The main case on Brexit they say is that the British want special trading rights and of course this is never the case except for the Politicians and their Public madness goons who see everything others have worked for taken over to create these characters that you will enjoy way laying at the jobs market so much, who always seek exceptional treatment and will jeopardise everything because they have no discretion. The problem however is that of European Politicians claiming this is the position of the whole of the UK making Election based decisions on the EU rigid for the UK as a whole and of course the much bigger case of damaging the British economy because there are discrepancies concerning trade arrangement with the EU by making such claims, which of course we know making a statement such as this will court more privilege seeking insults from Politicians but as I said they do make themselves into character you will enjoy ambushing at the employment market addictively as everything you work for, down to what you do to stand up for yourself is spent already depending on their thirst. Same as this case of high murder rates in London, which is usually a matter of things we see the goons that Politicians support get up to while the Politicians do nothing on social control if they can spend more of their time insulting and chasing those they claim have things they have not yet tasted. What we have of course being these goons, ethnic minorities of not, doing the usual jackal stuff of distracting people from their academics and if told off tell tales of which ones were here in the UK first, so racists might take note too and they say bad things should be happening to me by now which does not make any sense if they are complaining about their vanishing identity because it is the only way to make them understand that it is what happens to mine when they build up that stupid popular culture and celebrity culture on my public image after being told off several times, while I am trying to do or study something very important – now we know that even they could not take those drugs and do that celebrity culture if their identity vanishes as well, we understand each other perfectly and yes they always say that I sort it out before any fighting happens as though they were in a position to do anything about me but as I have pointed out before, it has not gotten serious yet with these idiots who look like characters people can take jobs and careers from talking nonsense about how we are all the same for it while nothing is ever serious to them save the drugs and celebrity. Apparently they are not able to do anything about the community croons that want to tie them down somewhere and extract beauty sleep from them as it were, talking rubbish at me about capability and much the same for the old Men that cannot lay off other people’s health if it is not being used for violence that allows them feel paramount too – the idiots are sure to create a problem for me that I can solve with respect to violence every time I step out of my door because I appear to be standing up to some women in terms of making people understand I am a writer and should be used on Public appearance at a limit because it risks my Business when people do not, doing so of which really should always mark the end of anything I have to do to stand up for myself in public. Its all in the same family therefore; work for it and it is gone with the help of practical jokes and a view these idiots have of themselves and it is becoming more and more serious while they tell me a fight with Media and Celebrities is that I have no chance against, looking like annoying characters I want to wait for at the Global jobs market again.