So the big case these days is that I am being bullied and need a lot of help which is rather an illusion; I mean there is a possibility I might be bullied but I do not actually feel bullied as such – what the bullying does rather is leave me wondering why people do it, especially with respect to the bit where I am being rounded up like an animal and every way of escaping the effects of their activities are being shut down over a period of time etc and then it usually turns out the reason is that they want me to give them the same things that people on the left hand side have got and without going into the problem of the bullying performed by civil rights women on religious and moral people like it was some sort of right they had, we can see it is logical to find out if the expectation that somebody will give them the same things others have on the left at a space they have created for it on the right hand side actually has any meaning but we can see that when the idiots set up businesses on this behaviour the businesses are described by these sort of things leaving one wondering if its purpose is that since their problem is being caught up with the unpredictability of culture, thus financial difficulties is a complicated cycle, this is served to allow them form an alliance of threat with the means by which the unpredictability of culture is worked as a whole since the only means by which they will make a living is through the processes of corruption and the dichotomies of fate. We are here because their Politicians love to spend tax payer funds to get them out then stand up in public places complaining about hurting bottoms and attacking those who have already treated in horrible ways and turned into victims, by my standard the assumption is that I will likely have spared any of that right-hand side sensibilities all together in their view, which is why I am being bullied as far as they are concerned. Some people do say I do not need to be such a quasi-extremist about it but I am not; we all know that given half the opportunity it will develop from disobedience into vandalism and then into war and it will be worked with impunity, followed by insidiousness since doing things that are prohibited seems to give them feelings of dominance and energy, whether or not without the war being a part of it they do get what they want anyway. I mean the pop stars who are actually the celebrity bits are an example; they will attack and attack and are usually the creation of the white boy versions who speak of every person that has the same skin colour as me being my brother, which is not actually based on anything that resembles fact; so that what they do is suddenly like my case, start off this story of how I need to tell my parents to stop acting in ways that is stirring up racism and causing others to deal with problems of which I did but am now the one complaining all together as it were – leads to these outcomes where you think what your parents did for you was the Bees Knees but that the world does not necessarily think that way, until you see that their parents are controlling multimillion pound pop stars and they need my Books but want me to serve them on account they are famous and it goes to their heads once more, assumption being that I have not had enough of them and then the threats are usually where their problem really gets to kick off all together – the facts start to emerge that the parents control them perhaps because they do not fancy the fame and fortune so much or rip up other people’s public lives to get the owners tearing down culture and society which doing so will ensure everybody has to deal with racism for the same purposes, unlike my parents who are damaging my own property and my own life amounting to a problem I can pick up like some sort of leisure, then the bragging and abuses and insults comes into play and the fact that my academic work has not been completed at the deadline it was supposed to be, leaves open the gap that must be filled in with something and an idea occurs to me, by which time I am surprisingly looking like the most unlikely character to get after the most famous of their celebrities, so that when I do it, the whole business might be really surprising for everybody i.e. I am not being bullied, they just leave me wondering why they do it and so the quasi extremist bit is just reality that when I do not do it the way I am, I will wake up to find that they have been fighting racists on my behalf and that I am owing a debt for it too for good measure. We see the same behaviour with the journalists all the time; appointing themselves to tell other people how to exist, while I get told I am avoiding the racism issue – the racism issue which is rather a matter of the fact the first world war was not widely and necessarily and openly based on an extermination of people sort of racism if I have to dilute it to such an extent i.e. it was based on cultural difference in which some elements within the white culture chose to make prominent the racism path and not racism itself to make a point but by the second world war the sensibility around conflict after the first world war was that we had evolved as a world into a place where the only way to win a war was to kill as many soldiers as possible – so the social and cultural common sense about war at the time was that if you do not want some at least 5 members of your family to be missing, dead or presumed dead as such, you might also not want a war