They do say I am a pretender and I am not a pretender if I have consistently made mention of their violence and very intrusive financial, modern and civilised bullying. I mean asking me about it is supposed to have amounted to a continued provocative means of assuming the fact I am a religious person that will talk about being like Christ was and they are immoral and evil people that will take property and income from those who are unlikely to defend themselves are the way they are in an evil world that has been built from such behaviour in a general sense, because they are a walk over. It has been the same issue over and over again, where people have 5 children and have raised three to have criminal minds claiming it is a tough world to live in, then show up here to express the fact they have been to a law court before and know that the sentence for killing somebody is less if the killer was insane, never mind the assumption I am a bit of wood and therefore unlikely to have caused them any suffering or pain if their behaviour inflicts it on me – I mean what I have said for instance amounts to a process of blowing it off, if they felt what I feel, they will keep and use it and show up here to define all I have achieved along the lines of who can beat up whom while their foolish Politicians rip up my finances to make me pay attention to it and their media idiots pretend they are as powerful as the Politicians – they are actually asking me, it is what beats the imagination, this idea I am a pretender; it has to answer the call of every twisted evil croon that is mad in terms of money for the purpose of civil rights orientated violence every time, what it wants others to think about is whether it might come to harm at some stage doing so, since he is an ally of the most powerful Country in the world if it chases civil rights and the celebrity based criminality and the popularity support for organised crime products. I mean the incentive for these things is that all Royalty are Lambs that think they are Lions which is true anyway but this sort of behaviour does not make idiots weak so they can take more drugs as it were; they know you must be nice enough to look after guests and must be able to fight as well and that they always had their option of getting a job for money, not that I do not lead by example getting jobs myself so they can chase my bottom at the Monarchy. We see even now that when I set up a Book sale business, the simple process of getting along with my friends while I do it, has been overshadowed by a need to provoke me the way Royalty should be provoked specifically and these are a group of people who are complaining about having done everything to save their popularity culture from me to no avail while they continue to hope to build it up on my public image all together; so it’s sort of a case where it gets serious and the Politicians will not be able to save it from me as it were. It’s the same case we spoke of earlier i.e. they were warned from the very beginning of the economic crisis in 2007 about showing up to start a fight with or spending all their attention on me, as it will result in a fight they have lost, time wasted and an inability to return to what they know due to the recently acquired depression and heavy regret of what they should have not done and I am not giving them any, I am not letting them near my public image or personal life to feel good about anything whatsoever; we can all see the examples everywhere, in which my Books help people when they want to run small business and that means the prevalent understanding of my work is that it helps people get rich if they have small businesses and is controlled by the Media – now their Politicians set out a front that says my position is one of economic dead end and I have asked them if we are here because we are planning to get married. It will get around and pick up the best part of my work, in a bid to glorify itself with it make a mess of the whole thing because it knows nothing about it but because it was the best part, the mess he has made leaves incompetence right across the board and I seem to be setting out an argument against it every day if they are not complaining about me as well – so what they do with the whole process is try to make use of the best part of my work and when it had failed they damage it to get back at me and I can feel my heart sink, sick to the stomach, vulnerable to the abuses of their community croons and popularity fools etc. who perform exactly the same behaviour while the other half spends most of its time goading me into a fight that will make them all comfortable and then show up on media to blab about me being a pretender while the problem is that they seldom listen to anything that is being said to them. The spat with Europeans is the bit that is almost amusing; they say we were in a marriage and now believe we will abandon our responsibilities so to speak, hard to locate which responsibilities since it was obvious we got out because it was being made impossible for us to carry out them responsibilities in the first place i.e. it has five children and will raise three as criminals because it’s a tough world and then you get asked what part of it concerns you but if it isn’t the bit where it has been to a law Court before and has found out that the sentence for killing somebody is less if the killer is insane and has become really good at working that bit raising insane children that depend on the system – so there is nothing you can do about it because it is German customer and thinks you have little respect for world powers; what they are saying to us now is that we need to throw a couple of tens of billions at them which will leave us with a National security crisis. Same as the idea I will not have any money unless they say so which is going to be a long wait as they are so stupid they never really say anything. If I point out that it is a matter of the fact it is money insane and it has other whims to attend to as well and is convinced money comes when people are powerful enough to own workers as property and customers too while reality is that it comes through skill and hard work and its children want to be rich and famous in order to escape work but will not settle for a living wage if it is given free of charge – so because it has this children it has raised as criminals, it knows it will increase the probability of ending up with money when politicians co-operate should it spend most of its time abusing you and those children being at a ready to meet violence on you when she gives the go ahead and really enjoys getting to that stage where you cannot question how its Politicians handle you because she will claim that you have violated her, meaning you no longer want to spend time on her as the stupid children that will beat you up have now shown that they know what they are doing and do it because they want to; so