What i ma going to say or do here will never change the facts and realities about what the issues are i.e. over Nationalism and cultural ownership and fame and fortune. That it is largely problems that people create for themselves through an inability to realise they must let alone older people and decide having been it is up to them, whether or not they want popular culture to use them for a plaything - especially having been they do not just enjoy blame culture they manufacture from their activities but actively engage in and foster the development of comiting crimes against people that are too small to be quantified, which purpose is to ensure they have the same problem before any of their campaigns for change must have begun in the first place.


Now it is said that I am a none racist but have little respect for those who are anti racists and therefore take part in civil rights movements, built to entitle people to my Royal Hermitage income margins which they had the right to extract money from and the market which I was excluded from needed more publicity. Its really difficult then to make sense of what convinced these fools that a none white person can be non-racist all together, while what we already know on the ground is that their need to show up around with concerns with gimmicks that bring my whole life to a stop and spends my time covering their backsides while they made money, displaying the most abusive civil and criminal disobedience by which they cannot keep their stupid abusive and insulting hands to themselves is producing the usual outcomes where we have to stop somewhere and wait for the idiots who are really the bosses of us all to catch up, especially if we did not want to be responsible for killing people who were more important than we were because they were financially better off at our expense. In the end it is beginning to grow into a case of the lack of tolerance I needed to show for interests that show up near my Books and websites for purposes of getting involved with and bullying an Arch Prince instead of reading what I have written before they get to build crowds that helped them put their stupid questions through to me; it has always been the case that they think racism is simply the prevalent evil in UK societies and can be used by any ethnic group to ensure they made money while those they could bully covered their backsides and tolerated insults from their stupidities, until somebody gets killed and then a habit of upstaging me developed from the fact that it happened. On the Government front however it has always been this case where we needed to overhaul all we have done, so they might make themselves the bosses of us all, when racism was simply a matter of the fact that we try to ensure when white people are provoked by ethnic minorities, they did not say that their response to it was racist because then the law is powerless to interne on matters as they occur and we also know that the people who do this are usually clever enough to keep track of the series of opportunities the Government had to do something about such matters which was not taken, so what they are really saying when they say that their response to ethnic minority attacks is racist, is that they were going to prison and the authorities can now go to hell; usually we have it covered like this but we are not allowed to work the administrative processes that resolve the problem by these gits who are the bosses of us all with the big mouth they have got as it were and that is before they have need our of public lives when they get killed because they are wise arses. I do get told its rather very complex and one size does not fit all but it isn’t, its an example of the way that Politicians become part of the problem instead of the solution for it, when like in my case people get out of Government Office where everything is procedurally regimented, right down to some issues that need extended periods of sitting with somebody over entertainment and refreshments before the abstracts and then the drafting of papers after that can be agreed to, setting off to a 15 year campaign on how the abuse of my person and personality can become financially profitable, right down to the stage where general public quality of life was affected, claiming that the problem was that in my heart of hearts, I did not consider them to be in charge. We see the same in Scotland where the problem was the public matters being ignored which was likely to get bad enough for somebody to lose their lives and then reprisals will follow and people will take the law into the hands and we will end up with something similar to what is happening in Northern Ireland but before anything could be done, the Scottish people were overwhelmed with society practical jokes associated with what was strong enough to deserve careers that others had built, and they were taken down this counterproductive path of Nationalism. It is an example of a situation where I get told that I make it up as I go along since I did not say this years ago but we know that years ago matters were so complicated that the only way to approach was to say that the Scottish people currently think it is difficult but they should see what will become of the issues when they do have a new Country all together – this should have exposed these matters even when I was not clever enough to point them out, it should have exposed the truth of the way things really worked i.e. Westminster became distant from Scotland, Devolution was called for and achieved, matters were not being prioritised as would lead to people taking the Law into their hands but the Scottish Government was taken down a counterproductive path of Nationalism by the Scottish Nationalists, meaning that these problems have only been deferred, like we see that the Central Government in Scotland does not prioritise the careers of its colleagues, so the Administration will invest in North Sea Oil than it would want to concern itself with the people that will degenerate into drug addicts on the streets of Scotland because it is not important for the Minister for Works and Pensions to have a thriving career or the Minister for Education to be successful etc and this is the kind of dysfunctional administration where Business shows up on the Governmental shop floor instead of the corridors of the Houses of Government we are seeing all around the Country except in Wales (where they have begun to assault the Parliament there because the first minister has recently had enough of being poked by Business gits and have started poking them back too), where these business interests were more important than Ministerial careers, instead of the kind of things that they worked via the corridors of Central Government.

