The story of women wanting to be heard when they say people think I am okay but I am a very nasty piece of work is nothing unusual but it goes on way too often and the abusive stupidities are getting from distant to physical violence with that big mouth they have got. So I have thought it a good idea to address the matter of how I am made to look like and or talk about how I am not afraid of death but I am running from death because they believe there to be in my possession things I will earn but become too weak to protect once I had worked for them and how this has meant they are unable to be free of complaining about me due to how long they have spent doing it. I have never thought it a crisis, only a need to address this other part where I appear to be their choice for characters that will be described as low lives who are deserving of their daily discrimination and there is no idiot on the planet who civil rights looks like that, if they were the mean cunts we see here. They speak of discrimination but have never heard me express something of how much I hate their Caribbean people and various other ethnic groups that cannot keep away from peoples personal space and are always ripping up academic pursuits and careers, to make something of the nauseating difficult process of people ending up with various lifestyles, which when abused makes Celebrity culture more profitable and we have not yet gained freedom from their stupidities threatening me because they believe there is nothing I can do about it at this stage, simply because I have not been responding to it either. I do get asked if I am experiencing daily discrimination but I am not and they have not got enough for that either; what happens is that they start like these and then when I handle their own a little – the community croons who bear down on me sexually while I am trying to attend University, set about helping them abuse me until I am weak, which makes me a character they can attack when they want to resolve their loser image and then the others who threaten me all the time because they are bigger and when I handle them a little they get off to Buckingham Palace to do my stuff, fight my battles as they are no longer interested in fighting their own like the cowards they really are – so its one of those bits where the Government can never be free of the fact they are tough and others are weak, until the Government decided they cannot do anything with themselves until they were getting into a fight on the streets, leaving me looking like the most attractive target when they want to get free of it, which I am I would say I am not obviously by a long mile. So we find the others they get along with at the Monarchy talking about how I need to stop deploying State concerns to make myself comfortable while I should be getting into a fight, whenever I speak of it in this way, about which it will soon become another story when I get off my Hermitage and got involved with their fighting as it were. We know its all a behaviour linked to Celebrity culture and I have threatened to shred it too for some time now, especially as it is said that I fool around with these issues until they become public problems while the reality is that I already know what it is and that it involves those stupidities that take up my time to make a mess of my career and make industries of deviance profitable for the connections they want to establish in order to avoid work and get rich at the same time, so I am unlikely to do something physical which jeopardies what is at stake, about which that said, if it does take up my time, they will hear from me again as it were – making sure the Celebrity culture was seen for the last time would really serve well the purposes of taking position at a Hermitage, separate from main society in order to support the Head of State of matters of Church and State where required as we can see. The general response we have gotten from the Celebrities is that I can never achieve such a thing but I have never before placed myself in a condition that means while I broker Equities with Companies, popularity big wigs showed up to ensure I lived in hell because I tended to have ignored their Industry which is worth a lot of money – we also know the last time they showed up to chase money at my expense like that, I was at University and dropped out because it, after which they started their daily discrimination fantasies – we see that my Books are an example of what these goons do with such things; its been 7 years of a history of insolence built up around it and the outcome is that I have a Royal Office to spend my time on and I wrote a Book which is the Political thing I did with it but the Liberal have built a new society which exists right on the patents of my Books; its incredibly any fool would tell others that their stupid civil rights looks like this but the reasons I have pointed it out especially is because they believe they can tell what the range of what I can do really is while the reality of such matters are that I am fighting hard to keep myself from making a commitment, as doing so will mean that performing acts that ensure they saw their celebrity culture for the last time, would be a matter of deadline. I do get told that I act as if I would want to slow down with respect to my duties and hence need bear in mind that these goons only get worse the more financially comfortable they are   but I am very well aware the doing my stuff, doing your stuff, doing stuff gimmicks only tended to work when they were financially comfortable adding to the fact they were tough, others were weak and the Government can never be free of it, while I tended to get punishment for each consequences associated with it; slowing down wrecks the health but in my case slowing down is not what wrecks my health, what does is a need to ensure their stupidities were made to operate in a condition that was publicly obvious, as we know they do it and tell those lies and any little action means you end up with so much Public instability, hence I needed to operate in a way which ensures that whilst they believe they can stop at their own convenience, the outcome tended to be that they stopped at my convenience whereby it will become more obvious the importance of public service that would have successfully torn up the Celebrity culture and got Celebrities integrated into main economy, that we might be free of a Capitalist system that experiments on itself so badly and over such a long period of time whenever we had a slightest public crisis. Those of them who claim its all the influence of Germany are always good to go and it will only continue until it ends badly, since we know if I handled their own a little, they will claim I am a small flesh man that had set about counting the number of men that they had in their communities but until then I cannot be free from threats to pee, pee, pee creep into my life and plan their stupid existence on my wallet as if there is anything they could do if I stopped them violently, that each time there are gits with plans for getting rich using society powers and everything to do with foolish men getting around the city pretending they control it, by churning the tummy and making a mess of the minds and characters of those they believe they want to confiscate some property from to that effect, we find the influence of Germany to be the most important source of support, a two faced tart ripping up peoples lives to put on makeup and walk around the streets being exempt from having to get organised – will not keep the mouth firmly shut. I do get asked why they target me all the time and its an old story, besides Liberal America building new society on the patents for my Books and shooting off the big mouth threats over the bottom hurting issues associated with the Politics of it but its an old case of not having the time to set out that I am Royalty and do not like getting involved with people who are below me, that said, as I mentioned before, I honestly will end up shredding the Celebrity culture before it tended to stop the way they would like it.

