They claim I am responsible for divisions in the Country because the Politicians are not in charge of me and it beats the imagination every time; we all know that bringing up such nonsense as a major form of Government level practical joke which Politicians have fallen in love with, therefore not stopped while the Country is managing a pandemic, is not necessarily prove of intelligence. The situation in the Country is that a part of the population has gone on to clear out the shops in a bid to keep themselves supplied while in isolation, we all know it is now being used as a weapon against those who have been chasing their bums to continue that abusive process where their stupidities have got money and lesser people are dealing with more and more problems that others create because they do not wish to get into a fight, that their stupidities love to follow me around and wreck my academic work with, as though it is usually easier for people to do what they want when this happens. The other part of the population had however decided they wanted to get infected and then get around infecting everybody else. So I suppose according to some idiots in Parliament who are probably in league with foolish Media that tell us nothing of the International stage National Politicians they want to pull off using this pandemic because they are far more interested in looking after their Industrial interests, feeding people an information that comes to sum of, do not panic buy but self-isolate because you cared about others, running off their stupidities on the part that Celebrities who travel a lot had played to ensure people were informed that self-isolation was incredibly important and hanging around somewhere to pretend that the general public were stupid and it’s impossible to understand why they have refused to self-isolate. This is how it works; that a House wife is good at looking after a family as always seems to come up with an idea everyday happens because she works at it, a pandemic is something we have never experienced and we will as common people come up with a way to protect ourselves when we have slept on the problem for long enough and this usually means that by the time we did, some will have fallen victims to it – those in Government buildings should not face the same situation because they are at the heart of decision making process when they had decided to make a global stage pandemic into an economic war, when they had decided the Media should spend days dividing up the country to protect industrial interests and every other method by which a plan for controlling the disease will be devised. Don’t get the wrong idea, this is not the time to apportion blame as such but I can blame them for the fact that they panicked because the disease spread so quickly on account that they did not spend time to think about the problem, they did not sleep on it like an average house wife sleeps on the business of running a family. I know for instance that each time I have a difficult issue to think about, sleeping on it allows me to run through everything I know and eventually I come up with at least 25% of the answer for the problem to work, hopefully I had enough time to solve the actual problem all together but we have a government that is not sleeping on this very serious matter at all, a Parliament full of bigots who have started ideas on how I am responsible for and notorious for issues that are dividing the Country, when there is no evidence to support the idea I am actually engaged in such activity, no evidence whatsoever ever not even circumstantial types.

Whenever Administration issues are considered, we are always talking about people and Government always talks about people in terms of three sectors only – the elderly, the dependants and the middle aged; we can see they are far more engaged in parliamentary practical jokes than they are in the business of which of these three groups will ensure that the population got their food, medicine and sanitation and that if this group were protected, it was possible to extend such protection to the rest but until then, most of the rest will self-isolate and it’s impossible to tell how they decide which part is my fault because I am not being led and beaten down by idiots that want to win elections by securing promotion where they did not work for or deserve it. Even now, whilst the lives of normal people are that we come across this difficult public problems and by the time we has slept on it and come up with a way to manage, some will not have survived but still this sort of leadership and the media fools behind it are spending most of their time deciding how we were going to be men most of the time, so it’s still in a social sense difficult to make sense of which part they believe is my fault as such.

They say it’s a difficult problems for me and this fills them with satisfaction but it is not in any way whatsoever; I am an Arch Prince and they are not important, it’s impossible to tell what is really wrong with them, what their problem is or who indeed they believe they are talking too all together – on the subject however, if the silly part that has gone on to clear out the shops in order to gain all the power in the world over those who chased their bums because they had money, the question they must now answer is that of which problems they had solved exactly, since doing this does nothing about COVID-19. The others who speak of getting infected and infecting everybody by not self-isolating have solved the problem in question too. Hence both now have opinions and I suppose they are channelling those at me, talking nonsense about my attitude with a big mouth. This is Government and has nothing to do with their foolish Media and Celebrity gimmicks which entire purpose is to seek out if people had built a finance base and a social life and devise a way to get rich quick through it – here we help people build the finance base and the social life; in this Office the process of building the finance base is Crown business and what the Queen provides them security for, while I am mostly responsible for the social life, which is the reason I run my concerns with a Court system occupied by female journalists and Coven system for Fashion models and various other meeting arrangements I have developed over the last decade and a half for the work I do here. The difficulty they brag about all the time will be best expressed when I thought their assault on general public personal finance and social life had reached crisis point; it will be the stage at which I began my attack as well and the sex industry will be one of the most important tools for it.

