There is now this question of the Public having a long ancient history of regarding Royals as their property and I don’t think it’s a matter that should be discussed and sorted out Publicly either – it is a question that those who receive Office from HM understand very well and make provisions for. It’s a matter of being mixed up whenever a person faces difficulty with such matters; in my case for example the mix up is largely a situation that involves a bunch of very stupid individuals with a Media presence winnowing everything that tended to suggest I had clothes on, for the Public to play with, while their Celebrities think of themselves as a middle point between accessing and using me for conveniences in terms of where the Public is supposed to fetch such things. Which I don’t think is a crisis, and the fact I don’t will be express when I began to winnow their own in order to run a Royal Bookshop as well. We find them speak of this case of something I do with Communists which got British and American service people in action hurt, the problem developing from a matter of Celebrities and Lesbians chasing female lover by wrecking people’s lives in support of the USA and then attending the Obama Parties each time it is done, into a matter of their insults playing into a certain fall out that involves the fact I am in the service of a Country which the Communities cannot remove from the world map and it cannot get rid of the Communists either. We have seen the same things play out in the EU as well – where they must get the imagination up my bum because they passed the exams in school, the same way the Americans and their South American friends who are in love with their mothers do and cannot keep their big mouth shut about whom I am supposed to be afraid of – the whole thing has the same feel to it of people destroying the natural environment, to hijack everything we did to protect it, in order to blow off the big mouth at me about any responses I put up to defend myself meaning I will never move on, after which they show up to insultingly build me a Public image as a character that can sort out the bottom hurting problems for them and hang around my concerns telling lies at my expense when people are being bullies – they claim they are doing it because power is now divided between Communists, America and the EU but I bet I can move on with my concerns if I got a sticker on their faces which say they are lesbians chasing female lovers, so that I might get on and develop healthy relationships with other people as well. For my part however, the whole matter is not lost in translation then, if I said that this business of looking like I am stuck somewhere sorting out issues with culture and society trouble makers for some very insulting and abusive City centre idiots to seek self-improvements by, while it was quite clear they needed to insultingly make public appearances to declare themselves superior to me everyday on Media, sort it out by themselves or I would have been on their payroll if I were actually doing it, whereby their stupidities have money and are now lobbing everything they can get their hands on, to handle and get me to serve them because their whole life now depends on it, while the main problem they had was reading something I had written in the first place, as insultingly as ever, then it would have made clearer sense. They however have said that they feel unprotected because I am able to get around to what I am doing and yes I understand that but it’s the way it is supposed to be really, not a question of the Public thinking I am their property leading to a response on my part, about which we can see that HRH Prince of Wales getting in league with them to make out a completely different set of rules applies to him, is now starting to show itself for what it really is all together. The black people are supposed to feel unprotected and then get hurt by racists, so I may have access to the air that is actually free and the racists are supposed to hurt their own people first before realising they were meant to get in league with each other and bugger me all the time, then both get together after that and pretend their new condition is something I can explain while it actually has nothing whatsoever to do with me. We even see the Americans take advantage of it while I am working to suggest they had an advantage that other groups did not have, for the purpose of getting their imagination up my bum, which will likely lead to a response that makes it quite clear this is a behaviour laden heavily with lies and abuses, that is likely to lead to outcomes where they had to provide a reason or provide a closure, whereby it will stop the way I would like it to instead but for now, the main risk is that I might get out of here and build myself a Public image for it all together. I do get told that I believe I will make progress with myself once I am done talking like that but its an old story about the progress being a matter of their stupidities setting a stage for their new Politics and civil rights to be mainly about taking advantage of the family finances of Royalty for Public benefit and it started with those insults that my Literary Empire exists only in my head to kill off my finances, hang around telling lies that gathers a crowd to deny the existence of actual property, they got into middle management positions to claim and will end very well too when it does stop the way that I want it to. They suggest they have been taking money out of my concerns all the time and its utter rubbish; they have been passing money among themselves to make up the idea that this happens when I am being insulted and abused by them – an old story about wealthy idiots concerning whom it had become very clear years ago, that unless the cycle of me telling them the Books are rather cheap compared to what they earn and they telling me they think it is trash, which leaves me the question to ask of what their fascination with me was then, only to get back to the first question and go round and round in circles, is replaced with a business process where they cannot gain from any of my concerns without actually paying for the products, it will never stop and I have grown younger and stupid since. Presently they say the problem is that I am protected by important people so they are unable to take candy from a baby and we all know if that protection did not make me complacent enough to think the business of destroying my property whenever they cannot take advantage of it was deserving of vengeance to show what people who are rich and stupid become, I will have been going back to the time that it all began around here as well for my part. The point is that those who are given a royal Commission understand this question well and must ensure that they took their Office seriously enough to see that they never got tangled up in the web od lies and insults which ensure these goons look like their fat mothers had become very important while others smelled of what was eaten, then hang around making people think it is what their reality and that of their victims had