Now I am said to be a trouble maker and I would not mind what people wish to spend their time on as such but these insults are adding up; we all know the main issue we face a lot of the time is that their sex organs are male and that of other people is female – so they organise themselves and just walk down the streets getting random matrimonial services from the females that make them feel like the breadwinners that their stupidities were, somehow it extends to me because they desire to do it to me to such an extent they invent an ingenious bullying for it, like stupid Men. We have not once seen them sort out any of the problems, each time problem arise because these nonsense about controlling the females to have a future is fundamentally based on a need to stop me doing anything that is important like we see them chase the women around for and then complain about the problems that had arisen because important matters that affected their stupid selves had not been dealt with and it’s always garnished with incredible lies, softened up with stories and statements about fraternity of Country. They say that with reference to me I appear to be doing better giving up what I am thinking as bottling it in makes me dangerous and it does not make any sense to me either, since its largely a matter of the fact that as long as selling my Books do not get me crossing their paths, all will be well, as I do not have to contend with characters these stupid and insolent all together – as for what they are damaging not being quite clear, we all know that any person that has tolerated financial complications while idiots like these show up to hold him over a barrel, wrap him round their little fingers and get rich quick will be very unhappy, and that such nonsense about me being a trouble maker while they are still running off their celebrity and media jobs on Publicity I have built up to trade my Books by is something they actually do not have the means to back up, such that the main question will now have become that of whether they are being made to pay an arm and a leg for my Books being that it is so important to them all together – having said so will mean we end up with another gimmick in which my stress levels shoot through the roof on account that it means I will now be spending time with my fans and not looking like I deserve to own everything, looking like they were not in need of an exorcist, bearing in mind the first time it became an issue, it was because they followed me around like that at University until I dropped out and then when I wrote a Book seeing they were following me around because of what I knew, a mini war emerged due to the fact they had no wish to help me support myself financially by paying money for the Books, as stupidly as they can possibly get. At this stage naturally it will be said that the media has me and needs more which is utter nonsense – the media does not control me in anyway, what I say and do is meant to end up in the minds of culture and society trouble makers, lest I end up looking like a character they are convinced will always pay the price for their stupidities, dropping out of University so they might get to play with me; obviously the media gets involved because they are a bunch of Career squatters and unless those occasions in which law enforcement have been brought in to make them pay for damaged property had occurred, they will always invent ingenious forms of bullying that others cannot argue with in order to keep the lifestyle going. I then do get told I keep them hanging by making sure these sorts of matters emerged everyday and also making sure it is never closed and yes I do because they want to be able to join gangs as they wish and leave gangs as they wish, so when they are angry it matters and when others are it does not and when they have needs everybody is to put aside their concerns and deal with it – this is why those unexplained extreme violence happens with the gangs and the reasons cannot be mentioned or spoken of because somebody who was always trying to make their way in the world had perished in a moment of madness – each time they see me we find they feel as if I should be getting killed by gangs so they might get free and see their stupid selves all over my public image to try and make fame and money, so I need leave them hanging at all times to ensure they are neither dead nor alive for it. Its apparently one of the biggest assets that the failed attempt at being traders abusive twerps in the City have got and they use it for the purpose of making out I have been driven to the very edge which is utter nonsense; we all know that in the same way they speak of Armed Forces people when they do not work in the Military on account of their need to join gangs and leave the gangs whenever they saw fit; my work, what I do, what I say and what I write does not make me stressed in anyway, what does is their insults building up crowds to discourse about my body parts all the time and the one they love the most in my tummy but then as we can see, if I dropped out of University because I smell and find it difficult keeping a job on that account and nothing I do with my extra time stresses me to such an extent, its all due to them handling me, then its common sense to see that if they had not stopped it, it will get hay-wire at some point; it’s not that I do not put myself into difficult angles trying to rectify the damage they do to my work every day, it’s just that they damage it, show up in the city to talk nonsense about hoping a boy will co-operate long enough if they were done blabbing about what they do because of a push comes to shove situation that if emerged would have worked to their favour. So we find it’s a matter of people thinking I need to be stopped from doing the bad things but there is no bad thing for me to do as such as long as they keep away from my Books and stopped following me around i.e. it’s me and my career and their stupid selves in the middle; such that the one time we remember such a thing working in a greater sense was during the Nazi era and it was one of the main fundamental structures that gave them ideas on how to put human beings on an operating table and cut them up to work their insides without general anaesthetics, these idiots have invented the culture and society doing practical jokes between you and your career bits and if you harmed the one that is about your age they will say it was so brave it tackled the battles you were too much of a coward to deal with, if older they will say you harmed big things.

