The idea that when the Labour Party or its leadership says something about predators and creators it has some resonance with me is utter nonsense, it does not. They are the ones creating the predators who always want a piece of other peoples property without asking because asking will make them inferior and after years of putting people through hell if government it helping them, when they have lodged themselves in other peoples companies cannot get off the bloody media. So everybody always ends up loosing their property to them and health with it too. That audacity to touch my property by the way I hope they have planned what the end for it will look like as well.

They tell me there is no connection between how they behave and whether or not tax payers money is being spent on them which is utter rubbish as well because it is only when they get the tax payers money that they then have the leverage they need to attack peoples health and make them choose to leave their property for something such as staying alive and it will only get worse and worse and worse. When they say what I say and do has resonance with them, they need to understand what I say and do properly. When I tell them not to give these idiots tax payers money on the premise of that wealth distribution and equality rubbish they talk about, it never pays off, until they had used it to grab my market place and put it on the media in order to ensure they are selling their own stuff with it, which each time they sell ensure sells in a way that ensures something really evil has taken place and they are hoping to do this until they had built up enough market place history to have wicked evil business men that operate without being sanctioned by the Law; how can anything I say have resonance with what they say when they run such a party? Why do they suppose these people do these things because they have problems or because they are very wicked and lazy group of people? I do not know anymore so they will have to tell me. They never listen, they have not listened in a decade and I do not listen to them. 

Next we are aware of it a Prince will have been put through the sufferings of poor people forcefully and no body will ever make out what they are trying to say or indeed when they have said it what their point is.