The great old story is that I have a problem with those who checked their attitude and were able to get involved with somebody that made them wealth through fame, what I can do therefore is attack them for it so they might deploy the money to rob me of my own fame in order to prove I am wrong when I say they are not famous i.e. instead of watching my attitude so I can get involved with people who have money in order to solve financial problems and take care of everything else in the process I would rather spend my time on what people achieve simply by watching their behaviour and then attack others simply because they have become wealthy and famous because of it and I have no idea who is supposed to fit into their insolent boxes in the first place anyway but its utter nonsense – its insults like this we are talking about in the first place, I want them to keep their media and popular culture mouths firmly shut concerning my affairs and business since all my wealth is tied up in equities and holdings and the only way I can release the money when I need it without sharing any with their stupid selves is precisely when that happens long enough to let me. As for their fame freaks, those have the money now and nobody cares what they spend it on – I have been very clear for my part that they are not famous and need to keep away from  me as I have had enough too. It’s the old story that these things happen because of what they want to find out and plagiarise with media; and on this occasion that would be the fact rich people behave as though they are poor and poor people as though they are rich since both occupy their places in their lives and keep it the way we all see it for a reason while they just have a feeling that they are famous and need to access to media to plagiarise peoples work, abuse peoples finances, sell out peoples personal life and spend other peoples days to show they are famous when they are not. I for my part obviously am just the guy who has things that people don’t and I want them to keep their mouths firmly shut around all my concerns as that clearly is the only financial problem I have got at the moment, all done using that mad media and popular culture. It’s not a serious matter – it just gets to a point of being attacked all the time so they can get off telling everybody around them that they won your place in the world fair and square and should have been able to keep it, except that you cheat and are gay and have the kind of sex that disrespects your parents simply because it is the respect for your leadership and authority they have a problem with was always eventually going to lead to an outcome where they are impulsively angry and are talking nonsense about violence all the time, considering that what they explain themselves away with using other people’s lives and work does not necessarily imply they do not know what they are doing or that it was never pre-planned in the first place – it’s about freedom.

So the problem with black people is not continuing as such anyway all together – there is talk of it but I don’t think it is; after all its ever so difficult and ever so expensive to go round that bend over and over again to chase them up for following me about to cause me lots of loss creation; so I go from getting about with Royalty to getting about with rich people to getting about with poor people to getting about with people that are likely to commit crimes and now I am getting about with inventive black people who love to issue threats at me for self improvements and they will never mention it when we hear them complain that they find it ever so difficult to let people be as well. So if they had stopped following me around and their white male journalists and popular culture idiots had stopped showing up on media with opinions of how my work and public life should be spent, there will be no problems; after all its about the fact they have not a foggiest clue what they are doing socially and culturally and religiously and politically but the problem they have concerns my leadership due to the fact they know of people who are more worthy, looking for trouble. Its the same for media men, as long as they stopped turning up in public places to decide how my possessions should be spent, in order to issue threats about how I can take them on but know racists will kick my butt, in their case its much the same process of looking for trouble all the time too and having great imaginations which suggests nothing will come of it that harms them as well as they put a name to their stupid faces and carry on all day long everyday. It is said I try to get along with the high and mighty but am myself a total failure who does not know what shame is but I am not; its just five years ago when somebody left the Office of the prime Minister and all the entourage that goes with it to chase me about in the University putting a tag on me that suggests I am a Christian that was meant to die so they can have a life they never had and that my parents had decided so and they are there to claim what rightfully belongs to them, a gift that my parents had given and when that ended my achievements and respect for me as a person was replaced with another publicity built existence that said I am a witchdoctor extraordinary which is usually followed by lots of abusive name calling that their block head children in schools have begun to learn as well like my actions are not hurting badly enough yet so far; so they are telling me all about it at this stage as people stupid lives the game of how much problems they can create and stuff into my personal life since it is clear that the more I get rid of them is the more famous those