Now the talk of Politicians being a major problem for me does not apply; it is actually abnormal to those who do it, for somebody to kiss their family goodbye and get to work where he picks on you all day and the problem they have rather is a failure to give thought to how I really see things. The reasons it becomes an issue at all is that the media make something of it for the victims in order to orchestrate their greed and so I have no worries with them either, all I need to say is that they must understand they are the same thing as racists but will never get the right hand side from me like racist do – imagine an older man next door who plays with you sometimes and other times does things you think are terribly unfair and then think of a very evil, twisted paedophile version of it that cannot listen when you tell him to end his processes of abusing you to make money and sit around a beer or drink with his stupid friends to call you names and do it again to make his Television personality work for him and so on and then you will have what my view of media fools really is; they are all very useless people, the Labour Party is the moderate version of racists who are basically goons that like to be in the company of strong people that can collect other peoples incomes for them and the Tories are just thieves while the Liberals cannot cut it and will have a go at anything. Apart from these, what I have to look at is mostly black idiots trying to be business men and saying strange nonsense in my direction all the time; most of the time of which I don’t rent homes from black people but a series of issues they create will tend to make that happen eventually. So that you get surprised all the time that a fool has been saying things to his friends and telling them to turn up and gawb at you and there is some self advancement involved, so when they are frustrated and cannot let your tummy be with those stupid violent insolent prejudice, you wish they had put some real money into some investment so you can make an example of them and anybody who likes to aid them as well; bearing in mind that before now, it was a matter of their stupid girls turning up to talk rubbish all the time which then amounts as carving fame out of me so to speak and the consequences that followed it. The rest of the time of what I am supposed to see as a problem is basically foolish women who think they are famous and have popular culture goons around them that are violent, some of which they had sex with at school and so on; so they all rather think I have something to worry about but in actual fact I want them to leave me alone so it does not get worse that they might need to get on media to help themselves again which does not makes things any better by the way according to facts and history anyway.  Now on the matter of Migrants with respect to this, the general idea is that of how British people are robbed of Jobs but we all know that minus the Conservative Party the other parties spend most of their time either going off to Africa to find migrants to burden a black person they want to fleece or they bring them over to make their case and cause by stirring up racism all together but for me it is those insults where you can come from Zimbabwe for example but the Labour Party loves to bring Migrants into the UK from Kenya at your expense, then we hear those little insolent noises they make about how certain people are all the time and it drives you mad; hence the supposition that I speak of the conservative party when and if I mention it is entirely misplaced, Labour is the biggest problem that social cohesion in this Country has got up till date and for my part what I have done has created a process where black people are doing it and all the rest that support all that nonsense are doing it too; in the end it is all my fame, my public work and my notoriety. However on the matter of British jobs for British people in itself the issue is that of some self harming goons doing what they do best since nobody knows which is British Jobs in the first place anyway when they themselves had not created it bearing in mind they are more British than everybody else and of course have a problem here since I cannot stand all that their nonsense especially the one where they know no other ways of making money except looking like the old merchandise idiots who cannot make adverts unless it is about how their lives are superior and better than mine and need the support of their race since it is the way to get majority in order to push market forward, which course along with the actions of their moderate racists in the Labour Party and their goons in the other parties will create my own publicity I can control for; what I am saying is that these are the things that happen when a black person has something black people envy and a white man does not have, it ends in a lot of trouble and an issue over immigration and they are not getting mine in hell either so we can find out.

I mean it is all incredible wickedness that is designed to create a process where years from its beginning there is an end product of a fight on all sides for me while comparatively they have a better quality of living which then technically means they have not wrecked my life but that as a result of competition happening they now have a better life than I do which has made them superior to me as persons and these are the kinds of debts I owe them as awesome Politicians that they are too. I have never before suggested they are a problem for me, it’s just a case that if that of the fact that they can simply decide they want to destroy somebody else’s life after wrecking certain parts of it that makes them person turn up in their area of society, claiming it gets in their eyes; so that when it sounds right to them to destroy it for a certain plan that is a good thing and you must have had to put up with it for a decade or so without that plan actually materialising, you become very frustrated indeed but for me personally the way it works here is that I have to ensure that they can wreck my life but that it is never ever funny at that stage when they realise I am beyond any kind of recovery because that is actually what it is about; those stupid debates are all lies to buy time so they can do their wickedness and have their prize for it and this is what governs everything I do to them. The way it works is that they split themselves into two parts one being Politicians and the other being the populous idiots that support it; so that what the Politicians decide they want to do is create a business and then get into government office and so from there their fans who do not wish to do any jobs for a lot of money will then set out people whom they believe have leaderships that should be deployed for their own pleasure and they will find no other way of making money except this one – the populous goons on the other hand have this case of setting out a means of securing a process where they are superior to me and having built up publicity and advert from that will then get rich which bottoms out my finances all the time while they then get to show they are the right place to be by extracting an income from my earnings at the precise point where a customer is interested in my books and they will have no other way of getting rich but that, instead while they do it we hear them complain that I take steps to ensure they can never say no to governments whereas they have the right not to do what governments want. The part where the media ones claim I have a rider is nothing new, after all as everybody can see it is the case that while they complain one hand they have no plans to stay off my book sales on the other; take Popular culture music industry fame and fortune idiots for example – those will not make money in any other way except singing my work and property at the precise point where a customer is interested but better still, whenever they see somebody create one of those things where they wish to manufacture a community that is superior to me on the basis of which they get to run adverts and popular life and easy living publicity to get rich instead of getting a job, they will set out to abuse me and pass insults at me on media which will make useless anything I do about it and turn up at America has talent and X Factor and all those rubbish they come up with to lead whole populations away from God and good morals and then after that it will never go away; of course it was completely unnecessary as in if people do such things to a teenager, at the stage where the teenager becomes an adult they must realise they are playing with his means of supporting himself which is extremely abusive, in my case I returned to the UK in 2001 at 21 and that was 3 years beyond the legal adult age, so they deserve everything I do to them now and will do to them future, especially the part about making sure there is enough mobility to allow anybody that wishes to get involved with them to do so, without their celebrity status preventing people from doing something that will set out a bad precedent. So the part where I have a rider is the one where back stage media idiot finds his way into MI5 and GCHQ and if not, he simply uses them as an idea creating lies all the time about conspiracies, when it is not working of which we have complains about the prognosis of tyranny all the time, when it is working of which we have boasts about the powers of their secret society of which the purpose is nothing but watching me all the time and practicing homosexual violence on me which will blind me to the protection of all I own bearing in mind they have desired it and now they think they are a go between me and the Queens office, me and the Monarchy, me and the Politicians and so on - the American ones being the most remarkable of all who actually make a global thing out of the need for government to stay out of their personal lives while they do it i.e. want it for nothing as well. These are not things I will in any away tolerate for my part either, since this is not the 1990s as it were; I will repay it – as I have mentioned before a good number of times I get involved with them, it is nothing but good old vengeance.