The Celebrities they say is what I cannot tackle while we all know that if I thought they were done getting money from industry trouble makers that get rich to harm others by and are now getting after my Royal Public image and market I had built for my Books, I would have to take such measures as they had no doubts about what my position on their stupidities and inability to keep their hands off other people were but if we are talking about the stupid fans playing up games and so on, then it’s a matter of waiting until Celebrities grabbed my market, I could not find a job and had to get off my Church concerns and grovel to serve those who had money, then would they find out how well they really can do the financially damaging practical jokes. Here I will be told I say so but there is nothing substantial about what I have said; I suppose if people wanted substantial they need bear in mind I am not prepared to do anything about it at this stage, hoping they will stay away from my Books along with the goons that wreck my academic work and pass exams to be the minds behind their madness before I was i.e. what they do is build up insults that add up to obscurity and then deploy it as a form of abuse against those who spend time working on the career, once they build it up as a public image sensibility on media, they can sell music CDs of narcissism on it more so at the expense of their victims and the CDs can be cheap but a lot will get sold to ensure as many people as possible were better off with other people’s careers while lending the owners pure pain and misery for the rest of the natural life or they will deploy it as a social sensibility that allows them to trade up some status disposition in order to get connected with rich people at Industry or they will do both – so substantial will man shutting it down.

So do Celebrities have something to fear of me; not necessarily – Celebrity work is largely a matter of engaging with communities and I know this because I had things my parents thought me to do which if I were not having finances damaged by stupid men who are now weeping and wailing their vengeance because of the consequences of doing so, I would have been looking like teenage millionaire super models, with respect to what I was doing, like we see them do the modelling on the basis of what their parents taught them since they were teenagers etc; so we have people getting involved with Public matters and when most of it had been resolved, they cannot keep going back to do it again as doing so would encourage violence, so they become these leaders of happiness characters as a whole and that automatically means Celebrity status. However that said, either way of doing it the right way or being manufactured into fame by narcissism popular culture canopy gits at Industry who put out a Boombox and give people music CDs for taking off their clothes long enough in the neighbourhoods, what is happening is that they spend the money making a mess of mine these days. Now they are saying they just wanted to see me suffer and I suppose they think their civil rights looks like that as well, not a case of how they were really in need of an exorcist; as we all know that since film makers got involved with my concerns to build those self-provided security films they have been brewing their own campaigns about balance between the evil things people want to do and my Church concerns, adding to the business of threatening me with the boys every time they want to make money with my Book, to claim their civil rights looked that way all together, now its just become a case of being a character they can hurt and wish to attack all the time as expected.

I am told that I am a huge responsibility that goes round in circles but I am not – what has happened is that I have gotten off from Politicians telling me I ought to close my career because they want that space of energy to supply them endless sources of power, to writing a Book and then being stuck with Celebrities who want them same things because I am selling the Book; it is yet the most stupid thing I have ever experienced and we hear them claim I had shut down access to fame which provokes them too along with it while what they mean is that they want to get famous with the Public image of a Royal Prince in whose interest people should be able to study at work or at School if crime is to be control and civil society protected and when they make the fame their goons will then gat around pushing people into obscurity to maintain the means by which they made it because they will need to be successful time and again and will need to recreate the conditions that first brought them success – so I like to think it is talk that will eventually lead to such outcomes as they are past the fame and when they show up here I will want to see what their Celebrity contract portfolio looks like and once we had decided it has nothing to do with me, further involvement with my concerns will begin to spell their doom as well; when such facts have been made public as these, it becomes obvious they could give me a break if they wanted or they could continue, killing off the theory I am a huge responsibility. The other part of the story about money was nothing emotive; we all know that if I spend most of my Royal Office time in a Hermitage, I want less celebrity involvement with my Royal status, so I allowed them wreck the finances; to my surprise and horror they built a global movement that was going to run around some very insulting and incredibly thoughtless and stupid civil rights; claiming I have no money, it’s all my fault and I need to be attacked or disciplined, my position has affected them, damaged their ability to get involved with other members of the Royal family in order to become more important than I am. So, it will not stop obviously, wants a response and that it will get.