Specifically in terms of what I think should be done, from here, I am not really vulnerable to the way that processes where people lobbied Politicians concerning business communities was worked, I am not vulnerable to the gimmicks of culture and society goons, I am not vulnerable to the abusive activities of those whose money controls the world or that of Celebrities or indeed parents whose children want to play with my livelihood passing insults at me all the time – so based on facts and history, I can say that Government business is always safe in these parts. On a personal basis however, it is developing into a question of whose finances I want to spend my time pillaging to ensure that I can pay my Bills properly, as they will let me no other choice and I have set out means to ensure that I had a backup administrative process which allowed me access to relevant facts when I did so, involving their market insanity being about building communities that get imagination around my private parts, the Office space, Office bloc and Office window criminals being the main driving factor behind the father gods and their insulting children with successes that are respectful to distract me from my concerns by, the Men and their ageism, working the never dying choice of deploying money to see that I got to grovel for some if I wanted to pay my Bills properly and of course Celebrities ripping up everything else over that nonsense I am meant to deploy a Royal Hermitage Office to provide them with personal security – one or all of these need to suffer financially everyday if I am to keep them away from my Bookshop and its income margins and ensure that my social media is not losing its successes everyday in the process. The above mentioned series of Public matters sit in the middle of it and therefore apt that I have placed them both in this page.  Its mostly the same prognosis; they are like a thing, such that most people are better human beings if more freedom was available but the more freedom the got is the worst they got, so we are waiting for them to commit the crimes that will serve as reasons for us as a society to put them away.

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 The great idea of rough justice for UK rioters does not actually have a way of happening in reality. HH has chosen this standpoint to make matters of such nature clear because it is the most recent complete cycle of precedent we have since people started a new 21st century way of being comfortable with messing around people's lives and Humanity. The way it happens in the Law Courts is that Mr A takes Mr B to court for burning down his Shop and when the Judge reads out the evidence of the charges to Mr B the question is what Mr B has to say for himself-the less he has to say for himself the more his punishment except the Law is specific on the kind of punishment that is to be set out on the crime without concessions then what he has to say for himself may not necessarily matter except he gets himself off the hook of the accusation all together. So the reality HH is stating here is that there is not much that the Law can do for any get rich quick, economically destructive trouble maker Mr A by the time a Mr B who has had enough of him burns down his shops-all the law can do is help the State by issuing out a punishment along the lines of criminal damage for Mr B. The bottom line of course is that if you want to cause trouble to get rich quick or want to have money with which to hurt other people, then you must have a very good insurance Policy, nothing the law can do in the matter.

The facts of the situation being that whether or not somebody is sleeping with the wife of Mr A and 200 others like him who bully people to improve their personal lives and thereby savage people's career, jobs and earnings for such things and another Mr C always fights Mr A over it-whether or not Mr C fights Mr A over it because he wants to please people or because Mr A likes to target him the most is another matter entirely, on this occasion the facts that things operate with is that Mr C likes to fight Mr A and 200 others over damaging people’s lives in order to improve his personal life; this means that people have some hope of normalcy because of it and it is when this hope of normalcy has turned into a process where Mr A after the things he and his 200 have done to everybody, then the things he has done to attack peoples careers, livelihoods, jobs and earnings in order to improve his personal life, decides to begin to pick on Mr C by making out to people that he improves their privacy for them and on that basis set out to get rich with claims Mr C improves their personal lives for them, which then carries on until he achieves a process where everybody that is the same as Mr C have been pushed to the point where it results in a riot.

