Now I am told that I spend my time making trouble in the name of the Crown which does not make any sense why I would be making trouble for them and more so in the name of the Crown as well, considering they are not significant people but as I mentioned before, I am preparing to launch an attack on the stupid fame career, the point of call will be what people find out I think of those stupidities gathering up to discuss my attitude like I am their fucking mate, while getting off another stage to make statements on how I should be seen keeping away from the Monarchy should I have a wish to avoid getting attacked with a big mouth. What has happened over time is their need to run around the world picking up black people from wealthy backgrounds whose parents had bought shares in some of the big Companies in the world and use the community they have created from that to pillage the Literary Empire that is attached to this Hermitage while blabbing about the business of buying equipment and venues to extract money from my Public image as the indication of their game and nepotism based importance which I must be made to respect – so the main problem we have is that they have built up a very big one at Buckingham Palace, so their abusive insults had become relentless since, so fair to point out that the next time their practical jokes did develop into a case of telling me where and or whom I am supposed to be, I am going to teach them a lesson they will never forget too. It usually means that people ask what the Political situation in the Country had become and there is no Political situation in the Country, same old gimmick on how you degenerate as a person i.e. being stuck with fame idiots and their abusive insults, they make money by making  deals with those who know how to abuse others in a sexual context or sexual way whenever they want to put themselves in control and their stupidities are usually fundamentally liked to Republican, Socialist and Rebel sentiments – it is these abuses being challenged towards them which requires them to secure an inferior person whose whole life will be dedicated to suffering it, as a matter of the same attitudes that got them into a state of mind for such sentiments in the first place – the outcome is that it appears to be a problem that cannot be solved because when you tackle one group in a bid to get out of it another is well placed to take advantage of what you did because they don’t like such a group but hate you even more but the reality is still the same case whereby getting through every dichotomy they can throw at you and throw at the matter gets you to a stage where the ethnic minorities are talking about wealth and social inequality practiced by their White or Majority population Counterparts and once you get to the bottom of that all you have left is the fact that they all have a very flawed sense of what is right and what is wrong but it is the ethnic minorities most of the time, who start off another story and practical joke that gets you stuck in such a position, in my case the one they have built up for me is now a global phenomenon but they still lack the intelligence to achieve the process of building one that actually works i.e. it leads straight to awesome Conflict if you failed to ensure that you were always in charge, about which being more important than their Celebrity stupidities was never what the Law of this Land deemed to be a Crime.

It should be understood that all those gimmicks we see at University systems, designed to ensure they played very abusive and hurtful practical jokes at people to chase money at the expense of their victims until like in my case I dropped out, is not actually aimed at the riches and fame which come due to the fact they carry on way too long for their own good all together and make up the reasons for the behaviour as they go along, its fundamental purpose is to decide what happens to the career and financial well being of those who have been seen to behave in a moral way or engage in religious activity – they do love to claim this behaviour produced a result whereby whilst we see their show business and Media appearance insults as something associated with extracting money from our Public image and once they push us into the filthy aspects of their lives and we degenerate into obscurity, they moved to another victim and we thought of the whole process as something done by a disease, they too think of us as a disease that needed to be cleaned up. My personal favourite is the idea I am unable to do a thing about it while I can always shut down their Celebrity culture and popular culture as payment, as soon as those stupid insults had grown into something of  community of bottom feeders, feeding and getting imagination up my bottom for the sexually abusive insults that puts them in charge while their stupidities once created a certain obfuscation of my public image for their own benefit will have built the kind of Public image which offers the sensibility that stops the bad smell that we also hear them complain and issue the big mouthed threats for endlessly – the part where we get to find out which part of it they created with their own resources in the first place but it is fair to say I am now very fed up with those insults, especially the ones that show up in Public placed to gather around discussing my attitude so those who want to read what an Arch Prince wrote cannot tell what they are reading any more.