Now I am said to spend most of my time engaging with matters that are too much for me. I could never understand it anyway since what really happens is their community croons filling in everything else that they appear not to have violated around my concerns with abusive insults that get people keeping an eye on my body to say the least, all run off at the premise of the stupidities they invent with communities of men and violent lasciviousness which they now look as though they cannot shut down when it makes me desperate without help from me to shut it down for them by. The output of this nonsense is generally that my career had been taken from me and the big problem we all face as a society now, including their stupid media friends, is that I have refused to give into the insanity that came with it – how it is that my inability to give into insanity added up to a problem people faced as a community beats my imagination but when their stupidities do explain it as a sign that I take up things that are too much for me, I suppose I am sold.

I do not think that the matter is a crisis, we have ended up here because of years of insults from them which has not secured a response from me and I do not intend to start responding to it either; I simply cannot tell what they find so appealing about the insults but the part that will add up to a serious problem for them is when their need to drive around insulting saloon cars, building communities that get imagination up my bum, at the same time their children wreck everything about my livelihood each time I have it figured out. Mostly I am not responsible for their safety and wellbeing and a response to their idiocy is likely to produce an outcome that goes on and on and pushes the extremists further into a state of social upheaval, some sort of Nazism volume 3 so to speak, so their stupidities is not something I wish to respond to but it does need to stop issuing threats at me every time it attends Parliament, since it is quite clear that should I take up their own on the streets, I would be the one said to be behaving dangerously all together.

They do love to boast but they are not a threat to me in anyway; so far everything I have worked for has now been factorised on the basis of whether or not they are bigger and stronger, should I take it up, the outcome will be a need to see them tidy up the public problems while I supervised until it was clearly done. The younger ones can easily show up here to start out as a handful of gits who wreck the academic work and finances because I have no wish to get into a fight while they passed exams and made money and have no wish to get into a fight bearing in mind they are the ones with money, soon it progresses to a stage of the girlfriends offering me as a gift to them to help look after their stupid relationships and not long after spicing up the foolish deviant nonsense they spend their time on whether it made babies or not at my expense as insultingly as possible. The girls likely begin disobediently claiming they know men like me and I was meant to be gay so women might be powerful and while their stupidities complain it has not stopped, while black boys claim I wouldn’t dare get after them when I have made it simple enough, their corrupt civil rights idiocy or not, I am actually not a relative of theirs. I do get asked if I have a prognosis for this behaviour naturally and yes I do; they are a handful of people who are entirely evil – most of what I have described here are born out of a process where working for money does not appeal; so they need to wreck the lives of finances of those that can be bullied into extremism and the lives and finances of those that are talented enough to facilitate stealing in a condition where the Law cannot have a say, then hang around working both ends.

The threats are all good but on an administrative position, it goes without saying the possibility to showing them exactly what they are fooling around with – the no work and need for riches at other people’s expense as a community and what the economic output is and how it will affect them where they lived as families, becomes ever more real considering this sense I have very little choice due to the access they have got to a Media presence through which pushing problems on me all day long is nothing compared to what they will do if I responded in a way that added up to a business of taking out those problems, what has become evident being the way the insults affect my health and the comments affect my Bookshop, which creates the two issues that are really going to ensure the matter develops into something far more serious. The theory I cannot do anything about them is not an emotive one, reality is that I have created this scenario as well where dropping out of University means that the Middle Class were the ones whose money was being collected in taxes to look after the poor, while the lower class where the ones that always had to buy products, so it’s their money people deploy to get rich otherwise they can simply stop buying products if they wanted to tackle my version of being a completely uncontrollable pain like they are for me. Once I have settled up on the sense that their assault on the work with do at Government to help people build family finances and to get a social life has reached crisis point, I will launch my own attack as well and the sex industry will be a major tool for it.

Their Celebrities are usually a bunch of busy body goons naturally but their business has now produced an effect here whereby I am currently studying Business and Law at College, to get on and study Law and Business Admin at University later this year but each time people bounce off me on relationship matters, it’s entirely because of how Celebrities have come up with ideas on how I should be used and meaning then that an ability to establish a relationship with others is now in their hands, which is the source of everything they complain about i.e. when I meet people I affect them but since I don’t have a female half that is more comfortable with talking on my behalf, doing the talking churns peoples tummy and their gimmicks that add up to insults which facilitate a means of extracting money from my income margins are now progressing towards an ending that will not leave them feeling comfortable. So we hear them speak of how I talk but they have their popular culture to play with which I guess then makes sense of the assumption I will be getting after Television and Radio trouble makers that run it off for them all day long, whose own position in the matter is that it had become quite clear they should not be allowed a moments peace as well.

