It is now said that I think most of my actions are sound but they are very disrespectful towards the Prince of Wales and other Members of the Royal Family, which is utter nonsense – none of my activities are disrespectful to any one – my Books were Clearly set out and described and I wrote them as something I took personal responsibility for at this Office, they have spent the last 7 years of my time rounding up my concerns into something that clashes with the Office of the Prince of Wales and every time I track damage done to my finances over such things, it leads straight to the same idiots that wrecked the academic work for me and it is on this nonsense that the entire life of the Duke of Sussex has now been built. So what we are finding out now is that each time HRH The Prince of Wakes fails to follow The Queen’s Leadership, he tends to take sides and when he takes sides, the outcome is that I could be hung up in a hermitage refusing to stock up on supplies because looking into and building an environment that looks after the needs of those who want to take personal and family finance matters at their own pace and not a pace decided by Industrial criminals and hoodlums for various reasons including health was very important and then he will take sides, such that the fact I don’t have spare money will be the reasons that the activities of these idiots hit me really hard – whenever they begin like so, I drop out of University on the same year the worlds worst recession began, whenever they start it’s the same year I started trading my Books more seriously which turns me into a personality that does work that he never gets paid for, then they hang about after leaving me with 7 years of nauseating financial complications over these practical jokes to tell me if I described them as a handful of idiots I would be in serious difficulty for it, leaving me wondering who on earth is running off this nonsense. I can understand they do it for revenge but I didn’t start off the gimmick of building crowds of idiots with ideas about what to do to others, then show up to seek ownership of peoples public image for popular culture, while setting the crowds on a path that suggests the person should be dominated spiritually before he is allowed to get on with his life – I wasn’t the one that did, I was the victim; so now they hate my Books and want revenge also because their plans to have a Mans Country when The Prince of Wales inherits the Crown has been dashed, I was hoping we would have called it even as this is not their lives and their families are unaware of this nonsense yet – about which my actions are disrespectful of The Prince of Wales but once done they cannot handle the threats of the USA and the threat of Russia, whereby even if they did, they would not have been able to look after or protect their bums in the first place – those who however want to enforce a sense of respect for the Prince of Wales on my case need respect the fact we are not mates and keep the space empty. I mean saying they need keep off my Books and stop following me around has for some time now continued to brew up the response that it will never happen because I am afraid of them and the entire time I an dizzy and nauseated because of the financial issues while their insults had begun to become very profitable activity – blowing off the big mouth is all good until I build myself a public image on this nonsense. Whilst they say my actions are disrespectful which is incredibly stupid they also claim that nobody can tell what my duties are like which is disrespectful – then again I am an Arch Prince and my duties are very broad but the one that affects them the most is the business of the Head of State providing municipal leadership and a certain group of people having a reputation for sexual context abuses that puts them in control – it seems if I am unable to get out of bed and write Books about it, if they are complaining that I am supposed to sort it out not discuss it, they got into trouble – if I am unable to sell the Books I have written about it, they got into trouble and if they get into trouble I get into trouble as well, as stupidly as possible, the theory that their foolishness is in charge continues to run off as insultingly as possible on the most public platforms imaginable. At present it appears none is good enough to take the baton from the Queen when she passes away and whilst that is being handled in an environment that says I am disrespectful, as stupidly as possible while goons who show up here without a plan to read the Books they get involved with will never say they contribute to the problems, HRH will then regularly fail to follow The Queens Leadership as the only Heir that is, meaning he inadvertently takes sides and I get hit very hard because I am taking my financial matters at my own pace, due to my disposition, others I am responsible for or even health issues.

I am told everything I do is shrouded in controversy and it is not – my Books were written in the understanding I cannot expect The Prince of Wales to do my own duties as such and it came with a certain calculated risk being taken to avoid being nice about the bad areas; so naturally if an idiot who wanted to see me being forced to serve and respect the Men while they broke my career and told me they had a problem felt like it, they would want to ensure that the Prince of Wales’ Office and the Book clashed – they have done their bits, I have done mine and now it is time to move on. As for the business of wanting to see me respect the bread winner insults daddies, I am going to shred their careers as well and then we will all become serious minded people as a result of having done so. The threats at good but we are only just finished with the Celebrities passing around the insults at are good at, about how the problems I have in my present condition is the one where I should be serving them but had decided to cheat them by getting things done another way, now which the idiots have no wish to get rid of society and culture problems which is what their stupidities should be doing to serve me in the present conditions that they find themselves – point is that it does not matter where I say anything, as long as people do not make work for me an especially stand up somewhere talking nonsense about damaging my property to make excuses, tell lies and draw up reference to the community of idiots they have built up with ideas about what to do to me on account working for their money appears to have been the problem that they had in the first place – we are not mates; they don’t make work for me and progress it with incredible insults if they are complaining about the consequences and there will be nothing to complain about. The rest are the goons talking about how I will take over their Celebrity culture if the luvvie stupidities playing with my finances and the nepotism by which familiarity was built up on media for it had stopped but this is not their public image and I am equally fed up with their stupidities picking it up to try and become as important as I am or more important, as they believe it will make them feel good about their stupid selves – none makes work for me and we will have nothing to complain about, not least bearing in mind the challenge of stupid men in society who want to see me used to do something that will make them important and recover all they had lost from the foolish bad decisions they made with themselves when they were younger, about which a group of idiots want to play a part in it to save their skin all the time and if they touch me over the smell, I shall ensure it never stopped as well - should I get my hands on the Celebrity culture being run off on my Public image as disobediently as possible, I shall ensure they never saw it from then on as well. 