I understand some will think this is all narcissism on my part and that I have no sense of direction with what I am doing; it is utter nonsense as the reality is more a matter of brainless idiots showing up to invest my property equity and make money and not buying my Books, so their strongest stage these days is that I think I can handle the Celebrities who are protected by very important people never mind the money they have to spend and so on and this nonsense is what I must stop as my life is not for sale, the Public image, faith and personal life, the perversion that creates a condition in which people always show up around my concerns to demand this of which I will never cease to punish – the American ones get bolder because of the size of their military naturally and they are the ones running off that nonsense about a right to spend everything that comes from the British Monarchy nonsense which consequences they complain about and claim they hated the British for every time others cared to listen. I mean when these matters first became an issue, the traders never trade and let other alone unless they had their run off and had to complain about the consequences of that, I had to go round the bend and ensure every means by which I could raise funds to look after a Royal Commission as attached to my status was protected, thus had to set out I was not making money from the effects that big companies have had on the world as they have made out, even though it would not have been a bad thing to do it as people do and generally just put up random stickers on their businesses which indicate they are fans of the operations of such a company and so on, regardless of whether they were selling products that the Company supplied – I had only returned from that to find my Books had reached the top levels of politics and government where the sales were stifled and that the Celebrities and media had built me a history of practical jokes that was set to allow them extract money from my work and life when they needed it. The outcome is now that they are stuck with me and cannot continue with the rest of their lives naturally, so I am set to face what Americans do with Tyrants as I slowly become one with that big mouth they have but I am not becoming a tyrant in anyway, I want them getting involved with my concerns to read my Books and for no other cause, about which should I get hold of the civil rights I will be performing Royal civil rights with it that ensured all the problems got solved and they had to behave a certain way if they wanted to keep having it. They would tell me the way I live is not how people live if success mattered but I have nothing to worry about save culture and society trouble makers brewing all sorts of nonsense about what they must use my personality for, so all I need worry about is any aspects of my whole career which I have not paid great attention to, since each time I do so, there will be these goons following me around to fill in problem gaps and come up with ideas about things after things I will do without being paid – usually not an issue since they settle up eventually on how they will secure their beauty sleep by sleeping on my temperament and personality and when they go to bed looking like that I am sore all over as they tell me how to exist because I want to work during the night which is the only quiet time I am allowed, never mind the fact each time it annoys me I want them to be famous instantly in the dead of night, hence will likely kill them via heart disease before they had killed me as I see it, this never stands because of the idiots who complain about the activities of these culture and society goons all together, as they will be running off their stupid media jobs on Publicity I have built for my Books, ripping up the earnings to seek privileges of injustice that got me scratching their backs because of the problems I could solve but had refused to solve for their stupid selves and they do brag about it so there is probability I will build a public image on the matter for them as well soon enough. The Politicians are sometimes concerned it’s a whole host of unilateral action but it isn’t – they need to do this because they need to select what they got to work on and had their employers understand clearly what their disposition about their popularity was and for this reason I end up paying the price for their stupidities every time while they made out I am on the side of freedom and democracy to such an extent. So, it does not run out of the insults and ideas on what I am supposed to do and when I get my hands on the civil rights, I will do a Royal civil rights movement with it too.