Even now, when I speak of my academic work, we find them make statements about it being nice to know that I am operating on an academic basis, which we all know can likely produce an outcome where HM decided I didn’t need it and it had to be shut down, so we can see why they and their Politicians are set to complain about me more loudly into the future. Some have asked why I am studying when I don’t need the academic work but I am doing it because of a handful of tools that I need – we can see when I get factory work it simmers and when I get a security guard job all hell breaks loose. They will say it’s the way I run my career to provoke them naturally but we all know it is just as provocative to pervert my Royal Bookshop into some abandoned historical ruin that people can secure their modern ideas about renaissance from, each time their middle management stupidities are asked to sell products by companies that are paying them enough to make them rich – I mean that the way to bring about economic recovery is to control employee behaviour is quite unprecedented a theory for people to promulgate and hang around somewhere abusing me all day long to slow me down and get ahead, as though there was empirical evidence that human beings are usually so stupid. So I have had a need to ensure that those abuses that are due to them driving around the insulting saloon cars to build communities that get imagination up my bum, did not just develop into how I thought the fact they are bigger than I am factorising everything I have worked for my entire life, should produce outcomes where they were solving violent public problems while I ensured all of it was completely solved as though we lived in a utopia, especially since letting me go having decided so was impossible for them but also into a matter of the fact starting from my Books, the fundamental way in which human beings engage with products at the Market was to buy cash, save up for it or secure themselves a credit facility to acquire in the immediate and pay later. The Intellectual property administration aspects being that their middle management insults tended to suggest I broke applicable equities with Multinational companies but cannot protect myself, which must be disputed and the Children must keep their distance from my Books and shut down the insulting comments, all business of following me around at academic institutions brought to a stop.

They claim there is merit in this idea that getting out of an economic crisis can only be done by controlling workers, I rather do suppose that such stupid ideas indicate we are in safe territory for my part – I mean we know mixing blue and red makes black, mixing blue, red and green would make something else entirely, so would mixing red and green make something else entirely as well; it is usually an indication of which one rose through the ranks by abusing young people and women during employment, having no outstanding talents whatsoever.

They claim my position concerning Celebrities is confusing but it isn’t; what happens is that they spend half my time on the fact the Men in their world which is far superior to mine, are abusive, then they spend what is left on the fact that they want to do all their fame and fortune gimmicks in such a world all together instead of mine, when I look again at my finance base, it’s all vanished. So the other Celebrities that I built the history with operated in a way whereby they may make a music video for instance and it will be set on what I have done with my Office but will talk about something else entirely, which solved every aspect of the problems these fools show up here to pick work roles from this hermitage and raze my concerns to the floor literally, were talking about. So it feeds into this idea that there is low level of trust between me and Politicians first of all and also the fact that they do it due to the sort of Political leadership that encourages them to i.e. Politicians will pick up issues concerning trouble makers I kept out of my life and career before I was 17, spend some years of time to get them back in and then make me do something about it while they got ideas on how to administrate public office and it is entirely expected, since otherwise regardless of how challenging this might be, the alternative will be processes of bashing in to squeeze balloons – I mean I do it as well when I set out the Celebrity issue with respect to the activities of the Prince of Wales, as a matter about which HRH can get back into it if he wanted to before I cleared out the current issues on account men spend most of their time thinking of nothing save getting others stuck somewhere to get round and round one task after another, which I am also able to reciprocate. The output being that the upbringing of Celebrities was done in hell, so when they saw I had written a Book, picked out my Public image to make a mess of it and get me working for them on the same basis, which has also produced this outcome that they are not entitled to anything around here. I have been told that Americans whom I cannot match are behind it and yes they are but the last time we checked, they said that the business of spending money on people who pass insults at me, so it appears when people insult me their business becomes profitable, as well as the process of spending money to threaten every person that is interested in what I am doing, was something they did to control organised crime but had not really answered the question of whether I was an organised criminal. So we are now left with the part where this nonsense is used to facilitate low lives getting imagination up my bum, socialist idiots making financial success out of insults and a process of getting a job only if the incentive is that I was going to fail at doing mine for personality based promotion and it is developing into something of the business of making sure every American idiot that harms me, the same way the stupid Celebrities behave in a way that suggests they view me as a punching bag, will get an appropriate response but for now we make it as simple as the fact I am done tolerating their involvement with my Books and the stupid comments they make around my Public image must now come to an end.