They speak of how my feud with the Media is meant to end and it’s an old story; the cross over from the guy who signs a contract for a salary in order to blurt out information, to bother the guy who gets on public places to bother the one that has to paint pictures with information in order to earn a living from a fan base that was originally meant to get his knowledge free of charge need to stop because it is a whole lot of looking for trouble which is apparently the only thing media staff are good at and we are not talking about the trade writing that follows either; in terms of that you see the future and invent a Book that will ensure people know things, like in my case why the Academic system and the markets and the Companies need to be the same thing and I am working on my dream through my Royal Estate Trust as well, they will then decide what they are not supposed to do which is rather what they are supposed to do, is spend their media careers building me a fan base – I mean if Delia saw the future and made a show where people knew how to Cook this meal or that, she will understand that at some stage somebody might have lost the recipe and written a manual for them, these other ones are trade writers which is not a problem as long as people buy but it is targeting me way too much and way too often for me to tolerate it – feeds into that story of economic crisis being just about 20% based on the facts and discussion we have had over it in the last decade, of the actual crisis we have to deal with while the rest are sitting in peoples swiss bank accounts, so that if the markets and Academic system and companies existed in the same environment somebody could tell the Industry people the fees were expensive and he is planning to keep all of his own as well, just like I do except that there is a distance I need to breach all the time and so when they say such people will never get a job it turns out they will if they are selfish enough to run a business like a profit making entity, thereby creating one and the rest is toilet man being violent, media making comments is obviously not good. It’s not true that I hate wealthy people either; all their money ends up in the same pool of global liquidity technically speaking, so it’s the things they do as a matter of deciding what you are thinking about because they have it, thus taking up your time and leaving you with bad school grades which means you can never have their own money while they had already decided you would have none if it were up to them hence it is up to them already as they speak; so you know it’s a party for them all the time that involves the class and society of people who expect the Politicians to decide for them that anything you have needs to be in their hands so that the entire economy might move forward, knowing they realise they have no future, you must take up leadership or leave it for the politicians but before you do leave it for the politicians take steps to ensure the Politicians does not have to do everything for you. They say it has cost me everything to get to this stage which is utter nonsense: I only need to finish up tidy up, take a break, structure my meals and rest and get my body back to rhythm and then I will not feel so miserable about having done it so often – except what they are saying is that they will never let that happen which they know can also mean Politicians are offering help I do not need for my part as well, to see what it is they are going to about it – for the moment, the simple fact is that all is well save media fools making comments, telling me what to do after when I warn them and tell them off making the comments and that needs to be shut down. They do speak eventually of this premise of a long standing feud that people can have with me over the claim I play around with their wives; of which if there was one I would have been willing to take the risk too but what we have is a process where when I started a Court what the members brought was a part where sharing what we do with our spouses amounts to cheating; today I have ended up with a Court full of idiots who have invited themselves by means of media into it and spend most of their time either on some queer and very insulting vandalism that suggests they are better human beings than I am and that I need to be controlled so they can have what they want with a big mouth or they are attacking me whenever the husbands are uncomfortable about our involvement with each other – it’s just impossible to go from a Court where sharing things with our spouse amounts to a form of infidelity, to writing a Book about which I am stuck somewhere between the problems I resolved in order to write them and the Book getting sold all together, while assuming something is not terribly wrong somewhere and taking action accordingly. When I say it, the other really stupid ones that live for a process of wanting to see Men who are not evil do things they do not want to do will talk nonsense about a scared man trying to save his neck and when I handle it the Politicians will show up to spend tax payer funds on their problems at my expense as it were because of some stupid civil rights they have got; otherwise mostly I know what makes them tick and its money, winding me up will normally lead to outcomes where they have a little less. Eventually there is this concerns about me and women issues, which does not make any sense to me; example is meeting somebody for 10 minutes and in that time a relationship has been established and it will likely last forever and it involves a process where I shouldn’t do things that make her desire sex because they will show up to want it all the time until she is unable to have a career, while she promises me she will be good, apparently if you realise you have such an effect on people, you can just let them have it then; I for my part am just being myself and it is better than earning more insults by explaining. Same as the community croons making out that their behaviour is