Authentication Date for these Operational Parameter Systems refers to the Date on which they were set out on Social Media before they were listed here, not necessarily the date on which they were built at the Office and how long Clients have been working with the Hermitage in a progressive process through them and thus their Social context as Royal Hermitage property with reference to the Library Literature.

So the Books that some hate are not designed to hurt people, they are designed to ensure Companies that get involved with my concerns were confident that they had enough equity placed before them at the Bookshop, to suggest that they were buying into something about which if they relied on me for the work applicable, involving crowds and populations with their Intellectual property, which meant that the bad elements had to be controlled, it was a job that I could handle – it needs to get a job and express its stupidities at the expense of its own mates, needs to stop grabbing my work every time I put out these facts to clear it up too.


I am now said to have a nasty habit of getting involved with what does not concern me and this has never been explained in detail while it causes me so much trouble – the only way that getting all messed up due to an involvement with people you cannot defend because those who attack them are more than you are is fundamentally developed around the business of being stuck with people that are out of your league and only people who have lost their minds inflict such things on themselves. The only way you may protect those who are out of your league is when and if they trust you to do it and there is no trust here given me by people who are out of my league but cannot keep their hands off me, its difficult to locate where the idea that I am the one who have a nasty habit of getting involved with what does not concern me is brewed up from. So they cannot keep their hands off me, they don’t trust me, they are out of my league and the abuses are become more sexual in order that they might put themselves in control, while I am the one with a nasty habit of getting involved with what does not concern me; fair to point out they need keep away from my Books and give me my space as there is really nothing they can do about me with that stupid mind of theirs that works in a way which allows them adopt a disposition of somebody that is paying my Bills when they are not. Its nothing out of the ordinary, what I have described is the part where they put their bodies on the line for this nonsense, the career and business bits are usually businesses that are not making enough money for two while it is being run to keep an eye on me and to wreck my life and career and we have never seen them put anywhere near 40% effort into what they want to achieve because they are preserving their health for the violent bits and then we find that civil rights will have it done, we find that somebody has dared to have something they don’t and they were provoked about it. Then there is the insulting gestures bits which suggests the Armed Forces are big power, they are somewhere in the Middle at Private security services Industry while I am to take what I am given – so the outcome is that it never stop showing up where I am doing something serious or requires a lot of concentration to make a mess and then I drop out of University and hang around waiting to be calculated into some position where I will try to make money dealing with violent issues while they had more body for it than I did, once they had realised it will only mean I calculate them into a position where they are unable to get by as well because they only have the money and not the brains, the whole thing takes up a public dimension while they try to prevent Police from doing Police work, knowing fully it is one of those eventualities where their inability to keep their hands off me and themselves off my case will bring forth an outcome where the tit for tart will never stop. So it is still the question of what happens if the Armed Forces are big power, they are in the Middle and I am to take what I am given; what will happen with their incredibly stupid Celebrities, pee, pee, pee creep into my life and make a mess of everything around here to extract money from what I built, the stupid Celebrities I suppose then, are meant to get everything, like the twats they are. We can clearly see it’s a matter of Industry and they are the ones that win market for the industry goons that need to play money games and get rich without doing any work but I have warned them enough for a lifetime, about grinding that stupid popular culture and Celebrity culture at me, especially when they are complaining about running out of options due to the way I have responded to it – it cannot possibly be that difficult; it needs to stay away from my Books and stop following me around, not blab more insults concerning a nasty habit of getting involved with what has nothing to do with me, followed by some abusive and insulting advertisement where its stupid Celebrities get to deploy my Trust Assets and tell me its all y fault that they did, since I posed a challenge by fighting them, could never stop telling the lies and are starting to get on my nerves again.

They claim now that I have been driven completely insane and it is utter nonsense – its very difficult tolerating these idiots with a habit of getting off on public places to exhibit behaviour that fundamentally takes my clothes off basically and then they take their own off to make it work, once done with these bits such as Industry idiots and criminals pay them for, they don’t perform another behaviour that will put their clothes back on or give them closure and do not perform any to give me closure either, once the difficult issues begin to come through we find the fucking idiots get around the City issuing threats at me because they believe I ought to do something about it on-behalf of everybody. So I get told that they might love to help me but my attitude is appalling which is utter nonsense as I don’t need any help for the fact that I cannot explain what I am doing here; the fact I wrote a Book and put myself out in the world for it, meaning I am stuck with the business of seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes in their own stupid lives. They do claim they got away with what they did but I wish all the time that they did so without getting on my nerves first; this is what they are meant to do obviously, the one about tackling me, running it off on media and getting Industry goons giving them money for it, which we know when shows up at Government will get us spending money on them instead of looking after GDP and if their inability to keep away from me means this nonsense ends up near government, I will teach them a lesson they will never forget too.

