So they say I am always working against people who are trying to work with me but they are not trying to work with me, they are here only to seek equality with Royalty and to pass around very abusively insulting cynicisms over my financial wellbeing; we see these insults lead to outcomes where while it does damage to me it damages them more but we also see them claim they are celebrities who always get what they want with an eye on my Books as stupidly as possible, so it is a problem that I have to take care of all together. So it is said that I am unaware of what is happening at the Monarchy which I am not; I am aware HM is confused about what I get up to and wishes to stamp Authority but mostly of which there is no point as what happens is that for everything I do, we find a popularity fool with media friends passing around insults that will affect them and create more problems over it, which has now come to the stage where the most important question is whether they have so much rights over my Books in their stupid view, because they actually wrote it. Its never really a complicated matter handling these guys; we can see there is the worrying part where industry goons and politicians give them money to create a false sense of National productivity and then we all know the person that will get off to tell us what we have all been doing, show us the black hole in National finances will become the person that damaged the Country all together – so if I got around every retail outlet and paid attention to products that are being sold my celebrities, I will easily take the business of getting them to find me less amusing when I do not wish to tolerate their involvement with my Books to another level. Their Politicians have made mention of the damaging processes of Political correctness but each time it becomes a question for example of seeking them make songs around me, pretend to be me, talk like me or handle my personality to their ends without consideration of how much they do put out from their own families to facilitate popular culture people can make about criminals they know or are related to and this is what I must stop because the insults always get worse and worse each time they claim it is complex and I explained it was a private equity intellectual property administration business because they were liberal and free and do not like people who take steps too prevent them from taking advantage in order to make money they did not work for. I do get asked if I think Celebrities have no purpose which is not really the case; they do have the one purpose of entertaining rich peoples children to get rich quick and intend to do it as abusively as possible – all I have to say is that they need to teach those children about keeping the fingers off my bum before they have to beat me up and move on to handle the one that will make a case out of them so I sit about gulping my intestines all the time due to the memory and they do need to keep their liberalist insults on media where people appreciate them, not talk nonsense about Political correctness over property that is not legally their own. It has not yet come to the part where they say I am the character that invents tyranny that cannot be broken yet, its just amusing and there is more bum fingers to supposedly make me more insane when the cynicisms damage my Book sales, only to stop when I had clipped the finances or said something with respect to their enemies over it – by the way of which there are another goons who are my seniors having fun that involves sending out stupid girls to give junior some problems while they make money at film and popular culture over my life even though they have their own lives to make it from and their own people to sell it to, talking nonsense about consequences I will face if I acted with a big mouth. We all know my understanding of how to handle how well we have been doing as a Country economically will involve a certain process of forcing them to work for money while I supervise, of which it usually ends most of the time either when they were the ones threatening me because they need money more than I am forcing them to make it while I supervise or I was the one forcing them to make money while I supervise more than they were threatening me every time they needed it and either way always results in the tyranny that cannot be broken. There is finally this question about world powers; which is just popularity idiots sucking up to whomsoever they think will help them acquire property that does not belong to them – before then recession was a trend, and then my party piece being the one where they do not establish relations with consumers to get out of it, if they can sacrifice another person’s business empire and break up to throw around for everybody in order to create a counter trend and get out of it with that big mouth. They always say that they do these things because they were clever and it is utter nonsense; they are very stupid individuals who are not spending time with people who are as stupid as they are and the same nagging question applies i.e. did they write my Books, bearing in mind they claim to have so much right over it? Their Politicians being the idiots who have come up with a new politics that makes mention of necessary evils against certain people because they know people who have lost everything; the new Liberal America naturally with a big mouth blabbing about the threat of Political correctness as well, after years of making out my daily engagements to be a process of setting out reasons for their activities while at home with friends and family we know they do what they do because they fancy themselves a bunch of bullies – now understanding clearly that if there are no insults on media and references made to my Estate and their position which causes the society idiots to get out of hand there will be no trouble – as for the bottom chasing media scum they complain about but are never a problem they want to lose, I have not been beaten up by those in 15 years and its time to move on. I mean they always say they have nothing but give it a little time and you will find that most of their insults will never be channelled at poorer or less significant people because its purpose is to build a certain forms of privilege that can be attributed to rich people they want to serve at tourist destinations making their own contribution to wealth inequality all together along with the abusive violence. I for my part have been told my activities are not good for the career of those who are fans which is not really the case i.e. when people get close to me I have noticed they feel they want to vomit getting back to their own lives, the same way I feel I want to vomit when I am being stuffed time and again with what I do on want on account a group of scum have the same skin colour as myself; so I need to continue anything I must to do tackle corruption at Industry so people can keep their jobs, improving my prospects of getting activities linked to paid employment when I want to but the case still stands that when people want to do things here in the UK, they should the way the Country works or do it their way, not show up to run off my Depression and psychosis, only to stand up at the other end making me stupid deals I cannot refuse and then complaining about which one I make them as well, blabbing about world powers. Its as they say I do not get along with others while when people are bigger than they are in their society there is respect of the type of big boys at the back of the class room, yet walk past somebody and in four seconds of doing so I have been dressed down and made to understand the British cannot do any actual fighting, only in the picking up weapons to kill people are the goon and then you bear it in the conscience and smell like your loo all day thinking about not beating them down as well so they cannot go anywhere being they are already cracked all together. I just want them off my Books and to clear my Public image space; I really have no idea how they notice being doing female stuff anyway, which I do to support female friends or because of my partner, blabbing all the time so I look like a freak on the basis of the number of times being a man involves handling them as it were. Like we hear the neighbours complain about me every neighbourhood I end up in and all the time as well, which does not make any sense since they are always keen to find an excuse to get involved with me and make use of my personality very violently and abusively, then tell lies and have fun they find amusing with self improvements and prospects for fame that all can share attached; it gets to a stage where they invite random community croons to my window everyday as well and so it is usually the point I pull in the Community croons and then we deal with it together as it were, especially bearing in mind the Community croons have a mind of their own and the start is usually the only part that you can control – then there is the need to handle my private parts all the time making me feel disturbed all day and find my routine only when everybody has gone to bed and this is usually the stage at which I get up and start to do them, hence the complain but will never be advised otherwise having too much fun and telling lies i.e. I am trying to write some Books and they do need to find their mate for the abusive fun they wish to have – this is why they complain about me in every neighbourhood and I have a history of wrecked academic work, a history of picking up factory jobs I cannot do because the neighbours, a history of picking up security guarding job I cannot keep because of the neighbours, now they are complaining obviously but the behaviour continues; only when it shares me with Community croons it realises it has got a partner to have sex with and that it was a tight space it lived in etc. As Celebrities who hate it when judged, its not exactly clear where they suppose they need put a limit to their cynicisms all together anyway but as long as it continues to target me and tackle my Books, I am likely only to get worse. The world powers issue is not an emotive one; it was the case at the very heart of the creation of the Mag-na-Carter which set the stage for British Governance and Democracy and famed the world over – that he is more interested in serving the needs of overseas powers with local resources than he is in the local issues itself and yet when you do take the seat of power from him the consequences will be war – it has taken times to winnow these sorts of goons and their practical jokes out of British Public life but it seems that in the last 6 years at least they have found new lovers in the form of the Media, hence their inability to have a normal conversation with other human beings comes with consequences that whole populations must bear (on the media at least that is).