not a bad thing but above all is the issue of the Men and how every process whereby I carry on with my own life the way I want, amounts to a process of encouraging the community croons and earning some hatred and when they hate but cannot beat up then they resort to taking their problems out on me and it continues like that pointlessly and without reason, something the community croons need take note of with that frequent big mouth that show up on my concerns to play the role of my mother because it shares a skin colour with me while complaining about me at the same time, this is the sort of nonsense I have to put up with because of them; scared stiff and explaining myself to save my life yap yapping. It is the conditions in which I must run an Intellectual property administration business and see what becomes of it when my selective memory so called kicks in for the Politicians and their need to help criminals and barely criminal scum  get the better of me as if the evils of their society is my portion in this world and the Industry ones having to deal with the problems they say I disrespect because I envy their money when I make a big case out of all that queer and insultingly abusive involvement. They love to say that I will never make any money and it’s an old story about losing an entire empire so they can fulfil their dreams of wealth distribution but what we see is the latest hair gel, some self-grooming, being nice to the ladies and attending parties hosted for the US President to make it happen, so I have to take up leadership lest they wreck mine and wreck their own as well – so far however I have set up the business around society to see what will prevent it being successful and when I stop McCavity from getting away with things over it on the left and run through my no Book sales no access routine, we will see what will prevent it getting sold; for now my social media does not even describe me because I am not Royalty they recognise looking for trouble and that stupid media seeking easy life with trolls and criminals while it creates them is the main reason for it – all the same negative and stupid narcissist happiness that makes sales and crushes peoples livelihoods in the process because it is simply how they are but the big business ones fundamentally want to use them instead of work for their money. On the other hand they say Brexit is now in full swing and I will get into trouble; utter rubbish of course since when I ensure I am safe from that older lady who wears the trousers situation is not imposed on me when I have no older lady I am depending on financially by these fools, who wish to do it in order to sell my public image to celebrities and get counted among by any means, there will be no white van man left to screw with me by and especially when I have so much power to screw with peoples personal space and ensure community croons can make them smell by making sure they never feel comfortable in their own homes thereof, right up to the stage where they lose jobs and then families and then homes, then it will get a bit serious in their view – as a whole however I have no idea why people like to get on media and impress nonsense on me about things since they have no respect for me as a person and the fact this is an Office and there is a probability I am prepared for almost anything anyway but it is an old story where we consider Top Members of the Royal Family if they say I do not look the part of my Office and reality is that most of them are at least 50 years of age while I am only 36 – so I am actually meant to spend all my time on my Books and academic work only but it is still the old story of wanting nothing to do with men, about sad idiots with very twisted evil behaviour that is violent and narcissist talking to politicians about what can be smashed to ensure they open up markets for themselves and so I may want Politicians to provide some leadership for me on the matter but I do not want them to do everything for me by it either – like that case where they say I would be living hell is Hilary Clinton got elected whereas reality is that they would say that when they are being optimistic since for instance a 90 minute show features US Queer people has really has nothing to do with my public image and this behaviour of abuse and destruction channelled towards me all the time like stupid black women wanting to play the part of my parents while their stupid children play the part of my violent insulting siblings who are seeking privileges of injustice at my expense all the time, is not what they need to be queer in the land of the free. They are so terribly in love with this story I am always acting in a way and hoping that others will not have noticed so that I might get away with it, which does not in any way come anywhere near the reality that is that it is so twisted and evil and corrupt and dark with them and has failed in every way imaginable in my case that its whole purpose these days is to ensure I am detached from my faith to dim the light. It was the same with Tony Blair and his spin doctor government; I will wish they had all gone away but he is about to return from an overseas trip and I am being informed once again that the dream I would get away with it is over and there would be nothing done to get away with. So that is what happens, I get provoked in a steady dripping way every single second and then when I walk towards people they get beaten down, then the Politicians will say I do not recognise the fact they are in charge and threaten me with gangs creating a behaviour the media fools and television personalities and vices can get behind and then they tell me to tone down my behaviour, which is never ever going to happen and I really wish they were not threatening me as well, so they can complain less if it matters to them too – I will tone down my behaviour when I take a holiday from their stupidities; couple of weeks, sit back and let it all drip away with specificity, otherwise they are good at