I just want to be free from the insults, as it means I am unable to concentrate on anything I am doing; they have to switch it off now, irrespective of how much the pipeline laid out on my Public image for the Celebrity madness is worth - its been 16 years and this is all that matters now. 

The equality gimmicks have now run its course and there is nothing wrong with me as I mentioned, just the business of being located in a part of Town where society trouble makers have a lot of power to chase my bum grab my private parts and build crowds of idiots with ideas about what to do to me, then send their little twerps around to run me down all the time but the Celebrities and their insults are the reasons I cannot concentrate on anything, each time it gets involved the sheer excitement of what it will do with me being getting involved through parameters that have nothing to do with the reasons I have exposed myself to the Public will make me sick to begin with and then pee, pee, pee, pee all day its getting round to the part where it may take money out of my life, about which due to their need to cling to my public image and tell lies that their culture and society goons support them at, I am about to twist them into a difficult situation so I can pee, pee, pee, pee their own too. A case of me being in great difficulty is not developed around reality - the goons who make money to spend on them at Industry now have less money to spend and they have been paid off making our lives difficult; now its just getting on my nerves, clinging to my Public image to claim my personality cultivated at a Hermitage was my ideas of being good looking enough to be famous while they were the real deal, just as we know the goons that get involved without reading the Books never complain of their contribution to the problem.

Its like when they say I am fighting my own people and there is the simple test of finding out if those were located somewhere around Parents not wanting their children to join the Celebrities taking advantage of my career and finances after making a mess of it, about which the last thing they want is any kind of career of finance based support offered on my part to their children and usually means when they are disobeyed they go off to do some National service which is why I an inundated with goons talking nonsense on media or making my life toxic on social media all of the time but it really has nothing to do with me. It has become quite inevitable at this stage, that there has to be a fight with Celebrities – after 16 years of running off their stupidities all over me, they have achieved nothing save the fact I need to give up a few more years instead of completing the academic work, in order to ensure that the pipeline of Celebrities products laid out on it did not bring about huge losses, as stupidly as possible but I think they are big enough to take the pain and need to shut it down right away as I am not interested. The blacks usually claim they are an exception but I don’t know if it would be talking about its parents hanging around the neighbourhoods when they don’t even know my name, to decide what my public image should be doing to share the wealth while their nepotism got out of control whenever they had some money that meant they could never mind their business, otherwise it will be the tall big ones issuing threats while I look like I want to deplete the number of 50 year old school truants in the neighbourhoods because his Mum never lays off my personal space. The Girls being another breed entirely as none could tell exactly when the link was drawn up between imagination going up my anus and sitting at a market place or a computer where they sold things on the internet with their dirty faces issuing foolish distracting threats.

I am said to say too much but in my mind I only need to sort out the case of community croons who have a problem with my thought pattern, which links up with that goon that saves up some money for consumerism ripping my personal space so that when I lose my job I can find out what the community croon insults and the selling my personality to celebrities bit was all about all along – so now that we have the underbelly on public display people cannot skip their own issues of a lack of respect for me to blab all the time, threats and all about a lack of respect from me for their celebrities. It’s just one of three; the other two are the Politicians which is more to do with people opening up my personality so rehabilitate me and detach me from it so politicians might glorify themselves with it – when they had failed they need to keep up the pressure with insults and stalking using their cars; it will drive up around the issues where community croons have a problem with my thought pattern and make a lot of scary things happen with its car then drive off and leave me at the mercy of local goons to grab some fame or some Church based blessing and so on, hence when I hit the politicians enough times it gets toned down: the other is of course the popular culture bits – music is my friend died and so on, where telling them not to do it definitely does not mean they shouldn’t do it and they will lay it out on structures you have created to study something or research something and make a case for themselves by it which happens because media goons put it into you and distant violence and threats of beating up, so when you hit those enough times too, it does get toned down. I understand they say I think others are doing music is my friend died but I think Book is what happened which is utter nonsense – we all know their interference and moving into right hand stuff means you sit down to write a title and end up thinking about four because you are fingered and pushed off your comfort zone for the fun of it – so instead of writing four series which is really incompetent, you write one good Book of four series and that is how we end up with a Book that they can neither buy nor keep their hands off of and will not let others buy as well, then tell me I need to sell it on the basis of such a history as well, which I understand but although my Books were not intended for such a purpose, they are Books like no others and these are some of the biggest clowns in the whole world. So they do say they need more respect from me which is so annoying since Politics does have a job description that is never really followed and I do not have a name for a person that shows up to rip apart my finances every day for years in order to annoy me and make me into the enemy of the state save describing them as an idiot – never the less it still stands that each time a Library atmosphere vanishes from this place as a result of their insults, I will confiscate that stupid public image as well; it’s the esteemed office of state I have respect for considering we are worse off when its security systems are greater and not lesser, otherwise most of the time, this sort of thing means they want to play and are not complaining enough yet. They speak of the inequalities that bring about these outcomes but there isn’t any; the illusion is usually that they are poor because somebody else is responsible, reality is that it is something they do deliberately so they can ensure any who has enough talents to get rich does not have any human rights alongside – the challenge is usually to get the money out of them when they are making use of your services in other ways that will allow them evade payment; they know that standing around peoples livelihood to preach inequality can only create an outcome in which other ways of securing the products and services without payment are devised, it is the reason their celebrities evade taxes – there is no inequality happening on this planet. Of course I am never the enemy; it’s the sheer number of people making me look like one; their Politics has a job description it should be noted and I am not taking risks that are calculated yet for the time being. I am taking my time on the matter not because I back away from the fighting but to look after the Offices of state when I have stirred up the idea that if they came to harm it would be said I assassinated one or tried it and not that we were fighting and he lost.

