and scramble into anything new obsessively like an unquenchable thirst that forces them to be perverts (bearing in mind those who can have access to Capital and a 100% guarantee of a person who will buy any product in less than 90 minutes are the ones getting Political protection from their Politicians during an economic crisis, otherwise if not, then it will be ageist destroying people are the bottom line) because it is their nature and I have had enough of it on my property too since I cannot change to avoid them because it is how I am. Naturally, back stage media idiots cannot listen when I tell them it is a crime to deploy my intellectual property to do fame and riches. They think Celebrities and their social fools need to be more confident in the face of the tag along Joe who expects others to buy his wine and dinner because they are the ones with the real cash doing real spending on the High Streets and it is what Celebrity culture had always set out to achieve here no matter how impossible. More so with respect to matters I am meant to be confused about of which I know I have no more enemies in the world, just fans. For I would not create and release for a living aesthetically packaged securities in equity for people to buy if I did not know that.  The tone I have used on this site is to declare what the state of my temper is over the matter of and to establish an exclusion of insolent women for whom I can do nothing because all I really can do s make a man available to them they can insult and abuse to feel as though they were women because their stupid lives and that of their bad husbands and unfathomably silly kids have been difficult even though they deserved better and have some money to show for it. I quite agree that inequality and wealth distribution and pre-concieved ideas people like me have about how so much better than others we are is at the heart of the issues, in the same way I don't want them to rip to pieces my finances then get some money from somewhere which is more than what their stupidities, familiarity and insults have left me, in order to be provisionally superior and then try to make it permanent as well later by being in a place of power; it will only push me to seek remittance for the damages in cash (obviously very stupid people of course which is the reason for all the problems they have, complain about and get violent for and the reasons it is never mentioned is the incredibly stupid things their Politicians say about it all the time and more so in public). Of course it is natural that it does not look like it on the outside but the purpose of National, global and International media is to pillage the contents of my Office and more so everyday too.


Now this part I should start off with the matter over claims that most of what I write and do are a factor of personality problems and reflect those such problems which I had in childhood and I am one of those really stupid people that expect to pass off a means of making money with it because I am important. It has no basis on fact but once I am finished with the Popular culture and its music industry people will understand better the fact that it has no basis on truth or reality. However what does have a basis on truth and reality is that if you have a career in which a phase of it had to do with something no body has ever done before which then makes you a pioneer, then of course a lot of you will be seen on your work, in my case I have four i.e. being blessed with experiences that relationships with God which by the way proves there is a God, that no human being has been privileged to have, being given a royal commission that made me first of my blood line at the job, releasing equities and securities for sale at the worlds markets and industries from the Royal Property and of course being a writer. So I guess the real problem here is that these guys share skin colour with me and as a result of that my feelings and decisions over what I own can never be respected. That I have a confidence crisis is a load of rubbish; they are just off to another set of new rubbish about how my life has been really difficult because I am being punished by the Fathers whom I have refused to get around with, so that they can later use me for all sorts of rubbish that they want when they want to, about which a typical example of what I have written on this site, like they plan to threaten me and round me up like I am an animal with the use of racism is that their children will die and they cry yet again. I am not suffering from any confidence crisis from them which affects how people should see or perceive what is written in my products. They are books written by an intellectual property author who just seems to be a plaything for them until they are hurt badly enough to stay away and nothing else than that. In retrospect I am guessing that they think I have a confidence crisis because they know my name and I don’t know theirs and they have teased me into it but clearly I sometimes get that feeling there is palpable atmosphere of depression around me and it is my choice to reach into it or not, so this is how much confidence crisis I have otherwise it is to get foolish girls and tell them about access to my property, have sex with them and never have enough of spending my property on them to be famous with, which they never have enough of asking because they feel empowered when I am bullied and will not at present let me be for their part either; it is an unnatural evil you see i.e. girl goes out at night, one thing leads to another and she is lost tricks a man and steals his wallet – this is natural evil, they are evil without reason, evil just because they are and such nonsense as confidence crisis I have is squarely their imaginations when they assume that getting on TV to talk rubbish about what goes on by the left and by the right, here and there is something I necessarily need them to stand up in public and tell me when what their job really is, is news reporting. In the same way those of them that run adverts have seen the things I have written here for days before they decided my actions when they have refused to change and let me be, amounts to an attack on the freedom of the press and of course gathering embarrassing facts about me that they have created alongside their idiots that want to be feel powerful bullying me by which they make out they have some kind of image from which they earn a living, which is incredible. Next time they want to mention something about my confidence crisis they might want to remember I said when people die the most important thing to them is always to get on media and make sure the truth about their wickedness is never out, hence they are more concerned about how somebody that killed others end up having a platform to air his views in public than they are worried about why somebody would kill another human being; hence they are unnatural evil who also know that their actions are wrong and the fact they exist does not mean that I have a confidence crisis, I don’t and I don’t want to listen to all that rubbish about left and right either they use opportunity to appear in Public to bandy about all the time – the image issue about which I am always getting involved with them which is why I get bullied will lead to another story entirely because the real problem is fame and fortune that will not exist unless built on my privacy, so they can have businesses that are beyond my authority on my right hand.

