The idea I am responsible for these black people that come in from Africa to make and create lots and lots of trouble, is not a matter that bothers me as much as those who use it to ferment racism and try to play the fathers who are the powers that be and create war for kids that do not do as they like make out it does. The fact of the matter is that I don’t even know these people while they know the villages in Africa where these people come from, right down to the names of their grand parents. How can I be responsible for the fact they are in the UK and how can I be responsible for what they get up to? I don’t even know their names.

So far with it they have brewed on media what seems to them to be the great idea of the kid who gets involved with people that are older than he is and have more money than he is, when none of them want anything to do with him as well, looking for trouble. The fact on this however is that bearing in mind they have all these money they have, no mortgage problems, no debt problems, no cash flow crisis and the next incoming week will get money which adds to their money and is more than enough for them but are still inanely evil, the only reason I would get involved with them would be to change their lives, maybe with my morals, maybe with something they feel like stealing, so they can accuse me of doing so.

They get the wrong impression all the time because they can. The fact here is that they feel they can get involved with the property of whomsoever they like. So when I broke equities with businesses and entrepreneurs who were not past the violence in the last 20 years for example, they will find a way to get involved and I will never earn a living as long as they continue to do that. So as it stands they tell me that I am the guy that makes out imaginations of having gotten involved with businesses and everything I say and do is a process of doing it for them like they taught me being my mentors and fathers as insultingly as we know they always do, whereas the part where I broke equities with people was the bit that was not any of their business which is how they get involved and get treated as shrine for wealth and glory and for some of them that have a pretty face end up doing adverts to sell the products; so they can later band together and make Popular music and Media Power for the purpose of vandalizing my market place and finding something to extract a lot of money from my property with. I for my part of which I cannot remember ever as much as thinking that people can use all that my stuff that lies around all over the place to get rich, let alone saying they can or allowing them as it were. So it’s the wrong impression and the wrong idea all the time-I need to move them on, other wise I will never make a living.

 They claim I grab peoples hearts and will not let go of it but it has always been a matter of respect, where if people have jobs they expect to earn from it not have others use insults to rob them of the income so they can do racism.

They are finished but before then they will middle class and lower class speak of power but want other peoples offices, speak of Politics but want other peoples jobs and speak of the evils of religion but want other peoples personal and private properties, completely confident in those their lies having the ability to change facts. What do they expect people to do when they are not earning, continue to make it better and better until they steal beauties, give it up knowing those that are using it to earn money they are not working for will ensure they are still working for it to the end of their lives, give it up in a way that shuts it down and loose their personal lives to those that want it still or make sure their products are market viable which will be a function of who they mess with?

The fact is that there is cultural and evil power in this world that can be used to get rich and when people are not letting your book sales happen because they are forcing you to get involved with those powers give up your faith and then be at their mercy so they can ensure you are always inferior to them and get nothing after you give your soul to those powers hence the victory of their way of seeing you as an organism, then you can tie them off middle and lower class and extract that power to sell your books with anyway whenever you want.

So the issue is that The Queen looks after her currency and gives things to Her Arch Prince like she does the rest of her family and these idiots get involved because they have television and now my body has to put up with pain I cannot defend it from because they are busy making sure that they take my stuff and that each time they do I fear to approach them. Who the hell do they think they are? If you try to find out what they think about their actions then you will be surprised they think they are really fascinating people who please homosexuals and perverts and for this reason are famous and can steal things they should otherwise pay a token for, then convince themselves completely that it was completely legitimate.