Even now, they say my selfishness is unacceptable economic dead-end but we all know that there is Communist gimmicks on one end and western idiots living a dream that was somebody's empire being ripped up and spread around to create their twerp selves new markets endlessly; so I am said to back off the fighting regularly whereas what I am doing is giving them the opportunity to explain whenever they say I am doing the wrong thing. So its the trio: certain aspects of the British State is unacceptable like that will one day vanish off the face of the earth and the map of the world, the other is that they are freedom lovers, while the third is that my selfishness is an economic dead end and all I have to say is that they are being as stupid as the idea it is some arrangement to make them comfortable and not a profit making set up; wherefore they will not like my method of Book sale considering it will mostly involve writing off relationships I have made with them and since they invent new ones alongside a violent corruption of involvement with stupid women having needs and calling on backup it will be a bit violent for them everyday as well.

So they do say most of my activities are completely pointless and yes they are because they are designed to make people understand the effects that their actions are having on others and those who do not wish to will continue to suffer every time they get involved with my concerns as well more so. It’s about what we can pay for when we are liable – when somebody enjoys punishing you for no reason, it makes you feel you want to punish him seriously and make sense of it as well and that means you will punish him until the state punishes you too but when somebody has lost their lives in the process how does anybody pay for that? So, it’s an old story of LGBT all the time but we all know LGBT are very unforgiving people of which mostly it is their fault that what happened to them did and for the rest the reality is still that racists have gone to Church and they need to fuck off. It feeds into this case where I have a really bad attitude when I actually don’t – what happens being that my state provided security is based on surveillance so what these guys do is make their own involving private CCTV capturing images of me which they get to use; hence the security can be made to provide me with other essentials like streamlining the civil service and providing support for it, liaising with celebrities and journalists and Fashion operatives – so they get to do their own as well, never mind the violent gossips that make use of my personal space in case I marry into the Royal family a stupid people alright about whom you should not stoop to their level by dreaming of somebody seriously beating it up. They say my people do peoples bottoms and these things amount to the hate they have for me but apart from that of which the other hate is that I will not let people do whatever they wished with my public image naturally; so it’s like when my people do heir bottoms, the only way to make them understand where their social class is, is to give them some anal sex for it too, otherwise they can get neighbourhood idiots to do mine as well and leave me to go off and get killed by some goons somewhere; so it becomes a question of what people have to do to them and how long it has to be done to tell them off getting involved with and handling Royalty for the sole purpose of seeing One get hurt. The other tale they tell being that there is a lot of unfairness in favour of Women for most of my activities of which there is none i.e. I went shopping with £100 as my family does need to be fed and on the way I saw somebody whose lifeline was a man and has been cut off and she is left on the streets, everybody knows what I would wish for in my heart of hearts bearing in mind I have been unable to help but in five days the one I saw will have pulled through and there will be another out there because the idiot that keeps putting them out there had struck again – I am it’s not like I am being pedantic at this point as such.



I do get told I am a failure and a disgrace but I wouldn’t know anyway, I have dropped out of University because of these kinds of gits making their stupid assessments about me, while they are responsible for the fact every goon that does not wish to put in anywhere near 40% effort towards what they want to accomplish, showing up on my concerns, is supposed to end up doing something with my Public image to announce the fact they are looking for trouble that they are ill prepared for all together as it were – closely linked to the processes by which they get to show themselves to be too important for the day job but the part of this nonsense that has gone on to a stage where these goons can then set about chasing peoples bums at the Monarchy will be the one where they know I am protected by the Crown but are looking like they do not want me to be a living breathing person and not a memory all together as it were, doing their stupid assessments on what is really not their business and then showing up here when they cannot deal with any of the problems, to build a crowd that is just that stupid and will spend its time chasing my bum. Its not the only one they mess around with – I have mentioned this one because it is the ones that the Families at the bottom part of the Monarchy are most accustomed to using; there are others such as when I ensure these their goons spend time on my Public image to a point where they look like they are making an announcement seeking a violent situation – closely linked to processes of inviting violence at the work place all day long, which works a treat for Politicians that clearly spend all their time being opportunistic about public matters and leaving others looking like the age of 60 was a luxury, alongside Celebrities who do almost the same things with respect to peoples public image looking for as much trouble as they can find like a dynamic duo for the purpose of all sorts at Public matters; which works the best with any goons that spend time avoiding work and showing up here to manipulate whatever their minds had contrived as it were and will not accept a living wage if it was given as Christmas present. Now what they are after is the one that will certainly get HM responding to their insubordination and rebellion i.e. if the whites were dealing with the racism in their Communities instead of getting all over my Public image and whatever else society goons were doing about my life ending up in the hands of media and celebrities from whence I could never recover it, there would be no public problems – not that I expect results instead of stupid insulting statements about the things that provoke them right down to those times in which they envy what others think of me at the Monarchy and how I grab all the attention all together - still, we know the assessors who claim I am a failure and a disgrace are the ones who complain the most about the existing Political instability while they have never allowed a job done at an Office of State to last 24 hours without trying to get an angry response from Personages and Persons at the highest levels of authority.