Why HH has said this as it were is that the illusion is either that their games are victimless or that their games have huge damaging effects on people but people cannot do anything about it; for him it has come to the point where he will have to take up and sell the securities of their businesses at the stock market, now based on the above facts clearly his book sales have been completely stifled and if he want to get them sold then he needs to do this so destructively and so intensely that he wins the favour of anti fat cat campaigners enough to sell his books to people for example, among others. Now based on the warnings HH has given them and their insolent bloody minded games with market and property and their stupid businesses they appear on public places to show off with-as an extension of their Con and other criminal or barely criminal indulgence that they have realised how to ensure the Law can do nothing about, it does seem that they do not take this matter seriously at all as it were and of course they are so stupid they have already taken the fight away and out of the conditions in which the Law can protect them and or their evil businesses that exist to hurt people first and then to make profit later after hurting people enough to earn other peoples income and it is predictable they will be seeking reforms of the Law next; this is because leaving alone HH's property is less important to them than begging him for his securities violently and then when they begin to damage his job and academic work and he leaves it for them but remind them it is only because of the economic conditions which means he will want it back to sell his books with later, they intend to show him that if he did not give it to them they would have taken it anyway, for those of them that are considerably well off than the other working in the City that is.

HH's prognosis; "At no point have you taken a look at them have you not found that they belong in some secrete society where they make plans to get rich or that they have lies they tell about you all the time with which to manipulate the Crowd against you; in their minds they basically and absolutely control everybody's life; so Mr D is a lecturer all he ever does with his time is stand in front you and tell you to behave because there are secrete societies and he is the good guy among them, all he ever does with his time is tell secrete societies to behave because he is either handling you seriously or you are being everything he wants you to be and after all those warnings about damaging economic recovery and hunting down all the jobs at the job centre before these such so called slaves of theirs get the jobs, things are becoming more real than usual and the problem here is that they will not leave my things alone, so they can tell me I find it easy to get rid of people but the question is that of what happens next, which is why it is getting worse and worse and worse especially so because as I mentioned before, they have wives and I don't have a wife with a big mouth and these wives can play everybody for them too especially with the use of media and the process of insulting people, so it does not encourage them to take warnings from anybody. The idea that the things I do despite the fact I am already being persecuted for years now over my faith because I never live my life in the open while I influence and lead people, affects the lives of those who from my Global Intellectual space make liaisons with Political systems and leaders has no foundation on fact, I had already taken steps all over the world to ensure there is enough security to ensure they catch up with their leaders and therefore do not get into trouble with the system and pass their exams in school so that they can become government advisers as well, which is the best way to safeguard their rights and also respect that of any trouble maker who there is. What I do not understand is the question of why they now want to take it away from me.

The trouble with these guys is that nobody can actually locate what they want or what they are saying; I know for my part that community idiots are always really insulting and abusive, so I am aware of their insolent women and how to go about it, they on the other hand speak of things the younger generation get out of their lives without consulting them, except for their children who are always unfathomably stupid that is but for what I am personally concerned with, the matter of the generation gap issue was that of how they had created a society where every idiot no matter how young can get off and oppress women if they want, bearing in mind the kind of financial powers that stupid older men will have from it and more so over them too, then set off to convince the public successfully that I because of my faith am the problem of society , which problem I will continue to escalate as long as I hold out and refuse to give up the faith, only to get Political and Administrative support for it when there is no grain of truth to it. The reason for this has been because as soon as there is any pressure with respect to sexuality, they have always been co-operative open for sex so that they can move on and make a living but the real issue these days especially that of the matter of what I have taken without permission, now has to do with how I took the things I do with respect to the evils of society and the world away from the experience they had accumulated for themselves and for society at large. This is a typical reason that comes to mind as to why I never bother about what they are saying or complaining about because it will be impossible to figure out.