They always say that my whole life is a disgrace naturally and we can see who created the disgrace and who is complaining about it the most which indicates the loss that will be suffered at the moral fabric of society should I get off resolving anything that makes me look less disgraceful. I build a Trust system to help me broker equities with Multinational Companies and sell Books, they build me a reputation for being a character that will be made to give up a Royal personage and a Literary Empire in order to facilitate wealth and social equality, leaving me in a condition where rules and laws do not apply to my property and person while their big mouth complained about it all the time. Pretty much the same behaviour towards my Public image and my Career as well, particularly expressed towards the part where I had done my best work and yet the entire time they claim they were important while the reality is that they had their families and they had their Glastonbury lifestyles and were a bunch of characters who really fitted into the range of some bad people I met in the course of sharing the Gospel but we see that attitude all the time talking nonsense about being more important, telling me I need to stop being an Arch Prince if I wish to maintain personal health and safety – it needs my help but never reads what I have written, it reads some of what I have written and gets after my leadership, it gets my help without paying for it and begins to attack me physically as soon as it had destroyed my property, then stand up somewhere blabbing about me disgracing the realm with a big mouth. It goes without saying that the same process applies as I am now done tolerating their involvement with my Books and those stupid comments they make with the media salvation for work their narcissism on me all the time – the idea there is nothing I can do about it is misleading as the religious and moral person will likely shut down their Celebrity culture and popular culture as payment for this nonsense and would require a very short period of time to do it. It feeds into those insults that what I say is mostly associated with the lives of women which they appear to have ignored that I will notice is a product of idiots who spend their time grooming women for the kinds of sex they want due to the fact they don’t get pleasure from normal sexual activities and are never seen far away from prostitutes – when I had tolerated 5 years of nauseating financial complication due to their insulting stupidities showing up as Industry git to think I will get all taken by what happens when I hurtle down a Rabbit hole and show up at the other end dealing with gangs and hoodlums doing my career and therefore not notice that it is what it really is, they appear to become completely unappreciative of the fact I had chosen to tolerate it than respond to it – all stuck somewhere between the communities and the kids who passed exams to help run the High Streets whereby their need to get the imagination into peoples concerns generally leaves them with a reputation that says people are always afraid they are about to steal something which ensures they smelled all the time and decided they did not want to go down by themselves, hence cracked up out of my league talking rubbish at me all of the time when younger and when older blabbing about the correct way to run a Royal Bookshop while the Politicians supported it, looking for an outcome where I wanted people to know what I thought of those insults that see them gather up to discuss my attitude with a big mouth. Eventually we find it feed into some gimmick about how it was never obvious that the British Hated the Germans so much while it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Germans – what the goons are now trying to avoid is the apologies they will have to offer for those insults that suggested the British needed to explain National Interest now that the location of German National and Economic Interests are no longer in doubt, the source and reasons for the sexual abuses that put them in charge revealed. They do speak of what I make of the fact there are some who are caught in it without knowing what it is but there is nothing to make of it; I have not taken myself away from whom I am and set myself in a degenerative position that meant there were good things I started which I have not finished causing their stupidities to chase my bottom and get me to turn towards homosexuality like the way they are stuck between the Communities and High street does them, about which I want their involvement with my Books and stupid Media comments to end unless their media organisations are paying them from it, in which case we know exactly whom to blame or seek redress from and I have certainly not ended up in one of those occasions that mean I am stuck with their lifestyle, starting to make sense of the filthy aspects because of the way that money may be able to rescue me, it is all imposed on me by Black People, Celebrities and Liberal USA and so have I made my position clear on the threats that are meant to make them and their civil rights financially better off at my expense i.e. the next time that we handle the matter, they will be stuck hurting me like that because their entire financial wellbeing depended on it and I will be stuck handling them for it as well because it was the only way that I got to pay my way. It does not mean that I am the victim in the matter, I have already shut down significant areas of their abusive Celebrity culture which gets them to spend more time with the people that will attack me each time they thought their stupidities ought to do something to flush my life down the loo because they wanted to patent some important areas to their stupid names for money and prestige.