A general perversion of civil rights sits at the heart of this matter, some very evil people who rely on the stupidities which their wickedness apply to other peoples lives and would cling to it even in death at the core – building those stupid communities with ideas about what to do to me and the pathological lies that take up my time, a main problem.

It is said that none knows what my position is when it comes to the question of the UK having another referendum on the EU – I am unable as such to make sense of what they suppose the problem with the current referendum is when they have not supplied their reasons. So current sensibilities suggest the problem with the current referendum is that there was a none declaration of full facts on both sides, which means the real issue was whether it was these full facts that really was the main problem that Politicians faced in the first place, not a case for a new referendum being made to be more poignant. The fact then being that MPs were not asked to continue something about their corruption of designing a New Britain for themselves using the disposition of the EU which is the main contributory factor to a process where we had the referendum in the first place but rather were asked to simply leave the EU and in which case they had accepted the tax payer funds, we do not need another referendum half as much as we need them to get on with the job they were paid to do. So this is the riddle; that Parliament has always seemed an uncontrollable place but since the referendum on the EU, it was thought that this condition was going to get worse, having been the reality suggests otherwise and MPs spend most of their time in constituents talking abstracts with business leaders which clash along Political Party lines in Parliament, making it impossible for them to reach a consensus on the deal that must be made with the EU but the reality has instead been that the business of Politicians minding their own business in Parliament has become ever more important than it has ever been. They have said for their part that I think I am going to have it easy which reality is rather that I am; its always the good old British Public control issues where they want the way I know the Country as much as they want to own my Public image – so as long as Politicians and Media are not wrecking my academic work by wanting to own the sociological manner in which I respond to the world around me when I attend academic institutions as stupidly as possible, it should be manageable i.e. when there is Political corruption on the matter I will find it difficult, which means this conversation is pointless, as this sort of nonsense can only play out in terms of people building a society of goons with ideas about what to do to me because they want to make me drop out of school on account of their need to make use of my Public image to build a business with their sons that will never fail or they want to become media moguls on one hand and on the other they are always out of my league, getting around with some very stupid women and generally seeking a disposition in other peoples Companies that allow them grab my property assets and deploy it as tool for developing products that will make them rich in the Class system we have here in the UK, so the other tale of how getting on with the business of getting out of the EU will not work well for the poor is not based on fact either, it is based on their own corruption and what they wish to do to ensure nothing was done about it by those it harmed the most. The question has always been one of whether it will be an easy task and I think it will, as it takes somebody running a spar under the Sun in Spain for there to be a retirement resort where people go to buy the services offered there and it takes this sort of businesses existing to a point where the minds of people around the world thinks it is engrained in our British identity for there to be an opportunity to get drugs for the NHS from Pharmaceutical companies, at a discounted rate i.e. they were asked to leave the EU, not gather up local businesses, talk abstracts and design a New Britain for themselves. 

So its the Public control issues that involves the Politicians on the spotlight, not a need for new referendum. They have continued to claim its a Power sharing issue that nags very hard at the British Government system which is utter nonsense; what we find is that the business of discussing the Monarchy as some temporary arrangement that will fade away with time has become so promiscuous that half the time we are discussing the dangers of talking about Politicians as a separate entity from the Government Offices they have occupied, 50% of the time we are getting blackmailed by it like this and if there are enough said to ensure their bullying is not so clever they cannot be told off, then its a fight fuck push prod nudge shove behaviour 24/7, yet what they are claiming is that they are not the ones in need of a Crowd control service. 