The question by the way, is that of what the purpose of the Media is these days? I mean, all an employer needs is paranoia and coincidence to play games and get rid of you (of course he is not going to sack you outright lest he or she has to deal with compensation for unlawful dismissal) because the fact that Business issues always turn up on media can always be traced to the factors of your active personality, which is very bad for clients but all the while, it is the professionalism of media organisations that is the big sticking point." It is the citadel of stories that every idiot wants to tell to be able to profit from their vandalism knowing very well that all vandalism does is destroy things and the most popular is the games they play with peoples livelihoods which ends up with having a good feeling on the right to tap into, as a function of claims that those who business they wreck for such purposes stole it from them, which quickly progresses into claims that whatever they are doing looked alike but the difference is that they are the ones that have suffered more and had theirs damaged by injustice; this then becomes a statement that is above the law for destruction and has no alternative arguments, hence with Politician aided access there will never be an end to using people’s property and products without paying for them. This of course is the end product of their wickedness which leads to the borrowing and using of other peoples so called energies; the wickedness that Politicians and Men have never really understood should never be rewarded even temporarily, the means by which extremism and violence is later blamed on others, especially those that have things that other people do not have as well and it never has a limit, never stops and can target people and dig out things they have from their lives as well knowing such things will be unique to those people on every single occasion.

A classic apt consideration on this matter is the issue of Tax: why do I pay my taxes? Is it because I am a do gooder? Of course not, the truth is that I make my plans and draw my budgets to a total of what is below the amount I actually own, which is what every normal person does, whether or not they have an active saving programme or arrangement alongside their careers. These individuals on the other hand love to make plans to spend more money than they have actually got and do so without doing any extra work to bring about any money. So they come up with the deduction that Taxes are things they can choose to pay or not to pay, when in actual fact it is not their money at all and then claim it has got something to do with savaging my property, personal life and pillaging my career over things they make up that they do because the leadership which can be anybody needs to create them a country and things in it they can be rich and famous with and then after they keep some of the tax money and sometimes even get to claim it is about being prudent enough to ensure they are not paying too much.


 Now there are so many claims as such that the process of being provoked and attacked everyday takes such a toll on my health that they now they have the power to determine how long I live and will always get to use it. This could not be any further from the truth, which is rather that this is a country of really stupid people and it does not necessarily mean however that it is a stupid country. Really stupid girls and their girl shit that think they can beat up anybody and thereby spend so much of their time talking about things which indicate they will never let you rest with their wickedness witchcraft and community croons but are making plans to beg for mercy when the war starts I suppose. So it is not a new story anyway.

The issue at the heart of it is that everything that takes a toll on my health is things I have done to myself. things such as getting around building up everything an idiot wants here and there because he claims it is my obligation to ensure he has those things on account he wants to be successful and rich, when he knows of racism resulting from his actions and rather things I am doing nothing and should be sorting that out, into something tangibly recognisable so that I can start a fight over them like truth or dare. It takes a toll on your health because you are basically building up those things from behaviours which mean nothing at all. Then comes the big one which has to do with work; I should never get anywhere near work you see but I have put up with the intense suffering of doing so knowing it will put everybody in a state because there were things that I needed to take that leave for which have now been completed. So it remains the biggest issue and more so over my health and the lack of attention paid to those who make and force me to do work and the effects that it also has on everybody. So the same applies as I had said above; they will plead for mercy when the war starts obviously.

It’s a matter of whether you find an idiot who thinks he is being insulted when he works for you to be so amusing that you take up the work and do it for him or of course how you want to react to an idiot who barges into your life to amuse you in such ways, especially when he is black and have no respect for anybody in his stupid existence. So much so that he wrecks your life everyday because it is the only way to keep you cash strapped i.e. wrecking your life so frequently; that what he says your business is about is what it is about, hence his obsession with Public Television and broadcasting.