the bottom line is that Government Office is not a toy and nobody wants to sit in a chair with papers to read and sign while others are chasing bottom and gawping over body thing, they will say I am a threat to civil rights – but the Europeans are saying they need a couple ten billions of pounds which will leave us with a National security crisis all together. They do say it happened because we stirred up the problem over the idea we were able to get the job done but of course there isn’t a job that wasn’t done before insults stirred up problem that was already done a job; we all know that before they complain about a religious person that has taken civil rights, it will bully and bully and bully over sex right up to a point and due to its need to make use of personality and chase fame and fortune by putting whole communities on peoples public image where useless goons can find an exit for the way they have lived their stupid lives and then when it reaches that stage where it’s about to end up with a lot of power the mortal threats will be one of how you have violated them and we are here in the first place because I cannot stand the sight of that stupid culture and society as well and it’s not even a matter of those insults that dismisses a child to the left over sex that does not make me furious since it has become impossible to work in this Office and look out to the brick wall next door on account they exist. So the Americans always raise the issue but the solution is that it needs a job and whether or not it gets one is not my responsibility – the needs a job bit really works from the ones that are punishing me because my religion depletes income their children should have brought in through selling drugs to the idiots with backward facing husbands who have a thing for my private parts because they live at home all day long and do not have a job, meaning I am unable to work in this Office peacefully and we shall now throw 60 billion pounds at them a Brexit bill.  It’s like the way they work showing up at Obama Care in the US for instance, where we know in the UK one of the most difficult aspects was one of reaching an agreement with Medical practitioners about standardising their pay – it will just slash one off and Obama Care is done; it’s like I was worried when Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone said that the Congestion Charge was important because it helped pay for the Police, the least of our worries is clearly the political bit where we have to wait for Republican Health care in the US as well. it’s like Brexit negotiations being so difficult due to the positions the Politicians have taken but we all know the Europeans are still nursing the dream of peoples empires being torn up to please the crowd and make their own rich because they are going to employ people and therefore have that leverage as such – the British ones say they will find ways of delay and vandalism that will ensure that whole gimmick of losing a fight and being left with depression and regret and unable to return to the Business empires that gets to their heads never really works, at the end of which they will get what they want and both are onto each other’s case; my problem here is that nobody’s civil rights really amounts to such abusively insulting seniority we see people exhibit on media to make money with my public image and get famous in the process or indeed the other story where what their community croons want from me will be given one way or another if I am systematically oppressed – nobody’s civil rights looks like that and the next time the fact I have them under control means Politicians rip up my finances and academics to cause delays that help them catch up, it is the Politicians that will end up with a big problem of their own altogether too; what the recession caused was a divide – Politicians and their business empires on one hand, people and their skills and consumer money on the other, they need to re-establish the relationship and I intend to make it as difficult for them as possible measuring from the continued disobedient vandalism unleashed on my Books and Estate; in the end it is the people who were so good at what they did that the recession itself became an opportunity, that will own the business empires of the future – for my part personally, the training and the skill I developed were neither easy or free or cheap when I had to pay. So they say I have not made any progress after all I have said which is what I am well aware of; an old case where each time it takes going through hell to look after the Trust and the Clients and the Holdings and the Clients shares and Companies, I end up with no income because the idiots that usually pick up my work to get about feeling among with stupid and sexy celebrities made a glossy magazine showing them celebrities exhibit their insanity all over my public image to share it with the masses and it will never give me a breathing space, so I need to make a decision about it too; I used to think the Celebrities only made a deal with the media and had no part to play in the matter, it’s all wasted now and there is no credibility to that supposition whatsoever – as for where it will end being the point where I crush the celebrity culture and popular culture like I said I will, they always say there are other madness in society I never dealt with but we all know that it is the very fact I had it sorted out and wrote a Book on what I did which created the problem they had with my very existence and made me think that where we are now is where they have always wanted to be, tired of living their stupid dreams. It’s not a do or die affair it’s just a spectrum where she wears a frock and straps a drum to her back and walks out to earn some money on popularity pretending sometimes that she was me and its harmless but it is not and it is not okay anymore and I need to stop every one of it big ones and small ones alike as it is clear it will never give me a breathing space. They always claim I do not stand a chance but everybody knows when it’s not getting film roles that is its type cast, so as to prevent a process where like he speaks to journalists who are glowing with fresh ideas and decides that was the missing item from his acting career and tells the journalists about it who cannot do anything because they are look at an idol, therefore thinks I fall for the same charm, it will be obvious that I do stand all the chances in the world for example; like when they say I get away with claiming I am Royalty all the time when it’s a no do mostly but when I do of which it is usually a show off and not because I am showing off i.e. it’s not a meritocracy and should stay that ways makes me breathless and likewise it’s not a meritocracy and should be, so they both do have to explain why I am an Arch Prince for example and hold their breath too; since it is apparently a matter of hard work.