Of course there are concerns about how I come across and it is one of the biggest barriers facing me and all I do. Utter nonsense of course, an old story of a reality where I know what I do is equities and securities about which I write books and run a business but some people know much about so much insolence that they barge into other peoples leadership and never do as they are told which means they are always getting into trouble and with that are always setting out one thing after another after another which is a huge big incredible responsibility that I am supposed to deal with; I do not have much of a problem with it because I had long decided what it does is create confusions about what my books are about for those who buy them and for the fans and when they had paid enough of the price I will set for them to pay those confusions will vanish whether or not I am spending money on advertisement – so this is why I am never concerned about it a whole lot. The part where I am actually in hell and they are the devil that have beaten me is a load of rubbish too; it’s like the same case that has created my intolerance of their city identity  and the stupidities of their foolish children with it, where my penis and my bum and my tummy and my chest and my head are all playthings for them and when it does not work they build up publicity about how they are the devil that have beaten me so that I become a thing that people do things to – stupid insults like those; in the case of the former it was a process of being insulted until I looked tired and alone and dejected and miserable so that those who feel they want to take their problems out on somebody can see me as a target for it and no matter how hard I try to ensure they don’t make me look that way once they want something that is an end to it with a big mouth. So what we do not discuss is the fact this is all about them persecuting a Christian they cannot handle in the first place and have therefore the means to show this real problem they seem to have whereby they cannot let people be; as far as they are concerned they feel like spilling my blood and using it to wipe their stupid communities so they can live there and do whatever they like without anybody having a need to hurt them seriously for it because my blood will have been enough for everybody, hence they barge into my leadership and when I tell people what I do they have other ideas with publicity which has in turn created this environment whereby enough of them have not died yet. However I do not wish to discuss it down that line if I can discuss it along the lines of the price they are paying of which when they had paid enough there will be no more confusions about my books whether or not I am doing advertisement, the part about me living in hell while they are the devil that is ruling me in it is simply the one where I will get my hand on whatever stupid new culture I have not gotten my hands on yet, so they can make out the whole story of how I come across all insulting and lordly which is my biggest barrier has more to do with the calibre of enemies I make; apparently when I have dished out a responsibility for them as well, now they are doing it and are doing it my way.

We all hear tales of how what I say affects the secret services of course and that is utter nonsense too; since what I say is designed to cater for work done by a media based Working Court to ensure facts are always clear about popular culture idiots making friends with secret service people who will then collect other peoples career for them to get on public places to sing nonsense and get rich and famous with, and or the ones done by female entrepreneurs which is concerned with business idiots that think they have enough money to thus have settled in on how a game with friends at the secret services in order to be connected with the secret services is another luxury in their bag of luxuries which create wonder as to whether the secret services have thus become a plaything as it were or indeed the female journalists that do both. The main issue around this matter is the one about Politicians who are currently the biggest threat to the economy on account they mess up valuable British Interests and allow them fall into the hands of other Countries because they were not acknowledged when it was done, then return home to slash state benefits. In context of which this matter of terrorism seems to give people a reason to gather absolutely any information at the secret services – I mean don’t get the wrong idea, all intelligence are good intelligence but we are seeing some very interesting combinations out there these says that beat the imagination and if it was after a problem is doing nothing about the destruction that British Politicians wreak on British International Imagine, National economic and National Interest over nonsense such as not being acknowledged; which will never happen of course because it is the Country that employs them and not the other way around.

So I guess what is happening at present is that a black idiot has been allotted a secret service consignment and they are after me on grounds I am one of those things that can manipulate matters and get them killed when in actual fact I don’t have to since they are now running out of lies to tell and I will completely destroy that insolent culture yet.

It is mentioned I complain endlessly but cannot stop manipulating people but as I said, they are running out of lies and the Christian will have his prize over that culture in the end; I mean when we really wish to settle it we must look in detail at such things as people saying they want to make a difference and then the fact that it can be traced back to my saying it and something they must do to ensure I don’t play with their emotions and a big mouth which is entirely the usual stuff and then put myself in their shoes to determine exactly what a reasonable person would be thinking when they do the wicked things they do with it and there we are – it is the good things I do that people I don’t know pick up to do wicked things they can tag to me and make self advancement and nobody will be provoked.

It is never really a major disaster; its bullying and insults with it for the effects – it is what bullying does, it is s filthy act that creates disgusting results and the conundrum I suppose now is the good things they will do and I will be waiting since we learn none of these crap in Church and I need to send it back where it came from even though I know it would never have made sense if people did not build publicity for it, point is that it has now made tangible sense and the verdict is that they cannot let people be.