The women ones are the old case where if I said they needed to spend more time with those hey fancy if the fact they fancy white men tends to mean my very existence is irritating because it sets off the idea black men are not so bad, a fight will ensue on grounds they are superior and have the right to ensure men like me are sorting out their personal problems while they fuck the men they fancy and it’s an old story that should usually end really simply but goes right back to the same old sermon of asking them never to peddle my faith or Public image if they were not about to find out that Christians do have problems as well – so they can plan their lives in such ways and move deep into the left and right to scoop it on me and link processes of making money to doing so all the time, as insultingly as possible. They always say I do not have the matter under control which I rather have for a very long time; the only incentive these fools who build up black peoples pipeline all over my life to whip me into shape and continue that disobedient behaviour that keeps causing problems, involving them rounding up their kids on whom their future depends and producing plans to be important right down to the bit where one of them becomes first black Prime Minister, is community croons beating me down in my bed and telling them when I am ready to be taught a lesson, when I am at my weakest but we can clearly see why this is the sort of nonsense that should be found on organised television comedy shows, not other people’s lives and career in the sense that I am a Christian who does not mind fasting everyday while the above is their incentive for how to put me down and do whatever they like with me as such – I have been in control of the situation for a very long time actually. I mean a person’s very existence is so irritating that people cannot find partners and are frustrated about being single but they are showing up around the persons concerns every day in very abusive ways full of tricks and manipulation to get rich quick and the first time they ended up in a similar situation had to do with spending school days wondering where teachers private parts were, to get into the real world and bear down on me sexually all the time on account they live in a modern Country. I mean saying they need to spend time with those they fancy is not actually a bad thing but that is not usually how it ends with them – it ends when it goes through the route of the fact they have two lives and one is about every stupidity that matters to them while the other is about peddling my faith and public life to get rich quick and then strike me in a soft place whenever I am getting on with my own life because a bit of their stupidities all set up gets disrupted as a result of my doing so, at the precise time when I am thinking about forgiving and moving on. The Politician ones really love to brag about lessons I am learning but we all know they would have a hard time dealing with the fact their socialist parties have what everybody needs since everybody needs a livelihood and so do other parties as well and if I want to get it going I can do the bit about their socialist madness not being able to justify the fact they earn far more than their electorate as well; otherwise its usually a matter of the fact that when I do not reciprocate people’s emotions towards me, it tends to mean that there is something wrong and the big problem is usually that when I am prevented from doing so, I am unable to sell my Books since people expect to get involved with a loving and caring person if they get involved with an Arch Prince – it will never stop obviously until I shut down peoples celebrity culture and popular culture and homosexuality as well to make them understand and then those facts will become obvious as per why Africa has less celebrities and the animals like me who do not fancy celebrities whom I think should spend their time with people they fancy and not me and they believe their superiority will have indicated such a statement to mean war, feeding into their tales of handling me while at the same time blabbing of injustices men practice in Africa which can be righted in the UK by picking a random victim, forgetting I spent the first 20 years of my time in Africa anyway in the first place and the condition I am in does suggest they do stand a fucking chance too. We hear of course that I am largely powered by hate which is utter nonsense; what is happening is that it got serious when I dropped out of University and only had left the special environment created for me as National treasure and a royal Estate in it too, while they still got off having fun over it; now they are learning its an important thing – so the civil rights ones are starting to see the criminals in their movements and not my royal estate for the vandalism and that is Christian scooping problems on people to get by as well, the Politicians are complaining about the demise of their parties which is the one that is actually big enough to bite into, the Fashion trouble makers can now do the fashion to save a life if their own lives depended on it and the celebrities are finding out how provocative they are when the celebrities at Court who are aware they are not my type nor am I theirs and vice versa, means others we have no business with get involved with me and make out relationship so person we end up with broken homes and an inability to find a partner; so it seems their plans for getting rich and manipulating people is working but it actually isn’t, what is, is a process of finding a scapegoat to attack so people can think their rights are being fought for in order to sell music CDs and films, while their society manipulative trouble makers are finding out they plan to get rich extricating money from the money markets and then when asked to spend it and make themselves comfortable so others can get jobs too, they will put it in swiss accounts, which is the safest place to put it and therefore have started thinking hard about the need to make money. As for me, they say I am Royalty that gets involved with Celebrities while telling others their activities are not linked to paid employment but we all know a painter wouldn’t wire a home as he knows nothing of electrical engineering, the same way I wouldn’t do something about the madness of men on the left hand side and the right hand side because I am Royalty and the Military would get involved if I did; these fools have none of these invisible forces that determine their movements and activities in the work market, what they know is making trouble like forcing my hand to find out what would happen if I were the painter who wired a home, what they have ended up with so far is what has happened when I removed them from my Court systems looking like it is the end of the world already and there will be another excuse to hate the British alongside such state of affairs, when it has not come anywhere near the bit where I am being told not to interfere with the jobs of service people as mine isn’t necessarily better than theirs and then my ability to ensure nothing happens to them due to a moral imperative will have completely dissipated. I do not wish to tolerate any more of them around my Books and my Public image as it were and since they are not finding lovers on my account, need to spend more time with people they actually fancy; so their own is all over the internet as well and they can seek it like dogs all the time that way saving a man and selling me to get rich quick as the moral guy they can pick on to sweeten deals with rich people who can be treated to a world where their activities are not to be restricted all the time – an old abusive disobedience that will not go away while they complain about an inability to find partners and tell me I am irritating like we are still in school and there is that case of some people we want to hurt when we were kids on account they have not yet worked out how to refine their own stupidities. So they do say there is a problem with the fact I cannot keep away from women but its utter nonsense; the Court is such that bringing even the spouse is amounts to a form of infidelity – so while people complain they cannot be bothered listening to what they are told and now we do not know if they expect these women to give up regular job to spend time with the other stuff done by the way side to look after their interests and mine, now that goons getting all over industry to deploy people’s lives to get rich and organise boys at it talking nonsense about people copying their stuff all over the place; so it feeds into my sexual habits story of which there is only people getting involved with my Court and thus a Court that is not fulfilling its purpose being suggestive of sexual impropriety and sexual activity all the time – reality of which is that actually Court Members do not do it, those who invite themselves in with their media and Political abuses and cultural insults do, they do it to open up my life and scoop problems from the left and right into it so as to save a Man, talking nonsense about being unable to find a partner because I am irritating people but when told to spend time with those they actually fancy start one to strike me in a soft place for hours until I know my place: so I wish to reiterate not wanting to see any more of their madness around my Books and Public image which are losing their purpose because the Court is not fulfilling it role, meaning I am unable to sell them and unable to earn a living – I wish to tolerate less of their senselessness being built up around it so that what it does ceases to be lost in translation too, before that their big mouth becomes a third problem they have to deal with, bearing in mind there are others out there who have habits too. the remarkable irony of course is that those these fools hated at school for being irritating just like they hate me today have since refined their own stupidities if you want to put it that way but these idiots had since become famous and globally known and still as stupid as ever, they have become the very things they hated and loved to attack so much.