They do say the issue I fail to address at all times is that my big problem is the Royals; cannot make out it – I mean I can say that Royals sitting with wealthy friends to enjoy their life dispatching some evil twisted view of me is not actually helpful because it will spur a much more evil twisted view of me from those who hear them do it all together hence none of it is amusing and I will not treat it as such as well but then again the Royals do not antagonise me, sometimes they do when people gather around them and push them into disillusionment but a lot of the times it is followed by regret and apology for those who do it at all. The issue is then this idea that I have fallen for that trick put together by Parliament Queens and Parliament Royals and their Media goons who like to make out they control me with their incredible violence and so on but either way it allows things to work like they should and leaves me the chance to write anything I like whenever I want so they can regularly get to claim HM will be blind with rage when she sees or reads it but each time she does not even pay attention at all. Same old case with why upper classes hate twisted bitter people that cannot have fun and the Military is a typical example of course – they bands can make their music that is renowned world over but these guys will never be bowled over by it in anyway and so everybody knows if there is a conversation about whether or not you own a castle which you then have to explain it is partly owned by the National Trust and so on etc they would have been the reason and so it is the same problem I face not the Royals; if the Royals are a problem they are a problem for these guys. They do mention such phrases I use like vagabond royals for instance but that is referring to people within certain fundamentalisms who look to me as a father figure the males and then especially the females who express it publicly because they are of the same kind and have the same problem as these idiots that are likely to be homosexual and pretend especially when black that I need to keep my Royal estate secret lest they want it which does nothing to dissuade me from the notion complying is madness as it does suggest there will be no more homosexuality in the world when they have it too; so if Royalty is more concerned with popular culture for instance they are following a path that can lead to the kind of crisis we see in the middle east today and hence is a vagabond behaviour but then again which the Royals don’t, only the parliament ones do, so I still can write whatever I like anyway. They do say parliamentarians are the way they are because of me but the story has always been an old case of the fact if I wrote a book about an MP and he thought he should prevent me from selling it, he does not actually have that right but in this case I have not and they are worse than if I did so because there is no known means of explaining that they think they have all the time in the world; if they answer this question they will say it is nice to see me act like I am under their power and I am just a writer while they are leaders but then again this is not reality – reality is that they are a handful of self harming fools that love to wrap themselves around other people’s lives and pretend those people are meant to back down so they can feel comfortable and in my view when they want to be they will stay out of here; they are damaged goods you see, the kind of idiots that can notice such things as the need to be other people – such things of which only happen if you were a successful lawyer today and then bankrupt in the next 48 hours which detaches you from you and people can then be you as equally as you can be you – so why they will want to be you in such a condition is not exactly clear but describing them as self harming idiots is not enough either – damaged goods is more accurate and we did try as hard as we could as Nation to no avail. So they do use the most popular byword of them all i.e. what part I have to play in wealth inequality which of course I am anyway, only they like to put it all in a perverted way i.e. for somebody to be financially comfortable they need talent and they need a product and you cannot simply make sure everybody else can share peoples talents and products and markets and make noise about wealth inequality at the same time – I mean there were those days I felt I could do anything and wasn’t as busy as I am now, I did allow them to become producers if my being one was never to be accepted or respected especially by black women who insult with claims they own me looking for trouble but the result of that was an economic crisis that lasted 6 years longer than it should because they cannot be caught dead doing what they are told while they have not got the foggiest clue what to do in anyway whatsoever. So what they are rather good at is noticing such things as how inept I am in terms of being thorough about my work with that talents of corruption, that is at the heart of their self harming goons in parliament making out I have excluded Politicians from all I do because the fact it is not in my interest since it is the route by which popular culture idiots can turn up around books written in service of the Church on social matters to abuse products and deploy them to get rich and famous at the same time is not good enough. They do say I have not got a clue what I am doing and that Royal affairs are not handled the way I handle them but it is not clear which one they mean; if I needed to collect comforts for Journalists at Court that means that they will listen and comply if I saddled them with the problem of reporting the issues of culture and society I have the means and ability to instantly collect it for them from the societies and culture idiots who work the problems and if I had to provide it myself I can do that in an instant as well - so what we are talking about here is their own careers at back doors of parliament and Monarchy and Media that they built away from violent people as it were for a start and that is not even taking into about the activities of their black idiots either - those have an issue with peoples anus and penis and so on and primarily, their abuses that put people in that position involves the one where they drive others into hysteria first of all and their popular culture idiots stand to gain the world from it and everything else they cannot tolerate the idea of not having when they never did work for it in the first place then pretending it is all fun and jolly and that the person who has to put up with them is enjoying it too.  The points being these are simply the sort of things that show they are in charge as it were. They do say the problem is that when they want to make use of my work I tend to shut them down which makes no sense as it has become public knowledge it is no longer sufficient to say they understand those who own a livelihood must make a living – so shutting them down is now the most sustainable way of making sure the products leave the shelves; these sort of conversations in themselves of which are usually brought about by normal people as it were in the first place and it has never actually been a problem for me just the violent idiots that make you think one day you will decide you have had enough of being touched by them making narcissistic happiness they can deploy for advertisement and riches and dominance on the basis of what you know will happen to you if you do not comply with a recent demand and pretending there is no way of keeping them and their parliamentary conversations and media reports out of the prognosis of your personal life.

