Now I am said to be obsessed with the business of getting myself into trouble while I am not in anyway – what happens is that each time I push back culture and society trouble makers picking on me, I find Politicians were involved and have been tying my hands behind my back while they are at it and then they will develop into characters who make up the reasons for tackling me and further into characters who tackle me because it is financially viable to do so, which is usually the point at which the career that was forgotten about until they spent all their time on such nonsense, will be provided for them by their own victims and at such a stage, there is theoretically no return, because they need the job and to sustain themselves financially. What then happens is that the Politicians expect me soon after, as I then get released from their activities, to do something about it, with wrecked finances and academic work of which I have no idea what they expect me to do then as it were – we know however on the other hand that this is what it normally looks like when they say women go the opposite way when you push them down a path and men go all the way when you push them down a path, it appears the entire time to be the correct decision, especially when I am going to get them into a fight until I end up joining in. They on the other hand are still busy making statements that suggest they always wanted to teach me lessons and finally have, of which I don’t know what lessons they teach here anyway, what I know however is that they are still talking like that because I have not taken the business of allowing culture and society trouble makers find out how their jobs work, to a point where they ended up in hospital. I have been told that my main problem are the points at which HM has expressed displeasure about my behaviour and yes they are; the core of it is that my duties have been delayed but the way it works is very different from the way it had been presented to the Monarch, besides which the moral of the story is that delay will not be tolerated into the future but this stage still stands however that the Politicians have been running off this story that if we considered a Military Operative and a Celebrity, with the latter wrecking peoples lives to gather money for organised crime products and the former fighting the corner for the Country when they are both equally good looking, the culture and society trouble makers who bottom feed and get their imagination up peoples bums are nice people who just need money, not the worst things people can be in the communities, where I am concerned, they have for the last 15 years without proof, which helps to make a public case for the evil they practice. They have said that I do not have a chance against them naturally and I understand why they would say so too by the way but the reality on the ground however is rather that the last time I chased up this matter of their ability to channel their insults at me, I ended up breaking their socialist Communities, right through to the International stage and South America and the core of the insults responsible for that was pretty much of the same process, where they had socialist communities and continually found it amusing to whack an Arch Prince over the head in their imagination. So, the next time that I should start to think of the insults they channel at me as a major problem, I suppose I would largely do my best to ensure it blew up in a bigger way all together. The Industry ones think that there is no way I can get around their abusive manner of handling me which had now become an obsession but we all know they are starting to feel what I am really like when it becomes clear each time they had been paid handsomely for a job by the large companies they take up roles in when their tribalism raids had taken up through to the top end of Industry, and they spent it rummaging around, searching people to find characters like myself who do special things for the Companies instead of get the job done, I will do what I must to get my hands on the job along with the career attached to it as well for my part. So far I have done the bit where I hurtle down a rabbit hole to show up at the backyard of Industry and see how far doing me has been going without improving their behaviour, so the tendency is that they are free to carry on until I find the one that really works for them too, likely to allow me express some of the nonsense I have learned from them, where I tackle their income sources and destroy it if I think that I am losing the fight to make it my own, rather than let them have it. its all part of the tale we hear Media goons run with all the time i.e. that I can never get my life running while this is in power which it isn’t in anyway – what happens instead is that if I got into trouble with Culture and society goons, I could resolve the issues but once I had, the results will be an idiot with Publicity to play with, setting out insultingly, ideas on how I should serve him, this means that by standing up for myself when bullied, my whole life is poured down the drain as Industry fat Cats partake in the outcome of such activity which tends to happen all day long – it then goes without saying they need keep at it and I should never find the bit of handle to put on them, that will really work for them as well. So I have been told there is concern that I am only saying what I am saying to those who would listen and that I would fail if I had to do it on an official capacity which is not the case at all – what happens is the Celebrities tend to engage with the public like the rest of us would hold functions in which some people knew more about things than everybody else and will be holding Celebrated positions and doing most of the talking in the Crowd but unlike the rest of us, their own is the only work of life where each time they meet, we feel it at our financial bottom lines – this theory that I wouldn’t say what I say if I had to build a crowd and take the fight to them is not a sound one at all. The main case with it is that I have had to allow the culture and society trouble makers run off their nefarious games until the Politicians both ran out of lies to tell about it or had enough lies in the world to tell about it on one hand, while