become in terms of who we are as upstanding Citizens – must ensure that like in my case where the point at which they catch me out in that sense that it is usually what they want to get involved with, know and control as per how a person can be used depending on the incentive of doing so, especially in terms of how others should be handling culture and society while they got rich and famous without doing any work is concerned, is that they must make use of my faith without believing in God and therefore make use of my Books without paying for it, does not apply in terms of what is faced as a matter of daily living; I mean I know how to get around this because it’s a case of the relentless behaviour being expressed as a show of the fact they are utterly evil scum who are in the service of the devil, since what is really annoying them is the way that Bible reading and daily prayer is rewarded by God in blessing in such a way that it sets out a question for them every day, so they are doing for themselves what I am getting from God naturally. Eventually is the question of no progress, which is largely a matter of the fact that all stagnation started when they said I would be Royalty if they wanted me to be one and that my Literary Empire existed only in my head; the insults have now added up to questions about why if I am said to be sorting out culture and society trouble makers for their stupidities without being on their Payroll for it, such that they expect me to say something that is valuable and lost to them through media presence every day, which essentially can only be curbed if my public work is crippled deliberately and I therefore want them to vacate the Public image through which I communicate with others, whereby failure to do so might see me get off the Hermitage and place myself on a deadline and a platform to teach them lessons they will never forget as well. on a personal note however, they have always been respectful enough to make themselves big brother and big sisters to make a mess of other peoples finances and career for amusement, it does not mean in anyway that for what idiots in suits talking nonsense at me because they have come to forget whom they are addressing, is worth, the Americans have an advantage and I am therefore at their mercy. In the end it is said that people lost a Royal commission because of me and I am not remorseful of it which I am not; they thought they had to play up support and public support for ethnic minority goons who think they needed to get on Public places to make statements about being the upper class from overseas who were actually superior to me, got hurt by it and there is no reason for me to feel bad about that. In the end, if I said that my Books showed they passed the exams in school which is virtually the only thing that has saved us from World War Three, those who did not write it, do it, or say it need to stop making stupid comments on that, which wrecks the Public interest – otherwise its rather clear what their understand of what an item that is patented in the name of the owner really means, which requires such a response as makes their lives very difficult for each time they did it and the rich idiots got a Publicity which helped to run them down until every job associated with property equity taken from this place had been done by them.

They say I am angry about the way women have done better at my expense and its utter rubbish – we all know it’s a terrible situation to end up homeless because you got stuck with feminists on account a female colleague had a problem and you assisted them with it, bearing in mind it is usually likely to be easier for you than your female colleagues most of the time – the stupidities of it and the need for me to resolve the issues by putting my own labels on them too. In the end I believe I am quite clear about the little bits for the time being; that perception where they suggest they harmed me and there are industry fools that will buy products in businesses they own or manage without there being said to have been a condition in which I was harmed to make them happy to do so, may buy products and provide them with an income, which turns the activities that women in my court perform as fake hate in order to keep their jobs into a real and harmful situation for me to deal with alongside the nauseating financial complications their stupidities have caused – I have been clear that tolerating that condition by saying the consumer knows what they are doing with their money, has only produced a condition in which perceptions that are created to boost the idea I am losing money to others gaining some form of tolerance is not necessarily a workable solution for any problem. It really does feel as if the consumers know what they are doing with their money since we are talking about situation in which these fools worked with them in a Trust system and built a relationship with them, complete with Publicity that helps to avoid the bad crowds while people are chasing financial concerns but the reality we are facing is that although this notion was good for economic recovery, it appears that the consumers do not have such choices anymore. It’s the same as their fascination with everything we consider to be socially and morally evil, their fascination with gits that will show up to make a case out of people going to work instead of getting into a fight and those who get into a fight doing so instead of going to work, in order to build up a premise by which to impress on people what people are supposed to do until it became abusive enough to handle them physically from a point where the handler could not be handled himself, to show up here and stifle my Book sales because their stupidities want to feel safe as decided by idiots that are more powerful than I am. They make out this case of me being some character that tries to achieve something by handling the Media which is utter rubbish – what really happens is that this is how I work i.e. when I say I don’t want people peddling the faith and personal life and public image, I am running the lives of culture and society goons for them; so what happens is that I stuff them with what I know and we both treat each other like animals i.e. I smell of what I ate due to community organised abuses while they disperse my information like I was paying them to, ironically where I would like them to the most, so the part these Media and Celebrity gits are playing as well is one of provisional insults and abuses just in case an industry scum wanted to buy into it, an old tale of people being ruthless with the money making issues. So it goes without saying that since they appear to suggest its difficult for them to stop it while their careers are the only ones doing it, we are about to enter a phase where what they do with their jobs will be linked to their filed of study or I will be famous for causing them suffering and misery if it is linked to mine. Since it is impossible for them to stop it by themselves, we are soon to find out if they got the media job which gets to their heads by doing legal studies at University.