This in their view would rather have meant I have now been shown my place but then again reality is that if this ripping up my health and taking leave off my finances for fifteen years that have been imposed on me actually gets to mean they cut out my personal life and take a stand on it and I will get into trouble if I touch it and it has resulted in an insertion their stupid mature companies into my Literary Empire, then they can put it out in public lets see if they have got as much guts as their big mouth suggests me knowing my place; prognosis of selling the books has been found to lie in keeping big companies and their smaller scum with twisted all knowing busy body fans out of the equities and these are the things they need to keep away from around here, this is why they are being kept out: The Labour Party and how it feels it does not want to fight with businesses anymore is not an emotive issue, their problem with businesses have always been that their only mode of existence is developed around the need to wreck the lives and businesses and finances of grown ups that will keep working for it because they need the money and have no choice and the result will be that working for successes that others are destroying will create an atmosphere of leisure that the socialist idiots can cash into, to create the kind of business that only playful scum like them with an intense need for pedophilia, Political or not can have and enjoy and so it is when they had damaged yours and ended up having theirs then robbed it in your face claiming they have become superior that the problem starts and it is at that point besides the threat these kinds of playfulness will have started to pose to your health and well being that you find their stupidities and twisted understanding of their place in the world and a sense of their own importance had invented a story in their puny heads that says others did it to them which means they still have means an ability to do it to other people at the same time as well for it is how it works; this at the end of the day are the kinds of people we have in the UK, what the Country is, so you always prepare to work for more until this superiority story and the things that get the better of you every time while you assume you are more powerful than them or can take them on turns up to wreck the health and well being (I for my part simply think people need to stop listening to or going along with all the nonsense the Labour party spits up about the economy - the reality is that you will always work for it and they will always wealth distribute it and the only way to ensure it goes as it should is to play your part to ensure they can only do so by securing a government through the polls that will do it for them with tax payer funds; we Christians however have a very different view of what it means to share other peoples property - they however will say I refuse to take responsibility for when things happen because of me, such as when they wreck my finances with their snap judgement and blame culture for what happens around them and I affect the lives of idiots that had better remained poor which is beyond my control or when they are society idiots and I can be responsible for how they are feeling towards me which is not necessarily good but the fact it is sad is something I must be made to stop as if I am sad in the first place and it is not their problems causing what they feel and so there is always that question when it gets to a certain point of whether we are to assume they do not know what they are doing especially when they want to gain from it financially too - so the reason for it especially for the media is not just that they appear on media and it will be difficult to support your position against them, it is also because they feel they are more civilised than you are in terms of the nature of their honourable job ranging from Media to Politics and your interference for attention and so on, interference they created too by the way, so that the problems come when they refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of their own civility, in sharp contrast to myself for example who can confidently tell what happens because of me and what does not; so that when they claim this is all what happened to them being put to another persons mind the reality is the question of whether they can convince anybody that 90% of what happens in their minds is concerning theirs jobs while the other 10% is concerning violence others throw at them to a point more so where they are doing honourable jobs while I interrupt looking for attention? So its always more like 40% spent on gangs and violent people 30% on the jobs which is why they are so playful and always need civil rights to make up for the rest and 30% on seeking out those that will be victims of envy and if everybody in the Country did that we would be in serious trouble, it is not a good precedent and yes they do say I damaged their society and culture of course but I only made sure it stopped being one that had been saved up for so long it was a yardstick for making out I stole all I know from plans they had for the future and now that I have attached financial incentive to those cultures and societies, its a race against time and either way they are paying off the bloody deficit they created too - in their defence they say I am still responsible for a lot, such as crippling any attempt to hit the Tories as well but of course its an old story about bumping into organised history people create with me and so on and in their case its the one about anus and penis abuses of me in a sexual context thing and what will become of it, they always make blow off their big mouth but we will hear of the bloodshed soon enough)