The other matter about benefit scroungers is just not well explained to them in my view. That when people claim benefits it is a contract between them and the government and that if they are not fulfilling their side of the contract the government will pay them nothing and also that bearing in mind they are the clients of the government thereof, what happens to them and their business is none of the affair of any media scum and more so without direct consent as well. For me it is a case of the fact despite being on benefits media idiots want my career as well and normally tell me to trust them to get it because they know where my books are and the way the neighbourhoods take this in will soon become something that determines how I exists beside their media establishments as time progresses; for now it is just important they shut it, otherwise they can also open up and tell people that those who have jobs refuse to give them to those who are on benefits, so they can stay off work and claim benefits as well because it is more money than those who are not benefits are getting.

But for the issue of old people and the fact people don’t want to see them; I can remember there was a time young people had a habit of attacking old people in the UK and I guess somebody had successfully spin off something for his purposes then. Not this time; I mean people are suggesting that when somebody makes a multi-million pound film in their neighbourhood and that they were part of the big party; they did not come across old people. I mean when you like fame and fortune so much, you can only have it when you wind down your life; now what you are claiming is that when you wind down your life, you do not want to come across any old people – it is completely unbelievable. Although it does not detract from the fact when media idiots want the right hand side they can come round and get it and that I am not giving back that stupid left either and will see them off my fame and off my books or there will be even more trouble. It does not matter to them it seems, if a part of another person’s mind is missing when old people simply disappear like they want; they just want to have fame and fortune without coming across any old person.

It all makes me want to taunt them about their own as well; the bit where children raised from care homes end up as criminals. I mean it is one thing for a parent to spend their money raising a child that ends up a criminal and quite another for a child that society spent money to raise to end up a criminal. It is the exactly opposite activity of what they are supposed to do, no matter what happened to them while they were being raised. I mean what about me for example; the fact my work tends to give them the chance to make out I spend time with them as though we are mates and the price for it is unfathomable as well, do I want to take steps to ensure they disappear?

They even say my actions are over bearing with respect to other matters and in general the way I work but that is because people lie a lot and so it is not noticed that all the suffering these people cause is just for the purpose of being able to cause disillusion that will see that when they take over and own without right to, another person’s property, there is enough disillusion in the minds of people that they tell a few lies and keep it. So all the pain inflicted is for a higher purpose of an even greater pain, there is no connection between what they own and they want to use this pain to have, only a connection between what they see other people own and the purpose of the disillusionment that such suffering will cause so they can own it instead. So the more they cannot own things by such things the worse it is get so we must put it in perspective bearing in mind the chances of success with it in the first place, the question of why anybody would gladly put up with it anyway? I begin by suggesting one good reason being that they have informed people it is their right to do it but of course they leave their lower classes and target me because they have never been afraid of anything in their stupid lives, hence depending on what they want to own what others are is a factor of whether or not their agree to that with a big mouth.

None of it means anything actually except of course that in a while yet, you discover that you have no job and it is impossible to get one and that is because all along people had decided to join them knowing it has no meaning but making out it is the right side to be on; completely incredible it is all the time but they do it like it was their own fight.

Like they tell me about things I do with peoples wives, which I then publicly declare; I have no qualms telling the world I want to recruit their wives and break up their families for them, so that we can find out exactly how funny it is to wreck people’s lives and have fun on television doing so. I mean I have seen people commit murder because somebody wrecked their lives; mine is being wrecked daily until it is made permanent. So I really do want to see how clever they really had been all along when aspects of my privacy is for public use after what they have done, it is impossible for me to secure finances and find a befitting date let alone a wife for my part because they work on public media and when women have a crush on me I get medical help on depression with a big mouth. So I have had it along with their insults up to my neck and will not back down on this matter until I have what I want from it. it’s not as if they do not have sex with the women when I recruit them and then get off boasting all over the place anyway by the way; they want a Prince’s wife obviously and their community croons want to have sex with things everybody has determined is beyond their league and even their stupid girls and their lesbians want better taste, they know what the importance of being a civilised human being is.

