So they do say I walk around like I can beat up everybody which is why people are always having a go at me and it has no basis on fact or reality since what happens is that people always want to play their useless hurtful fun games with me all the time – not because I am weak but because I have much to lose and it will be good for a sense they have that they need to have somebody who has what they don’t whom they can attack in order to make any progress with their stupid lives. So we see the honourable gangs mess with me all the time to end up with questions about killing somebody and we see the anus and penis insults idiots talking nonsense about whether or not those who hate them are using their lives to fix the problems thereof, the Public transport ones are beginning to hate my guts because they are detached from their jobs and the media ones want to experiment if bad publicity for me or controversies or outright bad referee on their part on a daily basis can keep me poor for the rest of my life, so that it is the part that they enjoy putting the ladies on TV and training cameras on them that has become my job already and then the Politicians that are the same as celebrities, ending up with those who are chasing civil rights with their own problems as it were, following them around to where they work in Parliament everyday and then the business ones whose existence means that stepping out of my door just takes that game politicians play as though getting trained up if all my financial well being depends on my skill, does not cost me time and health and money – so they now need to stall my Book sales in order to keep their pforits going on a daily basis and that means people are playing with me again after wrecking my finances and academic work, they are now playing with me over my Books which have already been published, playing with me at the Market. They do say it is my fault opening people up at their society and culture but the fact that I have always been raised to think of spending a certain part of my life with women has become their business to such an extent that the whole process of authority and accountability is hated to such an extent that they must move into my right hand and live there and no warnings and deterrence will be enough as democracy will cost me everything while they will enjoy its proceeds of freedom at the same time and so each time I sit down to write Books what ends up in my head is them and then that leads back to the reasons they keep an eye on me being that they are expecting to punish a Christian who is trying to make money by criticising them for a living etc – now the Books have been written after it took up a decade of my time and I am still unable to this moment to work out why they have done it and the facts of their stupid lives have ended up in it, they have started making much noises about how people will see my death as acceptable if it has to do with money and respect, popular culture and fame and a person can only be tested thus far and I am determined to see what they will do about me too as I will sell Books with facts of their stupid lives in it as raw as possible by peddling the culture and politics and popular culture and society and yes they might want me to back down so they can get on media to be more important than I am, they will have to wait and see what I can do when I get out of this quasi public life yet so far as it were. Its not actually possible to imagine people can play with others to that extent, hurtfully and abusively and obsessively, they even say it is necessary for the need they have to face life itself etc – are they playing with me where my Books are being sold thereof as well? This is the question; People shouldn’t play with me if they don’t want me to play with them as well. I am very determined to find out whatever it is they can do since nobody can run a government office that smells like trouble every single day when he has the abilities I have at the same time; so the Books with details of their stupid lives in a condition where they were criticised by a Christian have been written, they will be sold alongside selling that stupid culture that turns up on my right hand side to lodge itself in my life and make me a useless person while the criminal friends of those who do it threaten my life because they are fans, which of course is a history fitting for a group of idiots that are thus so useless – they do say it is not the only way I provoke them but that other one had to do with my intellectual property wrapping cocaine for them when they know I am an Arch Prince and then the party piece being the stupid women they make use of who are the reasons they are always threatening me because they do nothing except find things in my life to hand to them so they can feel like little kings with in order to turn out and claim my public life for themselves and hope toend up with riches and fame by which they get out of bed to teach me lessons all the time so as to get rich and tell me it is my fault because they have seen me recover in the past, my intellectual property making guns for them that they parade and feel big with while selling drugs; so when I kill it off they move into my right hand and sell popular culture music CDs because they cannot leave people alone. So they say this is not all and yes it is not – the part I have not mentioned is that of every scum that turns up to pretend they are my Fathers, whose purpose is to use me to fight their corner in life; so before they complain there is always the part where every little happiness is spent and any time they get what they want they take everything and destroy what was left, every bit of money spent and so on and their involvement being just as evil like the part