I am said to find it difficult when it comes to the business of getting into relationships but I don’t at all – what really happens is that these people have incredible courage when it comes to developing communities that run people down, once the part where girls want to influence you and make you run away from your achievements which can be picked up by more deserving people as rich get richer and poor get poorer gets underway, when it comes to showing up around a product that is patented to make a mess of the entire life of the person who created it in order to break off and share some market but the little love wins all the time. Its like they say what I am doing is restitution for my wrong doings which is utter rubbish – an example of the sort of nonsense I put up with is the one they carried on through the UK, that I came into the world to destroy their enemies and its not that I knew they were saying I looked like a war and a fight to protect their criminal stupidities and any others that may come up in future as such, there was so little need to respect my person and feelings that it was largely a matter of how much trouble those who told me this is what they were thinking and doing, would get into. Then there are others such as their need to objectify, as such – that I am a thing and will be that way for a long time, so they should not fear to use it as they wish etc – it all played into terrorism between 2001 and 2005 during which time I had not responded to any part of it whatsoever. This is not restitution at all and we can see another example being the most recent behaviour of their Celebrities, saying that I am an idiot who disrespects my mum and goes off to get stuck with culture and society trouble makers and they had the right to ensure my stupidities did not affect their almighty and very important career by wrecking my Books and academic work again, while it was quite clear they will never stop damaging my Bookshop by the way and with it they believe they are now able to control my ability to establish relationships with other people because they are in love with their Mums – until I then say that tolerating this nonsense and the insulting perception they build to get people rewarding them with product purchase for hurting me is not necessarily a solution for an existing problem and I want them to keep off my Books and clear my Public image space, that it becomes quite clear this nonsense is not reality and that those who are in love with their Dads can get on without any trouble whatsoever i.e. this is not restitution in anyway whatsoever.

There are these threats that come through time and time again from a certain Labour Party, that my issues with them will never come to a stop until they attained a certain results that they wanted from it and it will never make sense to me if it had rather become abundantly clear at this stage, that handling me is a full time job, that they are going to have to chose between being one of the institutions that hold and help to decide the outcome of Political Authority in the Country and the business of handling me, before it got to stop the way their stupidities would want it to. This matter is not as much a problem for me as they would think it is; I am sore all over all the time living with abdominal discomfort caused by a handful of scum that are working imagination sexual violation on me, which they claim is something they did because I am naïve about what it means, thus my naivety makes it their right to do it, especially because their stupidities were real Men – so have I now put out the warning enough time to get through, that there is possibility such a person as cannot get on with the doing your stuff doing my stuff doing stuff men who will not keep their stupid hands to themselves and as such wants to do something about it might exist but for the time being, so have I been clear their stupid careers are the only ones performing this nonsense, meaning their disobedience will likely drive the matter to a stage where it stops as they would like it to, when my career joins in too. I mean I do get told I never address issues behind the reasons people view me in such ways and yes I don’t – it wouldn’t be sporting to hang around a hermitage telling lies while abusing people like they do, so I make use of their own lies and do believe we are now at a point where enough had not yet died, the big mouth blabbing at me on the shop floor of Parliament. Otherwise if I wanted to address the reasons people view me in such light, it was an old story about being a character through whom men get feelings of being real Men which has over the years become so abusive that we have now entered the financial abuse phase.

