Now we hear that they had started the day out reasonably before I then decided to wind people up and it is so annoying mainly because the parents will comprise of the men who want to tell me what to do and finger my bum while the women want to abuse me with stereotypes to be famous and appear on advertisement but it is the stupid kids that constitute the reasons that no time table I have ever works because they are completely relentless – you don’t get any more reasonable a start to any day than that I suppose with a big mouth. It annoys me so much because what they really mean when they say mine was okay before I then got off to rile people and make it worse, is that the whole process where you meet people on the streets and on walking past you there is such a massive level of mob involvement which ends with making you feel publicly shamed by fingering your bum and feeling good at the other end, reason being that they have problems, has now paid off in a grand way and they have settled me in their own area of society where I am supposed to achieve everything or leave and leave behind my history for their overexcited and really stupid children to get off their case with like the Labour party wrecked my finances to help them do – this is what they mean mine was okay before I then decided to wind people up and it is annoying and insulting to a fault as it were – those fucking kids of theirs mean no time table ever works around here and we got where we are now because of relentless abuse for every occasion of staying up late to work in an Office in the first place and this cannot be a behaviour that is either ignorant or innocent or indeed reasonable a fucking start to any day. It’s usually at this stage I get told I create the sense I am white and that it robs me of everything whereas everybody else knows they all really love it – some need to wreck my finances and get into my view as it is the answer to being important, it is the one they know but never the school and study bit as it were and so it has become regular a story about how I steal from white culture and how I steal from black culture and how steal from this culture and that including how I sleep with peoples wives and steal it that way and we hear these bastards talk about some killing they will do over that stupid culture and society while they are still a collection of people living with whom every involvement damages property so I am only asking what shall be done with the fucking damage especially involvement based ones that are inescapable, considering if they sold that stupid culture and society we would not have been here in the first place as all their foolish money problems would have been long solved. I hear there is a link between falling revenue in poor countries and my behaviour and they say it is that I do their causes; their causes obviously bit being the one about which the bloody fools have learned nothing so far – as we all know what the parameters of war is but they must handle my work and get about deciding whom to kill first and when done with the killings then decide they want to revert to parameters of war and the only way they can escape getting more from me now is if they blow up those stupid ear drums of theirs as it were. Beyond that the reality is still that it does wonders for a Company that brokers equities with me at the emporium to create a £250,000 of which £50,000 is paid by the customer for an aesthetic function that is being used by an insolent black bastard that can get involved with a black kid that is one of his sons somewhere in Africa to do his own and we are not talking about my own account yet either – that has been completely destroyed by such behaviour and when I had settled the issue, they had already gone off on media to keep the spoof ; so if anybody is asking why I have taken steps to decimate those stupid developing economy supply routes they have their answer right here.; it might be fun and it might feel good and it might make popular culture wealth of which they know there is a link between that and falling book sales for my company too in the first place but before somebody dies over that stupid culture and society, I am sure they want to pay for the fucking damage first.  In the end they all so it and I have bit of my own for each and for everybody, this is just me being really angry about a story they tell of getting off to a reasonable start on the day before I then riled them with that big mouth.  So if I need to reason with them, it’s a simple matter of my trade alliances with for instance the Chinese who supply goods to UK super markets; reality of course when economic crisis hits, its these supply routes that suffer the most but why is it is important? It is important because of facts like how we might have thought that Politicians exploring the gap between their offices and the prison service to mess up peoples families was the end of the world but we now know they can do better and are now best friends with fat cats as well using them to do their state provided security (the easy bit where people wreck my property and finances to secure some added value they can offer the customers they serve and abuse because those have money to spend and nobody has to stay out of their view while serving them so it’s as easy as having your cake and eating it as it were – nobody there is serving a customer that has just spent the last of his £20 on a product in store for instance and hence knows lots of shit about customer serve thereof); I have nothing left to ensure these families get their supplies and their jobs except my trade alliances and people need to stay away from it or watch a link between my actions and falling revenues in their stupid countries play out (keep off my Books and clear my space). We hear on one hand those tales of course that they are developing some homosexual relations with me as all my mates have gone ahead of me, its utter nonsense of course but it should be noted it’s the one they don’t complain about when they talk regardless of which years ago media got to their heads and I was to bring that my life and lay it down before them to get where they want to be with and now