I am aware of course of the fact that my books are always being attacked and am also aware of the excuses those that attack my books make for their purposes. They are always that group of media men who seem to have something evil and a woman that wants it from them to prove and like to think they have made me into a hate figure and can now work all the evils they want on me; I wouldn’t know anyway, I have made it clear we have cultures in Africa too and there, there is no misogyny of a word, only wickedness of the things children do when they want to be whipped and Adults do when they want to be rounded up and seriously beaten up by their peers or something etc. So it is the last time I am likely to tolerate the means by which they like to direct their stupid frustrations and anger and distant fascism at me, the last time I will tolerate a process where what I do for my customers at my market place has a time span of 15 minutes in value on average before it has been wasted by them on media; I mean on one hand I am beautiful enough for that sort of attention but on the other they really like to make out they can look for trouble in a grand scale and cause it too – I ask all the time myself what I need to do to get myself into a disposition where I locate people and climb on media which purpose is difficult to make out these days, to create a process of provoking them by handling their livelihoods in order to express the fact that I can cause trouble, entirely from a stand point where I was never at all provoked by such a person and then maybe if I did such a thing I might be able to work out what their reasons are; so it will remain as it is, I have already set in motion matters I cannot go back on and media will handle my work and use it to do what I wanted to do with it, my way and properly and I am not giving back that their stupid culture and I am not giving back that stupid left hand side so they can never impress their stupid friends around me and at my expense and they can come and get both of those if they think they have got the balls for it, however need to get off my book sales and my sites before it becomes something else entirely. The whole process of taking that culture and left hand side was meant to control the Politicians but I guess for them there is a real get rich idiots issue to settle here and it will be settled in a grand scale as well if they want it to be. The part where I tolerate other versions of me that people create so they can have what they want does not apply; it will happen not in hell – my view of the only reasons people want alternative versions of me is the antichrist and maybe this is why they handle my property to wind me up all the time i.e. to get me to say something concerning the antichrist but of course everybody knows the only reasons that they would want another version of me that they can do what they like with is when they want to avoid the church and so the reasons they will want to avoid the church and still have an alternative version of me is because they want the powers of state, which again is what they will get only in hell because the entire purpose will be such things as government office they hold which purpose is to ensure Christians are dealing with extremists and racists; I mean they cannot leave people alone i.e. Christians do not mind dying for their faith be it at the hands of racists or not, so why don’t people hold government offices which makes Christians deal with racists to improve their sense of privileges? The government office on the other hand of which was big enough for two in the first place, bearing in mind it is manned by people who have worked hard and done the best things and now have homes and mortgages and children to look after but because I am a Christian and they have ideas of how to distribute wealth and power in the world, the general idea is that they will start and then I will want help from those government operatives and thereby share their mortgage and their savings and so on, which means that they need start trouble and then our lives get worse and worse while for every rubbish they invent their lives get better and better and these are facts they never understand when they make that spoiled children infantile rubbish of how much they can cause trouble because their parents do not teach them discipline and they therefore think they can take any feelings they have out on anybody they please for things they cannot have and then by the way of which it gets worse because they can never give it a rest the process of seeking things that are beyond them when they have found people they want to curse and abuse in such ways and make claims it is good for them, like holding onto that stupid blood thirsty culture and society and left hand side is good for my health as well at present. Of course I am aware they complain I am not innocent in the matter which I did not say I was either; they have been doing that thing where I am supposed to work many times as hard as anybody has to, in order to have anything on account I am inferior to them and the insults are insufferable which is why I need the culture and left hand side too, in order to find out where video games communities and entertainment shops communities and all that popular culture rubbish is, so I can make them work many times as hard as I ever have to work on absolutely any occasion whatsoever and they can see my books do not do them any favours in this respect as well but it is the only things they want to handle in their stupid lives these days like an ambition. Then we hear them speak of things I do which are very disrespectful towards a woman none which at such an occasion makes any sense anymore and therefore nobody can actually work out who asks them anyway. I do not think most of it is a major issue, it’s just that they are evil people and believe that it is possible to abuse a Christian in order to get good things in return from them all the time and it is always likely to have continued onto the day when you ask them if they do get to look after you in a way that quantifies the blessings they extract from you for their money madness and then it becomes a bit more real. At such points they talk about the US bearing mind the earlier ones had to do with the far east when they extract the blessings and stuff and that in the US I will have been chewed up and spat out, making no sense since in the US the bar is higher and