Now I understand that we wonder what people are doing striking down a military intervention and what we need to do to explain it to them as well, I do not believe that is necessary either; the reality is that people want to get their opinions from bearded bigots who have been in our society for tens of centuries before now and will be for tens of centuries now after, then expect that they will have some kind of short cut from where they want so they do not have to perform things such as buy my books for example if they want information from it, knowing that bearded bigots always oppose anything that looks like authority all the time. However if I am to be helpful, then the reality is supposed to be the clear understanding people need to have that military interventions do not just happen – they are things that build up over a long period of provocation and the reasons we have that difficulty is because the diplomats are not doing their jobs, when the girls and the cultural changes and the commercial life and the money and the travelling around is more important, bearing in mind that whenever others have tried to get the job they should be doing underway, such persons will get into trouble over all kinds of diplomatic and insolent and violent nonsense that looks like international war in people’s lives as well, hence it is impossible for them to interpret these laws or explain them to people as to why the US would want to attack Syria when their president kills their own people and there is a UN law that gives the US the duty to act on the basis of the need to protect. So it is the same old story; small businesses getting struck down by the Syrian government and all those other goons that pretend they do not know why they provoke the US and why the US is provoked by them – every little small business person that makes any move gets a hammering for no reason whatsoever and they have all got it worked out too in the sense that developing economies can never be a bad thing, so it is the small prints that are playing out now, situation at hand being that chemical weapons have been used in the attack of Political opposition in Syria; so far evidence is circumstantial of people dying of the classic symptoms and we await UN findings on samples collected which have also been systematically contaminated by a government in Syria that has nothing to hide when it comes to proving they have not used such weapons on civilian populations as well. We can understand when the people express a wish saying they have no more appetite for war but this matter will have to be resolved and we all know we cannot put much blame on the Politicians either; all they can do is a simple case of one more swipe at a small person or small business around here and bombs will land on your city centres and they have not been doing that – they have been very remarkably well behaved.

The other story has more to do of course with my exact character and nature but of course it is no new story there is a royal village in this Country where the best of culture and society is looked after and governed by a Monarch and that I am one of the youngest to hold one of such estates in the various roles people have been assigned. The problem people have with me is their insults and how it causes me to lose a grip on the ancient Nature of a royal estate which then means I seem to have a life where I get involved with the real world and even their modern nonsense made up for me to wake up every day to counter on their stupid media and the book’s sales are the only way out for me so I can be free of their stupidities, as well as the only way out for them so they can be free of me. Of course I have mentioned something about the Ancient Nature of a Royal estate which I must be in tune with and that has stirred up the men who want to own it; it is never a major issue either, it is the story behind media influences on this planet and those insults and the general idea that media is untouchable being gambled here – so of course if I got up to handle them for my reasons it would have been unlawful, therefore the antagonism I have need of is being supplied in limitless quantities as well for good measure. The black people problem exists in the same dimension as well; the only reason black people think I am such a hot pepper pot goes way beyond insults of what things they look like they are more worthy to have than I do and into the regions of fantasies of the kinds of corruptions they can have if they had royalty with a skin colour like their own but in this case it is even better as it is one they can handle and manipulate being his parents and big brothers; I have therefore no plans as it were to give them fame they have no choice about for it so it can degenerate into violence as well since I cannot continue to remain the most shamed statesman in the world over a simple issue of finances I can release equity from my work and property to solve in the most honest way known to man if I wanted to and yes we all know what they promise to do as a result is hug the societies and communities and antagonise my finances even further, which as a last resort is not a new story anyway; however I would have required them to sell the culture so we can see their own as well, so I am not of the opinion it would help them in any way with respect to me. We all know I do everything I do online and that makes me less worthy of who I am but it is the same old story; I have been scarred by the odd jobs I have done after I got my royal thing, they have been scarred because they are thieves and steal everything from personal life to business connections and the scars of them are there to create an alternative statement whenever they tell people things they handle belong to them when those things do not i.e. what I am saying is that I want my quiet life back or I will rip up their own and then whether or not I do all I do online will make sense as a form of jeering and abuse – I personally have nothing to be afraid of especially with respect to putting a face to my books by signing them away, those who interfere with it especially my so called parents know they are with everything I am and should expect the due consequences accordingly. In their case they say I am mentally ill and that it does not seem to bother me while they know it is a big problem – last I checked however I was the creator of mentally ill people around here with every idiot with an idea about what anything I own and my public work should be used for, turning up to act in the same way all the time while expecting a different result. I do like the part especially where I hammer my parents and pat them on the back and make them feel they have won great insulting trophy victories that makes it so much better as well by the way, save the process of being busy with other things it would easily have become the basis of a career of criticism; of course I know HRH The Prince of Wales is their best bet for self advancement, hence I suppose it would not do any harm if I mentioned that he would have stayed way out of all troubles of all kinds and especially the ones his aides complain about all these while if he was more Loyal to the Family than he was to Himself - in the same way am I aware of Americans using my income to make money handling derivatives from my books which are of course my earnings and profit margins and talking nonsense about down payments for injustices; the reality about their case is more like the issue of Trayvon Martin where idiots like them still think that Trayvon's Parents will likely condemn me more for thinking he should have lived differently to avoid getting himself killed thereby creating a National issue of this sort but commend them because they will not exist unless they spend other peoples own talking rubbish about how the white man does it and everybody else should as well - that the parents of somebody who was unfortunately killed would condemn and attack those who aid them with the idea of how Children can be raised and commend those who cannot exist unless they are decadent; for their part the big mouth yapping continues to apply with respect to their stupid girls and some other matters concerning consequences I never consider before I do or say what I do, while the books here beat them up and they must be seen all over it still yap, yap, yap.