who own me and can use me to get things done to boost their public image and fame make progress does not seem to be getting any easier no matter what they do. It is not a seriously complicated matter as such; the reality is that all socialist movements are fundamentally racist – the basically believe in an ideology developed by the person who discovered the genome and fundamentally believe that some race of people will be extinct at a certain point in time, so they want to handle your finances and tell you that you protest against them because you are ungrateful for the things they do about racism concerning which when asked to there is nothing you can do and this is them at their kindest most of the time – the main issue therefore is always to prevent them from converting other peoples beautiful kids so as to gain an access to a public life that allows them have their way with the crowd whenever they wish, to say one thing while the general populous feels another and claim the purpose is to facilitate wealth inequality and justice by giving power back to the masses and we all know it means that the entire world can know a thing belongs to somebody and then their minds will be bent into a place where that thing can be said to belong to another without social problems emerging because people are too scared to mention it. I am not saying capitalists are not selfish but socialists aspire to that and want to be able to do it with other peoples property claiming that capitalists steal all they own; so this is my view of the world and we can go on about them and what they get up to for eternity considering that I believe this to be the truth 100%. What we are dealing with here at this point is a privilege of injustice that is necessary for the nepotism that is required for them to have a well being and just like the operation of society means a conspiracy of people concerning whom you can never do anything right if you are wealthy or good looking, it does tend to seem their wickedness will know no limits with that big mouth showing up on media all the time and I want them to stay off my Books and clear my space for my part as well and they will do it the way I want it or they will do it the way they want it to be too. They do say I cannot back up such things on a global stage of course, when they catch their breath after I threaten their very existence too but it is a piece of cake for me anyway and they know that too – I don’t want them following me around, saving my life from so called enemies that exists on their media and in their heads, handling my property, creating me losses and getting involved with my Court or Personal life. They have damaged my livelihood at a limit now; every time they have nothing to complain about concerning me, it’s always 100% damage all day long. So for the democratic versions of them who have worked out the corruptions of a lifetime, it’s the same as ever – men get involved with my Court because they want to spend everything in it and make their lives a breeze and the media are leading from the front and so it has come down to this process of pointing to encumbering on the left all the time, meaning the question of what it is they suppose will happen when they cannot grab my fame while I dropped to obscurity with their big mouth. So its the old story of the things I cannot back up, meaning they have calculated the cost of a fight with me and found it profitable and are therefore ready for the risks. Its nothing emotive; the reality has always been that when their girls put on a lipstick and make their hair and walk around like they wish the Nation was at War with itself, then they can locate certain people and extract an income from the public life and the perks of the jobs of such persons but it gets to a point where you stopped preventing the bad things from happening and decide your only concern now is to work out if or not you have training needs when you are at a job and let them build the bad reputation that will mean they cannot leave you alone on one hand and cannot get a job from the market on the other. Its nothing unusual as such: its a case of walk by somebody on the streets and he mutters and threatens a stolen career and stolen thing he has been planning which is what the insults of their media and popular culture is all about and you get to a stage where you no longer deal with the part where they sing your public life and report your public life then create more problems into it and start all over again in the next 24 hours when done, like they can give to the frugal and you get into the part where they end up in your career as well so we might find out, every time you check yourself to see if you have a training need for your career and so on while at work and so it is fair to mention as such and let them know they are now ready to head for the part where they have such a bad reputation nobody wants to employ them on one hand and hate my guts intensely like they love to fantasise about on the other – the tale of what Prince’s do with jobs whenever they apply for and get them as it were. I am not a failure as such its a matter of my view of what the world is and this is just one of them too as it were – their incredible stupidities, that you see your people and followers throw away all the time if children behave in that way following you around to spend your earnings and public life everyday – they have problems they say and are looking for some of mine too I guess; so I could always live in my class and let them be alright and they could always keep their insults, stay away from me, get off my Books and clear my space too; so of course I am aware there are Royals that do not like