therefore the need to have decided a long time ago what it is exactly they were going to do with that big mouth and what I was going to do about them too for my part. Here in the UK if you live on unemployment benefits and save £500 a year, you can raise money to start a campaign to sell a product after three years, in the US you will only be dreaming of such an advantage, so you will have had to get into a hurry for certain matters. I do not think that it is a difficult issue either, it’s just that these are the kind of things you should keep far away from your privacy and personal life and it is precisely why the pop songs will be about you when you do and that is before they complain; I personally have a theory as to why it is that way and my theory is more to do with the fact that the city is meant to be so modern that no religion can ever survive and continues until somebody handles them as well; even now when I say such things the reaction suggests I am excessive in my actions but clearly of which wrecking peoples finances for a decade in order to see to it that you can dominate them otherwise they will have to leave your country is not excessive, not to mention the fact there are children around and we are adults and that should be the most important test of how far we pursue things; I am excessive they say when they are the ones at war with normalcy for money and to get rich. They are not as difficult to deal with as they make out that they are; I have made it clear I will not tolerate them around my books anymore and they had better gotten themselves far away from it otherwise it will kick off seriously, instead of tell me there are rapists and murderers and serial killers around when they already know I am an Arch Prince and a Black Prince and have duties that are recognised as official, to serve the Church and the state with a personality of a black prince, no idea why anybody would imagine serial killers and rapists and murderers are a mystery to me anyway. In the end I suppose the main issue is the media, I can only say their activities will continue until I am no longer so busy as to ignore them anymore and then a warning or two or three will go out to people I do not wish to have address me and more so with their distant fascism on television and then they will defy it and do it yet again and I will find my way to the studio one way or another; otherwise it should be easy for them to see such an outcome is possible if they get up to do it to a person’s livelihood and health and personal life and peace of mind every day after they put a name to their faces, then tell me that I do not speak of it in a proper way which I never will because the main issue is still that of how it is okay to get popular support for stabbing royalty but never realising that they are stabbing a human being anyway because it does not matter provided popular support comes through it and then riches and fame too – so they need to do what they do best which is finding evil lower classes to get involved with and sell things to later on and get off my books and my websites and away from rounding up and controlling every single bit of my activities in order to manipulate me into a fight and even when they know they are violent feeders that cannot just stay away from me since they are one of the things I abhor in this life the most, still turn up to talk rubbish about what they plan when they want to handle my books and property as well for it and it is for this I will hurt them seriously as well and they need to find a way to stop it, I do not care where or how anyway. For the media itself in general however, I simply had to put up with a bit from the reporters and then the camera men and then wait, so we got there really quickly i.e. media bosses claiming I have stolen their stuff because I have an intellectual space; they run or own media businesses that are corporations but own an intellectual space because those media business do broadcasting of course and more so because I have one and do not deserve to which I bet is racist as well; so I had to take up those insolent media organisation because it is not the only place where idiots like those want to run a business and find people they love to hurt as soon as they set eyes on them either and so I have twisted the media as a whole in the country into something that serves my will and purpose. Some people normally want details from such things but the details will have shown even more of their stupidities i.e. technically speaking of what we hear in our minds when we stay silent, it is the Politicians that make the most sense to our society and it is their voice we hear in public the most, so how can all that stupid insolent power of cursing me every day and abusing me every day mean that they have located their means of getting rich, how can that be their turf? As I continue to mention, it is not a complicated matter, it is as though they all wanted to  be found somewhere at  millionaires village and having vandalised my work to get rich and famous have made enough money to be counted among but in a world where it is impossible for people to steal what belongs to you because the entire world recognises it as something that is yours and most people know that if they wanted to become priests and stay celibate nobody would hold it against them, these idiots exist to take more things and so they can see that my books tend to achieve a process where I can get involved with any celebrity of my choice whenever I want and make my feeling clear about some activity they have done to my work or person or property that I do not appreciate but still want to hang around the books and acquire some form of power over me, so it is likely to become something I leave for criminals as well, in the name of those who become famous by the wrong path like them, whose fame I do not recognise and so because it was my work that paid for it, means it really does not exist. If people bought those music CDs there should be nothing wrong with selling those my books either and I will sell them and make money at their expense and hurt them seriously in the process and then we will be even; it is never over until I say so and by the way for their black idiots it seems I am the fountain of all wisdom while their stupidities know no bounds and hence it is not far-fetched to mention a word such as the fact they need to fuck off, since it is clearly that filthy.