The other part of their story is a matter of my position on Brexit and how I am to face consequences for it and it is not actually consequences their stupidities can dish out anyway; it will only bring about outcomes whereby I dragged both Brexiteers and Remain Campaigners into a condition where they had to explain what the crime I had committed to deserve their punishment we hear them blow off that big mouth all the time really was. We all know it’s the same story about working with European Companies and having to lose it because Brexit happened according to Brexiteers, lose it to idiots that have always had their eyes fixed on that job I created for myself – we know that the Remain Campaigners are more a matter of guessing what the consequences will be if I did not do something to stop Brexit with a big mouth but so far they have not yet been complaining about not being able to provide reasons for these punishments, those they have acted on and those they have promised alike, as stupidly as possible – I would have imagined this nonsense was past its sell by date at this stage; Brexit has nothing to do with me. Its like I mentioned about the influence of Germany above – we know what happened was that Countries who as bastions of sexual and social corruption unleashed their ills on British Backyard and got around the world telling lies on a premise which suggested the British tended to have shared National Interest with other Countries, hence the outcome was a referendum to decide if the British want to remain part of the EU or not, which results we are very well aware of what it was; I have no idea where these idiots keep their facts and why they believe there will be no consequences for these insulting threats if I issued a warning over it. We all know that when these gits begin like they do, we find tales being bandied around which suggest that they had every right to rip up peoples lives, claiming that their victims had an outlook which fundamentally was in pursuit of that which is the exclusive reserve of the good looking, which then adds to the fact that they walk around the streets pretending other people were their employees, which leaves people unable to find jobs and become employees of those who will be paying for it all together – tough issuing threats at me over Brexit, I am wondering where their stupidities get the facts they make their decisions on.

I am told that I have excluded the part where most of their issues are brought about because I am being antagonised by other Royals but it does not actually matter – other Royals may spend their time trying to impress Celebrities but I have Duties of Office Associated with the Head of State to concern myself with and hence not really spending my time trying to impress them either; we all know the biggest crisis of all with respect to this is when I ignore society idiots and their foolishness does not go anywhere but their fans get the imagination up my bum to get me into a fight and the whole business of the insanity of Celebrities right down to what people want to get rich quick by ranging from the USA to Africa and the Middle East and Asia becomes a huge big massive job that needs be done, while their disobedience with regards HM wishes on such distant insults never seem to diminish because they can do violent things for the Monarchy. The rest of the time it’s a matter of me wanting people to recognise that if they are complaining about the bottom hurting issues, they needed to stop building up a sense that I am involved with these duties because I am being punished by The Queen – its comforting to know that I can make my decisions here without a lot of interference from other Royals. At this stage it will be right for the Monarchy if I got married and became some sort of House Husband, as it would make it quite clear I was not interested in all those things we saw at Celebrity culture and Media and allowed me spend more time with a Hermitage instead but it is still difficult when Liberal America has built new society on patents set out for my Books, stifled my earnings in the process to ensure that nothing could be hidden from them around here and set out their goons who want to get rich by being stupid to creep around my concerns making money from a market I had built: it is the reason I needed to ensure there was more physical and public feel to the work Court, as it appears they too want to be stuck somewhere dealing with the fact having Children and looking after a family is a National stage obligation while I supervised, as for the complain about the punishment I deserve because of what those who protect me do, we all know they believe these nonsense will have gone unnoticed by people who handle my security at the Monarchy or people who simply work at the security services and noticed it happening and then we find them show up to pretend they were convinced it was better for me to perform Royal work without security. I would love to point out people need to stop inviting themselves into my concerns or build up media stupidities that ensure I am not keeping information from them, especially when it get support from insulting Americans but as usual they talk too much – so it would be better to say that the Court is a system which ensures that when I sit around at Public Office thinking of relationship issues, there are people I can channel it at and these are not just ordinary in terms of our concerns, they have built up the relationship over time; photos they take for instance which expresses what they think of it, some which expresses our relationship and countless other disposition, all put out in Public and some even being sold, we know if I married one of them, it would set the stage for what our lives will look like but first stupid amusing Liberal America will have to stop making it funny to make a mess of my concerns digging for information gold and it does seem as if they do not plan to stop nicely as well.