Not to mention setting up companies that are designed to provide agency services for celebrities whose agency products are based on my life and my work; I don’t mean a one off affair, an entire company set up to run my life and work in an agency for celebrities and this of course is where the culture of insolent well to do female idiots that love to turn out on public places to pretend they are really well behaved and there are things about my attitude which they need to change comes from. In the end the same old fact is left behind i.e. is it correct to allow hits and vandalism fly when you know it is high prostitution and female wickedness and are very well aware they are very bad for the public face of the National front of the Country; more so on account they largely have media and back stage media to play around with?


 Some of them say there is new racism designed for me specifically but there has always been racism designed for me specifically in the UK; MSN for example shows them up every day, making out I am a mug and that they drink from me and so on to get rich and this is just one of many. It is the truth about racism and what racism has always been about; Human beings with money and greed - nothing else and I do not suppose they wish to get around bugging me when others are better at it than they are as it were. Otherwise they are better off picking up on the usual stuff which is that I speak of racism but cannot handle the tyrants that exist where people of my skin colour live, whereas in actual fact it is easy for anybody to see I can always handle the tyrants the same way I have handled them. I mean the main issue with tyrants is that they do not expect you to take GCSEs at a certain point and then a Degree programme examination at another point, they feel as though they want to see you take your GCSE and first degree examinations on the same day, so that they can use it and use it now for whatever they want and that is always the big question, what if I don't? I know of course that the problems always come about once they had been able to deceive and disillusion peoples with the use of their stupid women, to create a condition where they expect me to live a life that is detached from reality and then expect my children to live in that way as well and to keep it all up, they will need to murder people but what if I decide to pack up my live and do not live it out in one day or live it out at all, so they can use it for their purposes, then set about killing them instead or perhaps they will kill me first anyway, which will indicate that either way they go, they are learning to do things with consultation and democracy for a change in their stupid lives. It is exactly the same thing we get from Celebrity culture idiots and of course the main issue in the UK is that they have racism to deal with and that is their own, should keep them busy.

Here in the UK the biggest problem their sense of freedom faces is a process where they live in my life as it were and I cannot leave my work or property anywhere and return to find it as I left it, despite the fact there is an economic crisis, which creates a condition where they do not care what happens around them because financially problems can only be attributed to me and not them. They can copy and do their world’s worst envy freak thing of course if they want, for me it will remain the same thing all together; they will either wake up every day to attend to a job or realise I am the biggest problem their sense of freedom faces. They wish to be in this place where they have somebody on whose property they get into an issue that involves how setting up a business is a personal issue with them and will therefore result in a real tussle in which the person needs to show how tough he is, where it does not cost them a thing to do so and for me they are no longer covered by loopholes in the law, it is the upstarts in their communities that are covered by that; they on the other hand have peaked.

Of course it is always possible for me to get involved with the gang stuff while I completely stifle that stupid celebrity culture to find out if it would be impossible to get a degree and a job afterwards because people are racist and keep an eye on me and get to wreck my finances to make themselves effective; I mean do they suppose I have never always known they were racist? It is not due to act like them when people are trying to make perfectly constitutionally stable laws in this country - so we stick to the better option; they will either eventually have to live in my life and wake everyday to a job or realise if this behaviour continues that I am the biggest problem their sense of freedom has, as we go along. It is not a difficult thing to take steps to ensure peoples hired murders and gang murders do not come anywhere near me. In essence this is powers of women in society shifting to somewhere else and they know this is how it will be applied. There are two main dispositions to this matter; one of them is that it is virtually impossible in the UK that a condition should arise where somebody kills a human being to acquire money and you partake in it with your tyrants insults, when you don’t know their names or what they do for a living or anything about them with serious consequential results if he implicates you at the Police station, on account there is forensic science to go round but it is the other that is the really difficult issue i.e. people like to place their stupid games around people and play them and in this case it has to do with racism where they are superior - soon enough bish-bash-bosh and somebody else is dead; do they really think it is that cheap?