I am now told that people have hurt and harmed me as well in all these and they have not hurt and harmed anything, we know they can never be free of them telling lies because they think they had gotten used to teasing and abusing and getting me to complain about being bullied, making up stories over it for self-advancement. The reality is still that they think I have not done much about them and there isn’t much I can do but in like manner are they aware I want to sell their culture and society for a living and they can avoid it by never ever following me around with those abusive practical jokes when they see me at an academic institution again.

The rest are goons who like to issue the Middle Class threats about how I would get into trouble describing myself as Royalty, which reality was that it is none of their business and if I picked up their security problems when I got about my Book signing, I will pick up the fact that not much attention has been paid to their Middle Class well off neighbourhoods hoodlums nonsense for a while, the one where they are really stuck between communities and the children that passed exams in school to control the high streets and do not want to smell like what they ate, so chose me as scapegoat and think the means by which to reach me every time ought to be the Books I had written after years of abuse on their part because they wanted to know what I know, to face such consequences as a mini war because their stupidities should have owned it without payment. They forget their place all the time and need to stop threatening me – by the way of which we have not seen any of their foolish Industry goons who are good at vandalism but will not be told off giving them money to buy equipment and venues that will make them famous on other peoples public image like they have done me, we have not seen the popularity goons show up here to tidy up the mess, especially Simon Cowell and these threats are becoming quite unbearable.

They do claim I take over from others at the Monarchy who handle Celebrities better than I do which is utter nonsense – these are characters that enjoy ripping up my academic work and telling Celebrities of the access they have to what I get up to, so I had to show them what they should be doing, especially considering others that are really good at it, meaning I have this difficult path to negotiate where what I do is one thing and when the Monarchy gets involved it’s quite another. The part the Media plays in such matters beats my imagination every time since its usually a case of getting by the culture and society trouble makers and being too flustered to handle them while they get at it and tell lies, happens completely unnecessarily, except when they are complaining and are also being told it makes sense to concentrate on the one they actually signed up for through the contract that got to their heads in the first place.

I do get told none gets to see the happy side of me which is not the case – I am unable to control what kinds of relationships these guys create with me and it generally means that they forge ways they can hurt me and put pressure on me to tell them the secrets to wealth and glory which behaviour sits at the heart of those practical jokes that makes me think the age of 50 was a luxury. Hence what happens is that everything I cannot make sense of gets attacked – it starts out with Celebrities being nice while I am reminded of my duties, then they get involved and soon after it becomes a matter of taking pictures of themselves to suggest they got involved me with temperamentally and intimately – after that these goons get involved except they never take pictures where they give themselves closure or give me one, so their bottoms hurts and I get attacked for the evil that is British and mine hurts so I get attacked for the smell; entirely normal thereof, giving way to outcomes in which their government places sanctions on people who threaten National interest and they find their own media with which to place some on me as well via practical jokes, blabbing that it’s the US that rules the world now and the time of the British Empire was done; I do know if I got them stuck with it to a stage that leaves them unable to make money and pay their way like everybody else, the British will be vilified in the US for decades again.

They all can never stop telling lies over these things and their stupid women have not yet stopped threatening me – same misogyny about how to be a real woman having something to do with tackling British Men, such that the Celebrity twats prefer tackling Princes but it will still always be the same evils that are fundamentally built on the various forms of deceit which eventually culminate in doing violent things on my behalf in order to gain the right to practice sexual violence on me and for now they are complaining about what shuts down their popular culture and Celebrity culture so that the male ones become friendlier with the gangs they threaten me with and the women ones have babies even when they are lesbian, which when considered alongside the culture and society ones knowing they cannot afford to follow me around at the academic institutions again, means that everybody knows where their place really is and for those who take it further, we know they are worried I am always seeing where they keep their adage before they become criminals and that it is a process of messing around with what can get a lot worse.

I do get told I discount my losses which I don’t – right now, they are working for their money and it would have constituted a greater problem if we all got off killing ourselves to work for it while they saved their strength for civil rights movements that will help them feel entitled; so they hate my guts because they have never been made to work in their lives, since last I became the last character to play their practical jokes on successfully and I am happy for them to keep giving money to goons who buy venues and equipment they extract money and popularity from my Public image by, to punish me for it, I am never comfortable with the destruction of my property as if we have seen them give their own to the frugal. The main case where is still one of the business of Politicians stopping me to the effect of consequences where I dropped out while their need to handle my person and get good feelings for living through it as insultingly as possible had become a global phenomenon that tackles the Politicians as well everyday – the first time they got into a habit of distant violence and public abuses in my direction, the outcome was that I sacked their Interests all the way to South America, now we know they have got some Africans to play around with for the second run they appear to seek with everything they have got so far. It has always been a balance between what happens when you are detached from your Public image and therefore had become the only thing preventing people from doing what they want to do with it, the shooting and the stabbing of which is the risk but the problem being that you are a danger to people once you recover your original position and are seething with anger while they had everything to lose – we have seen the daily tests which suggest I have no other option but to respond to their stupidities and no part of it is nice.

I do get told its hateful to do what I am doing but there is no aspect of what these people complain about which is not of their creation – the one that bothers me however is wrecking my academic work and getting into government office to build crowds that will force me to perform public duties, getting whole communities to build an imagination that gets up my bum while the smell that comes from Media publicising such stupidities every day, just as they spend even more of their time with me and my personality from whence their freedom from work and acquisition of other conveniences will be made possible, encumbers their ability to execute their careers and of course the biggest source of all their problems i.e. relying on me to do nothing about the fact my Books are so good for them that I now work for them without pay according to the crowds they share their secrets of wealth with and their Celebrities who decide how everything I do and own gets spent on these crowds. They do say the Celebrities are unto me and it is utter nonsense too; they can be unto anything they wanted, everybody can see taking pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image without taking the ones that will give them some closure or taking the one that will give me some closure at the end is the reason they smell of what they ate and their culture idiots get to ensure I experienced and suffered the same things as well – it cannot be impossible for people to not do it, if the consequences are so grave, it blows off that big mouth all the time but the outcome is that I cannot keep my job, I smell of what I are and my abdomen hurts all the time, it cannot be that difficult to stop talking rubbish at me and simply stop doing it, as we can see unless they are taking the Class A Drugs they advocate for so much and somebody has done their own as well, such that the way their community idiots make a mess of peoples lives taking bits out and filling it in with their own has been done to them too, leaving them with a need for rehab or to kill themselves – it cannot be that tough to stop blabbing at me and simply stop doing it. They claim I do these things and get away with it, need to be taught a lesson all the time and its an old story as I have mentioned before, everything these gits complain about is of their doing, just as we see their imagination gets up my bum while they complain and attack because of the smell they found going down there and so on, as stupidly as possible. They do claim I am responsible naturally which I am – the boys do let the girls study at school, never the reason they show up here to bother me all the time, so I thought it would make sense to give them the route towards popular culture that allows people make money whenever they had ended up complaining about their life of deviance and crime – what has happened over time is that they have had their revenge, they have been making their own popular culture about getting me to complain for reason of being a Tyrant and its all because of the importance of the Music and Film Industry who claim criminals buy entertainment products while I am only interested in rubbing shoulders with Celebrity – hence now that everybody is complaining about it and its all a global phenomenon and so on, it’s only about time for me to make my exit.