It does appear an impossible task to be free of this case of Politicians seizing the right moment to take care of a problem that is me but I could never make it out anyway, they spend all that should help them protect themselves from idealistic goons and criminals on the streets on me, wreck my academic work and then tell me it is my fault they have no control – the only excuse they have given for this so far is that I am not really a rival but look like one and hence there is anticipation. Same as the business of being able to protect some women without doing the bad things that bring on the guilt meaning their stupidities as men want me to be ignorant of what they are doing when they make me promises that they will have me in this life or the next with that big mouth they have got a history of insults. All I can say is that they are free to spend it on me and complain about a lack of public control, threatening me means it will progress to that stage where it ends very well too.

They do say I need stop complaining as it is my Royal duty, if they are not blabbing about their insults creating equality while the fact they have wrecked my finances is an indication they have come to rely on my time, gesturing me to the left of which is what their fucking one looks like as it were. Feeds into this case of Police funding and how I play around with dangerous matters; where the facts about Police work is never as they have claimed it to be a case of people who should have been criminals turning their powers to good things, which does not tally with a process where Police are fans of what I do when I do not take the law into my hands but take steps to ensure it is understood that I am not of the understanding that the Law enforcement service was at my beck and call – now the insults concerning which they would not have passed any exams in school to become Politicians if others levied on them has to do with how dangerous they are and yet indirect consequences of Police work has been a case where they have made communities safe and somebody else has showed up to hike House Prices without appreciating it, which controls House Prices and we have never seen the exchequer itself achieve it to such an extent especially if they deploy my work to do it, an example of how dangerous the matter is, hence the blabbing of how I have no idea what I am getting involved with insults over Police funding.

I do not think it is a matter that requires overthinking; it is as simple as Politicians realising that Government Office and Media really does not guarantee a safe place on which to practice all sorts of Biblical wickedness and more so on me, like wrecking my finances and academic work to give public funds to criminal characters and blame the problem on me in order to seek power for instance, far from being their bitch that is supposed to be unaware of their insults and become a fan of those stupidities about disciplining me which their media scum have come to copy as well; they always say I do not stand a chance but are now fighting for their lives to rescue history and structure of their Political parties, making election day a complete nightmare, so if getting involved with me is expensive it is obviously the precise thing they need to stop doing, far from me being their bitch with the big mouth they have got.

They are always insulting people when seen in Public places, the nice ones make you feel you need to be dragged along the way they have been dragging some 50 people at the work place for the day but where my work place exists as well, then I am tired because I have been doing jobs that the daddies should be doing and need to stop complaining, which insults is how the facilitate a safe environment for their terribly behaved children to do well in school while chasing me around for ownership of my personality; I have not responded to this, so they have thrown money at criminals and wrecked my finances to claim that the situation of instability they have created is a problem I am meant to solve, then gotten after my Books and Public image as well and cannot keep their mouths shut on media because it is all part of being more successful than I am, more successful doing absolutely nothing. It’s like they say I am instrumental to people leaving the Police force in droves but we all know it’s a net effect of people tacking pictures of where my Equities have ended up which helps me look after my Literary Empire, to run an advertisement business, giving way to failure because Politicians are tackling my Books to find out secrets and so they joined the Police force because of the passion that they have and now I am back again it looks like it’s time to leave it again; even now we see the scope of the problem being one of an eternal question as per whether I own what belongs to me and Publicity I have created for my work being perverted by Celebrities into a process where I am selling something else that is not paying me, bloody idiots must be thinking I am played out and human beings are really supposed to be so stupid. There is now an official contrast between the way I handle Industry people and the way I handle Celebrities and we can see some weeping and wailing over wealth and social inequality coming up.

They do claim there is no future in what I am doing but this is a matter of getting involved with people who have a public image 90% of which is about providing a service for a product that has been bought without buying anything to get rich quick and they do claim I am the biggest of those which shows why they wreck the finances and rely on me to do nothing, as it is their plan which is why Politicians should always get into government buildings to make laws on how the Church should get along with homosexuals as we are not aware it’s the same cowardice and the same selfishness and the same need to rob that pushes them into such alternative lifestyles in the first place; I am here and not played out, like some people say I should not allow me hurt me to such an extent first but I rather think I can and want to allow their civil rights lies drip out like that on a day to day and case by case basis because they are such a bunch of slippery lairs and my whole life came to a stop in 2005 when they realised I attended Greenwich University about 10 years ago and decided to send their Celebrity culture fools to check me out in droves, right up to a stage where it was a Public issue and they were creating new Media careers in the neighbourhood, playing practical joke games that got me smelling like my loo, now that big cowards mouth loves to claim my arse belongs to them and everything else I have as well and I am going for it too.