me but we do not need information on those, we know they will sleep with anything and make money through absolutely any means and get after anything the media suggests is creating a problem for their money madness like the media idiots who want to spend my possessions all the time would want them and foolish black people and certain racist too - and it tends therefore to imply I have an inability to stay out of trouble because they control my life and we all know they control squad and I need to lose them.Its really nothing to worry about, this whole case of where I am heading with journalists and celebrities; its a simple one about the fact I am in for the long haul, I intend to devise my own fun too which will be rewarding for me and see them writhing in pain too – the warning stands, nobody here is interested in their problems and my Court is female only, I need them to keep their mouths firmly shut about my affairs and concerns as that is the only way to release my money when I need it without sharing any with them. Its just come to that point where the rich pretend to be poor and poor pretend to be rich and in each case it is my property that gets spent, right up to the part where they chose whom I can get involved with and tell stories that I steal the benefits of being the spouse of a female journalist from their husbands and so on; so the idea that I am always angry is false, this is enough to drive anybody mad and more so if it happens everyday and gets taken up a notch depending on whether they wish to extricate controversy to make news with. So there is always that question of what I think the real problem people have with me actually is but its the old story of those who lead from behind aka me and need to be forced outside, a problem with my authority and how they can be in a place where I have it all but beg them for the leadership and therefore power share and get told what to do, except they have evolved and so in my case I can be bullied and that will happen at random – same sort of provocation and attack and abuse by Political persons that always take care of Number one at all times especially when push comes to shove; they must be selfish with another persons possessions, they must be selfish with their own possessions and must be able to do whatever they like turning up around my work to get sensitive to everyone of their stupid feelings which will result in an outcome where they are me and I am them and the media ones say there will be trouble when and if they cannot become me while I fall into obscurity. So there aren’t many English people inclined to behave the way I do, I simply carry on that way because I do not see to be rude enough to deter them yet as it were; its about freedom too.

They do say the things I say are bigger than I am of course but everybody knows its just what they think at the moment before then it was insults galore because they are evil and the part where I drew lines and established normalcy without harming the general population, in fact improving their lives was actually a fluke, something which happened out of pure chance and a process where I took advantage of civil rights other died to create, now its reality again as it were. I don’t think it is a complicated matter, it gets settled when the blacks say there is nothing I can do with those stupidities that I see exasperate parents to a point where they think they want to throw away their children who behave in such ways – civil rights that destroyed everything and when you repair it he copies and gets the better of you on media and then wants more for instance but in terms of black people it also involves the business their parents and grandparents are doing which only makes profit if they finger your bum or finger your bum as a community, so its clear those who talk about it can do nothing and are also responsible for the actions of those who shoot them for it. I for my part have always been clear the importance of making sure people are not violated that only happens when they have nice little earners, especially those of them that have already got employment – the verbal abuse however is the part where we hear black women talk nonsense about success being a function of being relentless and the yapping nothing I can do I want them to stop following me around as a people and put an end to keeping any history of previous involvement to try and make money with – I have warned them in any ways to stop making money in this way as it were. They do say when they fight fr civil rights, people like me don’t appreciate it until things go wrong; in the past it did due to the fact they are stupid and have not got a clue what they are doing at any time whatsoever, so that even when segregation had begun it was still horse play right up to the academic environment for instance, today they have found a new preoccupation that is my Empire and Royal Estate alliances renaissance, whether or not to compare to how they live in ghettos in South Africa or Jamaica for instance where they were superior to me; so the idea I have my own community and friends and do not need them as well does not seem to make any sense, they enjoy it as a prognosis of evil that is safe for them in terms of the law and hurts me in every way imaginable and become more and more obsessed with its use, such that every little hurtful thing gets many times as maximised while they have come to use it as a weapon claiming I am one of them and hence they should have been able to use me like an item to get rich and not the white man which gives me this sense I will need to control whom they can get involved with as well to ensure I damage their livelihood whenever I so desire.