Of course I  am not deaf or blind and hence see hear that I need to be careful as my life is under threat but there is nothing new about it; it’s like the old case of the acrimonious relationship I have with The Prince of Wales when in actual fact what has happened is that more so at my expense he has gone off to play a game off getting in as deep as rabbit hole goes with a collection of men that have actually done the crime and should  be doing the time not getting involved with HRH or climbing social ladders – some of these things are done when I am enjoying one of those periods in which I have admirers in high places but I am saying there is no acrimonious relationship with HRH as a result of the fact he took some steps to ensure I am not in want of commitment at his Court. The fall out of the streets is as usual i.e. black idiots fighting for me with a need to ensure I am scared of them and I don’t have a problem with it either since they always have an inability to listen to and a really difficult time going along with what I don’t want them to do with my public life or personality or indeed possessions, so I do want them to fight for me but I want them to without my blessings, let them fight, they are not using their own to do it yet as it were. I mean even now there are still little difficult issues like a simple case of staying off my finances and book sales because not doing so keeps me in areas of society where the men are ever in need of power and empowerment while the women love to approve industry of criminal activities orchestrated by the young people to get back at them but yet again on this for them it’s a no can do, hence they are fighting for me as well.

We barely scrapped through on Scottish independence as it were and now we know they understand the west will not co-operate with their need to have money that will help them make children the way they want them in order to be powerful, of which I for example am child with a big mouth – the know the British Monarchy will not co-operate and are off these days to get it off the Communists, so their predicament is clearly not hurting badly enough yet as it were currently. They do say it is about civil rights and freedom but I have no idea, I know that the industrialisation of crime by young people is a function of the behaviour of industry idiots in support of it knowing they have their hands on my literary empire and it will cost them nothing but for these fools, what I am aware of about civil rights and democracy is that it is what we are now doing together so we can find out firstly if they are better at it then the Monarchy starting with me and secondly we will be able to find out too if the Public do want their own to that extent of a need to get rid of the Monarchy and more so to a point of trying to confiscate my personal possessions so when I lose a Royal Estate I cannot do other things with my life on account they are being powerful and glorious in the process – so that they have begun to understand that it is when the Public want their own like that they will be able to provide the way the public wants but until then we will deal with every issues together right down to paedophilia and the lot to find out if they are better than the Monarchy at it; therefore the insults and capitalised hysteria, there are no truths or evidences attached to those claims I am drunk with power.  

I don’t care what they say, Terrorists know most of my activities are due to the need to protect innocent people as it does not make any sense for people to be punished for crimes they never did commit and offences they never did lumber on others – so where these trouble makers fit in when it comes to the activities of extremist groups is that they need to annoy and attack them to a point where they push back and then lots of innocent people can be dragged through media and politics into the disputes and the fights at all cost, without chance of escape. I mean in the end bombs exploding are bombs exploding, talk is talk but at that set point in which persons have been killed if you ask the terrorists to give a reason they always do – it is not my fight. We hear they say I wait until events had taken place before I then decide on what to do which shows I am completely incompetent whereas the reality is that there is no point to imagination because the need for people to be told to shut down their activities because some lazy company CEO wants to take it up and that it was his plan all along has reached an endemic state and I have always been clear if the Government does not do something about them it will have no right to be successful, even though I have no plans to wait for the government myself. So that we can see how industries and women in society foster crime and the men foster popular culture and I must take into account that the lower classes are fundamentally a very evil existence of sorts. The CEOs were supposed to manage companies that had sites all over the world not latch onto my Royal Estate and literary empire and drive matters to a point where they find amusing the vandalism of my finances until I co-operate and they were paid a lot of money for it; whilst there are CEOs out there chasing their career, this is a group that like to think themselves exceptionally competitive and it is they who foster this demagogue of people living their own lives for them and how they need to give it up and people shutting down activities because they are the ones that were eligible and so on and it is has become a commercial statement because Politicians never ever listen.

It is not true that the matter of Tories travelling off to cook up African problems for me that I am supposed to solve just to exist is being dealt with at arm’s length; I simply find it incredibly insulting here and they do understand as a result of suffering I have caused them as well that I face the same challenges as they do and such things will therefore never end up being amusing. The Labour Party however on the other hand now live totally in a world where these sorts of things are up to them and are blowing their top and hating my guts over it, considering it is a party of less is more i.e. less people in the party means the proceeds of wealth distribution will benefit greatly the remaining few but more people means they are always at each other because it is never enough – for this reason they love so much and revel in any rebellion they see happening in other parties because they hate a big party and what it does to their proceeds of wealth distribution on one hand but need a party to grow in size for them to win elections and do it at all on the other. It’s much the same with this case of market correction that was associated with me; I have no idea what it may mean either when taken out of context of its actual content effect i.e. people should not expect to carpet my Literary empire and on it build their new Industries and speak of books I have written as use to get rich and buy later if you are rich to your satisfaction, without there being an outcome where each time I shift the founding plates they end up with some market correction that rocks their entire global economy; it is always going to happen whether or not there are insolent black men that are making sure every single thing I do is claimed by them because when they tell tales of how I pass through them to get somewhere celebrities can be protected from punishment when I don’t want them to deploy my Royal Property and public life to get rich and then sit around wrecking my finances to have a go at employing and then sacking me for fun: so this is supposed to have been the next target i.e. whether or not I can determine what money celebrities are making at my expense and can stop them from continuing the shows on the Literary Empire and Royal Estate at will, so that business might run as normal. There is no shred of truth associated either with the claims that I do damage to the affairs of the Monarchy which is why my finances are damaged so these celebrities can do those things - the reality remains the same old facts about why I would prefer to sight see at Buckingham Palace instead of the National Gallery for example and so most of those things actually have no meaning at all whatsoever, people simply want to give engines to it because of this particular issue about celebrities and the need to me to be able to stop the parties at the Royal Estate when I want to.