telling others how to exist and I am British too. they do say I wouldn’t do much if I were asked to have the holiday where I am and have it as I am but we all know they blab like that, and did the same over my Books and my writing and my book sales etc. and that when they complain they will expect to be heard at the very top levels of government, so let’s hope with each bragging that it is not going to happen in that way; yap, yap, yap – I am not doing it, their disobedience is profitable enough, it’s not that big an idea; I know what they fancy as well and its mostly about how people work for it and they take over the money bits to sit about making profit by being stupid and telling lots of lies, so the probability of being made to have my holiday where I am and as I am is extremely slim, it’s just idiots talking rubbish (we are talking about what would amount to a holiday in a world of ageist insolent motorists and ageist insolent public transport operatives and so on, so I am sure they are bluffing, have not spent a moment thinking about what it would be like, complaining and fighting for their stupid lives as we speak – I mean it could always get serious around stupid ageist men squandering my personal life and public image at the Pubs to find out what life is all about for a start and then I will have my holiday where they want and the way I am with a big mouth – they couldn’t achieve it with a million opportunities). There is never a good reason to look like you are in a relationship with an older women who supports you financially and uses you for sex and have not got a lot of money but what these idiots are doing with it is that the community croons ensure home is unbearable and you make bad smells therefore cannot secure a job or become a threat to the celebrities they intend to steal your personal life and public image for and I have warned their insolence already about the fact it is what they want to do with their time and shouldn’t be taking up my time, besides which it’s the celebrities that got the better of them because of their stupid attitude in the first place to begin with and I will not be confiscating their joblessness and homelessness to sell to celebrities as well really soon for my part too. it’s never really a problem – the need to feel their cars are being respected when I smell and am unable to keep a job while they peddle my public image and personal life to rub shoulders with celebrities is just another addition to that other behaviour of punishing those they have learned from to boost their incomes or those who are not making contributions to it – it’s a very extreme form of male egoistic attitude and I have had enough of the insults and that big mouth like yap yapping if I am made to have my holiday where I am as I am. For the time being, when people drop out of University obviously, it adds up and they are feeling it so far, making up alternative reality on Media to get by. It’s never been a grave concern for me in a wider sense; I mean I do think about the suspended state of my academics as such but at no occasion has it ever applied that studying to please them would make sense – its none of their business just as their stupidities are none of mine but that provocative insults just get off and make themselves a main preoccupation, talking nonsense at me about younger people achieving more and it will get closer and closer to the stage where it will become unbearable to tolerate one more involvement with my Books as it were, then cracked up out of my league will look for his place and control access to employment in his own social class most of the time. They always say I cause all the provocation by trying to control their lives for sport whereas the truth is that since the last 7 years of having had my Books Published, any success will come from the sufferings caused by the discriminative world of free people or there will be none at all and I spend whole days and weeks and months and years on it with a bottom lined finances and stupid threats on a stupid media – I mean it is currently cracked with a trouble media and society but is not deterred. They do claim I now fully understand the challenges that the Politicians face which is utter nonsense – they would rather do this than comply with any rules no matter how small; if they are not busy making sure soldiers die on the field without the actual security being achieved, in order to elevate themselves in public to the status of security providers who have succeeded where the soldiers failed, they would be busy talking about how I have come to understand their challenges when no such thing have actually happened. It’s annoying you see because it has been spending the last decade ripping my finances, only to get to a stage where it can tell me I understand its challenges as though any of the mess it is dealing with is my fault as well – the bit that is no longer amusing is how much power their stupidities can be if they get involved with me and I had no control. The same applies to the Media goons and the Celebrities too but in their case, it is more a matter of showing they should matter to you while it is not important if you matter to them i.e. that you could never do the jobs they do, therefore being stuck with the problems is more important than your wishes concerning your work and property or indeed a simple rule they need to comply with. So, they always say they want to teach me a lesson and it’s the point where this whole business goes from supplying facts to issuing my own warnings too: it’s the environment they work in you see i.e. I will be friendly with the director and that will mean a million pounds can get added to my pay at the end or my public image can be laid out before them to do an acting career by for instance but that then also means that if I find them pouring my whole career down the drain, it is their opinion I would be very pleased because they are stars; hence have become quite accustomed to getting on public places to build a crowd