Now it is said I never give thought to how offensive people find the idea of me a nobody ruling over them but we all know that if they stay off my book sales there would be so such talk and right about this moment I would have been having a nice holiday after a job well done somewhere; that was never what they had chosen to do so here we are – soft talking Politicians telling me not to provoke them by pretending to be their leader but I still wonder which class I belong anyway when they say I am not upper class pretending that I am for example; I mean they say they do onto others and you would have people do to you but for me it applies a do onto the Monarchy as you would have it done to you, so I still have no idea which class they place me anyway, not that I am largely interested, its just that it is their call and such a big deal for them as well. It is clearly an old story about people attending parties hosted by Royalty when the last time we checked the insult the blasted off at them in public was incredible, setting off the idea that it is either such a large party they cannot control who attends it or that they are royalty and do not know where their enemies are – I am not as it stands a welcome guest at a royal party, neither am I a close ally or indeed somebody that has gotten a great honour from HM, I am actually that close to the Royal household and the problem with these guys is that they think the household will consider itself responsible for what I do to them when they attack me which is why this story comes up so frequently.

I myself am rather aware of the talk I am getting into the bad books of royalty as well but it is the same case of Law and order; I mean I may have criticised HRH The Prince of Wales for example but if he does wish to dispatch the Police to prevent somebody from doing something, will he dispatch them to prevent me or will be despatch them to prevent those who flatter him; it is the fact I don’t want to suffer any longer for playfulness which leads to a process of taking Government duties less seriously that leads to what I do and so what I will do with what I do is likely to get me into a condition where I am prevented from doing anything – it is never what we do but what we do with what we have done that is the question, the answer of which the enforcement of order seeks to answer.

I am quite comfortable with my place in the classical world, I am happy with the state of my temperamental property world wide and of course I am happy with my management of cultural violence around me and those who know they are Politicians and do not have such responsibilities do simply need to stop bringing it up as it does not help at all – I mean the worst case answer to their matter will be that of wondering what it would have been like in the 12th century but by then I would have an office no matter how shabby and small and I would work from it without being questioned or bothered – today there is simply too much technology but then again less intensity of the cultural violence itself, so no period wins this game at all whatsoever and I am not at all in anyway put off balance when people question my status like they usually think I am which causes them to do it. I know getting a job is a taboo in the classical world, I do as a matter of one of the many things I do within the section where I have to manage cultural violence as a result of my existence all together and yes they might want to ensure I never get one of those and have to live on benefits all they want, nobody still can make out who is winning either and I don’t mind the tory need to encroach on my projects and my company either, it would never work if this questioning my status develops into that of questioning whether my company is a real company; all it can lead to is global crisis when I follow them and their friends around the world questioning their own as well so that ever idiot that have a fight in his blood waiting for women on account their females are evil and there is nothing female about them can do whatever he or she likes and we will know that will lead to the rise of more extremism in Politics as well, it does not pay and will lead no where.


The talk of what is the right thing to do does not apply with this matter, it is largely a case of sectioning my work with public incitements and then finishing it off by cutting out a large part of my market for themselves to do what they like with on account I am black like they are – only they have decided they should be doing that on the basis of claims and talk of the right thing to do. I do not consider it a problem since it only has a meaning and purpose if I am not focused about what I do and I am rather focused on my plans to be a happy person anyway hence do not care about them at all – the whites and others are generally of the opinion that you did not see that their game plan was to wreck your life in order to be in a position where they have what you don’t, they think you are stuck in an area where you can do nothing about all that criminal activity on your finances and book sales which you have done nothing about all this while yet.

If we are to talk about the right thing to do in its own right the case I guess is a simple question of them giving me a very good reason I should not run a campaign to ensure their girls find it impossible to get jobs like their insults and very personal and sexual insults create a different person for me from what I am doing with myself while they make something of it publicly which makes out the only form of stupid success they understand. Besides which I have no idea where I got off approving the sale of music CDs to my customers so they can go first and start off endless nonsense that leads to a process where they take things over around here either – I don’t care if they give me an answer to the former question I am doing it anyway; the reasons I have brought up the issue is a clear question as to what they mean the right thing to do in its own right from that twisted White House in the US that cannot let others be - this is the real latest; the real rage.


I am aware that it appears my position on government cuts is well sought after; what confuses me a lot of the pretence politicians put up about the fact there can only be one reason for businesses not to fear them anymore to such an extent that they control the cabinet itself all together – I mean I don’t know which is worse anymore, that they are not longer scared of government officials or that they control the cabinet itself and yes they do tell me when I bring it up that I could not do it if I were in their position but what I have done and done outside of their position is secure adjudication between women and businesses; the two are always in a fight and one is always right – women are always right because at the very basic for most of the time the reality is still that even when somebody is married he thinks he must go out everyday to actively seek a means of having sex with another on account the person seeks to find out if there is anything she can do for him. This then means of course that popular culture emerges and women hurt them with rejection and make fame out of it; this they have countered to prepare since stealing intellectual property and equity and running off to communist economies to get rich in a condition where they can feel like real men is not enough anymore, they have gotten Politicians to set out for them their own custom made popular culture that will ensure women cannot do such things to them which will never change anything because all that will happen is celebrities with part time popular culture activities, female journalists with part time popular culture activities and so on. So if this is easier than simply making sure you are able to govern businesses I would have liked the Politicians to inform me as well. I have got all these matters covered of course but Politicians will get them off me somewhere in hell; their insults you see, that is the reason and by the way they even tell me as I say these things that I am getting into an irrecoverable career piracy even as I speak, so there is no chance they will take it off me; it remains with the Crown, besides which that is the right thing to do anyway and then The Crown can get to spend more of its time maintaining order in the Country while Politicians more of theirs making Laws.