they have no more media save made up versions I have to chase up all the time spending extra energy that is a situation they pass off as a sign they have made me suffer until their lives have been recuperated. On the other hand they say it’s the Politicians that are getting me which is utter nonsense because what happens is that these idiots get involved with things and damage them to feel good all the time – the 15 year experiment here is over and we have seen all we need to see about how they want to handle everything so they can damage it and create the sense people think they are low life’s but are actually respectable – only pure wickedness operates in that way and I do not wish to go down the religious route but it should be noted we are here because they always like to assume the righteous will never challenge them which they do not seem to realise is a prognosis that is wrong every single time. There is no customer service gauntlet thrown down by me either – I am the one directing the course of an economic crisis by customer service bargaining they are not – the thieving ones who will not run their businesses away from any derivatives grabbed off my Royal Estate and Empire and the Morals of my faith and public life who then have the real customer service skills and kill off my Books to make out there is viable reason for their behaviour at Media and the luxury market place all the time. I don’t think it is a complicated matter, it’s an example of irritating processes of bumping into things – this one has to do with stopping people plugging product sales into my public life and Royal Estate, so when I stop them keep what they had learned – it’s usually the stage where I use my faith for morals and they use it for good feelings and I wish to find out what they will do as I will never ever let them make money with faith in that way, see what they will do with the claimed theft of ancient civilisations by me and so on, so what they will do when every means it can happen is shut down by me, see what will become of those who want to preach me instead of the Gospel. It’s like Animal conservation; we hear talk now of the value of hunting to economies, whereas the reality has always been like Obama went to Africa to speak of people not chasing black people with sticks, an old story of corruption and greed about which America speaks on one hand and farts on the other; I mean unless I don’t have a personality of my own, there is no reason a specialist manufactured Lion that is four times the size of the real one in the Middle of my massive living room wouldn’t make me more impressive than having a dead and skilled living one in its place – usually this is the kind of situation where they say if I said things like that more often, then fingering my bum might be because they like me – utter nonsense, they are only taking revenge because I have ruined their organised crime; before then it was all yapping about being able to do an undo with me to a point where they can use organised crime money to make a new life in which I am poor and they are rich and straight but now they are clearly doing it without the help of the Politicians who wreck my finances for them so anything I do to deal with the issues or about anything else they might like can be copied and added onto them for the rest of my existence to keep them above and dominant of me in some form of oppression. The rest are idiots getting themselves into trouble who have now reached a point where they have damaged my Book sales to a stop and now know they need a copy of my Book for any involvement with me. In their defence they say Mr Obama does not like my Books but we all know they behave like that when they wish to abuse others with a few daft daughters they have, it’s the bit we never hear spoken in public but it’s all so very simple i.e. I would like to live in the US, it’s a great place but it is much, much too loose for me, it’s me and the Brits and I am not interested in what their President likes – so my Books are supposed to be a quiet place where I earn my living from my work and their history of prising mafia that murder people has just developed into something else on that stupid media which means I want them to clear my space as well, so overall especially the influencing Americans without permission, on the quiet place where I earn my living in peace thing, we are not progressing very well. It’s never been an issue, I have trouble tolerating their insults and social democracies and I have had enough after 15 years of destruction around here too – at the moment the way it plays out is that I want black people to leave me alone and stay away and I have tried to  explain it’s not just their supply routes that gets damaged when a war break out or means that is just mysterious to them so they can hurt their foolishness even further with witchcraft only that I will get after, there is also the stock and International markets too; reason is that I cannot expect those who live on £12,000pa to just get off and become customers of a company so we can lead ourselves into the future – I can only do it by relying on my trade allies and giving them lots of equity and discounts, so it’s the bottom line really and Obama does not like my Books is not an excuse, people can buy from the websites and I will sign it directly. The general excuse is always that of how it is all about making people feel inferior to me which it isn’t; it’s about writing a book and dreading it to the world if you wanted and people being civil enough to get their copy if they liked it – it’s about civility and whether or not they are making monsters out of others – like that tales of talented tortured soul here in the UK that causes me the need to see how deep the rabbit hole goes for instance or a tale about a star being overused which can become an excuse for anything – we need to see how they do their own as well, it is vital; they say I think men are my problem but its women are but  never said anything of sort, they are the ones that think kicking them is life itself when its just daily trading and example being how reasonable they started the day today - it was fucking reasonable alright.