I hear of this story where they are unto me all the time of course which is nothing new, I simply cannot see why I need to be told anyway; they spend so much time and effort getting into a routine of ageism where they need to make me into an ageist to show me what makes people that way and it will rip up my academics and expect to be forgiven for that and then it will keep the finances damaged for as long as it takes to get government supporting younger people that will become more successful than I am until I react so they might then start to make me react the way that they did, the whole time of which their salaries are safe and the ever trusty civil rights means they can covet peoples jobs and have it without putting in anything near 30% effort of what those who own it put into it in the first place. The assumption being that there was no probability that I might want to get around their pornography and their media and their celebrity culture and their popular culture to dredge up their equities as well and wait to update the public about it before it was mature enough to go public within the process where it might have made them some money; the reasons for this assumption being that I am afraid of them. Its never really a problem for me as such; the ageist men are learning what dropping out of University does to the victims who suffer it, while the society women who need to ensure I smell like my loo all the time are terrified I may drop the ball on them on public responsibility, the children I have dropped the ball on already and those fundamentally hate my guts, have started developing gang mentality talking nonsense at me over the fight between myself and public transport operatives who appear to want some of mine all of the time; we see these goons at it more times than we would want to see of course and at the very centre of it all is this other gimmick where I am prevented from defending myself from Germans and soon we find their servitude of Germans has progressed to a stage where they cannot stop blabbing how nobody knows who the hell I am at Industry and then I will have to defend myself against Germans while they make Television and have sex anyway within a condition whereby they had torn up everything that I am doing already; so the basic fall out is that one is fundamentally prevented from defending himself when bullied and if done anyway, they take it with media and local gossips a thank you very much while the Media seems to employ idiots that show up on it to pretend I buy my equipment so they might talk through to me. So we see them express something of a tendency to move it on from an attitude of bullying women into something more, where they get on TV and radio to squander all I have, issue threats at me and beat me down all the time to grab my Public image and then when they have a go at my tummy as well they promise violence for the bad smell like I am unlikely to teach them lessons they will not forget in many lifetimes for it too. The point I am making is simply that its all well getting after me when the first stage of their stupidities which mean it is impossible to just run a business in a way that does not work in consonance with their social position, although I have to say there as aspects of it which I ensure run in a par with their social position because they talk too much and I need to create my breathing space as it seems they are unlikely to give me one i.e. the first part of this gimmicks are done and they all hate my guts and I am satisfied with a social situation in which their whole lives are now full of difficulties as these stupidities should not be rewarding therefore the correct result as it would have shown there is something wrong with us as a society if it did not exist; the assumption that I will allow them enjoy some sensations of convenience somewhere is incredibly stupid, needs to keep off my Books – the next stage is about to be very exciting indeed all together as it were i.e. you cannot defend yourself when bullied whether or not the bullying is a product of their violent gossips and when you do it’s a thank you very much I will take that now situation, soon enough we find the bloody idiots have got problems too, so the difficulty to run a business in a way that does not run in par with them obviously is a matter of how far reaching their stupidities are and they have become quite convinced they can in my life damage anything they fancy to satisfy any stupid wickedness and its itch that bothers them, from general sensations of narcissism to plain old personality insanity and its matrimonial violence with that big mouth. So the bit where they are always after me is nothing unusual; what they are having to deal with is a condition where they find out what they have to do to be equals with an Arch Prince so as to throw a Punch at him and the one they are complaining about is not when somebody gets hold of them and exacts violence on them obviously, its how difficult it is to manage the idea that evil and godliness may exist in the same neighbourhood despite the difficulty, while it is something I understand back to back in great detail, therefore if they got killed am never likely to walk from it undisturbed bearing in mind we are mates. The media itself has never really been a challenge, just a group of goons playing up squander routines on all I have while their main problem is that they have now met somebody that can beat them down and take fame or public image from them as well and already has celebrity friends and a Court of female journalists that will assist all together as it were and yes they always say I want others to do my fighting for me while its more a big decision on whether to allow people follow me around all over the place when they have no clue what it is about but because they think they are more important tend to invent blame for me with their media when I look as though I am all spent; it seems to be a daily business of getting beaten down an hour and a half at most to grab public image, before one leaves home to attend something important smelling like his loo because of it and then we hear them ask how the problem is to end when we are not mates, their families are none the wiser and theirs is the only salary that is not affected while public transport operatives blow off the big mouth all over the place as they do their bits too. I do get told I hate black people and am some sort of shadow for the Enoch Powell speech thing which I am not; first in terms of Mr Powell, he was afraid and that is the benefit of doubt but what he said was more a case of describing the fact that bother white and black gangs have to operate in a way that allows them to recruit young people from government Office which was basically insanity. As for hating black people, the theory first of all is that I have no way of building myself an existence they cannot get involved with which is precisely a theory and does not play out that way in the real world, now that they hate my guts enough to look for trouble and try to get me tangled up in it – secondly, they are discriminating, making statements about being more deserving human beings than I am and cannot stop practising abusive segregation nepotism with a tribalism they cannot afford and want to spend my possessions for on me, which is why they are complaining as well and I will never relent my quest against the back stage media, Celebrities and media communities that facilitate their lifestyle and likes to think it can ambush people in every aspect of life as it were, especially as the abuses that caused me to drop out of University have now translated to insults on which advertisement is run. This has all never really been a problem I should point; the reality is that they are not important people and the very sense of respect that is show everybody being shown them is the contact stage that allows them to behave the way they do, it does not mean I am in a corner inventing reasons that will justify their behaviour to me or that they are likely to be of harm on account its really difficult to live out an existence of disrespect from a Royal Hermits Office and lifestyle. We see the same concerning my Books as well; all is well but the finances are restricted by fools complaining about retail catastrophe that is due to a lack of respect for my income margins. The story that I talk like poor people is utter nonsense of course just what happened what I was on a fast day lasting for months and years while people build themselves an ability to make it happen again and again. Likewise the story of my Books being rubbish while the truth is that the only thing they get involved with me for a retail catastrophe complains later on is to get me into a fight and copy how I defend myself and so we are reaching that point where all who get involved with my concerns with facilitate it save those who are following me and working with me directly. Same as we hear the Politicians especially insulting female ones who have only the one ambition to show me they were treacherous and do not seem to be spending as much time with the Men in their lives as such, turning up here to tell me of things I have done which I will be seen doing for everybody with a big mouth, while they facilitate this nonsense with the tax payer funds they think actually belongs to them.