They do claim its about protecting personal interests as far as I am concerned but it is not; where my case gets serious is when the fact the Monarchy exists as a temporary entity that will move on with history becomes promiscuous enough to wreck my academic work and finances. Otherwise its an old case of the assumption that those insults and abuses passed around from Federal Government system goons and Men from the neighbourhood that will beat me up when they don’t get what they want gimmicks will be made out as something that does damage here in the sense that what I do with my life as a whole is meant to make sense of it or draw their attention to the effects but we all know if I sacked their own they would claim what I did was unusual and that I am a freak, then the abuses will never stop and become profitable later; it is the same behaviour we see the Politicians exhibit in the sense that damage to academic work and finances is meant to be forgiven as part of their human and civil rights while what we expect of a Government is the ability to set out a Budget and visit all the Schools in the Country just before we got off to the School run with the Children for the next 16 years or so, while they managed it, which they cannot do by themselves and have to employ a civil service, some delegated authorities and the Media to get it done.

I do get told nothing I said would rectify this issue of my tummy issues and people complaining that I smell all the time but the smell issues were rather a very simple case of very stupid black men who want to get rich without doing any work because work destroys the personality that is meant to enjoy the riches in the first place, the same way we see them train their Children to support every evil ideology in the land just so they might get ahead of others even if they are supporting racism – so we soon find that they rely on secret society powers instead of getting a job and want a glass ceiling over my head to corrupt my state provided security and abuse me over every single move I make which the Americans are usually more than happy to give their stupidities as well – if white boys are not done yet with their society goons and Daddy characters, I suggest they kept out of it and stop ripping up the Public image, academic work, finances and Books that I have written, otherwise I am going to tear up the stupid Celebrity culture for them too. There should not be a problem if people do not disturb me at this Hermitage.The theory would then have been that this is just me finding ways of making sure my ethnic minority cultures was a problem for others, which is utter nonsense; they have been boasting about having all the knowledge of what The Queen’s Role as Head of State looks like obviously, shows what they know.




 I am a Book seller, this fact is to be placed in view, my books are relevant for the economic recovery of the world, I would not nor will I trade friendship and Alliance with and or delegate fan base of the Richer Population of the world for anything.The message is simple; whether or not there are gangs that beat up people and when they cannot use their powers and problems to whip people all the time and on the other hand those that can hold other people who find a way through it in difficult conditions to force them into a physical fight with the gangs for everybody, I need to sell my books, I have the right to earn a living; and those that dare can continue to insult me on public places telling me what to do which makes them rich.

They play those silly games of theirs that they are completely hopeless if they cannot get involved with me but I do not think I have shown signs that I care either, as they can see I am completely helpless and hopeless as well if I don’t sell my books and they are not looking like they are buying any, they are just playing stupid games and more so with the fact somebody else wants to or might, looking for trouble.They must have thought I did set it all up like this because I am nuts. 

As one or several of the Papers on the Papers page will have indicated, I am only looking after my side of the bargain on the Equities and Securities I brokered with Film makers some years ago, nothing new and nothing different. I am allowed to have friends ad allies I think. Besides which I will in no doubt over work Politicians to bring about a restore in kind of anything damaged or pervaded here or anywhere on this Web Office. 

It is the violence that follows a process of getting on Media to declare an interest which involves earning money on my property in order to ensure I do not change it because they have declared it that is the real problem here; they always claim they have jobs that depend on their stupid imagine but that is after the girls cannot rest the process of telling men who will not be unless they hand my property to spend it on them, getting them all sorts of deals from advertising to modelling in order to have sex with them, make up ideas I was the one who had sex with them and then start all over again from there and the men cannot resist doing so and it does not happen on any occasion without a process where it is followed up with further insolent abuse and of course nothing will change about it currently.

Some speak of this need to have a debate on the lowering of age of consent for young people in view of the increased sexualisation of young people; I do not know if such a debate will prevent such things as people turning out on National and International media to play up capitalism and freedom all over my earnings and Office, so that they can build popular culture empires and leave me with pornography to deal with from happening. What I do know is that if they suppose having a debate will rip my yarns, they are deluded - I am gearing up to take over the Pornography Industry itself because I have noticed that if the motion pictures we animated instead of acted, it would be more decent and more imaginative.