As for the Public matters I need to get myself away from, the parts that means any who associate themselves with me gets into trouble with it, there are none; what we have mainly is a group of goons spending a lot of time on the one issue of digging holes all around me everywhere I go, in a hope that I will fall into one of those and become a character that people pick on every time they want to be famous, while the male ones will be the flushing my whole life down the loo on account I wrote a helpful Book that they wanted to own free of charge – we see it then brews an outcome where the more successful I got was the more people I met and the more people were affected by this nonsense on my account while the business of it being their civil rights to threaten me every time they had money problems continues to get completely out of hand; so in the end its all garnished by Goons who need to show that I am a kind of Man that damages women’s lives and need to be damaged as well to pay for it on account they were supportive of women, while what they were complaining about themselves was what these female deviance personified got off doing with the discomforts that an Arch Prince experienced due to an incessant need that their insolent selves had to discipline him all the time. We have seen that when they start, I drop out of University or it begins the same year that I had begun to trade my Books more seriously and says that they must get rich from my work first before I am remotely allowed to earn a living, like they are not blabbing anymore of those who do not beat them down before chasing the career being unable to do it on the go or unable to do it later on currently. These goons have no sense of direction and the problem with stating that they have no sense of direction which then gets worse when they got in league with bad people to build this sense they are hanging around in Public frowning on the bad things that happen around us to make fame and fortune while the reality is that they use the people who do those bad things to wreck our lives and glean fame and fortune from the controversy and pain caused, the problem with stating it is that doing so jeopardises what others have built. The reality about caring for women being naturally that it’s a trap I have created, knowing those who care about women too much end up getting into a fight; we do not need theories to see the results, as they have become more interested in completing what I have done, fighting my battles, as this was easier than fighting their corner, getting off to do my stuff at Buckingham Palace all the time, while where they ended up was their own personal decisions in the first place.

We hear other things come from it such as the idea if they said they wanted to own my Royal Commission, there was nothing I could have done about it while we know I have warned them about running out of deterrence and resorting to direct action concerning the fact that they needed to show me their Celebrity culture makes enough money to make people commit crimes which wrecks my career since it apparently cannot make its money without me – while the media ones have heard me speak of a public image that could mean that exploring how large New outlets need to get at each other’s throats when they are not sacrificing the freedom to chase scrap news for their career every day, whereby the theory I cannot do anything about their stupidities expressed at my expense will be tested to its limits. Its like we hear them claim the problem was still that I play around with other people’s women – truth of it naturally being that they invited themselves into a Court system which Women occupy solely for career purposes, which they approach with a specific sense of Commitment that says allowing their spouse into it would mean cheating on me, about which the effect with the spouse would have been a case of going to tell somebody I am cheating with their wives in broad daylight under the roof which will never happen – so we find them kick off from here to attack me, claiming that their bottom hurts because of their need for involvement with relationships that have nothing to do with them and I am to suffer for it with a big mouth and this is just after they had spent a decade and a half of my time pretending to be the spouses of these women, as abusively as possible, since they were male colleagues – soon after which we find them introduce me to what has happened as something of the fact the women use these matters to get ahead and they were the men who should be keeping the highest paid jobs, which I get to pair up with those bread winner insults they throw at me to maintain neighbourhoods where they and their children can pass exams and keep those best jobs in the land thing, then try and make sense of it in terms of the leadership their stupidities provide with Media to ensure hoodlums and their culture/society trouble makers were all over my finances and career every day, should I have felt that explaining it as something which happens because they are incredibly good at looking for trouble was insufficient. The little known view I have of them has always been that these are a collection of very stupid people who spend their time saving the health and energy that will help them learn other people’s jobs, they are usually stupid and the health and energy is usually very important because they listen to none and learn nothing from others – we find that the bottom chasing business that got Politicians spending tax payer funds to help them wreck my academic work is the same reason that the Politicians have rounded me up like sheep to make me do something about them and this is what is happening at Parliament these days but whilst they have not yet learned my job to grab the income, claiming they are more successful thus bearing in mind they have money by doing business that does not involve a contract with consumers which makes individuals that get into partnerships to buy what they sell better off by buying it and cannot explain what type of business they are doing thereof, the idea is that I should be done to prevent me from living as though it was my lot to say they are clever and then deal with their need to decide what happens with my person when I leave my Home to attend any meets and or persons that were important, while holding my tummy for reasons of the abdominal discomfort caused the entire time.