following a gimmick about confiscating my Estate. The bit that causes the process of getting into a fight with them being that there isn’t a thing I say and do which is not followed up by a celebrity and media goon who makes a statement about doing his own as well and we have now reached this stage where they have done some democracy that involved getting all those community croons that are mentally ill into my public image claiming its wealth inequality, then blaming me for the fact it has affected them as well; the blame had since turned violent and I am looking forward to a fight with them too. They do say I am the biggest homophobe in the land that always gets side-lined whenever something is done about hate but of course they also know that if a Homosexual was at my disposal, I am likely to be the last person to decide that it is okay to raise a finger a poke it, so they are doing it because they are doing the devils work for him with their own hands obviously and like to assume I think of their predicament as one of my concerns. At the end of the day I do not in any way look like one of those I beat my wife and would kill her if she cheats of me kind of guys that look like Macbeth Characters and all theatrical, so I am at a loss when I am not even interested in those bits where it might be a next-door neighbour and if you get involved with it, gets into a habit of doing things to you that are unfair and so on. It just gets serious when he is big evil and wife is medium evil and kids are small evil and I steal women’s place in the world, sleep with people’s wives and get the husbands entitled to what I own and they exist to enforce it, which does get to prove they tend to destroy everything that aids them during times of desperation. Eventually it’s all witchcraft and some will say that is heavy but it is; all rebellion and because it rebels against it but wants it at the same time, what comes forth as a result is that it is always getting good things from those it really likes to hurt – sometimes it is real devilish evil at work and other times its people doing stupid things but for my part each time they dish the violence and the war and the gang killing they will always find out I am cleverer than they are, that religious people are not as stupid as they suppose. Wealth distribution is obviously normally resolved in their view, by means of picking on people who have lots of talents they do not have money or power to protect, until you find work for them that involves getting money off wealthy people that normally spend it fighting others and then it will be out of its depth and want to stay alive at your expense or threaten you because it must seek an exit for its stupid existence all the time. They do say I talk but do not look good myself and I do not think that matters either; I only need control when I put up my blogs and what people think about my work to put an end to that i.e. not work because I am pressured into doing so but because I actually enjoy what I do and the main concern is those who need a service as a result of buying my Books and I do not think I will do that without a fight with celebrities and television personalities as well; the most annoying aspect of their gimmicks is that what I say causes people to commit crimes and we all know Obama got into the white House to stifle my finances and teach me lessons about evil women , just like they cannot let me a moments peace because of it and it has now become serious enough to dwarf their stupidities, that while the male ones are really stupid and probably off in the head as well, it does not give you the right to sit about dreaming that somebody might beat it up – here are the female ones, probably going through menopause, still dreaming of when it used to think about where teachers private parts were while everybody else was studying and spends all its time bating criminal activity because it hopes it will affect those who prevent its stupidities from bearing down sexually on your people to building all of its community on peoples public image in order to find out it cannot stop being famous and rich later even if people wanted it to – I wish to see what it is exactly they can do about it not deal with people talking nonsense about how what I say causes criminal activity. I for my part want total silent from them about my public engagements and especially anything to do with security services and I want total silence from them concerning my Books so I can sell comments to people that remains a phenomenon until the moment they read, obviously something I do not have to do if there was the slightest bit of respect from them all together and it’s such a little thing I shouldn’t be suffering cash flow problems for half a decade at a stretch and then insulting preparations where media holds me accountable for my Office being played out as insultingly as possible too. Eventually we hear I love Mr Trump but I wouldn’t know if it means I hated Obama anyway – we all know Obama conducted the filthiest elections in American history, full of insane community croons that will need peoples public image to feel sensations of dignity and there was nothing he could do without ripping up my Books to add to the fact that dropping out of University so that when he got elected he will be the most powerful black man in the world was co-incidental. It is an example of what happens when somebody completely independent of the Democrats and Republicans wins the White House, even his personality is repulsive to them which is nothing new in the world of business as he knows it as well anyway but they have said he builds a thick skin that lets him sink into the Trump Character 24/7 with no remedy in sight but it is still an old story of not laying your possessions at the feet of democrats and republicans and then being stuck with the problems from either side complete with endless and violently abusive speculation on which side you are on based on your physical attributes and personality traits