I am told I have never really recognised that I had lost all I had at the Monarchy, reality is that this is not me, more a matter of a version of me whose whole life is now about the abuses and insults of the famous and the way that the quasi criminals made the most of it; it seems that some people at positions of authority wish to see what will become of this gimmick where information supplied them about others by criminals was considered fact, for my part it has been a matter of Politicians picking up random projects from my career and the way I end up somewhere thinking I had resolved the matter but it will hit me hard where I least expected, whilst academic pursuits were damaged and now finished off with a process where some famous idiots clung to my income margins and were investing in ideas about whom I should be allowed to associate myself with. The people running the male Monarchy system are the ones I am waiting to see sort out this matter, as per the way they had decided they wanted to run their show: it has been decades of this and I after the mess mentioned above had to deal with authority divulged from the then Queen’s Office to that of the then Prince of Wales, I am now the same dealing with a crisis where Middle Eastern Countries that did not sort out their terrorism problems properly, dug up minerals from the earth for money and enjoyed picking up my assets without permission, the stress being added by the abuses of their famous idiots who want to be able to tell others what to do and are always building on a crowd that they instruct to forcibly make me do what they want is quite incredible. So contrary to claims I suggest I liked to take risks at Government matters, we know they had not consolidated their position and that I cannot follow them whilst I had so much to lose. The Americans were a completely different story, those were veterans on this nonsense, so they already had ageist gits in a community putting labels on me, crashing my career publicity and finances, to send out low lives that will share my personal space and convert my image from that of a writer which thus encourages people to try and find out what I have written, into a tool for sales business, only for the famous fools that facilitated the whole process, to get off attacking me because I had not responded to the threat of what they started here affecting them too. We can as such see the way that the 20 year career mess here has played out and the way those responsible have refused to stop pushing this famous persons insults at me, which was the cause of it all, we have also seen them pick up civil service narcissism, if I were living on social security while I had it figured out, so I need to make a statement about how simply mine was compared to their own that involved running people down all the way back to first grade because they were making money, Book readers do not perform these activities, pose these questions or cause people such distress and I am set now to squeeze my career out of them as a statement that should ensure they got to fool around somewhere else. They bring up the point endlessly, that there were underlying issues of which we know it was a matter of my personal space being used my famous gits to feel good about their job and that I am being attacked for withdrawing access due to the career damage that they cause, such that the question became one of their gimmicks having affected them too and whether they were actually paid as a matter of their jobs, to start it off in the first place. They do claim I had a responsibility which is utter nonsense as there is nothing whatsoever to do, same story of being told I gave it all away when I talked about the fact that their careers were socially millimetres away from what the prison service was doing, at all times and for this they got into league with their German and American friends who were prolific twats for such nonsense, to ensure others paid the price for it, now informing me clearly that the insults which divert client attention from my Books after all this fuss will not be stopped of their own accord. It is always good to fool around when it is working well naturally, like we see at the Monarchy their big idea was that there was duty to protect the weak and the bad people being invited into a good system were weak people whom when protected will arrive at a result that was good for all but the foundation for their male society gimmicks is one of pimps and prostitutes, so information about me supplied by criminals was fact because they were unaware that the sexual and sexual context abuses that criminal use to communicate after they have run down their target neighbourhoods and consolidated their position, was the main thing women turned up here to resolve, each time they wrecked my finances and pushed off the insult that I spent too much time in the company of women, it does though make sense of the way that I have developed a need to see them figure out, whilst we are now working on a clash with the famous, to see if doing so will become a habit into the future, the Americans are done with the dragging Royalty through the mud gimmicks, alongside their German and Italian friends, I mean we do not get along so well with the French but even the French mellow on this behaviour most of the time, now it is time to move on and there was a problem with the fact they were all out of their depth.

They do claim I always planned to attack Celebrities, I would not know anyway, I know it is this stupid notice that if society was evil enough, people like me would never survive, making such a mess for me and eventually arriving at a point where I had a state of mind which was not thrilled that they existed and they had developed abusive insults that encouraged people to try and handle my concerns to make me do things that pleased the famous from a criminal social life disposition, whilst they offered an announcement to me that I may complain but they would never stop doing it. 

The excuse is that I had bright ideas but it did not occur to me that nobody wanted it. The reality is that when I talk, I am expecting to address abusive society gits whose only method of communication was to get their imagination around peoples body holes for satisfaction and sexual gimmicks, to fill their ideology that Politicians think people should avoid exploring minds with information that allowed me control their thoughts as well and use my public image to impose fame on them as well. The role of the Celebrities and Media was to announce they were Allied to the King of England and the American president and their fame was based on encouraging people to forcibly make me do their bidding as they got into a position where they could take from anybody, anything they wanted, the announcement made is that they would not stop the insults thereof. So I am trying to run a Bookshop and the respect shown towards the business world was the problem, the business world with effect on the streets being that people saw my writers personality as something they could get involved with for all sorts of stupid reasons as designated by male society who were trying to sell things and get rich on it, whilst they had decided their talk of the town insults in short videos they suggested was the was advertisement is made, was the correct thing to do, transferred this to their sales armies to build profits on the streets and hang about with empty characters in empty offices squabbling with each other all day, whilst these fools made me into a character that can be bullied when people wanted to befriend them.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, August 13, 2019,

As for the Public matters I need to get myself away from, the parts that means any who associate themselves with me gets into trouble with it, there are none; what we have mainly is a group of goons spending a lot of time on the one issue of digging holes all around me everywhere I go, in a hope that I will fall into one of those and become a character that people pick on every time they want to be famous, while the male ones will be the flushing my whole life down the loo on account I wrote ...

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The story of women wanting to be heard when they say people think I am okay but I am a very nasty piece of work is nothing unusual but it goes on way too often and the abusive stupidities are getting from distant to physical violence with that big mouth they have got. So I have thought it a good idea to address the matter of how I am made to look like and or talk about how I am not afraid of death but I am running from death because they believe there to be in my possession things I will earn...

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