They do say they are bad people and I never take it seriously which is understandable that they have come to hate my guts and profess it regularly too, as I think all bad people should be at work and paying taxes just in case they damaged something and the Nation had to spend money – it can show up here for another round by telling me that extracting money from my Public image with the tool of popularity was its civil rights one more time – the story that they know they are bad people but I am too weak to hold my Office having no foundations on reality thereof. The Politicians have said I lacked resources to do these things but I don’t actually need it if they have allowed me drag them into my arena, blabbing about how I don’t stand a chance, if people follow me around over what I know and then start a mini war when I had written a book, while the Celebrities later got involved once I had devised a way to stuff them with what I know so we might both get to handle each other like animals every day, to set me out as a profitable punching bag when it comes to showing their stupidities were making ruthless show business decisions – I don’t need resources to find out if I stand a chance with Men wrecking the lives of good people to form alliance with bad people on account they are being ruthless in order to be rich, talking nonsense about successfully doing the women thing which is likely to drive their victims towards violent activity, while the Feminists must pillage the lives of those who support their female colleagues. The reality is that I don’t find Show business useful at all; it is a fundamental threat if I am spending time helping people to build their family finance bases and get a social life, alongside Public Policy that governs the lives of a three groups of people from the dependants, working population and elderly age groups – so what they have done is the usual co-operative that they have in certain neighbourhoods, which set me out as a tool to be handled by the General public for good feelings, the feelings that have allowed the general Public buy the show business products which are usually very cheap especially when they are being sold online and therefore made them rich – it has been a certain kind of money which is a product of Industry gits rewarding fame fools who hurt characters they want to turn into hate figures to improve market margins but the reasons that tolerating the perceptions that support it even though I know they will try to make it a self-fulfilling prophesy with Media presence, is no longer a viable solution for a problem, is that they are now chasing my money; so it loves to blab that it does it alongside cracked up out of my league talking nonsense and building communities that develop swear words that can be channelled at me to get imagination up my bum, that I don’t stand a chance because I suppose its about time to find out whether or not I actually did as it were. I have been told that people think I should be able to make compromises somewhere on these matters but what we are talking about here is a series of publicised abusive insults that allow a group of fools set out Publicity for property I have brokered with Companies as none existent, then hang around somewhere with middle management, seeking to acquire the Offices of top Industry operatives, along the lines of ideas about me being their kid on whom their stupid future depends, hence its clear those who want to make compromises with it can always do so without bothering me. I cannot say it enough – they need to keep away from my Books and shut down those foolish comments, especially so if they can see that they are not sharing the salaries that gets to their heads, which is likely the only thing that may justify this nonsense, I have had enough of it. Some people have pointed out that others do not run their business the way I do but so is it likely that others are not having to deal with life changing insults and abuses associated with processes where people followed them around sometime earlier to make a mess of their lives and careers on account of a need to share the knowledge and when they put out Books a mini war broke out – just like their foolish Politicians are issuing threats because they never respect the leadership they found useful, until their position was a fundamental threat to the health and well being of such persons, likely about to get off a system where those who know more than they do give them benefits of doubt because they were the elected representatives of the Public and those who didn’t know as much as they did, gave them Trust, to end up with a full time job of handling me.

I have a feeling that this story about how I don’t stand a chance against them, is one that is developed alongside their Muslim friends, from a business of spying on me to collect information about my Books and any works I have not put out in Public, so as to ensure their Media presence ensured I was dominated by the fact they had already made enough money to depart the world for if need be and should I find this to be the case, so will it also mean that whatever we did to show that I definitely did stand a chance against their stupidities, was completely unnecessary, a simple matter of their narcissism expressing another grand disrespect for my patents and deserved a certain kind of response. So it is very likely the need to make their red carpets into a playground for other abusive processes I believe to be linked to this nonsense, such as society idiots picking up my diet to share with prostitutes they had a certain kind of sex with and then showing up to tell me they had done my stuff, in order to ensure their insulting Celebrity activities had a far reaching effect, all I need do is shut down their exists, which is what I am doing already like the trouble they will find according to the vigour with which they seek it. We have seen them claim their activities at my expense are good for the world in the sense that it gets me responding to oppression so poor people might copy it, while reality was rather that oppression was a fundamental ingredient in the way that evil works and comes to everybody but if I cared about their insulting feelings, I would say its their disrespect which was the main problem.

They say I never address what HM thinks of my activities which is causing me huge problems and this is not based on reality either – they are always in the game for Royal Politics and then they find it impossible to stand by the leadership when it reaches a point of no return; in the end there is nothing to say about anything as they now have to decide if they want to leave me in my Hermitage or show up here to drag me into their Celebrity and popularity stupidities claiming I am a disgrace at the precise point where I had decided to do more for my finances, where their activities have such a stupid modern effect whereby the more I complied with their stupidities to look the Part of a Prince as would please them, is the less money I made, which worsened my financial complications – a question of leaving me in my Hermitage or showing up here to find out if they can make as much trouble. The bits at the Monarchy will be the Part where the Prince of Wales wants to be King of the trouble makers, comprising racists and stupid ethnic minority goons about which I was doing well enough with many simple ways of handling them, such as making good those lies they tell when people are being bullied until they made themselves a media presence to get rich and famous by, so each time they tell me I am blabbing about controlling them, it may be measured against how many had died so far, until they got Royal support and all became a National stage crisis, performed by people who are now claiming HM did the same when she was younger, about which I don’t suppose anything I have said here is lost in translation as well. So, the process of controlling them and their King must begin by this case of me checking out of their circles in order to do it properly where I cannot be interfered with overtly.