that eventually leads to being noticed by criminals and personality cults all the time without remedy as well. They speak of bottom hurting issues and freedom issues which makes me so angry since all I have said about Obama above does nothing to have explained how that is none of my business and I do not owe them a debt as such thereof; in the end, I simply cannot get my head around what it is that was the problem with Mr Trump in the first place anyway – all I know is that these idiots have this persona that says they are angry all the time because although they are very important, people think they are not and the reasons for it is that they preach wealth inequality, rip up peoples families to make fame and fortune and television personalities, put the money they make in swiss accounts to avoid taxes and show up in public places to secure respect that pours other people’s career down the drain; never clear thereof why anybody has to keep quiet about the swiss bank account or why anybody has to give any of the respect. So that eventually we hear that we think show business is just a thing but it is actually a business; which is utter nonsense since the problem is that while their stupidities is busy at it, they never once ask the question of how the victims are doing that magic stuff that provides them with money that they pay their way in the world with, they do it all the time with structures people have erected to pay their way and fund big essentials like buying a Home and Car and paying the Kids fees and never once ask this question, what they want is more respect and there is something wrong with Mr Trump. As for me, they say I do not actually serve myself but we all know if I did so, what I would say is that I need total silence from them and that stupid celebrity culture that goes with the Media, total silence on what happens around this Office and total silence over my Books save they are involved to acquire a copy of their own, total silence so I can carry on with my work and reactivate my academics and I need it as soon as possible as I have had enough of them for my part all together; failure will improve the probability of seeking a fight with celebrities until I get one, to see what will become that that gimmick of holding back business until it is sexually assaulted so it can be put up on popular culture to rip up people’s lives and families making music based on abusing those who have their hands full with responsibility especially government operatives – but when it’s a man it’s the need to do it so as to ensure a life is taken over by vices and it cannot feel comfortable at home due to community croons chasing it private parts to make it smell and unable to attend academics or keep a job and later on homeless if stupid insane popularity women want it so because they are being ignored; all sad stupid narcissists with a thing for a new Country making accusations and clinging to private property to blab about how I am lying when I say I am Royalty and if they must become the next generation of multibillionaires with it, they are so stupid just like they are university graduates that cannot tell where their academics should be as opposed to where gangs and crime should be and show up here to rip up mine and tell me I am supposed to be a Prince and not a girl until I take that stupid celebrity and popular culture away from them to show it is not the King of me, they are so stupid that they will go for it: I for my part already know it is evil and then found out it could be financially corrupt thereafter, so I can do what I am doing with it right now, for eternity if I wanted i.e. if we looked at it, accusations that will bring about the end of Monarchy or not, The Queen does not pick a side and that means they should be spending time with the one that is paying the salary that is getting to the head all together – they do say I am never happy and that it is a dangerous thing but I have no wish to spend time with them on one hand, do not spend all my time with the Court but only when I flip the news to see what they are getting up to, so how difficult can it be exactly for them to not trouble me so I do not have to bother everybody? Of course I do not want the media telling me what to do, not in the slightest and I know that will draw the attention of goons who claim they have my Royal Estate and I can have it back when they are popular and so on but it’s the same idiots who never listen and do not do it does not tend to mean a do not do it to them all together; they are a threat at the Pubs and the shops and so on, I for my part am only trying to clear things out and get on with what matters now that football people no longer want to stir racism claiming I corrupt white women and threaten me all the time for instance among many others who do not wish to work their careers in ways that are detrimental to me and I need total silence from the Media about business at this Office and the Books. They love the sound of their own voice obviously especially when it makes out I am doing the wrong by using what I say and do to explain every act of bullying channelled my way and like to say that the more I mention the matter is the more it will never happen but this stupidity is happening on both sides when it is a simple attitude that will keep me cash strapped for this week just like it has in the last 12 years and tends to happen every day, so I am about to put a stop to it as well, bearing in mind which if I stood out on the streets to introduce myself to people as an Arch Prince nobody would care especially if I had a product to sell, so the more I talk about it is definitely the more it will be accomplished and very quickly indeed. The other story they love so much is that claim I make use of media but a never nice to them whereas what happens is that when somebody is nice to me on Media they fight for their jobs for hours, before long we will find that it is selling some disposition to celebrities concerning how I am a filthy