They do claim their civil rights movements are a threat to me while the media ones claim they want to make their jobs easier and the popular culture ones claim I am a pig half the time if I am not a pain in the backside most of the time; we all know the facts around these are very obvious for all to see i.e. their civil rights of grand dads sitting around the finances of younger people to make some money to support themselves while they are a huge big responsibility for everybody, talking nonsense about threats while they show up here to realise things they did not previously know and make a mess of my Royal Book sale business is really what they mean by civil rights threat and are also aware that only the politicians think that Royal involvement with Politics adds up to a constitutional crisis which I agree with as well by the way but they can blow off their big mouth around here making a mess for me while at it if they wanted – the media who want to make their jobs easier can always go back 17 years when they had started settling up on inventing new things to do to people that people were too old to grow out of and in my case specifically said that I was an example of how Church people think themselves to be powerful but can only build churches where freedom goons may go to have some sex, now finding out I am a very determined one for my part too, the rest of what they invent and complain about is mostly circumstantial – the bit about being a pig and a pain in the backside is not exactly something I worry about too much; its usually okay for people to deploy those things parents have taught throughout childhood if civil rights goons have permitted it apparently and I am not interested in their permission, do not know who the hell they are, we are not relatives and talking nonsense at me all the time really isn’t going to end the way that cracked up out of my league thinks that it will either; I need to stop people investing my personal property on account I wrote a Book to broker equities around here and at the heart of it are idiots who share the same skin colour and have no wish to give up on a story about being my brothers, which means everything I have is also available to my brothers and that all I own and do exists in a condition where there are no rules as to how people may handle it, the last time I paid little attention the scum took their need to join gangs for this nonsense to a whole never level where they were stirring up racism all over my Public image, so when they claim it’s a matter of informing me I had lost the career, I have no idea which dreams I had lost anyway since I did have some before the time period they are talking about and have had some since last I met them the schizophrenic twerps. The rest will be the failed attempt at being shop manager idiots whose white friends could never stop working on any public appearance I make, to settle security for well off villains and then show up here later talking nonsense about not being able to control them, blabbing insults about me being afraid of them because they rent me homes from hell and build community of scum with ideas about what to do to me, who set about getting gangs and criminals as close to my bedroom as possible and threatening me in public places because I smell, when they were aware their family members were responsible and that I was never raised that way – whereby they are already complain about the fact I ensure they faced the music whenever they joined gangs and did again whenever they got out of it and their insults making a mess of me is just as much as their public place stupidities is getting messier; says its braver and does it to get killed by gangs and therefore solve a problem which I cannot solve over its stupid profitable insults and now is neither dead nor alive on my account. I do not know who they are and I am not a relative; have no idea where they come from and obviously my bottom hurts and I still have not got the imagination to see peoples anus as they walked down the streets – all needs give me my space and stop telling me what to do, if its stupidities are complaining about a few of the consequences.

I get told its largely a matter of how people want the UK to be a Republic which is utter nonsense especially when Americans who have taken their tax payer funds and set about shutting down government three times in a row, have shown they know nothing about public service but largely it’s all good prancing around and complaining about the hurting bottoms, while reality is that the Scots are the most Gentlemanly of us all but are the most prolific of all the bottom chaser as well; they will decide in the US, that the UK is not have no Monarchy as it were. They always say the most satisfactory will be when they handled me while it just means good old detach him from what he is doing and stab him on the streets, thereby getting rid of him and doing what they want with it and that will be the end when we know it never will be – presently it’s a matter of US Government operatives of drugs talking nonsense and if I get my hands on the culture and society I shall try not to ensure they never saw it again. The media ones who think they need me to establish reality over my Books all the time because they think I do not deserve the money that it has the potential to make me is another story all together; the twerps have not been sharing the salary that gets to their heads even while their insults will be profitable to such an extent – the part where there is nothing I can do about it being utter nonsense as it’s the good old case of the guy that fights at work thing that you discuss with wife over dinner to make sense of growing up and after each dinner you wake in the morning with a new idea when she is helping you put on your tie and so on, looking for more of what its failed attempt at being a shop manager helping media twerps make a mess of my career by claiming my life is now in the hands of Celebrity and media and I could never get it back, looking for more of what it is complaining about. They do claim Liberal USA gets the better of me all the time which is utter nonsense – what happened is that I got Published online and it was one of those Companies that existed in an environment where people were just other peoples daddies at random and did not need to know the names of their kids if it mattered; so these goons have been buying shares in the Company and showing up in Public places to claim I write Books detailing things I have never done, which media goons get involved with and industry gits run rings around and each time I try to find out whether they know anything about publishing all together I am left with an understanding that they don’t but do know how to chase my bottom, so we are now in the almighty battle stage that will give way to this place being quiet enough for customers to just read Books or they can allow me sell my Books by myself and keep their hands to themselves, bearing in mind the Books did them no favours in the first place – the sad reality being the good old case of showing up where companies are floating shares to court funds, in order to push off some nonsense about people they do not like and wish to show they do not like with any money they have got, making that stupid assumption when Companies float shares they need peoples practical jokes as well – in the end I have not hampered their mobility but like their civil rights trouble makers, they have run out of lies to tell never the less.