I do get told it’s a matter of insults I have peddled off at rich people which is not really based on fact or reality – the reality is that rich people show up here to pretend they were Clients making a mess and then for some reason this mess was important to the extent where at the end of 8 years in which I tell myself they are no Clients, the point was to ensure they relied on me not to dish out any consequences or take any revenge, so that whenever I think about recovering or think about my academic work they chase my bottom and build me crowds of hoodlums that will keep me occupied while they got away with whatever they liked, leaving me unable to just sell my Books if I did not pay attention to them on account of the mood that these hoodlums will inflict on me, gave money to stupid Socialites and Celebrities that will work Publicity to get all the money in the world into the hands of stupid people. It is apparently what wealth and social inequality looks like as we can see but the one that really concerns me is what happens to be the most annoying part i.e. they fatten overseas accounts with a behaviour that wrecks the National economy, which destroys my short terms investments, they have not yet paid for this but instead of a change in behaviour, they build public sensibilities and social issues that will eventually get the Politicians thinking we want recovery so we need to print more money into the system and get everybody working harder while they got people to hand over more of the money, getting rich by being so stupid. So, I would fancy they kept away from my Books and had stopped following me around. Right now the main bone of contention is a need these fools have to invest my equities or get me to allow them make use of Royal property and public image to make money because they want to be important with their stupid money, avoiding the equities I am actually selling in the form of my Books all together and building me an equally stupid crowd that wants this; so if I stopped them investing my equities instead of buying Books I write to broker and do business, added to the fact I can track all the equities associated with the damage they have done, I have nothing to worry about and the reality is that I am only in my thirties, have the energy to do, besides which I am well prepared too. Their money does not bother me, I have actually got more provided I kept their stupidities off structures I have spent assets on to facilitates Communities for business and other matters at this Hermitage – provoking me by pillaging my finances and academic work with these practical jokes can always set to ensure I make the process of keeping them away as unpleasant as possible along with their money. I do get told I am wasteful about the way I use my work and property but I am not in anyway – what happens when I put these facts out here is that society people gain access and I do not have to pay the price for their madness all the time on account they believe me to be on the side of freedom and democracy to an extent where I cannot leave my home without smelling like my loo every single place I go on account these goons are doing these on the left and they are performing some of their own on the right, either way of which I am not personally familiar with both peoples all together in the first place. I can track the equities that were jeopardised during the damage that has been done by them and this is where it will break up, everybody will go their way in an outcome whereby I took whatever wanted.

I get told people are concerned that I hand it to them each time I work for it which is not the case i.e. its the security issues, that once they realise my position on a particular matter was definite, they will run off with money extracted from my Public image and spend time at Communist territories getting on my nerves - their explanation is usually that their money can make my life very difficult but so would I like them to think about going on holiday in a way that does not provoke me for a change too.


I am now told that there is pressure mounting on me at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense – I would rather like to see the big brothers and big sisters return to the way their lives used to be and stopped wrecking my whole life because of a need to suckle my so called personality that can deal with bullying that makes people smell – it should ensure we saw what was left of them on secluded Beaches somewhere with little wounds all over the body leaving us wondering how that could kill, so the doctors get to tell us each wound is inches deep. Otherwise there is no link between any persons fame and a process of getting culture and society trouble makers chasing my bum like we see them do on one hand, while on the other their male friends cannot stop passing around insults associated with an insatiable need to be seen committing one form of industrial crime after another, looking like the benefits of getting shot by strange people on a moped the entire time, while their Media fools who complain about disrespect from me all the time are so abusive they are able to make money from the earning margins of my Books as separate from my Books itself. They do love to boast endlessly that I cannot take them on although I like to think that I can but there is nothing more to this than criminal mobility at UK backyard which is what Media is all about, I mean its an example of something I would have no knowledge of if I was not hounded down and had my whole life wrecked by a bunch of fools who had a need to show they were very important and that I had lost something relevant for not getting into a relationship with them on account they were out of my league – beyond that it’s a matter of knowing where my Books are located, a subsequent 5 year financial complications causing me health issues and daily nausea because they were wrecking it to make sense to their producers about the important of being able to earn the bonuses – it is known that no other work of life, no other profession does this and yet these idiots are the ones complaining the most about disrespect from others and nobody knows why they were so convinced that I had to wish them well anyway, hence the doubt over whether or not I can take them on. We find their American friends say I have built a very bad image for the media due to private needs while we know this nonsense is mostly facilitated by practical jokes which are best expressed in terms of what I do to defend myself from career criminal women, who then set about saying that I am not a Man but a woman, so this bit where I am not a Man but a woman facilitates the part where the Men got to take from me everything about me that is a man all together and it goes round and round in circles like that all the time, while the idea I could never take them on was built on the sense that I was bluffing when I suggested I wanted to find a way to get my hands on those stupid media and Celebrity jobs if I wanted to stop it earning is bonuses and party money by ripping up my Bookshop every day. In the end this is what is really is; war on the Men – the part they are complaining about presently is the consequence of always wanting to visit on me the pain associated with the existence of men, threatening me and attacking me whenever they had money problems because their Politicians told them their civil rights looks like that, the outcome being that the very process of being superior to me now depends on doing the male pain bits in order to fight my battles, we are certainly moving to the next stage if they do feel as if I need to shut down this nonsense by myself. I am said to have left out the pressure at the Monarchy bits of which there is none – I am able to do the things I do because no part of it is done by means of my own authority, it would had added up to a cliché of rocking the boat as they say which one must never do at the Monarchy but since last HRH Prince of Wales got himself tangled up with criminal mobility at British backyard Media goons and I had to be dragged to a position that left me smelling of what I ate and dropping out of school all the time, there had to be a response for it, all I therefore need do with my responses is review the number of things I have done to suggest I work for myself, these goons are not a threat to me in anyway and need to allow the future head of State get on with his own Government concerns as well; there is one more task associated with this and it involves finding a wife who loves their stupidities so much we regularly look after the Public image of the reigning Monarchy by securing freedom for them, so we might batter them at Public life the entire time. I am told my position is extreme as well but it isn’t; it is either the activities these people perform is incredibly wicked and without reason or it is part of life – I have tried looking at it as part of life and it does not work, nothing works when it is looked at in a way that leaves me so detached I cannot communicate with third parties about feeling provoked, about why people should see my point of view of what I consider justice to be, while they believe I have ended up in a situation that means I spend my days showing mercy until it became a habit while they spent their time doing whatever they liked at my expense.

