I am now told that there are ethnic minority MPs that want to teach me lessons but it’s an old story about incredibly silly women getting up to all sorts, in the end it still goes back to the destruction of my academic work and what they do with it to this day meaning that I cannot even sell Books as such either all together. In the end we know what it means is that they do nothing about the misogyny that bothers them, if they were good at stopping me from doing something about the one that bothers me until I dropped out of school – we are talking about abusive behaviour such as the business of coming across 100 cars on the way to the shop and each of them will be driven by idiots that want to get their finger up my Bum, where they do nothing about the one that bothers them but have become really good at stopping me while they have never stopped complaining about it too. The Men just take it a step further with a corruption of involvement that means I may spend some years building relations with Companies, to find that they have thought it a worth practical joke to come up with a big brother amusement where a large proportion of those Clients belonged to somebody else and it means they will hate my guts a lot more than they currently do as well. the other story about how I am being rescued from young people is of course utter nonsense; the main problem is that these people are nearly too old for the fame and fortune popular culture and if I keep this going, once they were too old, I will have won the penultimate battle – the consequences are that for the young people and their need to rip up my academic work and find it amusing at Industry, I have shut down the popular culture which makes them some sort of quasi racist, so next I will shut down the way home too, once I picked up the bits about their money making wickedness meaning the older ones are interested in working on me violently and abusively everyday as a means of fame and hence started tackling the money aspect of their stupidities, it will culminate in a war on Media and that will be the way to stop it as they would fancy that I did. The reasons for it has always been the fact they are very twisted and evil people, nothing more than that and I would fancy they blew off their big mouth away from my Books and stopped following me around – if I have pointed out I don’t fancy the faith, personal life and public image being peddled and have ended up with a Global stage movement to change this, I am dealing with a very disobedient population and will not be thinking I have done anything wrong if I took this course of action – none will teach any lessons around here as far as I am concerned and likewise they need to know I have had enough of them and their stupidities too. I do get told it’s a matter of me giving approval to those that have done National service because they were my fans but there is no approval on my part that will matter; they work for HM i.e. if they picked up National service jobs to solve a public problem or did to ensure racists had a limited opportunity to do such jobs and spend time destabilising the Country when they did, they have done their part, they have got the Royal Commendation for it, they work for the Queen not me, however the part that gets me involved is that I must clear up everything to do with HM interests at this Hermitage before I chased my own and where my interests and that of HM meet are the ones majority of evil people on the planet hate the most i.e. white people who are fans of mine to such an extent they pick up National security jobs to prevent racists taking them up for instance but its all The Queen’s Government role, not my personal interest. Its an example of how it is said I am a National security risk while what happens is that the goons who pick up my work to fool around with expect the Media to continue its abusive tirade of making itself the most destructive thing for my career and finances, such that these abuses facilitate a process where people who handle property that belongs to me were not trained in the British Army but in some foreign government and have therefore found the right gimmicks and practical jokes that let them deploy it or how they say I never believe anything about Trump racism until the bad things happen to me, while reality is that Mr Trumps position only affects me in terms of those who think they don’t like the way things are run in the UK and wish to move to the US, with a previously existent crisis on the wings where the Obama Administration decided to take the US in a different direction but had no will or willingness to listen to others and ended up building the Country a Global stage crisis while setting me out as a character their Children can abuse and run off all sorts of busy body opportunism that makes me feel the age of 50 was a luxury, whenever they want to get rich at popularity culture, winding me up all the time – so the business of those who want to leave the Country has nothing to do with my Hermitage and then again it has been long in coming as in University White Daddy wanted my personality and career, so I ended up dropping out, at the civil service white daddy wants his children to inherit his civil service Office so I cannot get a job as a result, and now they are getting after my Books as per I had determined that none will invest my property equity without investing it from the equity put out through reading the Books and owning their copy, so they had begun abusive advertisement and other ways of making money to stretch boundaries and reverse the processes by which I too may have a career of my own.

I do get asked how I ended up with this debacle and it’s the old case of being a nobody to Royals who Married into the Family decades after I was awarded a Royal Commission and others who spend most of their time working on how to show they are entitled and out of my league – they have no sense of direction and are always playing the fashion and Celebrity worlds at my expense, churning my tummy all the time, as they are usually the most important sources by which people break down my protection systems and spend my property on themselves whipping up the public into a gimmick for it. For instance, I might want to start talking about evil goons in the land and their ideas about how abusing me is linked to processes of making money instead of work but if I handled it in terms of getting after their ageism and the very idea of the existence of that stupid money of theirs, I will be helping the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out with their own Royal duties, so it is an example of how an Arch Prince is not important at all and most of the time people complain about me, it still reverts to the destruction of my academic pursuits. They do say everything about me is shameful right down to my diet but HM does not care if I pick up dead Rabbits from the Streets and Cook them for food because I don’t think its okay to be wasteful, One cares if I have a Hermitage and it is properly tended, my duties being done. The matter itself however is now playing into the hands of ageists who damage everything they see around here while expecting me to be like Celebrities who cannot stop exhibiting their nepotism at me and then telling me others are racists while my livelihood is something that is only successful in a condition where I support racists who are not yet violent at being racists, projecting their stupid selves on me all day long, which means I am going to rip up the Celebrity culture in order to show that there are people in this world who can achieve such a thing.

As I have mentioned, apart from praying for divine help concerning the genocidal iniquities of Muslims killing people for me, these are supposed to be the straight up sinners and bad people doing their own version of what they know about me being the problems that I will get through in order to be a better more important person at the other end, like the spawn of the Devil, with Celebrities behaving as if there is nothing to fear or respect of my person yet.