I am told that I get targeted all the time because people were supposed to be rich on getting involved with the Monarchy but I wonder if the idea is that I wasn’t when my property was to be dedicated to Crown service while I got my money from the Equities that were developed from it – it has been impossible to simply write Books without being disturbed around here the last time that we checked. So it feeds into the other part of the story being that I am always targeted because the controversy surrounding my person and property is sweeter than reading Books from the Bookshop as such and the question these days if they feel as though their lives are finished if whether those controversies were new to them when we know their stupidities created every single one, blabbing nonsense about rich people getting me all the time.

I am told it’s another matter of German influence which I don’t mind anyway – the case of being caught up with such stupidities as making faces and mocking me for doing well with myself each time I say and do something, which eventually adds up to some sort of competition, showing up around areas of my career where I have done my best work had earned its results in 2008 when I dropped out of University and I am not prepared to spare any more expensive confirmation that shows they are a handful of bloody idiots. I understand at this point the main issue is that I am due to be punished as well because I don’t understand the plight of those who have been punished and do not need more punishment, which would have helped so if it was not being substituted for a need to show up in Public places shooting off their nepotism at me about being more superior while I have been selected for an important role and therefore cannot be allowed to breathe, besides which these sort of nonsense have their own antidotes in Europe, where in Spain for instance they behave in a way which suggests that when you have an amount of authority you should not be afraid to use the whip – whereby we can see they would hardly measure up to people like it’s a relationship with the devil the way they believe that they have a way with me. The bigger part of their stupid story is that the UK needs to punch within its weight and it’s an old story about the mess they make and how they end up having to explain German National interest, which they get out of doing by insults and imaginations getting all over peoples private parts, such talk will not diminish as such the reputation they complain of all the time, that I am a trouble maker either – claiming the UK is untidy and incompetent while we know they know nothing about financial services and plan to get out of the consequences of their insults by putting on cheap makeup to walk around the streets looking like a two faced tart, lest they had to organise their lives.

They do brag about Germans infiltrating the UK to put the British in order all the time and its utter nonsense – the reality of it is that they are always a bunch of bottom feeders who never stop doing so i.e. what I mean is a bunch of idiots who always have a plan to make money from obscurity at other people’s expense and it’s like a practical joke that is relentless and never stops while each interval is created by the pause they take to jump up peoples bottoms, soon after they are making a case for the way that Celebrities behaving and jumping up peoples public life as well. I have had occasions of being shown that I have a lot of Public image acumen that everybody ought to share which is utter nonsense as I will be spending the little they have and if their imagination gets up my bum they need be prepared to protect that stupid society from me as well – they are not putting anything in order like their big mouths suggests, it is scary but it is really nothing to worry about i.e. when I do jump up their Public image as well it will not be that I needed it, I will be concerned with the business of making a mess of it such as they will not forget. The point of this matter is such realities as people suspending their Career to live in hell because Germans exist; I mean they have never been able to explain the exact problem that they have with the business of people suspending the career with a sense that they had every right to find it as they left it when next they were interested in working it, nor is the business of people being laden with backbreaking worries that are not paid for because they have suspended a Career, likely to do any good. It’s always a matter of people letting them fool around until they got seriously hurt by those who had lost the mind most of the time but in essence it’s generally an old story has nothing to do with mainstream living; their concern is that the British suspend Career at will naturally and it’s an old story where the assumption is that my Literary Empire is worth the amount I am paid at Universal Credit for instance, needless to say it becomes a case of a decision they might have made to find a way of moving the money from any market and economic system from one to the other, which will usually breed an outcome where we got to find out if it was their money to move as it were.

The leadership thus serves to provide an effrontery by which a bunch of stupid individuals who want to talk like other peoples fathers all the time, claim I have no regard for how much work they did to get where they are, a thing that could be done by everybody if everybody could do it but the same complain all the time about needing what I have and do which is incredibly respectful of the amount of work I did to get where I am all together; the case then made that it is something we should not be doing and only a matter of questions which have arisen because of controversies built around what I am doing, all far less important than a process of people reading what I have written all together but when those who are responsible for those questions make a case for it all the time, I must try other processes of moving the problem on – I have tried waiting without success, I need to try attacking their careers as well next.