I get told especially by Americans I allow people to take advantage of me so badly before I then set out to do something about it. This is not true, the fact is that I must always push back when I am pushed at a point and time as will cause the most amount of suffering. Considering that when I tell people my job and the way I do it is not unconnected with my faith and their response is to vandalise what they need to vandalise and sell what they need to sell to get rich (how does a recession become expensive as well?). Then we have all those other expensive foolishness about how I need to grow up because their stupid children need to be inserted into my life so they can feel like they are children and I am grown up when they are women or they hate my guts because I create an atmosphere which suggests that people ought to be less than they are with respect to physic when they think their men are really tough, while the men cannot do any job they have to do without ruling me and my earnings and getting onto media to make sure rubbish work. This is not the reason I hate them so much, this couldn’t hurt me in anyway. The reason I do hate them so much is because they do these things to push me and barge into my life to push me all the time and the purpose is to push out those they do not expect or want getting involved with their stuff and I don’t see this being their stuff now or anytime sooner or later, nor has this ever been their stuff, I may have been confused again about whose stuff it is anyway which is how it happens. Then they become more and more confident with their insults and their goading with plans they have which must work with the power I have to solve problems looking for trouble and it would not be the first time; the first time led to a condition where they still have identity crisis to this day-I am referring to setting out to write books and being bullied to a point of expected mental illness, such that I cannot write anything without it being about them so that they can determine whether I have the right to write books about them which shows they are power and I am civil rights. Having been this had failed, they are now finding out facts about my books and then setting off in public to ensure it has something to do with them and they are doing something to counter it and tell people its all false, changing character to kill off sales, getting self improvements without or instead of repentance etc and they have alternative names for it other than bullying, which is then also a condition they mistake for hurting me and like to talk so much nonsense about how they will again when I wind them up, which is a typical example of why I must never just push back but do so when it will cause the most pain or they might even tell me I will get beaten up, which suggests their Politicians have yet gotten out of the confidence crisis and do not know they need to shut up.  

Of course they have lots of things on me, some have my literary archives including things I have written or said about members of the royal family. No body knows what it wrong with them and why they are always blackmailing people. Blackmail without results, blackmail without reason, blackmail without purpose, blackmail for black mailing sake and when it affects your health you have become the kind of person they don’t want near them as well and will not get lost. Having my literary archives is of course what some should be using their positions in the Universities for; last I checked they were on strikes over public sector pensions-bloody daring insolent scumbags.

The business ones think they are my biggest problem but clearly if they were I would mention it as it were. It is the same old story; when they feel like it barge into my business to damage things and make themselves rich, so it is always about my level in life and not what I do for a living so that when I tell them it is not about my level in life or my stomach when it has to do with their stupid wives and media scum but about my products, they change tactics and it becomes about my level in life at the precise point where I should be earnings and not my products. I have dispatched warnings that make them understand I will soon want a history that is specifically designed for them and still have not seen any attitude changes yet so far. Lies about those who steal their culture and this history does not work with everybody, not everybody fails to see it has no meaning and has nothing to do with anything. As for the fact they have had my millions anyway, they ought to see that when they waste peoples millions the owners are not just going to get off and sleep on it, for after all when they punish them it will become surprising or they will wait for them to have their millions and punish them first so they can be the ones that punish those who waste their millions or if they still fix their problem regardless whatever they own will belong to women-stupid single mothers with weak children, who have children and insolent lesbians who don't know women should not be having sex with women especially.

For the blacks and none whites, their problem has more to do with the fact that when society develops at a certain point certain individuals will after years of breeding cross breeding and maybe nature and nurture, fall into categories of the kinds of characters people must have to be among the superior and the great and the good which will then bring about equality but first of all the problem was how I was going to be made to grow up so that one of their own children can be me in a condition where they are the ones that have my life, then there was the other problem with me which had to do with my person and how this together with my talents got me a Royal Estate which training needs to be spread around even when they are responsible for both crimes, world wars and religious violence, all of which needs to happen when they want it happen at the same time regardless of what the choice and decision of the person who gave me the royal estate is or indeed the uniqueness of my person which basically as far as they can concerned does not exist because that stuff can be shared, I can be forced to train others and it can be forced out of me for everybody, it is just an energy, just a concept and now they have finally settled in on the part where society develops along certain lines and just before there are many people that finally emerge who have characters that have to do with being among the great and the good and the superior I have gone and done and said things which means that I have taken over the entire energy and set about teaching people how to be it for my glory to own it monopolise it and make sure people do not become superior and great and good but it gets worse still because the reason they have is that they have settled in on having achieved the unthinkable with the madness and insult of Politicians i.e. ruin my finances (of which any royal would do with a big mouth) and gotten Politicians to give them money with which they can stand up somewhere and share my life with me in a condition where they are superior and have the lion share, so that when I add anything to myself they add it to themselves too which is what has led to the abuse of my human rights and their plans to protect their own as well at the same time and media seems to be their HQ-so the plan is to keep this process of having money and then making sure I do not, so when I add anything to myself they add that to themselves forever and then they will be superior and there will be equality in the world at last.
I could not get my head round the stupid things they say especially from the United States of America (idiots in Africa can be ignored), with their dirty grown up scallywags rubbish that they think means that because they are grown up no body will notice is a bad thing any more, especially when their stupid parents support it and continue to blame others for their own inferiority as well; most of which have to do with how I have taken over the development that society was supposed to make which means I have taken over the plans for the future that was meant for everybody and now think it is my right to keep it which means I am dreaming on account they like to tell lies and then believe their own lies at the same time as well. It is difficult to understand it since it is impossible to make sense out of a process where society it is planned was meant to develop and reach a certain stage of superiority for everybody but I through no fault of mine but by nature have achieved that level of superiority now; what does that say about leadership, my business, the ability to get things done? That they know more, I and them happen to be equals, their insults will one day be justified and rewarded? 
These questions have never been answered and I am not planning to find answers for them either. I may not be one to celebrate the fact they are evil and also stupid and that I will have to amass things for myself, unto the point where whenever people reach a certain stage of development they have such securities as there is no point to raise an issue or it is impossible to discuss but I will have to do it anyway.
I am still never going to have sex with them in their dreams or in hell; I mean considering what they are now, if they were me and I were them would they have sex with me? I will die one way or another as long as I continue to ignore them or refuse to have sex, just possibly so their stupid children can be superior and with them with a big mouth (of course their Pop music and Film Crimes have never on the contrary been okay, with respect to my income, the theft especially and other more violent and vicious crimes they hide with it, especially during festive periods, where pretending to secure my consent for anything they take works without my choice with media fascism and racism, takes on a whole new dimension. Which is why for me as well the primary means of settling it will never be the Law Courts, that will just come into their lives when they least expect it, so I do not end up in a condition where I am telling them what the Law is).The Politicians could never say this attitude is a destructive problem for the economy, they insolently want the answers from another direction and have other names for it other than bullying because they like to pretend to have power they never will.