where the media calls these things after me on a daily basis on account they want to shed their stupid history and find a self improvement and some high class girls and women they can have sex with and so on – so I have not mentioned it along with the rest so they can get around politics spending that stupid money to go round in circles – I shall try the best I can and do everything I can to make as much trouble for them all for my part too. The part where I have just ended up working for the Politicians has no basis on reality; the reality is as I mentioned earlier i.e. the Prime Minister needs to keep his Glass ceiling off mine and tell his idiots to keep their fingers off my Bum, it is all that happens over every little job I do by the way side to pay my Bills as it were, turning up here all the time to ensure my day is ten times as long leaving me with depression at the end which is amusing when they are not yet complaining bearing in mind we have been there and done that already and we are not talking about every Royal Woman I fall in love with being chased by them either – that will lead to a hatred for the Boys right across Europe and the US and an end to playing with me alongside it too, we are talking about the Prime Minister wanting my fame without success; the one where I did it and kept it provisionally for when I need it later and he has tried everything on Earth but cannot have it, so they can turn up here to show their violent stupidities in my face looking for trouble. The Prime Minister and his people re usually not my main case – they just want to make themselves into a problem; main case is Queens Husband cannot be called King and then at the end Her Son can set up Prince’s Trust when she is 90 and they can do whatever they like; now that there is an Arch Prince as well they think it adds spice to their pleasures and cannot seem to accept the fact that it doesn’t. So they say I get about robbing the Prime Minister of power and it has no basis on reality too; I don’t – what happens is that my Books end up at Parliament and then I end up with zero sales which is such an uncivilised thing to happen at the seat of government in the land – so I am clearly open to other of the Prime Minister’s staff when the Prime Minister plays hurtful games with me because it is okay to have me beaten down each time he faces any rebellion because people have been enjoying his vanities too; so it is starting all over again like Tony Blair and they have not yet met somebody this destructive yet – I want him to keep his idiots off my glass ceiling and tell them to keep their fingers off my bum and try not to mention in public that they had done it as it were; they do say all I do is a matter of being provoked by foolish black women and it will never make sense – the foolish black women are either complaining about domestic violence or finding some barely criminal and barely sane fool that will protect them from me if they bribe them with things I eat by spying on me to find and copy it for instance, and nobody pays attention to that unless he is being made to live on benefits; so when I say I am guarantee the guys who got elected and are now driving nice cars around the country running things but it is not enough for them hence they need to set conditions by which I can be taken to a corner and beaten down whenever the head guy faces rebellion because they have all been enjoying some equality, I get told that would only happen if I run away by those who are keeping me on benefits and then getting me stuck at a job where they finger my bum to make me abandon my public life and need to remember it is the House of Commons and such dares are not really the Bees Knees. I mean I am not like their MPs, by this I mean that I am a law student for instance and even when I have a small job doing to ensure my Bills go all the way, I find myself doing it along the lines of what I know and so are the contents of my Books too but their MPs have government appointments and connections with business men it is no wonder they are so incompetent and send them out to cause me the most distress to make me get stuck in a job where I might give up my public life which has no way of happening in a condition where people are sane, hence just there for no reason to cause me the most distress. They say I behave as though I am equals with MPs which I am not necessarily; what happens is that people like to use trends for trappings of power and violence – if it is shop keeping they will turn up and they turn up at my Books because Male journalsists and useless popularity women cause them to and then pretend they have not been looking for trouble, they turn up at manufacturing because their socialist politicians blow a trumpet about it and Banking too and Media which I help with but in the case of Politicians, when my Books end up in parliament and I will zero sales, and these idiots are everywhere it is the politicians that have the fattest salaries of the two and therefore what I have been doing is also the most convenient decision for me to take in the circumstances rivalled only by cooking the situation which the scumbags live in for them whenever they cross my finances for it. They do ask those questions about the trends my Royal Aides and Glass ceiling people make of my work but we all know that they are the ones who make the most trend out of my right up to travelling overseas to find celebrities for my Court but do so without problems which never showed they know what they are doing and that I am supposed to assume the distress and destruction politicians cause me is all some kind of mistake for there isn’t a story out there that I tend to make use of people parents in order to add to the enemies the Media has built me etc.