The other talk they love so much is that I am not making a good reputation for myself at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense – the two issues are that Royals don’t have money problems, I have money problems and my Books are not written for General Public Library, they are written as a means by which I engage with Community at this Hermitage, they are about my Family and this Office, I did not even do the spelling check in it, so I might sit back and observe how some popularity and Celebrity goons will develop all sorts of stupidities over it as disobediently as they possibly can without consequences. So the Royals don’t have money issues and since they have always loved to make a mess of my whole life because I do, my Books are written to draw a line on the matter and get money problems solved – the Books are written on the premise of my Family and this Office, hence those who read it do not create problems for me or get themselves into trouble on its account. This usually brings forth another part of the story which says we make a mess for the Government at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense too; what makes a mess for the Government is the Politicians that constantly get themselves involved with matters at the Monarchy i.e. what happens at the Monarchy being Primary Governance, that if people need to be controlled they will be, if Public Policy needs to be set out it will be and what happens at Parliament is secondary Governance, that Politicians consult the Public, get elected and make Laws at Parliament which is binding on all – we see these Politicians make a mess at the Monarchy all the time because they perhaps will now be able to do both the part of Primary and Secondary Governance, save the aspect where I get threatened and attacked because their bottom hurts while the very fact they are making this mess is the reason mine hurts in the first place. I do get told I dabble into Secondary Governance as well and yes I do – what happens is Culture and Society trouble makers inventing norms and organising themselves to enforce it as if it was law, effectively quarantining whole populations of people to keep it going along with their Media and Celebrity fools, whereby the only time we hear what the Law really was being discussed was when somebody committed a crime and they had all attended the Law Courts to witness proceedings; so where this affects me is when it sees me at University, its Celebrity and Popular culture idiots decided my personality was to make them money or I will not have the right to exist, the ethnic minorities claiming I am their kid on whom their future depends and the whites digging holes around my life everywhere I go hoping I will fall into it and become a character that attends Church whom people pick on when people wanted to eb famous, such that it grows into something that the market wants – the outcome was that they build up some provocation and to ensure they provoked and were not provoked, they set about getting Politicians to cover it with series of Legislation and to do so, every time they had an altercation with Next Door neighbour, it got right up to Parliament – so, I got involved in secondary Governance and they now know that if they wreck mine, their society will vanish too. The Celebrities being another story entirely; we know that they have shown us all what happens when they got in league with Criminals, while what they are complaining about is what happens when part of what I am doing ends up in the hands of villains, we are still talking about the question of what their problem is exactly and how they plan to just let me get on with it at this stage too.

They do say young people want advice on where I stand in terms of Public matters but it still lead back to the same old case i.e. the Boys don’t like to see the Girls do the Academic work and the Career because of the tendency women have to support society trouble makers but apart from the fact pointing out their Celebrities and Popularity goons who play their games have no sense of direction and cannot stop subverting my work to extract money from my property, invent gimmicks that make my life toxic to get away with it, we know that doing so would jeopardise the security of women at matrimony. So, at the Career stage the reality is still the same i.e. that the Girls must be allowed to do some Popular culture and the Boys need show up around my concerns only when they want a Book I have written. If the women hurt me with popular culture, I can always resort to tackling them on the basis of a need to see them make more babies in order to supply a work force that will serve them while they invent such stupidities but none knows how to tackle gits that round me up like sheep over what I know and are constantly making out it is their right to by pointing out they are only interested in what comes from my anus which is none of my business, as insultingly as possible, pushing on to the case of wanting the Books I had written to furnish them with what I know, free of charge which kicks off a mini war and the need was to ensure that on looking at me I had a disadvantage which played in their favour while I was in possession of property I could lose, meant I was cash strapped and their stupidities had somebody they could oppress and discriminate against – it comes back to the same bits, let the Girls do their Popular culture and the criminals complain of how there are years of popular music made to haunt them concerning how their personal decisions have affected them and how they have taken it out on others, the Boys show up here when they want a Book. What we have had here is quite unbelievable – that since the Left of Politics thinks most of its problems are located on the Right and the Right of Politics thinks most of its problems are located on the Left – my Books were the Political think I did and Liberal America has built a Global stage leadership for money hunting on the patents that were set out for it, looking to a future where they will rip it up and stand at the other end showing they did not need to because their stupidities were comfortable with their own side of society - all set out with features such as A list Celebrity who are never satisfied with what they have subverting every part of my Public engagement to make more money and always having some idiot who is working their show business for them in such ways.