in order to prevent it but alas the world was not allowed to continue from here and we have gotten to a more serious stage where it is a matter of nuclear arsenal at the hands of the governments, so its not just that the V Bombs were developed by Germans as an efficiency drive but also that for somebody to come up with an idea about wiping out an entire race of people in the context of social and cultural sensibilities around conflict at the time is something which should inform people that getting involved with racism is a process of getting involved with something that is pure evil i.e. the only way to win a conflict is to kill as many soldiers as possible means a campaign about wiping out entire races (as a final solution), complete with features like an agenda where a speech is given for a week and completely innocent Territory is bombed to rattle the sabre the next, which means that nothing of peace is ever good enough. So as far as I am concerned it is either they can pay attention to the job in hand or have a go at me for something they have appointed themselves to do and like I set up a business I am not yet ready to trade with and they set out building publicity for me that can be used by somebody else since not being yet prepared generally means I will not be claiming it as the only way to make money until I am finished and they are superior etc or they can do it and keep doing it too; then when they get killed and wish to set up a memoriam, I can keep an eye on when it has something to do with me or has been protecting me, in order to tear that up too; it does eventually open up its whole purpose at the issues surrounding the question of why I never really get myself into the Communist threat business, while they get on media to make me out to be some small power whose bottom they whip every time their own gets whipped over their disobedience by those who can recognise if what they know is being replaced by a heightened sense of things and then branded racists, hence what I mean when I say they need do it but fighting for my rights will lead to a process where I tear it down too. The Communist threat is an old story; I mean the connection between whipping peoples anus and Russian Economic interests do not exist at all but the anus whipping which is a good thing because it is anus whipping over money happens every day and amounts to a process where anything I say will mean setting out the stage for them to have what they deserve as a bigger power, getting on my nerves all the time, so I can pull their intestines too and leave them with an eating disorder of my own that they will complain about; in the end the sum of populist madness over the last 150 years is that the Americans fought each other at Politics to get into the fight in Europe and Liberate it, now we are fighting the Americans here in the UK to drag them into and make them win their own fight in the Middle East and pacific and we are left wondering what these populist goons gain from making Americans unable to win their own fight anyway – hence the situation is likely to remain the same for a long time i.e. when those who can recognise their stupidities bottom whip them, I get bottom whipped by them on that stupid media, tear up their celebrity culture and leave them on the throes of suicide and then there will be war every time they want something from those who dare to have what they do it and fail to get what they may regard as a positive response from there: it does come down to the claim I do not respect their jobs whereas the reality is that they can always mess with peoples livelihoods – the cliché is ‘it’s just business’ but the professional word for it would be self-employment; so that its somebody else’s fault they thought their own was secure and they should be able to move up in a company and earn a high salary when they think others do not deserve an income if people are interested in a product or a service, if they have a quagmire to concern themselves with instead of the job and then they will say my self-employment has no name or purpose whereas everybody saw me describe it as an intellectual property administration business where I am conscripted as a Client employee by Enterprises and make most of my income from selling my Books; such that even as we speak, we I am left with the fact the less I play with celebrities or let them play with me is the more Books I will sell which is a worthy problem to deal with when people in the enterprises have to provide services and product for those who want the absolute best of everything for instance and then I get told that I am contributing to wealth inequality whereas the reality is that they have abandoned their jobs and livelihoods to sit around abusing and attacking me and having realised it yet again like it was before they lost the culture and society of madness full of civil rights women that love to attack and threaten moral people, they are expecting some narcissistic happiness to bring about a disobedience that helps them make the money at my expense and have already started telling me that should I inform them that they are stupid people, it will get me into trouble. I do get told I give it all away here, which I have not; it’s important to mention it because the process of making sure they take such a long time to resolve their position on the matter and hence would want to change their ways but have not got the time is starting to become counterproductive, while the destruction and