Now there is the matter of my work and the controversies around my opinions about the Heir to the British throne, the truth about this is that it is not an opinion, it is an equity and of course it is such confusions that I want to ensure I completely stifled and media goons have no more opinions about my work, even though I will not give up manipulating them into doing the new reporting in the honest way no matter how evil they might be. What must be taken into account is that although I have never really met the Prince of Wales in person, he knows what I look like perfectly and it is the way my work operates as well, that I am a distant member of the royal family that has never really met any member of the royal family in person – so my work is basically me and the people I sell my books to and the UK as a Nation, its interests and the Equities of the Queen herself and my fans; hence in this context I wrote things like my need to get an apology from the Prince of Wales which I know I cannot get anywhere in hell or something like that and indeed have written pieces which criticise his actions on this website too but above all is the need to deal with a collection of really silly men who speak of a transition from Queen to King as the succession will be and what privileges lie in store for them, even unto which parts of my life and work and activities must be kept for them to lay claims to at such a time and so they play those stupid games like that with the Prince of Wales’s work and business and believe they can play them with me too when they are aware already I find it incredibly difficult to tolerate them, hence like I did with those who play those kinds of Games with the Duke of Edinburgh I had settled on the fact I will handle their case better if I grabbed and sold their entire world, over very flimsy reasons and light purposeful activities which I made possible through a book I wrote on a platform of sardonic humour, they hate it so much therefore but with the usual insolence will not be seen anywhere else but where the books are, knowing their behaviour was especially offensive to me because it puts my work and business between two Monarchs of different sexes technically, which in actual fact has really got nothing to do with anybody else. This is not to say my position and opinions are not important, it is to reiterate that what I write are not opinions but equities and need to be seen and treated like such, so that I might be able to finish the job and move on too like everybody else. In the US however, the matter of the US President Mr Obama with respect to my work simply is as I make it due to the fact that it draws from a process of the general operation of government office from a prognosis of corruption, when we all know that Law operates on the basis of dispute and it is irrelevant therefore whether or not people believe that religion should mould peoples lives and especially so when laws are made; besides which it is through his leadership that trouble makers have been able to play both sides of wickedness and social extremism as well as being in a position to gain the most from the good work that other people do, because they have money and popular fame to move around with and especially insufferable for me of course is the fact that their desire to see something done about me so that they can is something that has been given them and fulfilled; not that it matters to me as such in any case but such things only happen when leaders and politicians have a serious dilemma with morality, when in actual fact it is not for them to clear up the arguments that immoral and evil people make, just because they want to win elections, bearing in mind that as soon as they get into public office what is required of them is to work with facts of what is clear people need and of course the requirements of an office; I suppose I was just to insignificant to them to consider that such things being done to me will lead to real consequences and this is the part that draws up the question of whether I now need to make compromises because I could not be suppressed or because they had lost a certain sight of very important facts that they needed to be aware of; all that is left as expected being the lee way to what their stupid girls can do with my profit margins and earnings all over the world, following their good looking appearances, the fact I am heterosexual (???) and their greed.