Now I am aware it is also said I bring most of the things I talk about upon myself, the reality could not be further from this however, which is what people do to ensure anal sex is everywhere so they can chose who gets to be forced to have it and so on. So they want money but destroy money and it does not matter if it is my money or their own, the point is that they want money and destroy money to want money and it is the same with justice, they want it but attack religious and moral people and it is the same with civil rights, they want it and have people whose civil rights cannot be respected because they are too inferior to have such privileges bestowed on them first before they seek it and so on, so that when it is time for the anal sex to be had, then we have a problem because it is at the point where people are interested in me because I am looking for work or are interested in my books or even my person that they want to create a space where they can have their homosexual relationships and then cut out a piece of all I do and own it as an aspect of their civil rights and the operation of that is that they do it because nobody knows who the hell I am in this their village and is always done in complicity with gangs and violent criminal idiots. I know I am supported by the Government through unemployment benefits and housing and I am supposed to finish my books and find money to get them sold and if I get a job along the line which I personally would keep only for about two of three years, it is not the intention of any arm of British Government that I do so, hence it is just a logistical manner in which I want to get my work finished and so it is clear that each time these people make their public place and public media complains they expect others to be carried away with it and believe it is the worst that ever happens but is it really? The first consequence of these things was the issue of certain kinds of anal sex that they will not like but since then it has gotten worse and expressed publicly its attack on me because of my faith; i.e. it is something they do to ensure parents have no choice but sell out children who do not like the way things work in the Country and this then offers prerogatives to media and Political idiots who need to protect the system by finding out why your personality is the way it looks but my point is simply that I look for work because I want people to be interested in the fact I am and I write books because I want people to be interested in the books and if they do not want to complain they had better stayed out of it. It is a familiar story i.e. socially organised vandalism and financial squander and each time I say a thing about it, first they say fuck and then they say fight and I always therefore venture to deploy such words first and will soon have them patented to my name too. I am aware of course they say people are actually working with me as it is not in the interest of the Country for the lower classes to be involved with media but I do not see that it matters anyway since my relationship with upper class trouble makers that think I have no right to earn money from my own property is that they have property I want to use to get things done – since they are sorted in that if there is anal sex everywhere they are homosexual any way and for the middle class it is about finding out how far below our social class we can go for a game – since they are sorted in the sense that whenever they have problems civil rights will have it done and hence they can cut out aspects of my life people are interested and build homosexual communities with it and then cover their tracks by setting up a front of antagonism against Christians which of course is designed to ensure they are successful with their wickedness and that people are not doing the same to them as well, while for the lower classes I am on an expedition to actually uncover what exactly it is that annoys them so much. It would never have come to these needs for a collection of activities that messes up peoples minds and temperaments while I improve mine if politicians never go around telling lies about the fact people hurt me on account they view me as something they can lean on violently when they have problems and are frustrated, so then it would have remained a matter of the fact not everybody wants to be friends of mine sort of, since they did things had changed and I do not think it a major crisis either; its just that I live my personal life in a personal way they live their personal lives over my profession and run off to preserve their jobs for power, so everything I do in view of what people feel about me to ensure I never fall into financial trouble and that I am never homeless is physically and with much attrition brought to noughts because people have a need to do these things to me, especially the homosexual idiots; hence it becomes a personality war which I am winning by the way and then they will tell me my place is on the far left hand side and we will have to discuss it all over again because it is not the only insults around here that changes everything. Where then does the teasing stop and the bullying start and minus the question of the fact they are social menaces and their politicians need to stop talking nonsense while pretending absolutely everybody wants to listen to their quest for decadence, it is a matter question of who the hell do they think they are anyway?