vandalism continues. So it’s an old story where I do not wish to be pushed out there so people can provide services for businesses that have enlisted me but the Media ones will not stop doing it and then I will get told that people want me to stay quiet and get it done but quiet is another work entirely i.e. what I pick up from University these days is society goons and culture goons and media goons and Politics goons playing with me, since I do not have the time to do something about it at this stage, I talk about it for now – it’s a good replacement for the process of passing my exams, which is what really should happen at University in their view apparently. Eventually I get told I spend most of my time just realising I should be doing something but think nothing should be done about racism which is utter nonsense; this is me, I love the pressure and I love the heat and I love it fast – so, if people do not wish to deal with a process where they complain about me being the coward that does not fight for my civil rights, they need lay off my temperaments and stop blabbing about it being a product of lunacy, they need to lay off my personality and stop blabbing about it being a product of infidelity; in the end there is nothing wrong with the thought pattern that earned me a Royal Estate and a Literary Business Empire that I clearly did not build by magic as it were and I am hard pressed locating what people hope to achieve by attacking what Politicians to do protect me as well, which then feeds into that other case where they say I am resolving some great mystery about the world of Men, whereas they do not think I should have a religion on account it at some stage encouraged gender inequality – so now that they have to deal with goons building popular culture empire pipelines from the US to Japan Across a Royal Estate claiming they are the lost tribe of Israel and thinking the world is a neighbourhood and that they dominate it, they have realised that other people have problems too which by the way their gender is making worse as well. It does eventually come down to according respect to those whose lives and property they have deployed to make themselves comfortable or to boost their incomes and not replacing that respect with a form of seniority, I for my part just enjoy making it complicated because they lie a lot and it does cost human lives too. They say I am mostly worried about fandom which is utter rubbish; it just is not fair for people to develop advertisement that absorbs anything I do to build up my Books and get people wanting to find out what the contents are, so somebody can get on media and make the advertisement into a fun celebrity based way of working for money and if I speak of bearing in mind the fact they will not buy the Books it will not have meant I am not saying I need their help either: I am saying it’s not okay to go from buy a copy and read around the world, then get me seeing myself on glossy magazines all over the Country at supermarkets and run into fun ways of working for money while I do the hard work. It’s more like the confusion that I love war when I don’t; these guys are just naïve of the destructive aspects of conflict and need somebody to do it for them – I mean others are naïve of the things that will happen to the body if a situation called for a process where you needed to use it to defend those you love, they are naïve of the impact and effects of conflict; so it comes to mind that all that nonsense about the bad guys they used to know whom they are worried about now they are famous pillaging peoples public image and finance margins with a big ego, in a war situation it is they that would want them to be famous and would be the Simon Cowels of the war era, so they can shoot famous people’s brains and hearts whenever they want to – hence it is important that since they love to cling to other peoples lives and property to do stupid things like these, they are detached from these naiveties as its only none selfish to – I mean they cheat all the time and claim people like me are detached from the way we are in the UK but reality is when they see a 50 year old man observe something they have done with culture and society and decide he will not be outdone, what they do is get in touch with Simon Cowel and pillage peoples existence to find that 6 figure sums in their bank account still feels like a dream; thereafter it wants the one where some women are doing popular culture at my Estate which is to do with goons building the pipeline from US to Asia, claiming the world is a neighbourhood and that they dominate it and are the lost tribe of Israel, which is clearly not going to blow up with the Jews coming under fire again, then I get told its other peoples glory which is what their stupidities tends to achieve as such, which of course it is when smooth skinned Jacob that cooks food to steal the inheritance of Hairy Esau who owns everything plays video games and gets them all worried that he is clearly scared of them for instance, just right before they claim I am a sex addict which I am not in anyway; sex addict is invading my Court to get beauty sleep and make an open secret out of our personal lives because we support each other and help each other go to bed at the end of the day into some item that is being traded with celebrated idiots from a new lifestyle, which cannot obvious exist without damage done to my Books on account that people have money and problems at the same time.