It’s the matter at the heart of this case where I am told I am not the troublemaker but that is what everybody thinks I am. What has happened is a group of trouble makers simply building ideas about what I should be like, how modern I should get, the way I should wear nice clothes and be friends with Celebrities while they hung around making judgements on which one was more deserving to be what and with the help of Media the Public has been completely taken by it – the result is that this nonsense has been set up at a time that coincided with a period where I thought I had developed my Bookshop well enough to get into trading, only to find the purpose of my Books completely altered, the income margins absorbed by something else, should I sell the Books, I will end up working for the Books I have sold, meaning I got to do the work twice – once for them and the other for the Clients and they did not study my skills at University for it, simply a matter of disrespect and space invasion, hence I am very frustrated about being lumbered with this character that should not be paid for work that he has done. They claim attitude like mine is the reason the UK is losing Industry interests which is utter rubbish; what really happens instead is that they know nothing else save getting their imagination up peoples bottoms to show that products they have put out deserve to be sold at twice the price – before then going back to the drawing board over an economic crisis was un acceptable for people as important as themselves when an Arch Prince had a literary empire attached to a Royal Estate both of which he could not protect as far as they were concerned, compounded by stupid swoon Liberal USA facilitating their ability to show up here with society goons and complete my projects for the open market, then set about threatening me as well; where I have always wanted them to build it until it came crashing down because it was the best way for me to be absolved. Then there are other areas such as clinging to my Books in order to handle my market and tell me how to write them, since last they successfully destroyed what I did to sell the Books, they have had so much difficulty running a life of salesmen for themselves, that they claim I have the bum that should be fucked while they got to sell products at many times the price. As for the reason the UK loses industry interests, we are talking about the fact I last heard my allies were spending time and resources fighting them over the business of attacking and abusing me in order to make their stupid selves look important while providing private security services, whereas I would have preferred people spending their talents on the mid-level millionaires hanging employing criminals in the neighbourhoods and wrecking careers, since this is a Financial services heavy economy and yes they have said that it relies on a process where they released their Clients and I suppose it is not yet calculated that this is a threat as well. I am nauseated and fed up with the disobedience they think can get them anything they want to take from other people and they now need to get the imagination off my bum or it is about to stop the way that I would like it to; there are so many options for making money and yes they do say the options do not necessarily bring about the best results which is utter nonsense as well– I am not the bad person and certainly not simply because they have Media to fool around with. I would then be told that I have left the USA out of the matter which I have not; it had rather become clear here the contention is still the same i.e. that if my allies got punished by stupid swoon liberal USA, it was probably because people had committed a crime around here or that liberal USA does win its own wars - just another part of the Royal Order that needs to be tended once again, the same way it is said that my rude behaviour had gone too far while what has gone too far is the business of describing their activities, total annihilation only does the job apparently.

They claim my allies have been doing strange things in South America and yes they have as there is no Royal in the world who shares power as it were – it is always safer when the buck stops with the person in charge and stupid swoon Americans are not, even more so whenever they are being insulting, abusive and presume a right and disposition to justify their stupidities and punish whatever they liked. The idea I am putting my hands to things small men like me cannot achieve keeps showing up where I have done the best work for my career while the same idiots responsible make out they required my Public image to help them keep obscurity at bay because their stupidities were incredibly important; the same case where there is always financial corruption, immorality and evil to play with, so the women cannot stop targeting me and since each time they are worse off for it they make statements that I am really a woman, it means the men can set about building me a reputation that means I got to give up everything else that is not associated with it and then built a community of fools around it by which they decide how everybody else will behave so their incomes might stay at a consistently high level. I plan to get my hands on those stupid jobs as well, as it is rather clear these activities can either be something we get to tolerate in the course of existence or as they do find the effects amusing, something very vile, wicked, evil and something they will never do to people their stupidities cared about and hence should never be tolerated as there is no reason for it. They never stop boasting that I am finished at this stage while reality is that they are done spending all the acumen associated with their fame madness lifestyle, starting to look like they want other peoples money if they need to maintain the dominance they currently have, since they will not keep off my Books for it, I need to review the idea that direct action is not always necessary. There is nothing of what small men cannot do about the matter as insultingly claimed. They say I have been badly hurt at the Monarchy which is utter rubbish - the truth is that I have this privileged position to criticise some activities at the Monarchy which means I am safe from every goon with ideas on how Members of the Royal family should collect privileges from absolutely everywhere.