There is no grain of truth in those claims that I support Americans when they are at war with others either: I mention things about the fact people need to stop attacking religious people, especially Christians (because I am a Christian obviously), that people cannot just way whatever they like about Islam because it will stir up extremism etc and in the way, I do make it clear to people Americans are largely socially very naive people who follow things they take a fancy to very easily, you cannot just go around saying I bombed the Twin Towers and that was great - you are wiring a group of people up the other way.

They complain of my views on wealth distribution, when I have the right to have any views I please for my part but the facts however are that they might be doing the ‘we live to rip to pieces your intellectual property playing popular culture, riches and fame, moving east and slicking around the manufacturing industry displaying your colours and vandalising your business and making fame from doing so to share the good feeling with the rest of the world’ but as damaging as this might be, at the heart of it is the fact I will be the link by which they will ensure my boss looses her job (by my boss here they are referring to the Queen).

So of course they have their own prejudices and there is no reason I should not have mine; the wealth distribution views is where I stand and the only point at which I can ensure that I am selling my books with them around, those things they say and threats they issue on it will lead to a completely different history altogether is the warning I must put out here on the certainty of how it will turn out. Bearing in mind that their stupid fascist collaboration rubbish which happens without reason, without purpose and if people must be objective, happens without provocation.

When they do, do I feel like I have damaged peoples white and superior culture? Of course not – as I mentioned, it never has a reason or purpose or even provocation if you want to be objective about it (the blacks and their liberal friends when they do, just feed you straight up, the reasons that they want you to give for it, whenever you speak of it or are asked with a big mouth): they want to steal things, so they accuse me and set me up as scapegoat, they want to destroy things, so they accuse me and set me up to cover their tracks, after all the alternative stories on media must have been told and so on. Then get on that stupid media that I will soon have to peel them off from myself where they make up their own friendships with me that they control and manipulate to get feelings of destroying me from within because having been I cannot be beaten from without, it is still impossible for them to gain access to me.

Now they tell me of my views on wealth distribution when they have spent a decade of my time holding me down until their collaboration is successful on me before I am allowed to have an education and a job, while they do it of which it is never important to them how they must pay their bills of course, which is something they justify with destroying my business to have money and do wealth distribution, on grounds that I am responsible for the fact that I am such a handful that in order for them to do it, all the time that is meant to be spent on getting and keeping a job had to be harnessed to do so, with a big mouth. The question of whether or not this business will work is one of the biggest problems that we have got here; it is that of trying to get around with the worlds biggest buffoons who think other people's livelihood is funny and it is fair to assume they wish to be excused for the damages at a time when they suppose it has paid off too. We hear them talk so much rubbish all the time about how I will die by the hands of their idiots or at the hands of racists to get off the left so they can have and enjoy their lives but nothing ever gets said about leaving me alone so I can rebuild my faith that they have institutionally distracted me from as violently as possible and wish to keep it that way for good, their insolent father always have the worst of them in the middle east where they attack me violently and consistently until I react and then that will be the time to show me what is really going on with a big mouth, enough are not dead yet obviously in currently global situations so I can have the respect I need for my office. What I have done to all of them so far has to do with my faith and so we are proceeding to what I will do to them over my job but until then I will use that left hand side and the insolent travel and fame and tourism industries to clean up the mess here because they are really expensive and it is their public appearances that will continue to supply me the means for this as well as the platform for their insults - especially for the blacks.

Bearing in mind I have friends and not customers, most people except them understand why I am likely to react in such ways and all except their fame industry idiots that secure them insolent leverage using their stupid corporate hate knish fail to see why and it reflect on those insults that are followed on along the lines first of all of how I am a slave race that knows many thing I can do for others while they talk rubbish about democracy as well when it suits them and of course how anything can be done to me because they have money when I know they used some stupid product to peddle my empire to have it, all of which is possible by a normally black people based insolent abuse of my privacy. In the end it seems that the main issue is that there are criminals around on the global stage and I have equities to exchange and or sell while people are determined to make space to trade with consumers and get rich by pushing me around into extreme work and enslavement and then distraction with a big mouth. They complain of wealth distribution on one hand and on the other suggest the main problem has more to do with the consumer society, hence that if they are able to handle my property and gather money from somewhere with which they get on media to get rich with it and then allow me to do the same with their property as well, such that if I don’t have the money I can go to hell as if they can determine what I take from their property as well bearing in mind I would have preferred a respect for my privacy while I raise funds to do what I want to do with my property instead. So it is a complex thing and I suppose they have worked it all out and hence am waiting to hear what they have to say about it since if I am remembering correctly it is their structural adjustment of western economies that have cost me the amount of property and money that I have lost on securitisation exercises in the first place and it is their attitude that continues to pull down the economy and create structural problems which they suppose will continue until the state is only successful on their terms and you will not believe that it is the fact you do not consider their wives to be worth any attention and therefore do not fornicate with them that has become the main problem. So as I said, I await what they suppose is the means they wish to deal with what is really a very complex way of running the economy.



