I am now said to be one of the most irritating and annoying people in the world which I don’t mind but we have for years now known that this is not the real me; what happens is that the popularity and celebrity goons show up here to pass around the life changing insults and abuses and then my sensibility becomes one of putting it down somewhere, except I am grown up and it’s a vanity that I do not have the ability to grow out of, so I am full and it needs to go somewhere else, of which I prefer playing it back to them – the same way they enjoy causing me distress, is the way I enjoy hearing them complain about their behaviour when it is played back to them. What happens with these guys is that I am caught up with culture and society trouble makers, doing very well and not long after they want to copy it for the purpose of looking after those who were actually important; the result will be that all hell breaks lose for me, they cannot keep their hands off me and I end up with an eating disorder, their women cannot stop getting on the most public of places to pass insults at me about what I am supposed to be doing with myself to make them comfortable and then they realise I am annoying, while I think they needed to know I will no longer tolerate the business of their fans following me at University to rip up the academic work because of what they were convinced my personality should be used for in terms of Popular culture and Celebrity culture, where their own plans for the future and for being financially comfortable were i.e. they showed up at University to rip up my academic work because the best use of my type of personality was Celebrity and Popular culture, more so in an eventuality that made them better off, only to get onto the City while I am blaming myself for not taking them seriously enough and pull off another stunt of a publicity for me that suggests I am one of their most hated characters for showing up in the City to take back careers that had long been taken from me – then their lovers spend even more of my time building one that suggests I have potential to make trouble and their concern is that I am capable of shooting off in any direction, the whole while of while they have answered none of the questions about how angry this sort of nonsense would have made them if they were in my shoes. What I am now certain of is that they like to make out they are able to explain their narcissism towards me and I am going to cause them enough suffering and distress to ensure their fans behaved properly too – I am not going to tolerate dropping out of University over the real value of my personality to their stupid selves again. As for the black people that can control me; its usually pointless and without reason, associated with what I should be doing to co-operate with their needs and I am sore all over, while my bottom hurts because they could not keep their hands to themselves – the women claim they can do with me as they please but we all know they come from places where the economies are mostly developed around Tourism and commodity markets and that idiots who live in glass houses ought to try not to throw stones at others, the Men like to boast about handling me while we all know the Community croons who look like they want to invent their own religion at other peoples expense in the neighbourhoods all the time are things they do everything that can at their stupid industry careers to replace whenever it is cleared out, so the theory it is some societal evil that exists by chance is not really based on fact, it would not thus end as well as they suppose if they showed up here close and personal once done with that big mouth ripping up some Royal Public image they can afford as it were. In the end I am told it appears to be an impossible task to keep me from getting into a fight all the time whether or not people will not be able to harm me and are getting on my nerves but this is what it demands – if its impossible to get on without being stomped by the fact these gits have evil activities happening in their cultures and societies, what they are really asking for is an Office space fight. The Media ones like to make out stories about me getting involved with those who have nothing to do with me while we know I am now prepared to pay the price for the women that will lose careers over the fact they befriended me, so that when I get married men having takeaway for dinner and spending their last penny to fuel the cars so they might be real Men, it will stop – for now it’s been years in the making and they are out of their depth; at the heart of it is this process of finding time and again that my Publishers were that close to finding me a distribution contract but what the Media was doing with my Public image meant the Clients were never fully certain of what I was doing with myself and the practical jokes continue unabated. They have continued to suggest I can have my career as long as I allowed others to have theirs, while making sure I smelled, I was sore all over and their stupid women never stopped getting on public places to tell me what I am supposed to do for their comfort and I do believe when I get hold of that stupid civil rights, I will perform a Royal act of civil rights with it and it will be done for them permanently as it were – the advice has continued to be that the last time they chased money around my concerns, I dropped out of University for it.

They do say I boast all the time and that it will get me into trouble which is utter rubbish, what I am doing rather is selling Books and there are three parts to it; the first part being what I say and do which is my bit, the second being the possibility of dealing with other peoples built up security problems over my Books likely meaning I am going to provide them the trouble they do desperately seek, the final being that Politicians spend tax payer funds helping them with their financial issues and then spend some more wrecking mine because they think my personality would serve the idea of existence better if it was making them money they did not work for at popular culture and Celebrity madness, meaning they are always trying to fulfil the dream of making me afraid of them and if they physically handle me I am really going to try to hurt them mortally for it. The practical jokes continue to the part where they claim they love the way I handle it without violence naturally while we know the part of the Bible that talks about homosexuality extensively points out that God is not mocked, that whatever a Man shows during season is what he will reap during harvest, I suppose enough have not died yet, so the practical jokes continue still – the whole thing about dropping out of school like so, hanging around to respond to the stupidities of culture and society gits who spot my personality thing while they played up their gimmicks and threatened me, churned my tummy to get me into trouble with gangs and criminals, is not sustainable for me as a way that people get to share my property with me, like we see them give their own to the frugal. The theory that these idiots have most of the time is that with media at their disposal they may do whatever they liked and set about deciding what the Public thought to ensure they got away with it, until they meet people who are really determined like myself, who do not want them peddling faith, personal life and public image and gets punished by their stupid selves for it everyday and it stops being so amusing from then on.