 Today we have taken yet another step back with government making proposals to help people back to work  by cutting benefits; I can never work out how it is supposed to help anyway i.e. if at the current rate it takes 12 months to work yourself out to living from hand to mouth, in order to settle up on a job and do it for a career, cutting benefits will prolong that for at least another 60% time span and Employers do not like to take on people they have to spend money training, so it is really difficult to locate how it helps. Then again it is the same story with the ever helpful Politicians that will see somebody turn up to claim he has cultural powers that can either make people poor or rich and then point fingers at me so they can chase me around Town, offer people trappings of power in exchange for civility and when such people fail to produce evidence of cultural powers they have to make people poor or rich, ever helpful Politicians will give them money even if it means taking it from the treasury, so they can bring their stupidities into other peoples mainstream living; what they are talking about now suggests that there are able bodied people who can get through processes of cut benefits but nothing done about the fact they will secure other means of exasperating people to feel good in order to preserve themselves and save their energy up yet more in order to get about making trouble for others that are working for Money – nor has there been anything done about Cabinet Ministers and Parliament floor political fools with a glass ceiling that comprises of idiots who spend all of their time digging up other peoples weak points and settling up on how there is a link to be made between doing that and getting rich. So I am at a loss as to how these cuts to benefits are supposed to help people back to work, need some explanation – I mean with enough hard work and expertise doing these things and talking nonsense in Parliament can be translated into Laws that resolve these problems but they are not clever enough for it. 

I do not know why they like to pass off stories about me stirring problems as the answer for everything - they are the ones who have these fools that always seek out short comings of a personal nature which others are working on, that they might establish a link between getting rich and exploiting it and that is not to say we are not about to have a referendum on Europe or that they do not make statements for these stupidities on their Media and Parliament to foster and fund and develop it or that they do not get involved with peoples lives to create and maintain and make amusing such weak points anyway.


This page is to contain nothing but updates on my position at the Working Court (Link located at the FAQ Page), which will have much to do with degrees of delegation that I allow the Working Court, in order to provide me allowance to concentrate on my work and thereby able to earn a living from it, it will operate along the lines of the fact I do not solicit their involvement with Governments and State officials around the world as I am rather conscious of the fact that doing so will expose them to sexual advances which I will certainly find displeasing and that there is no such thing as a general access to me by media idiots - where fools make noise about their sense of balance at work having less to do with how much they put in and how much money they get out but rather to do fundamentally with whom to abuse recently to ensure they put very little in and get disproportionately more out and then you hear them complain about wealth inequality as well and look for more scapegoats that will bear the brunt for them which if you allow to go 'un-avenged' when they touch anything that belongs to you leads to a condition where they cannot stop bragging which soon get violent too because they think they can due to your present financial condition with a big mouth, that is rather something I do in order to keep them around and be aware they exist at all times and in every turn i.e. end product of years and years of a process where every turn of paying for what they get up to and what they are doing must mean that they do what they are doing with what I am paying for my way; properly - the Court is where I work, as per my duties and the relevance of my renaissance in the world and any facts required by the female journalists that work in it with me will be found on this page along side other trust and permitted delegation matters concerning fans and book customers, which is to allow brokerage of equities deployed and traded via the books.  These are all things I have done to keep people off my work and to hold on to my leverage that I do not mind increasing to unprecedented levels; with which I ensure people conform to the requirements of a faith, of my faith, before they get the benefits or peddle it. Now there is that talk of how popular culture crushes my book sales especially from the US regularly, in actual fact what they suppose is too much for me to mention is the fact that abusing and isolating me gets to mean that its me and the world and if I work on it I can make a lot of money selling the books - hence the only thing they want to do with their time is plan how to add mine to their own which creates a process where I have everything and have nothing, while they have some things like friends and small businesses and customers which means they have peaked and then have some more regularly every time that they want to. Some of them even claim it is Natural selection and so like the old stuff about the French revolution being famous world over while before the Nazis they capitulate and do other strange things as well such as the fact the French Civil war after the removal of Monarchy was between mainstream French People and Socialists but today they are the best friends that Socialists have got which is convenient because it is costing others whom they also expect are completely unlikely to be offended by it too, not to mention the fact they did capitulate before Mussolini's Italy as well so it might not be said they did not and the story continues about how idiots try to make conversation and competition out of their villainy, I think it simply set out what the nature of my business operations will look like.

I am not foulmouthed or on a high horse or anything of that sort, its just a case of a group of people whose style of conversation and living does not fit my Christian model getting involved with me because it is carnally good for them to against my wishes everyday and so for the older versions especially when they are democratic, any and every small encounter has the result of going home to self check how old you are and how many things they got away with and hence the idea their story about my language and manners may stifle my book sales only has a fat chance of happening, especially for the American ones. As far as they are concerned their worthy and most important preoccupation these days is to keep open means of engaging in communication with me on their various needs, which they intend to replace my book sales with as a means by which I get involved with people and so will I cut to pieces anything that makes that their foolish existence operable as well, again especially for the American ones. There are those stories told of course of how what I say about Pornography can never be right but the reality of course is that what I have said about Pornography is much like that I have said about racism i.e. racists do not want to be me and likewise pornographers but it is what is being forced on them and so I had to set out such problems for people who do jobs where they take off their clothes is an abuse and of course that people ought to keep their insolent distraction off my royal property and public work and books and then there will be no problems, instead of such conditions as a process where each time I do anything some girl that has got weeing organs turns out to express the fact she has on it etc – that stupid media where they want some of mine all of the time apparently. And yes it is usually said I do not take into account my real problem is parliamentarians and not the Monarchy or anybody in it; I am perfectly aware of that for my part, the reality being that of the fact that the idiots there think they are MPs and that MPs are untouchable but this is the real untouchable and there is never an excuse for it, each one will be avenged. If they can touch me even as I speak each time I speak, then what are the complains they throw around all about then anyway? Of course I do not want any of their black peoples rubbish either - in any case of which the truth of all that power of socialism where people do not see anything wrong with an ideology that suggests people should always sit somewhere and wait to see you do something wrong so you might be forced to public disgrace while others gloat, such that when it is not happening the arrangement gets corrupt, is that if they were not doing such things as the Welfare State, the Church would be incredibly powerful.