Now on the matter of me as a person, the main issue of delusion for the most part is that people like to seek out numerous numbers of people that surpass me but in actual fact without sounding arrogant there are really very few of those and I do not know that they want to get around with people like these either, regardless of which the excuse is always largely what benefit I would be to the male sex if I spent more time with men and not with women which is the natural thing for me to do and I find really insulting for my part. The truth of it is that contrary to the idea I am a wretched creature, the UK to me is like a big church and I am the owner, this is how my office operates to serve Church and State; so for me it is difficult to understand what people mean when they say I need discriminate against homosexuals and prostitutes and pornographers, I mean those who say such things exists in another matter all together of course i.e. do they take care of me well enough to deserve such corruptions they wish to carve out from my work and my person and will allow them get around the back yards of multinational companies? As for the matter of my person, the huge issue is these guys and their interest in women that earn more than I am getting around with me, whereas in actual fact those women know when they build their lives around me, they know I know when they build their lives around me and most of them always want more than a fanaticism for it so we basically work like a family and they are not in charge of it, I am. The other side of their story of course is first of all the matter of me getting married and that always comes through as some great plan to have something to say and or do around a wealthy lady with the result that the reason one of these women would not settle down with me is due to money freaks and somehow this still makes sense to them anyway. The other side has more to do with handling my working court which I have always made clear is where I operate i.e. I want my stuff back the way it was before the far eastern girls and their vandalism got a hold of it which by the way needs to stop as well – they know I provide security for those women in the sense of corrupt leaders and orgies they have and how they leave some women hard done by and we end up with pornography all over the internet with women in my Court used as cheat and easy arousal to get them going with scandals and up skirts all over Utube, the other side being multinational companies messing up my property to the point where there is real need to collect their assets for the sex industry as well, which bearing in mind is what they do to be able to create such destruction, except that their sex industry is in house and in residence built for specific purposes, looking for trouble, I have to manage the movements of my Court well therefore and expect equities and securities to emerge concerning which I must place updates at the site to deal with. I do not consider this to be a major matter either because I already know people are incredibly used these days to a process of working their lucrative stupidities in high places where they make out the way you handle yourself and career is their trendy stuff and the end product of feeding on it is always that they wreck it for you which makes half the story, the other half is that you look weedy and it calls for a beating thereafter when people cannot trust you with employment and then from then on the insults get to another level and prompt you to take action; especially things such as the same old abuses from black idiots where they are ever insolent if your prospects are noticed and then do things to you as well they find other people do to prevent a process where there is discrimination. I know I am being vilified on another ground however which has to do with the Church with respect to my views on women bishops but I have placed my views like I have, in the same way that those whose faith was threatened by the ordination of women bishops placed their own i.e. it is a little acknowledged fact that there are men in the Church that homosexuals specifically hate and that these men and their actions towards the provocation of homosexuality is so widespread and dominating that it has reached a stage where nobody notices, except they are young men like myself who are expected to be at the receiving end and be worse off due to the ordination of women bishops and then of course we hear stories that are completely unconnected which has to do with the way the early church operated, whereas in actual fact the early Church was more like a giant family and it was impossible to tell the women who basically handled everybody’s life and ran the affairs of the Church while the men were only involved with preaching the gospel and dealing with the outside world, that they cannot teach people the Bible or indeed be ordained as priests to lead people whose lives they already handle, most of which you cannot determine how it should be because of the fact you are a man who knows less about what God is doing with women unless they tell you and they can only do so on grounds of a revelation of their own from God and blessing from God etc, which is why the issue of female bishops is being discussed by trouble makers and not those that God has given real authority: it has to be their revelation as women and not mine that they are ordained as female bishops and such a revelation from God has one physical hall mark i.e. it cannot possible divide the Church in anyway because it is not how anything really works when God works – at present the female side of the Church is being killed off by guess who, women of course and so we have those at the centre of it seeking to be women bishops as well all together. In the end of which they look for important history to attach themselves to and turn out to seek worldly perversions and then tell me I am stupid to increase their chances of feeling like an insolent violence in my direction but of course it is the case that the advantage of being stupid is that you can choose whom you want to wind up and the clever should have been a lot more clever as to avoid not crossing you but it will still be a matter of great bafflement the issue of how I must dress trendy and speak trendy and eat trendy and walk trendy and talk trendy to suit their stupidities and to suit them; they seem to be completely unable to shut their dirty mouths, much the same with their business idiots too.