So I have a company that was damaged and have had everything including the book shop set up on the internet and because that is going well so far the story from Politicians cannot thus end about how much people hate me which is why I have to deal with all them abuses; it will lead to splitting it up with them on one side and me on the other since the reality is that they always have these ideas about offences people caused them and the need to pick on those who have not offended them to build up the powers of their revenge, so since that will not happen to me as well they will have to prove whatever it is they want to prove around here too. I have never thought it an issue just like the old case of sexual abuse matters being that what happens is a case of bad guys with bad kids making a case for how some kids as so bad the way to deal with what they do to you is sexual abuse and then they will be done and set off after good guys until they draw those in and get them to take part as well which will provide a license for good kids to be abused too then it becomes an epidemic; much the same as the abuse of women – these stupid victims of sexual abuse who raise publicity for their plight in order to seek out those who have a personal life they don’t to take their problems out on and chose a new self improvement and a new life know what they are doing, it does not mean when I say they cannot threaten me and shouldn’t be so stupid it implies I am a paedophile. It’s much the same as the Scottish National Party refusing to acknowledge it is a party of people who like the rest of us may see a child trip and fall and pick them up without thinking twice would shoot and kill a person over claims of doing things to harm mother Scotland without thinking twice and it is the racism of those of them who speak of goons that mess about in England who wouldn’t dare to be found in Scotland when they do have the benefit of hindsight over there paying for their racism in full; so the question now is that of who these people are supposed to be that do things to harm Mother Scotland and they have never answered that question if they could have a referendum instead – we were told it will take care of everything of course and that is why we went along with it, they are now speaking of the results as something that indicates there will be another and that will not happen as well because we now have a benefit of hindsight too and are really fed up. These things are not complicated matters; I mean years ago I could turn up the next pornography website and what I will find there will be one girl having sex with five men in the town centre, what she will do with that history only God knows but now that is not such a mystery anymore and they don’t get to threaten me as it were. I mean there are many things happening with pornography and I am not saying it is not a sin but when I am charged with leading everybody the reality is that they need to be heard too and the truth behind it is that they have the right to make videos of themselves having sex and put it out in public if they wanted and if I don’t want them to do me a service such as clearing out everything they believe pop stars would set out as a favour they are doing me completely free of charge so they can sell their own products then I would do everything in my power to ensure Pop stars do not set out and appear in public places to stand on my literary empire to entertain large crowds and get rich just because they have a low tolerance for a situation where they are not having all the things they never worked for and others can give it to them if there is media and Political office with which to – no idiot turns up here to threaten me because he or she was sexually abused, it is far more complicated than that.

I understand the story of threats to me are coming from the families of those that were killed by terrorists and the response that came from me as a result of it but then again I fundamentally hate any goon that gets off to complicate that war in the first place so this must therefore be news to me; as far as I am concerned of which the reality is that of the fact the terrorist groups are guerrillas and some of them have offended multiple states while others mostly offend a single sovereign and the matter is supposed to be handled in that way, through negotiation or any other means by which it is being handled. That somebody who is not necessarily a moral person gets off to do some good to suffering Syrian people because he feels like it in a territory where war of a religious context is happening is beyond the imagination but there seems to be no occasion in which they get killed which is not portrayed by their media idiots bent on squandering my Royal property on themselves or just wasting it looking for trouble as that which has to do with me; so when they get killed and I ought to understand I am being threatened it really does tend to blow me away and makes me wonder if they think I suppose it good riddance as well for my part. These days they speak of abuses in my direction being that I smell of course which is referring to the amount of violent pressure put on me by the same who profess to be in need of civil rights especially so with their stupid media that the fact I have 2 meals or less everyday means their chasing my penis and anus tends to mean everything I eat smells on my skin because I am under so much stress and the part they don’t like is the smell too but it will not be the first time these self harming idiots have been seen showing a desire to move into my right hand and lodge themselves there permanently as well anyway, so we are here again because they have rescued those stupid societies and cultures from me yet again. Yes they say it is a matter of the damage I do to those of course, never willing to speak of their sexual abuse of those who have not had sex in their lives before on account such persons as myself are grown ups and therefore not covered by laws designed to protect minors only – that only continues until you handle them as well and we are not talking about the part where they must now set out to delay sales of my books and get themselves into a position where the more sales I make is the more they will be offended to a point of death threats and so on yet as it were, with respect to that they are not yet complaining about their stupid society yet again, I mean they are only off to more hence they want to talk about their stupid relatives being killed in the middle east and what my response was and finish off with how I smell and by the way it is still that old story about my equities being built up so when I don’t deploy it other deploy it because they think I am a waster when we know they are the ones that savage the finances and the processes by which they plan that out is a fundamentalism that is best left where it is – I really have no idea what it is they have on that right hand side but I do know it is where my property ends up when their Politicians force integration and sharing on me and that the prognosis is primarily developed around keeping law enforcement out of their concerns while mine is primarily keeping my career away from criminals – so we can see they are not people that are above the law but criminals that are. If we say it is not okay for people who turn up with a suicide vest to say they are sorry for those they are about to kill today who are innocent on account they want to prevent others from holding them down for 20 years or so to secure their space in the world and insert a company into it to get rich and famous no matter what is not good enough, we should equally say that the behaviour is wrong.