Now that said, it should be noted that we all know Queen Elizabeth to be somebody who cares a lot less for the Prizes of the World as Compared to Her duties to the Country but that the Current Heir to the Throne does not share this same enthusiasm; the problems the later mother of his Children Created in her bid to create Her Children a legacy around the world exists in its own league, the problems he creates exists in its own league and the ones he creates in support of his late ex wife exists entirely in its own league and the idea he can be redeemed for the Crown fades by the day. 

This prognosis is derived from a process where HRH has given a continuity to a lot of proper idiots who love to believe they are keepers of HM sexual desires with consequences attached that they believe they can take out on anybody too and of course he keeps too many of them and they are convinced they can take their problems out on me all the time if they wanted (Now expired a State of Affairs - Date 22 July 2015).

They do say they are working all these things to achieve a process whereby I turn up in public to sell my books and then get killed for being the biggest problem their plans for wealth and social equality faces; I wouldn’t know – since it started from a process where I got hold of that stupid culture and society and put a price tag on it that drove them into a race against time to ensure they and not others cashed into their own saved up evil culture which is helping to pay off the deficit and courted me that much hate from them, not that I started it since their MPs always want to see people go up against them and get killed so they might give up their place in the world if others are in need of it of which we simply cannot understand what seems to be the bees knees with that stupid right hand side where violent people and criminals are supposed to have lived, whereby they think when they had spent other peoples time using it to discuss government and Politics with them it therefore means that what has resulted from doing so applies to everybody and everybody is likely to enjoy conversations with them on such premise; hence we all know nothing I do will ever please them and the need to stalk me and handle me will have become an asset which is now currently under review because we all know how the way keeping a safe barrier between people and them socialist idiots normally operates. So that they believe that after making them go on and on and on enough to ensure that when I write my books they cannot stop and rob it of credibility they are still talking nonsense about killing and it will lead to more serious issues since Christians are in no away aware of those who are actually being nice when their community croons hate the authorities for preventing them from handling and picking on those they look upon as sitting ducks and of course they themselves know our religion teaches none violence so we will happily hand over anything we have worked for to those who need it when asked and so they are the only ones that are prepared to kill as it were but the next time I hear this big mouth from idiots concerning whom I wish to live my life as though they did not exist, blowing off again, we will end up with another kettle of fish around here, so for the time being I can only say if they want that stupid culture society back and feel the have the fucking guts to get it back they can come round and do so.

They do say their behaviour is a matter of previous organised and instituional Injustice but of course we all know the reality about it is that when black people came to the UK it immediately became a case of white man must do evil culture to get rich otherwise others will do it for them and then white man has his life ruined because he does not want to and starts to think he will lose the entire Country as well given half the chance and it results is racial segregation - so that after white man has been rich, black man was too stupid to notice his opportunity arise as well and white man thinks he expects to be told and bullies him into that too and now they do not know which way to turn and think I am a target. 

It has never been an issue as we are here in the first place because it pleases their Politicians to deploy high levels of government office to wreck my finances and place me on government support so when I worry about being cut off from it they can deploy that on media as their own version of the fear I have for them and blab about being able to do as well with those they can bully but there is nothing wrong with living in fear mode and completing academic work and business set up while at it so you can take a holiday and let it drip away and return to normal, except they have other ideas about what they will do with the fear mode and that big mouth when you know how stupid they are already and do not want to be pushed into a handling a weapon on their behalf just yet. They do speak of how I complain about forced fraternity but continue to support Church involvement in Government business but of course we all know that attacking a religion makes no sense except that they however have been having a go at the Church themselves and are in no position to complain since we all know that even the welfare state was built on a premise of acting to ensure the Church and Monarchy is starved of charitable work that will allow it wield social power – when I say it the whole matter with these fools suddenly changes to an amusing one that develops around the prognosis they never knew they were to powerful after all and it is the same story when it comes to their complains about how I refuse to accept especially in terms of their evil nature and the fact these kinds of attacks on religion is one of the prime indication they have a serious problem with peoples right to associate with each other and can be more evil a political party than we give it credit for, that people like gain from their fanaticism of Russia and Communism but have no wish to pay the price, which is such a massive mystery since any normal person would have understood that is what I am trying to crush here: - I mean they do nothing with it save chase my anus and penis and abuse me in sexual context to build rival empire to mine and confiscate my business connections – nothing else but, after which they regularly turn up in public to pretend that to them and in their company their activities and what I think or feel about it is something they find really amusing as well; Obviously they would love to ask me for what I have, love to ask me to share with them and wait for my response and it is not that they would not want to, just like the issue of being in a perpetual state of crime against others while there must be due process and prove before they are indicted, the problem with asking they say is that it will make them inferior to me and yet they are still confused it is their fanaticism of Russia and Communism that is being destroyed here as well.