on the other, they have been setting out their abusive behaviour to chase bottoms and this includes the Heir to the Throne; I have only recently settled in on what exactly the Prince of Wales wants done about this and hence the way I have been working on it. It is then said that the Celebrities are not all bad but that depends on what people are talking about, just as the idea everybody wants some of the Celebrity world and its benefits is the mental state that allows me to set out clearly that the Public disposition of the State is actually the most famous thing here and not Celebrities, so the less Celebrities are involved with my concerns is the more of a Public image I have. Some Celebrities do not operate a show business to get involved with Royalty and sell show business products on the basis of facilitating access for the masses, so they can be very useful allies in the sense that they are a sign that it does not have to be done this way and hence you tend to provide what they need according to your authority and influence. I have been told they tackle HM as well and yes they do but it is usually easy to deal with when they do so because they tend to assume The Queen cannot tell from a mile away when somebody is trying to tie her hands behind her back or something like that, which is incredibly stupid, so the threat is largely that if HM has spent time to punish those who do it, what suffers is National Ceremony, so I had to invent this process of bother Queen and get into a fight, so when you make a case of out the sacrifices and medical attention, your imagination gets up my bum and we all assume that was the end of it. The main case has been what the Prince of Wales wants, as some would say here that I should not be serving The Prince of Wales while there is a Monarch which I am not – the case is that he is commander of the biggest sections of the Armed Forces and regularly thinks he should be doing his own fighting, the result is the emerging of a lot of social, sexual and financial corruption performed by culture and society trouble makers, so until recently it had not been clear how HRH wanted the issue to be approached, much as it is said that I spend my time fighting my own battles as well which I don’t, its another tale told by the Culture and society goons in order to get on doing what they do best i.e. 99% of those who show up to take up the National services roles are people whom apart from their successes and career advancements are actually vulnerable to the sexual, financial and social corruption of culture and society trouble makers, so whenever you put them in such disposition you will get that vibe all the time on how nobody knows why you had taken it up. They do say that its all servitude at its best on my part but whether or not that was the case, the reality is the same – leaders are human and the more you push them is the more they asset their authority until tyranny becomes a habit, so I imagine that doing so is not a worthy use of time, where I will be told this was an excuse for tyranny which is utter nonsense. Tyrants are not leaders, they are people who want to be taken care of; it is usually best expressed when their villainy shows that they believe that the more people suffer is the tougher they become and the tougher they become is the harder they fight their enemies, while Heroes think that you should never pitch inequities against each other, bearing in mind when people pitch your own as well, you will get off claiming your sacrifices were greater than everybody else’s.

They have tried to suggest it’s a matter of my failings being blamed on others but that is not a claim which is linked to reality in anyway – the reality is that they don’t have to listen to what I am saying while I have not gotten a break from that nonsense about walking around the streets grabbing personality that should belong to the Politicians, giving way to 15 year run so far on their right to have one profitable victim of financial corruption, like we see their stupidities sacrifice the one in their possession for the good of others. It is then followed up with lies and abuses which is insulting enough to build its own community and develop a sense of hate for my personal space and thinking space prejudicially, facilitating their idiots being able to keep an eye on me while the complain about my response had long become a global stage phenomenon. The effect is that whenever the Office is quiet enough for me to just sit down and write some Books, the suggestion is that I am important while their stupidities really were and the results of years of this sort of abuse and the churning tummy bits is that I have recently adopted a position where any damage to anything associated with me having a writing career will mean I sacked what is closest to their hearts as well and it is clearly a job I am being paid for, so I believe that making sure they felt that too was the correct way to progress in the matter. The same goes for foreign Policy where they say I had become completely inconsolable while the reality is that some characters had been fooling around with Defence sensibility in Europe, garnished with all sorts of nonsense about Muslims being the next superior race after white people which on the ground develops the abuses and insults that allows them communicate why others should abandon careers to their stupidities and spend time with the problems their ethnic groups create for everybody lest they end up smelling, the purpose eventually being to collect the defence sensibility from Europe and make war on NATO in order to serve Iran and Muslims, knowing they will burn the world with a war that has no direction, set out an exit route at Islamic terrorism, earning themselves an air strike from the USA. The rest of the time we are dealing with opinion of idiots who pick up National service roles to fight other peoples battles and work a similar process to this; the process of making sure their fashion models and Celebrities who exist to destroy everything they see kept this distance from me is said to have been an affront to their career, until now that it had become obvious those who serve at Public work are vulnerable to social, sexual and financial corruption hence the duty of the Government to prevent it.