Now in the UK more Political implications are that of how people support the Conservatives but refuse to acknowledge the damage they are doing to the welfare state and the NHS but I have no idea why that is always a by-word for my part either; I mean we need to review one thing, one single thing the Labour party has achieved in the last 12 years it had in office – from the civil service to the NHS, to the Economy and even social issues and we will find none – none whatsoever; the problem has become so huge with the welfare state and NHS being the more important fulcrums in their systems of public bribery to ensure they stay in office perpetually and it needed to be rebalanced, I for my part have never actually openly supported the Conservatives but this problem needs to be balanced by a party that hates the welfare state as well – they will answer for themselves if they damage my career in the process I would say but what would I do to them then if The Labour Party is to get away with the damage they have done? So I have no idea why this Conservative blaming has become such a viable by-word without any kind of merit whatsoever. They do mention people like me being a problem but then again the questions are still there of course i.e. how many normal people get out of bed to chase others and notice them to such an extent that there is something amusing about making them operate in a reactionary way instead of proactive; I mean I used to notice that I live in a certain way and realise that there have been evil people bumping into me in a certain way because that is how they were and it was all tolerable until they deployed government office to ensure when they are off to their wickedness they act, it makes an impact then I react in order to exist and this kind of wickedness takes a certain level of evil to achieve and it is much the same with scouting the country seeking out and attacking those that have better personal lives too, in terms of that, if they spend all their problems on such a personal life and have not destroyed it, they even seek help from prisoners and criminals to do so as well claiming it is a hatred for introverted people that walk around gloriously like they know everything; so apparently they have problems and what others deal with is child’s play and it is still very noisy in the UK because we are proactive about it, in Norway for example it is a lot quieter since the massacre a couple of years ago, that they will say I gain from but in actual fact somebody might be racist but it takes a certain level of destruction and provocation for them to turn up in a resort where it is all going haywire with a gun and more so to kill as much people as they did. They speak of the big picture I ignore of course – the big picture built from the fact they put out their shit for us all in public and keep the best they can offer in their personal lives for domination, the big picture that is about the fact the rest of us think recession means grabbing a business by the horns and going back to the drawing board while they think it is about grooming the rest of us for some distant violence that will allow compliance with what they feel concerning their low level of tolerance for a condition where they don’t have everything they have never worked for and this play out into the hands of certain idiots in industry that are fans of it which means when companies broker equities with me and I see those property deployed looking at it earns me violence and they turn up to build their own at my expense as well to secure narcissistic happiness that allows advertisement and ownership of wealth after spending time to find out who brokers equities instead of buy the products they need and it would not be the first time the fact they have problems means mobility for extremists either, it’s just the one where pissing me off will lead to a whole new kettle of fish and they need to keep off the property equities and stay right away from the books, not extract narcissistic happiness from me for anything; we understand they think we could be pals but I wonder if that means they are ready with tools that can help them curb things about their stupid girls especially the ones in the fashion industry who have an inane need for alliance with society idiots that will secure these compliance from others whose looks and temperaments they want to deploy to secure contracts and talk nonsense about gospels of prosperity they were supposed to preach for everybody but decided to take another path in other to cheat others. Making them deploy that stupid culture and society to make money and pay off the deficit they created by paying taxes is all good but do people think normal people behave in such ways or that the disillusionment hanging over them is how they are supposed to think: they do say I am good looking but not very clever of course, which is not to say I am unfinished with them and will not likely harm them on the money when they stalk me over my academic work and livelihood again from now on.