 It is usually said I have no way of defending myself from them which is not the whole truth of course since I had made it clear I am whole sale into the selling of my books as I had finished most of preparation last year but they are still doing that routine where they have seen 200 pages of a 300 page book on a web preview and when I ask what they will do now they have seen good stuff they decide they will keep it and make out the reason to be that they have so much money I wouldn’t mind and it can only continue until I own their own as well and then what I have done so far will start to look like a picnic all together

 There is no truth to that claim I am a victim of internet abuse; what happens most of the time is that they wait for me to build up a history and then set off to deploy it to their own ends and so I have to deal with market damage and property damage but because every one of their actions are followed up with violence that will make me see why I should allow them do whatever they like I suffer the health effects – it does not actually mean they are taking advantage of me as such and of course the one that will take a stand one day is the one I will make an example of as well so we can find out how much the social networking site owners will protect them from me instead. I have never thought it an issue – they will say they know all about me right down to my personal life but then again there are socialist idiots buying shares in other peoples company who want their community croons all over my anus and penis and so on because that is how their narcissistic happiness that makes advertisement and popular culture fame and fortune works, so they have these idiots they have started to describe as socialites, the history I have with those as well, so seem to have an issue about being successful by making sure others had failed and regularly cannot leave people alone if they appear on tabloids and glossy magazines to talk nonsense instead about how the fact they are famous and rich is other peoples fault for paying attention to or talking about them but then again I suppose the warnings here are very clear as it were: so that when they are done telling fortunes of celebrities and abusing them with that great intensely intimate sense of insult that answers all their problems in life, they set me out and make their own publicity for me, get rejected by celebrities and now have their new celebrities for the future; people like Kim Kardashian, people like Taylor Swift and my personal favourite Justin Bieber but generally the new name for these kinds of individuals, the history I have with them as well is 'socialite' who clearly cannot keep their stupid hands and their curators their stupid pens and cameras off other peoples public work, royal estate and possessions, now my personal life is in trouble all the together they say with a big mouth; so do I think they are vulnerable? Of course not; these individuals want my personal life and like to take pictures of themselves on my property equity and extract millions from the perks of my office for two reasons and one of those is that if they are women they are having their orgies with rackety middle range fat cats to assume when you issue a warning you are referring to back stage media which is why they seem to have this need to show up naked in public all the time seeking other peoples personal lives that can give anything and the other is that there is nothing I can do about them yet - so it is possible that I could be bluffing. I mean we do hear they are breaking down a British Empire of course and it will never be clear how that means when people are prevented from peddling other people religiously sacred positions and Royal Renaissance they can involve their stupidities and damage finances and get married on the fact they are single and yet that part was always started either by their need especially the Americans to be taught sex by a preacher boy which I am notorious already for the things I do when people provoke me in that way especially around finding girlfriends and wives at my expense, never mind the fact I have women Loyal to me who regularly ask their husbands to fuck them like I would, so it is still impossible to work out what it is exactly they want from me as well although I am stuck on finding out too - after all we all know it cannot be any more than that old issue of girls enjoying the kind of feeling they should not be denied before their time in the world is spent and that it is never a new prognosis: we hear them speak of their Neo-Liberalists achievements and powers which is supposed to have gone beyond the celebration of pushing others into corners from where they can no longer recover, for the fun of what they claim is an association with culture and society and we all know they have achieved no such thing and that it would take me only a few second to build myself up to a point of pushing them into a brick wall as well, especially if I chose popular culture celebrity awards and the shows and meetings they do that fosters those as the tool I need on the matter - speaking of which they are still hard it, hard at the old question of how much money is enough money to become more important than a Royal Prince and put him in a place where he is complaining others are deploying his possessions to get rich with when that is not actually true - so it is a fair advice to remind that we all try to live in a world that is tolerable for everybody as it were and for their need to turn up in public to destroy my personality to a point where they are damaging career and public life does mean I have had enough of them around here and will not tolerate any neo-liberalist powers and achievements as well.



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