The tales they love the most is one about how my actions are stirring up far right movements and how I talk but never do the fighting; for the latter of which fighting is pointless as I am here because of the incessant abusive insults of Media cowards who go from trapping somebody that will tackle the people they have hurt to be where they are and want to hurt them seriously for it as well, only for me to get it done and end up being a toy whose academic work and finances have been wrecked by fools who rely on me to keep up the forgiveness for it, for the former, I am rather of the opinion that ethnic minorities led by media goons and Politicians wrecking the lives of white people and provoking them towards racism while chasing my income and public image is what is boosting far right numbers in the Country and that their Politicians who are now done wrecking mine to claim they are nice people who just need money now have to deal with the fact both trouble makers who think when they are angry it matters and when others are it does not, want to know how their jobs works too, hence it’s their turn and they need to stop telling those lies about me. Like they say I expect respect for what I have not achieved but I have never before gotten off preventing people from turning up members of a fat cat panel blabbing about which one did it and which one was used to do it and so on, I am here because my corporate identity improves the earning prospects of celebrities who want to get paid by the same people they are complaining about, here because they are now relying on me to keep up the forgiveness of the damage their involvement does, about which whether or not they now have more money than I am is not a factor in how or why they are meant to stop it – it usually comes down to that case of telling me they can make me smell like my loo and it is what their fucking investment is like we are seeing needs to happen 24/7.

They do say I am done for which is utter nonsense; I have haemorrhoids because of my impetuousness, I have tummy ulcer because of the history of insolence that comes from Celebrities and Media, spiking my anxiety because it is usually impossible to just sit in an Office and write Books, so I had replaced the buzzing they create here with a process of being around public problems because the pressure is what I thrive in. The anxiety spiked by making sure it is what makes me happy that makes me sad; I write Books and they build me a different reputation that says something about my body type and sex because of the Books – I have a personality that is a product of being an Arch Prince and their Community croons will never let people breathe until there was agreement it was born out of sleeping with peoples wives, complete with a public case being made out of my diet and or whether or not I am the one preparing it – I am happy for the daily blessings that God bestows on me, especially concerning the wisdom to work out matters of the day so quickly when most people are lacking and the needs of the men to chase my bottom and watch me on CCTV and make a mess of me replaces my facial expressions with one of disturbance and then they tease me until I look destitute. It is a matter about which I intend to do their own as well, especially considering that they wish to stop doing it at a time of their choosing. The other story being about how this is the power of women and I could not be clearer about how they need to spend more time with their mates, as it is clear it is the women and the men who grab anything you do to handle the trouble they shoot out, who ensure peoples finances and academics and wrecked so that people spend time reacting to the stupidities of society while Celebrities make use of the public image to get rich quick and I have warned them the Church has not really been getting along with homosexuals as they have claimed that Church people have. They however speak of my total conviction that what I am doing is correct when we are stuck here with their perverted stupidities playing up trendy recession that leaves you wondering what the minds of the peoples of this world really comprises off all together, if human beings can really be that stupid – point being if they wreck what I am doing here, I will replace what I am supposed to do with revenge, as it is clear that if somebody is facing financial difficulties while you blab about the immenseness of his property which should be available to the Public with your big mouth, right up to the stage where you constantly claim to be a better human being than he is, it has since become something you do not stop at a time of your choosing. Its feeds into that story where it is said people think they have read my mind but nobody really knows what lurks in it, the reality of which is the same old case about common sense suggesting that if I am going to play into the hands of some insane men at sales industry, I will likely to ensure the business which is now emerging into one of making sure my livelihood is not about being a monster is managed with a sense of making sure that Celebrities either dissolve or keep this abusive relationship they have with my company and complain about the fact that my finances are to cease bottoming out when they are in suffering and pain, so we can view the other side of the story concerning my relationship with Industry people which is one of whether or not I have been given a leadership position concerning the Broker of Asset Equity and hence need to ensure others are doing the sales as I will work it out when my bottom hurts and they wouldn’t if their own did, leaving the Celebrities and their fools to destroy wealth claiming their civil rights looks like that to complain about inequality.

I hear it would have been terrible for me to have a real Government operation Office, which of course we know that comes with rules; I mean for instance take pornography and how its existence fits into people chasing the way I handle sociological matters about my career of which nobody knows how taking it from me and making it vanish at Pornography is supposed to help their stupidities in the first place – if I had a regular visit to Buckingham Palace I would never look at it and if I had a regular visit to Westminster I would not either as these two places are not places where people chasing the sociological matters around other people’s career is allowed while it is possible for people to do it to me here, creating a sense that I may watch pornography one moment and then the next it I would die first before I did, which they would claim makes me unpredictable but then at the end Pornography does not involve guns and knives that hurt people, however which if people cannot leave it where it is supposed to be, others get harmed and then they would tell me I want to be a pornographer which will get me thinking it’s a theory and entirely probable - like they say I have seen their arses which gets going another theory that they wish to get involved with outright criminal activity after making the pornography money anyway. It is not to say mine is not a Government Operative Office as such but I am funded by Royal Estate and work by Royal Equity, it is possible for people to mess with sociological matters around my career, just as we see Liberal America want to provide global leadership on how people are to deploy my Books for the purpose of boosting their incomes without buying a copy of their own, which has become a big global story about the fact the Books do not belong to them and that people do things for a reason, hence if they are not solving the problems for having it without buying it there is going to be even more trouble than what they are afraid of - same as the fact nobody who wants to set up structures for a business would hate my Books as they are written to eliminate permissive grounds on which people may veer off to do the wrong things at the market, those who attack my Books therefore usually give themselves away, except the Politicians doing it and providing Media leadership as well, which creates a sense its a global instability their stupidities are building up so they may get rid of at a later time; its still the same rules - if it is free take it, do not touch without permission if it is not your own, if it is being sold buy it when using it for intended purposes as people do things especially when concerned with profession for a strict and set reason.