Now I hear the case of me getting after power aspects of my Office is something I tend to abhor like a plague, but I have no idea why the suggestion is so anyway; I do what I do the way I do it because I can i.e. when there is a clear lay mans explanation for almost every single public disposition and or Policy, it becomes very difficult for criminals to become civil rights activists. We can see that Liberal America is all over it and their purpose in this world has become a case of making my Book sale business into the means by which they tell a Prince how to exist until they had become superior to him, so the theory I am unable to get after power issues because I smell like my loo at this stage is an example of how they can take up my Book sale business, build me a history of insults on media that makes a mess of my patents and allows them to handle anything they like as long as I have not physically stopped them and showed up to gather some low lives who need to have nice cars and clothes to put an end to their loser image since everybody tends to do everything better than them especially when they came up with the idea in the first place, to make me smell like my loo and make an announcement of any ailments I may have every day.

For my part it is the same group of people that think about money and attack people because they want to get rich so often that they do not have energy to work for it anymore, then they come up with all that celebrity culture tricks and insults while the getting rich bit is on the cards and they have not got the energy or intelligence left to work for it as well, acting as if they are taking advantage of the one they gave to the frugal. The same people who never stop the insults and abuses they levy on other peoples livelihoods all day, such that when you do get off the livelihood and go off to chase a job in another person’s livelihood, we find that the problem foot soldier MPs and Factory Managers and Shop Managers had decided you will smell like your loo all day as every twerp will be able to have a go since they want to bully you and get to the top as well the same way brainless scum like them did, so you never run out of feedback you can get to the idiots to express all the time, while we can see blabbing like me smelling as my loo and will not be able to get after the power bits is one that can ensure it ends catastrophically. It is the same group of individuals about whom if I can just stop them spending everything I do as I am doing it, all will be well and then this will become the one and single objective, while the Liberal America fools at the heart of it will then get into a position that allows them to decide who is getting enrolled in their big Military and indeed what that Military is for before they got off threatening me with it to pillage my work all the time. It is the same individuals who claim I am not Royalty when I know I had achieved to the very top and am now spending my time supporting young people trying to get through school, supporting people at work and supporting business, so each time I ask whether they will want me to get paid for something else, the way I go through their own expense to put through to them, the stupidities always respond in the negative but will continue with insults of how I am not Royalty until they likely get seriously hurt so their families may find out what sorts of nonsense I have had to put up with for years un ending. It is the same goons who will smoke all sorts of nonsense and drink all sorts of nonsense and still will not be able to sort out what is to happen to their bottoms like it was between the 1960s and 1990s, going to prison for crimes they did not commit, blabbing how I cannot get after the power bits because I smell like my loo until it really kicks off as it were.

For my part they say I have disagreements with people at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense; what happens is like it did yesterday; HM had an engagement and The Queen did not want to do the job of the Politicians, so someone had to push – for my part, stepping outside of my door usually means clashing with society trouble makers that have befriended these persons whose duties involve society, meaning HM holds ultimately the keys to what everyone does. The case I have had with some has been the fact that their parents have businesses in the City Centre, so they got off to Buckingham Palace to sell the Place and were one of the original goons to begin these stories about how I am not Royalty until I was pushed out of my academic work in 2008 – the result being that I will be made a mess of for a collection of miles on my way to the Palace when I am visiting, then when I get there they do it as well. In the end the extreme bits will be that it is okay to dress in rags when getting involved with Celebrities but not when visiting The Queen, the fact that Celebrities may gang up and chase my bum for the rest of my life is of course completely irrelevant but we are not doing extreme bits, so it is usually a matter of etiquette at the Monarchy that all must be nice to Celebrities or risk a form of Punishment. That said I will tolerate no more of this nonsense from Liberal America and want them off my Books as soon as possible if they are complaining about historical injustices already, such a bunch of slippery liars; I really have had enough of them and it is still the case that it is not okay for people to pretend to be me in the USA simply because they no longer have access to their stupid dreams - the lie that actually concerns me being the claim I am nasty to Celebrities while we never see them take it up anyway; the bits about goons who manufacture themselves into Celebrity jobs at Industry and then show up here to set me out as the person that is to be poked by the public all day long and being completely defenceless for it too (if getting involved with me has become that extensive for their civil rights and society etc, I fail to see what service they do themselves by creating a condition which makes it impossible to remove the incentives, besides which there isn't really an explanation for each case that shows up here to complicate my life, save the fact they tell lies all the time and make mention of the size of their military endlessly and of course War was the province of Men, so those who have not taken part need to live a complicated existence, about which its only when they are in one of those times in which they are thinking that something must be prevented from hitting the vein, do we find it is time to ensure my Books were not being bastardised again - all together we can see their stupid Politicians are off to it again and their dumb goons with an inability to keep their hands to themselves over sales issues stupidities are not to establish a relationship with consumers in order to trade, if they have a Literary Empire and ts equities to confiscate from a Boy). I do understand it is said that I am unaware of the questions around the reasons people behave in such ways and it is utter nonsense too; they do because of show business and I may tell somebody not to put up a product on my Public image and find them do it anyway, so I may not want to wreck the persons livelihood so I give them a whole 12 months, not to do it again by the next business cycle but what we will find is my pleas going to waste as they make it clear if they have their backs to the wall I am in for a fight and there is enough money riding on doing it that can facilitate murder - just as we hear them brag I cannot do anything now that I smell like my loo while complaining the whole time as well, whereas what I am thinking is that I may have been finished with the society ones at this stage, so another start by them could see me get into a fight head on over these insulting abuses and its corruptions of involvement, it has again been interpreted as a condition in which I have learned my lesson. The point at which Liberal America fools have provided this nonsense as a form of Leadership is one about money and how those who have none can do nothing but I have only decided they are set to do something about everything because they have it for my part as well; old case where these goons love to pretend they know a lot about the UK but do not (they do say I am wrong about what happened at Buckingham in the last 48 Hours while I am not; what happened was that HM was about to deliver a Broadcast and asked if the Politicians had been removed from the way, so they had to push).