As for interfering with peoples powers as a general idea; it is a form of abuse which is now being copied even by their children – something about me being a Christian and a need they have to take advantage of the part where I am not a vain or proud person to beat up a Boy who dares to get between them and what they want all of the time – so that when you see their children, their minds are primed for one thing only i.e. colloquialisms with you about what belongs to them and not to you, every time and even if it is your own property turned up on media that has gone to their heads, they are still doing it at you never the less anyway and when you try to reason with them, it moves straight into the game of teaching you lessons. So it is not as if I am a failure, its just that the punishment is so frequent and so often and so vicious and so intense that I cannot concentrate on jobs or academic work; they do it knowing perfectly well that I have the ability to get into the City and research companies they own or have bought shares in, so I can come up with daily equities they had thought they had in the bag and write it on a placard that I can invite the general population to take part in, in order to destroy it but these insults continue to remain their main preoccupation, particularly the one about daring to have a social position that is greater than their own when they are older than I am.

They do say the problem is that I smell really bad; I never have this conversation because it is either an indication of a victory they are savouring or a fear of reprisal. The reality however is that you are so distressed by their very existence not because that is how they are but because that is how they protect home where they feel comfortable with their friends and family and plan how to take over your career and job and property in each turn especially using popular culture and the reason is that they are so stupid that there is a certain distance between you and them which churns your tummy inside and out. Of course I do get told the fact it does is my fault and yes it is as well being that I am able to catch them in every aspect including peddling peoples religion to make riches and fame – so it requires some show off that means I am always catching my breath. As it stands I have a Court that feels me temperamentally when they work on Media so my personality is something men get involved with and insult and abuse in order to open up and lean on to feel young again and it is a problem that would have been taken care of save the years of Politicians wrecking my finances to claim they are exercising their civil rights; so it turns the tummy inside and out and I do not think it is a complicated issue for my part either since there is a cure for it too and the accusations they formulate when media is about to handle my empire and ensure it belongs to somebody else will not suffice. They say I brought it on myself by moving them out of their societies and communities and it makes me so angry when they do because they have no such thing and if at all they do, for the years of ripping up my finances to ensure I am dominated first before I am allowed to complete my academic work on account they have dreams, along with moving into my right hand, I will peddle or destroy any such society or community which they have and when I market my Books put their stupid threats to the test so we can see what they are made of – apart from which they are not famous and the person who told them they were must have been just as insane, I am older than most of their stupid children and was British before they were; they have no societies and communities and if they wind me up again I will crack them again as it were – this case is past its sell by date. I am not half as stupid as they like to make out, explaining away their stupidities with my person and my property and my work in order to get off and make money and be successful etc; nobody really knows why it has to be abusive as well but I suppose it is a sign they want some of mine too and I do not plan to deny them that piece either – I have been getting into trouble for setting up things I never consummate them get off to attack those who take it up to make themselves better off dispossessing them in the process, as a result of their stupid rights to teach people lessons – there is nothing in the world that they can do; there is a cure for the stink as it were. . I mean if I am a Minister of Parliament for five years and somebody told me to draft a legislation it would be a piece of cake – in like manner if I raised my Children as criminals and trained myself on getting involved with the lives of other people’s children to pretend it is a problem they are supposed to solve with their personal lives so I might become more important and have the skill to lead those who are in leadership into War and Assassination by my involvement with them, for that period of time or more, I would be skilled at it too – their stupid Civil rights really looks nothing like this behaviour as it were. They have drafted their idiots from poorer Countries especially Africa who are working really hard on those they want to be cleverer than these days; so they expect me to have this conversation all the time – its not true I stink, what is true is that there was nothing they could do about it even if I did. We do hear them say its about oppression but I was there when they peeled off compunction from their lives like a shirt, I was there when they ruined their opportunities and called me names such as ‘the big one’, I was there when the whole process of