individual and that means that any persons that are rich will find it impossible to sip their expensive drinks unless they are referring to me in the manner that these fools desire, which is soon followed by abusive insults of popularity and anus and penis nonsense all the time, serving as a deterrent if I dare stare in the direction of a celebrity or a fashion designer or say or write anything to that effect etc.; so they have gone from struggling with the civil rights corridors of international community and their internet aid poverty bullies to running a system of community croons that spend all day making strange sounds at me that helps to churn my tummy and make me smell so I cannot get anywhere important or keep my job, so I suppose they are not stirring up racism to sell me civil rights anymore but I suppose it is not yet a warning when I say the only thing that happens around here is people banging me and knocking me and chasing my private parts, contrary to the idea it’s all me being bad and naughty, thus when I do not want the media telling me what to do, it means war. As for the threats, we all know there is no King in this Country and there is only one in waiting, so I am not going anywhere and yes, they do say I cannot take them on but I have not been to the gym to do this bit about people banging me and chasing my private parts as well as I have, so it’s just a theory. They say half the time my actions amount to some quasi racism but we all know I am been dealing with this stuff about the threat of getting attacked if I do not do what Journalists want for over a decade and that has been a discriminative cowardly intolerance while supporting themselves on my finances and public image that has been necessary for growth and development of society I suppose – as for ungentlemanly behaviour all together, more a case of the fact I eat when I want and when I wish but have not really been that much of a food guy in a wider sense; so the tummy insults thing that are the mainstay of their career piracy affects me horribly and is always followed up with insults about how I need to shut up which just causes me to go on and say what I have to say anyway as there is not much they can do about it but the bit I am really proud of is making sure their Offices smell like their toilet too and this is the bit their superior stupidities is always complaining about, looking for privileges of injustice all day long. They have always done these things; whereby I have to be trapped somewhere at black culture but since we live in the UK it will be the bad aspects that apply only to my type of character and not their own and then that will serve as respect for those who were here first with personalities that can make fame and fortune which I have got and it will progress only to making me chose a Political party, where Royal does not interfere with electorate choices but Politicians who clearly live in a world where rules do not appeal do, then ask me about it but then again should I make a choice, it would be the Tories because of all the disruptive parties and people of discord in the whole world with no arbiter that is good enough for them, Labour is the worst and the whole Parliament has become uncontrollable because of them – they do speak of thinking the Tories have the right Policies for the Country when it doesn’t but of course it’s never about right Policy as it is mostly about letting criminals run wild while spending government resources to tackle the law abiding people who have the guts to attain what they cannot. After which they tell me my methods are harsh when they are not; it’s a simple case of the fact while they have their gimmicks, other people’s academics was expensive and it means they will not be giving it away, while they have their gimmicks the only money we have left in the Country is the one running around the general market place and so it should be rationed while the forces of demand and supply is respected, which makes government work easy when it comes to sanitation and public health and security; so 500 litres of water for 50 families should mean that through the same forces everybody gets 10 litres each and the government does not have to worry about how somebody got 20 and another had nothing; so it’s a matter of crisis leadership they need take note of, the next time they appoint themselves having found somebody whose personality can be used to secure a voice that complains about oppression so they might never lose the lifestyle that they had, bearing in mind I can appoint myself too if I wanted. Of course they do speak of Royal enemies I have which is an old story; half the time whenever they wish to escape those problems that churn the tummy by being celebrities they get it but as soon as they are celebrities are twisted side of their greed will then progress into something of a need to marry into a Royal Family and show up to have a problem with those that already were Royalty before you came along and so when the Prince of Monaco married a South African, the prospects of releasing money from my Estate to pay my way in the world took a nose dive as they had become more obsessed with finding out if I can be gay – when the Princess of York had an American Boyfriend it was the same outcome, when Catherine Married the Duke of Cambridge the same outcome and now they are telling me that while they have that, the bit they hated the most about me which is my selfishness that does not let people build their communities on my public image with media to get rich and famous is still on and that fucking big mouth will take it by force if it wanted to and so the only thing that happens around here is people banging me and knocking me and chasing my private parts all day long over something they would have had in hell if they had it at all as it were, like Royal (Middle Class) Enemies - all shall be achieved by media that helps build up a crowd which will confiscate a Royal Estate, yap yapping is all we have to put up with all day long.