It is never true that all I do is a matter of survival, the problem is that Americans are convinced they can play their stupid games with just about anything and just about anybody; so that the fact they think their problems will be solved if they get attention generally means that the operation of democracy dictates that one less rich royalty in this world is something they need to get publicity for and so they jump on my books and my finances for it, turning up in public to show they know nothing whatsoever of the democracy they talk nonsense about endlessly which again does tend to apply in their minds is my fault too. So it is actually a matter of making them live by survival and that is only achieved by the manner in which I have set about making sure they live in a world where people want to kill them all the time, so that they might understand what the challenges of being Royalty is considering that the only way I can earn a living now according to their threats is if I kill somebody in order to sell books and of course the way it has played out is that enough have not yet died to cleanse them of their stupidities and I am not fatigued either as well. It is the story of the Political persons making plans all over the place with other people’s lives and showing time and time again that when it really comes to crunch time it is their political persons that come first over absolutely everything.

There is nothing unusual about it in anyway: I mean how many times do I for example being a man set off to run a two hour speech and after me somebody else and after that person another which purpose is the destruction of the work of some woman on account that I am making statements about the glory of men and boys being preserved and society doing something to protect them and the necessity of that. Even the men have their own as well and in their case they never have a good history because they wish to be able to peddle the fact you went shopping today or you even stepped out of your home and so on knowing you cannot peddle their own and create them insecurity of person as well on account it is already a bad history. As ever I do not think it is a problem, its Political persons doing what they do most of the time and have not got a clue what they are talking about to regularly turn up around your business with an excuse of power to destroy everything with their stupidities that show when every single thing they touch is damaged and then after that they will only live when they exist in a bubble where no rule applies to what you own and they feel that people think they get the better of you at will – the female ones are full time feminists which is clearly a job as it were and when they do those things about speeches upon speeches that rip up the world of some man over there to make a statement about the glory of women and girls they think it is a divine thing that they have the right to do, that their voices are unquestionable and they exist in a bubble where they have reached a point in which rules do not apply to them. When I say it is not a problem, I am talking about the fact people think I reason in an unusual way but of course I dont, I just live my life in reality that is all there is to it, it’s like they say that in North Africa etc one side will say they kill they maim they rape and they create humanitarian crisis and the other will say we fight and we fight and we fight but it has now reached a stage where it does not make any difference or change anything anymore, while they think everybody that listens to that is deluded and hence the question might come through of what I expect should be done, which is rather as simple as these women and their girls speaking to the woman who thinks they fight and fight and fight and it has reached a point where it makes no difference anymore and thereafter can jump on my career and seek the glory of girls and women, considering this is not their side of society and there are problems here too.

I do not believe it is a complicated matter, it is as it is always said that I am scared of fighting to protect others, of which the reality is that for every hero there is a villain and both exist in the same world and know exactly what they are talking about but for these idiots it’s a matter of the fact I should never be free of enemies so they can violate me when I have problems on all sides and kill off anything concerning morals and religion at will, to draw attention to their problems, just like they seek the same old hierarchy out of sexual abuse and think the justice system has no way of sabotaging it, then complain about the attitudes of law makers and the Police over such matters and how wrong the entire justice system they had placed their corrupt faith really is and of course I for my part do not want to see them around my business and finances and they have decided that cannot possibly happen and I know I will get into trouble if I try. So it is never true my activities are a function of what is temporary and will be gotten rid of at some stage, they are here to stay; I do not care what they feel or think, they do-not-matter.

The claim of talk and no action from me is the part that will really kick start things of course because it brings into perspective I can never ever make them stop their version of what my work and my business is for which it seems I have to contend with each time customers approach several times every single day; I do hope they have witnesses as well when they blow off their big mouth to that extent because the only way that this can become a problem that I deal with for the rest of my life instead of write and sell books is if that civil rights does not know exactly what I think about it and hence they have means to rally a crowd that will enforce that process for them so they can sit around me doing that nonsense about what they see I have which has shown them they do not need to work for money. So for me it is not a problem but yapping talk and no action I can only set out if they have got witnesses because we all know that civil rights is the biggest obstacle to the profitability of my firm and my books and they are perfectly aware of what they use it to do to me as well. Apparently it eventually comes down to the number of birds they have tried to trap and have sex with bearing in mind they work on media and the number of times I have allowed these birds to escape but we do hear them blow off a big mouth regarding a no talk and no actions here as it were. I do not believe it a complicated matter; it’s a simple case of the fact if you split them down as a neighbourhood, what you end up with is this group that likes to turn up around your company to play football and smash the windows and have already set in motion some product of their violent integration that is sure to stir extremism due to their political characters, that means that my company exists as something I will do for the rest of my life so they can have a business which windows to smash playing football in the premises for the rest of their own with that stupid media, while everybody else are the ones I should get involved with but cannot because I have become toxic. After which we hear them speak of Black people that are the biggest problem I face; when they first started with the Labour Government so that Mr Sun shades who must make money in this life can turn up here to have British tax payer funds spent on him so that he can be mobile, now they are doing it with the Tories as well and these black idiots feel they must bottom knock me and anus knock me and tummy knock me every second if Tory Policies are to make sense, on account they are a collection of idiots on media trying to get famous – so this is the part we never hear when they complain, we rather hear I am all talk and no action with that big mouth.

Of course the issue of The support they get from the prince of Wales is one always one of their main points of call – it really does not matter; they say I am insulting, I say The Office of the Heir to the throne is the most unbecoming point at which idiots who live their lives in intense deviance ad realise later they have been alienated from their Country and Women and Christians must pay the Price is the most unbecoming of them all and that I am not talking to them, did not write my books for them and HRH need to understand their activities hurt and that I have feelings as well, considering I am a person on one hand and he has been known to do this over and over and over and over again and again and again and more so in my direction too. We hear they speak with respect to this of the fact fools like me never mention what we will do about it as well but it is an old reason behind idiots getting employed on media where they can raise their hands to my head in expressions of domination to say I will be made to do those things I boast about and they will see to it because they cannot shut it; what I will do is rather as simple as the fact the part of village in the UK that is mine should not be crossed by either whites or blacks if they do not want any trouble, let alone scum like them and we all know they need these things because it is the Mob justice people dish out for them as well by taking over the Country and making sure things work on a moral basis and meeting any involvement from them with intense violence that they have identified as a weakness hence the only thing we hear alongside the story of how much civil inequality it creates and not the fact they are Political individuals that tend to sacrifice everything they can their hands on every single time that they have any single need; so it does appear they cannot see we will grab the country on either side and rip it up so the source of their stupidities can come to an end, they are talking nonsense all over the place and the question still if whether or not they have finished mine yet as it were, so we can find out. From here the premise of the fight will have changed as usual, changed onto the bit where they will shut it down and move me left and their black idiots have found that this is where they have the advantage – thereby meaning the fight will happen on their terms; that fight of which has happened on their terms in the last 14 years as it were, hence the reason I am so convinced.