The trouble at the Monarchy has always been that Governmental work is Governmental work but these idiots are more interested in whether a mess was made of that and my disposition was being deployed at popular culture and Celebrity culture which another Royal that did not do very well with themselves academically but was more privileged can become privileged on; I have had enough of their threats. Same as the story of how I cannot stand Celebrities throwing around the influence while they are rather completely reliant on me not to act on property damage, while they formulate plans that will ensure they can decide when I got job and money and I will not tolerate the vandalism of my academic pursuits for a second time over the matter, which is gradually building up to a daily fight with the media where they brag the most of how all I can do is talk, a fight that will ensure any small talk about my Books, work and public image is always set to do some damage and that somebody paid for it, allowing me control other bigger damage that involves putting up money leverage at Market places to play practical jokes with market property derivatives their stupidities built for a Bookshop the last time we checked as it were and hate British when they do not have money to perform such nonsense with – always inevitably feeding into the case of their access to charities who will make them look better than me each time I had failed to co-operate, every time I built market for my Books and they wanted to make money with it, on and on as stupidly as possible, showing how they push it on and the prospect of it ending very well. They do love to claim that my bottom hurts and it’s a sign that I have learned never to mess with them but its only a sign I have not been doing enough to show how difficult it is to tolerate their 1980s and 1990s partying and boogying lifestyle thing, more so showing up on my income margins because they have not the time to find ways of paying the bills while engaged with it, the one that usually suggested the problem religious people had with them was completely unfounded as it were. The do boast that the time period was not great for religious people as well and I understand but it was a time when I grew up thinking some of the problems religious people had with them was probably unfounded – now as a grown up I can see the balance that it necessitated as it were, I mean I realised this balance before I was 15 but its always been with me anyway, so it was largely what grew up time looked like; they had since gone off to build popular culture canopies of narcissism at Industry over claims they had found me to be a character they may bully to make people feel good enough to recover from economic crisis and the same year that the economic crisis took hold of the world was the year I dropped out of University because of them – so we now know this nonsense had worked obviously and what will happen when I build a Public image for what I have in mind over it too; the problem we have on both sides is that we are now at a stage where the business of deciding I needed to do more and more work, building me a history of insults has run its course; there is nothing left to do now save getting the Books I have written shipped off to those who need services and what is going to happen if I allowed it is another history of insults built for me and a crowd with ideas about what I am supposed to be doing to make them comfortable erected alongside and then I will have more work to do, unless the outcome is that it either ends with a process whereby they stopped showing up here to plan their stupid lives on my wallet talking nonsense about being important or I got out of bed and looked forward to a fight with media and Celebrities every day. They always boast that I am unable to look after myself but have grand plans on such things but we all know I have warned them before about the road that leads out of my home to allow me access the world becoming their main concern and the result of the fact I cannot remember the last time I stepped outside of my door without smelling like what I ate – it cannot be that difficult for people to stay away from a Book they did not write and stop following the author around with abuses and plans to grab property for somebody else that they liked better can it? I am looking forward to the two things of this place being quiet enough for people to simply read Books and to the business of attending a Book signing event whereby I did not have to contend with security problems associated with their foolish Celebrity lives.

The claim I am afraid of Celebrities is not an emotive one and I do get told its people at the Monarchy who think I am but I am not referring to people at the Monarchy when I am responding to it either, people at the Monarchy have every right to think I am afraid of Celebrities or to think I am not; what matters is that these goons show up here to ensure they never stop the behaviour but instead found another lie to tell that makes it a clever bullying that people cannot tell them off for as it were and it needs to be clear I am not afraid of them, I am just tired from a lot of work that was necessary to show Industry people mine in Crown interest and I am not trying to make money off the way their multinational companies have shaped or affected the world, so I am not in any mood for games about people showing me if I started a fight with them, their money would never run out and then it would take my entire life to win and I would never win the day I had passed away, which most of the time around usually leads to outcomes where Fat Cat has got a Fat Arse and hates my guts, so I am very tired since I returned from this but the insults of these gits will only likely mean I took up their case as it was worth it all together. We see them at it all the time; again and again it will wreck everything, spy on me and pick up my work to make itself look good by for various reasons including self-pity, then there will be those occasions where the work was set out in a sequence and the three year period in which about five pieces of work were created saw them pick out one from year number 2 to play their stupid games with, hence when they say they will lose their minds if they stopped, it makes me so incensed as they can always get organised and buy a Book from this shop if it depended on them – it’s not my problem.