It is usually said that I say and do what I am seen to be because I have a closed mind, the truth of course is rather that the first time they cooked one up for me it had to do with me being dominated spiritually first before I got anywhere near academics that will ensure I can control my future and shut down access to the use of my personality and public image, now they have started a new one concerning the Books I write which they hate and it has something to do with me trying to make money surreptitiously to avoid the threat I pose to other peoples freedoms being detected and it is a very difficult form of stupidity to cope with all together as it were. I do not think it is a problem; childish popularity get rich quick madness by which things are done is usually stupid unless those who work it say it does well for them and then its none of your business save when it is a threat to you, the serious bit of course being why the older ones must make use of my Books without paying for it, why it is their civil rights to do so.


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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, January 19, 2013, In : Men, Morals and Financial ownership 

Now there is the matter of my work and the controversies around my opinions about the Heir to the British throne, the truth about this is that it is not an opinion, it is an equity and of course it is such confusions that I want to ensure I completely stifled and media goons have no more opinions about my work, even though I will not give up manipulating them into doing the new reporting in the honest way no matter how evil they might be. What must be taken into account is that although I hav...

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I am aware of course of the fact that my books are always being attacked and am also aware of the excuses those that attack my books make for their purposes. They are always that group of media men who seem to have something evil and a woman that wants it from them to prove and like to think they have made me into a hate figure and can now work all the evils they want on me; I wouldn’t know anyway, I have made it clear we have cultures in Africa too and there, there is no misogyny of a word...

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It is largely a matter of where respect is very important and those who have turned it into a commodity and secure such consumerism by abusing others must be made to or allowed by those who do not know what their authority is meant for, to live with the Consequences.

There is that thing with aides of the Prince of Wales of course and yes there is the idea it is the biggest problem that I have got when it really is not; the reality of it is that I have not asked them for any of the publicity they are after even though they think that God has approved a process where the future King is allowed to have both a wife and a mistress when in actual fact there is no such approval even as written anywhere in the Bible – it is the process where evil people have the right to get involved with anybody they want of which the there are only three reason i.e. first detach people from the protection of prayer and the gospel and then be able to do whatever they desire with their bodies and then push them into all kinds of corruption which may include addiction and so on, these are the things which when you go to bed at night and wonder what the witch neighbour really wants from you, that determines whether or not people can run a Monarchy as they please and not my Books or the sales of it which they need to stay away from i.e. I have not asked them for the publicity and it is worth remembering that in case I use it anyway and then do their own as well. There is no such thing as tricks on my part with which to deal with anything, it is an old story of how I have refused to get along with what an Heir to the Throne wants me to do to serve him when he is not yet King and his Reign has not yet begun and so that when I refuse to HRH then gets popular culture criminals to do it which means that my thing has been done because I either refuse to or wasted too much time aka a Priest says that God has approved the right of the King to have both a wife and a mistress when there has never been any such thing anywhere nor will there ever be and I have not asked them for the publicity they tend to run after giving me all the time, worth bearing in mind in case I do their own after using up the publicity as well. In any case of which I have no idea why I should be expected to do anything anyway if the wrecking of my finances can always continue and criminals can always take it up instead.

I am aware it is said I have a hook on the Nation which is unacceptable but my hook on the Nation is Temporary; when people need my leadership and insult me to get it, make use of my property with permission and then deploy my products at my own personal livelihood without buying them,for of course they had always maintained that Government work was where I would be trapped and used and finished which is utter nonsense and hence my determination to show them that will never happen in hell itself - thus any process where my property is handled is handled as a matter of opinion and my hook of the Country is temporary to enforce that. Not an unusual occurrence of course since what happens is that Politics is full of fools who plan what to do with others when they are getting after jobs at Public office and then when they get there realise it is like another business and if they mess with peoples business people will mess with theirs and so it begins, the attacks and the cover-up because they cannot be caught dead stopping it having found out what the risks are. It gets even better like so when you had taken time out to ring fence the Church and no body can use the teachings of a Priest for anything unless they reference it to the point directly depending on how quickly they want to move on to other matters they are concerned with and then when the entire Nation had become obsessed with Intellectual Property security, they will be rich and famous.

The benefit system really is not a dole and not half as much of it as it is claimed either – what it really is, is a system that Politicians and their relatives can deploy as a means of keeping the best talents in the Country, keeping them out of jobs and using them to get rich. The new names they have invented for it is a matter of pressure and duress to such an effect. This is not a serious matter; as far as I know I have set out a business and there are property equity in it brokered with Industries and what my challenge is, is to raise funds and get the products out there so they cannot abolish the welfare state now, I mean it would have been a case of where it was all finished after the damages they have done to ensure I end up there, hence an assumption that they have the right to keep those stupid contraptions of theirs they regard as businesses which they do nothing with except hurt and attack me all the time, it would have been an assumption that there will be no revenge for it. I mean this matter has no reached a point of wreck my finances and get me on welfare and threaten to take it away right down to my entire company being hearsay – I mean how can a person’s company become hear say and what is the process behind making that happen like the state of affairs we have at present? Each time this matter about the benefits system is put off time runs into years and then years and then even more years and we are not talking about their idiots in the welfare system itself – those exist for one purpose only i.e. Nelson Mandela is important, we are all potentially homosexuals, we want to kick some men arse and cannot do it by ourselves, your work here is to ensure you are fed up with seeking employment; they cannot abolish the welfare system now, need to get off my book sales and realise my company is not hear say in a very public way.