being able to threaten me in order to share my life was developed and I am a human being as well with feelings, not a Child that is growing up for experiences and they need to find their fucking role models somewhere else etc. So do I think I can salvage something from their disobedience? Of course not; its the old story of living in this way to ensure most of their friends are criminals and bad people which facilitates popular culture that tells of a difficult neighbourhood and what they have been through in their stupid lives which they think you really want to listen to because that is the trend and if I run a Royal Commission, the reality is that if the shops are their stupidities will turn up there and if the Banks are it will and if Politics is latest on Media it will etc and if my Royal Estate is it will etc – they have no societies and communities and the insults of coming in to grab things they saved up in it for the future can only last so long; I would like to say my Books are not about them and that they have made up that idea in the last few years getting involved with me using media so their criminal friends can get involved as well through them for the purpose but I want to see what they can do first of all. Its like the relationship I have with the Police being that they are out there taking down criminals and the only reason I am not as well is because I am not strong enough to do the job i.e. running a Royal Commission and picking day jobs to secure funding for the mess Politicians and Media idiots have made here is tiresome and a very busy life but in their case its rather as I mentioned before i.e. T shirts that say I hate the Police and then one day a criminal will realise if he shoots them and they die through which process they fall in front of the Police and block their path so he can get away after robbing a Shop which is not necessarily an indication he hates them, they will be dying in T Shirts that say I hate the Police. They think it is justifiable if they claim its the kind of problems people with hereditary right to lead such as myself should be dealing with, just like their Politicians make out a process where I am dealing with all this mess being not just a case of blacks dealing with black problems and whites on white problems but also a matter of the fact I am being bullied by black women into doing things when all that happens is a case of gambling civil rights to get somebody with a good temperament such as myself to throw hands up and eyes in the sky in extreme insanity based desperation so these foolish women can feel they have my temperaments to play around with then complain about what I do with it and what follows them to Parliament as well at the same time. It is a tale they tell and then rephrase later as it were at all times; we still remember that it started out with pushing me towards the Monarchy because they wanted to peddle my personality and I didn’t let them – then it moved towards trapping me in government where the needs of the plenty are always more important than that of the few so they can guarantee a process of doing it there and that had failed too – so they are now living on history and lies because they cannot leave people alone. They do say I am the guy who does not know how being a Member of the Royal Family actually works – the reality of course is that I never do anything that is beyond my power, so as long as I have The Queen’s Cote of Arms somewhere I can run my course to whatever end I wish to simply because I like to stretch and string their own as well; these facts here are not ordinary facts, they are here because I engineered the process of have them here and the reason is that I am writing a Royal Estate Cook Book; the one that will deal with the fact I dropped out of University in 2008 because their society idiots were famous and I needed to be dominated by them first before I could do any academics or jobs and now they hate the Books but are seen around it all of them time complaining in each time – I dropped out of University in 2008 and they are still here thinking they are famous when I actually am. It is quite unprecedented for an entire government to get about chasing a single individual for a decade in order to ensure idiots who tell others if they don’t get what they want the bad people they have been holding back or those who love them will come and create hell on earth, extricate a process of making sure he is dominated first before he can pay attention to academics and finances – I need to do things to them that are unprecedented as well just to ensure it is not amusing. Its like the other story of how the Prince of Wales hates me, which has nothing to do with the fact I engineered the process of bad mouthing HRH so that these goons might get really busy and a society where men don't get what they want become really important; they are not His mates and they are not mine and yes they have taken over things such as the Prince’s Trust these days but this is actually my problem and I cannot make out why it determines the importance of what The Prince of Wales thinks about me anyway. There is nothing fuzzy about who my friends and allies are like they claim – they appear to be happy to complain about damage to their homosexual societies while at the same time making claims they are the ones who created this condition with which to take my Royal Commission from me – hence the everything you do will not suffice we are fighting you nonsense that they are convinced has taken over normalcy; its all good for the processes of being gratuitous whenever they get it done too as it were.