The self-improvement seminars never take a different form save the one that is set out to pass on the idea that I had a lot of brilliant things going on with my career but others deserved the attention more than I did and was always passed about on two fronts. One being about relationships where it was clear all that men wanted was sex, the other being that I am now stuck in a difficult situation and those who did not like me feeling as if I was better than them were going to make the most of it. On the first, we could never make sense of how it ought to bother others that they performed sexual narcissism on themselves without consent anyway, we simply know it is meant to attack those who dared to own something they had not tasted, to which effect I would be happy if they were offering the sex in silence after a process of knowing I was once a child, I grew up and made sense of it, so another person in my life was the child that needed looking after, into a means by which I became a very disturbed individual. The rest of the matter beats the imagination all the time, since the one that is considered difficult was the easier one, where meeting parents and family to say there was somebody important in my life that had to be introduced into the family, did not involve sex, the other more complicated one, being that when I seek out somebody to spend my life with, I am really looking for leadership qualities and there was no way to find it without a situation where my wife got to play other women, even though the fact that one persons preferred leadership qualities was not another person’s type, would have borne most of the burden, all of which tended to make sense of the way they hated being educated about the fact they ought to avoid handling other people, especially people that they were not accustomed to getting involved with and if they absolutely had to, needed to think it over. What this exposes being the reasons people had a lot of ill feelings towards me and complained that I never stopped flirting as botched relationships in a world where I made so much sense of the socio-official activities associated with getting into a relationship with somebody whereby such as signing registries and publicly displayed weddings, were developed into something which ensured the idiots will have no peace from those narcissistic insults they think was the way to sell products and the talk of town abuses associated with how they think my personality should be used, if I ended up with a divorce, hence we can see that it is still a big joke in their opinion.

The other matter being that others deserved the attention from my career, to which effect they abusively invite themselves into my concerns to pick up career and product publicity as the weak man that I am, when it is not letting the politicians understand its stupid feelings about me, so the main pressure point is that a small group of elites ran the world whilst the rest of us had to made a decision to live differently. I could never tell anyway if I am an example by method of a 20 year career mess, to ensure my personality having been similar to that of the last millionaire they were not able to stop before he was too wealthy for them to, was deployed to serve them right down to the sudor sex that they wanted to have with it, make up excuses to keep it going and the excuses that they are now making to damage my Bookshop was largely developed around the idea I picked up my career where I left off being something their stupidities have always dreamed of doing. So we are left wondering why it is that the elites ran their lives and I am a character who had to decide if I was too cowardly to respond or did not have the means to do so, shows up here everyday to run off stupid self-improvement seminars for the male population.

Eventually it comes on to say I am caught in a difficult situation but all I am saying is that the regular comments from their famous idiots, to say that I had provoked them in the sense that their careers were always so closely related to what the prison service was doing whilst I had picked up my career after leaving it dormant for a period of time or even professed that I would and had the ability to, the bigger part being the insult they picked up, that I should be made to get into a fight with people in order to serve them because they were important, the mess being when I do not respond to it and there is a global stage complain, leaving me the ability to select which Celebrities I have been working with and which ones invited themselves into my concerns and never listen to anything any person says to them, I have made my announcement on completing the process and they have made their own announcements that the insults will not be stopped, therefore I now have my license to respond. It all happened so quickly – a bunch of people I have always felt uncomfortable about allowing into my concerns found a way into it, a brief period passes and I am below criminals who were willing to take a chance and make money whilst I spent a lot of time working on how I wanted to rub shoulders with them, thereafter I should be forcibly made to fight people on their behalf because they were incredibly important and 8 years of my time was added to a pre-existing 12 year career mess, entirely due to some need they had to fool around, this time picking up hospitality associated with public work, to sustain the disobedience and feel wholesome by. Generally we are now in a situation where it claims that state provided security was provocative, part of a behaviour that is set to ensure that I did not get to ensure a sense of being more important or superior to them, which is incredibly unnerving as it is not clear what indeed they want to do about state provided security whilst they stifled my finances, now that I do not currently need one to run a Bookshop. Point made above that I had to do with public work although it made the hospitality for public leadership available to them to feel wholesome with, which they now do not wish to give up, running people down to get rich and squabbling at great expense to other peoples careers among themselves in the city high rise buildings all day. The Life changing abuses are now a main feature as they sit about in secret communities to send out low lives that shared my personal space for it, likely not going to produce an outcome where I assessed how much it had hurt and damaged me, to ensure I embarked on a quest to sack their international business arrangements as well.

They do claim I have been unable to see that I am now entirely on my own, which beats the imagination as none was asking, just as much as it is not clear what it is exactly they believed they could do about me if I were all alone. So it goes without saying when it lip flaps about its need to squash me for example, it needed to take into consideration that the single reason I was facing the financial complications that encouraged it to think it was an important person, as to teach its stupid children to see me without my clothes on and get imagination up my bum was that I have not stopped putting up with activities channelled in my direction disobediently, which I do not fancy, from their Celebrities, Media and society gits, whilst it was always clear that if I didn’t like it, ranging from their need to get involved with me to their need to make a comment about my career, they had to live with it as this was not their own lives and careers. The idea that comes from this is that I needed to resolve it and put it away but there is nothing to resolve, as these are incredibly stupid people and I do not mean stupid as an insult; they really are unbearably stupid, so in order to ensure their stupidities relied on others and they were always going to another persons concerns, social and personal life, to make a case of what they need to deal with their stupidities, as abusively as they can, they had to play a game where their authorities were made to make sense of their feelings first, at the same time where I am concerned, having arrived at a point where they were complaining too much about me, needed to ensure their involvement involved paying for and reading a copy of my Book out of respect for what I did to make a living too. They do suggest I described them as stupid but they have been fighting our wars which is entirely normal, it is what we do at Government i.e. the stupid people who fight the wars, leadership challenges they might pose and the famous fools concerning whom I have lived on social security for 6 years because although they loved to call me names, they did not wish to be separated from my social life and personality. The sort of thing that produces a result where the bullet that was used to get rid of them was three times the normal size in order to make it quick since last they conducted an unsuccessful coup, while the other fools who were too clever for their own good had since taken their abusive behaviour to the internet, where they get bullied, so they too get to bully others on the internet i.e. if it now complaining about me too much, needed to stay away from my Bookshop. They do in their defence say that I am responsible for the way that the stupid people have been fighting the wars but of course we all know that they have not yet summoned up the courage to affirm that this happened after and not before I became a University drop out Prince due to their need to make themselves a bunch of hoodlums that followed me around and made use of my personal space, deciding I am a coward and calling me names behind my back. We can see the recent eventualities that helped to suggest that they had no remorse for what they have done here and preferred to shoot off their mouth on Media for it as well everyday, that I got rid of it and was saddled by another version that famous idiots can order my steps with. They always suggest it would not get to them if I posed a question of whether their families were doing the National service, as a matter of the fact that the King lived in a Castle but it always does. It has now since built up a social activity that involved what other birth signs wanted from the personal life of my Libra birth sign and the ways that its stupidities would make it available, while allied to abusive Virgo and violent Scorpio, about which we all know that in the real world, I am wedged between the two and they were starting to look like Americans wanted me to get my hands on that stupid capital that never stopped showing up here to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy while their disobedience concerning activities I do not fancy being applied to my person was a behaviour that continued unabated on Public media.