Now the talk of some people being described as Con Politicians and the Point at which I fit into the picture is entire apt; I mean the Labour Party is always imposing its problems on other parties as a means of self advancement, so that when we say racism is a form of Political instability they say it is an ideology that had its uses in its day but has now been banned, the reason of course being that in their minds they regularly take a look at themselves and deem their appearance to be signs of a right to lead because they are the fittest and so this is a matter concerning which there is no need for putting up with all their insults when they can always achieve their aims first and reach their goals first before they impose their will on others. The part where their media idiots are always socialism talking about Syria and what my position is exists in the same par too; everybody would see clearly that what I have said about Syria since they need my opinion is that when for insolent media you have gotten yourself to a point where you kill people at government office, it is the clearest sign that you are unable to do the jobs and it is no longer a question of whether or not your system or that of countries at the International community is representative of the Syrian people but a matter of the fact it is impossible to run governments when its officials have such problems as blood on their hands and so it is the resignation of the President that is required, nothing else.

The part about Politicians and their insults however is entirely a matter of the fact like I have mentioned above about being bullied into taking part in politics which creates arguments with Political idiots that I win all the time and they then deem to be insulting looking for more trouble, it is largely a matter of their need to stay away from my parents and stay away from my finances and anything concerning that and if they don’t want to, then their African and insolent Middle East Friends can clearly see that it is their society that is being used to create a system of wealth inequality here which as I said is a bad thing but they cannot stop provoking me to it by attacking me every second on account they are doing business. The part that involves women being the one where they are simply a group of people that do not know what rejection is and for that reason I cannot simply just put an end to a process of provoking them by making sure they run out of society and we hear those stupid drums of war beat and then I tease them into making new ones that I catalogue in order to effect my wealth inequality programmes; so I say get lost, they I will have you anyway and I can only encourage them and that foolish media and Popular culture with it too. My parents part being the real item of contention over their claims to being the fittest to rule because it is not just a matter of getting out of bed every day to make me do something that is against the will of God for pleasure starting from such facts as how smoking weed is more important than religion and nobody knows what idiots gets off being a religious person etc – the part where my parents feel I should be living like Popular culture idiots and they are here to enforce it and my parents do not know where or when to stop like the fellow idiots they are and so the Popular culture idiots are now using my life to do it anyway. So unless they want me to do their own again, they will want to keep their debates and arguments away from me, stay off my parents and stay off my finances and all will be well.   

It eventually always comes down to the old stuff about idiots with money that want to be seen and known as great warriors and I will never give back whatever hold I have on that stupid society as well, not to mention those insults continuing the reasons for deploying it to create wealth inequality – they always like to say I say those things to ensure others get off and get it done for it instead of do it myself but I believe I am clear about everything being done to create wealth inequality being done with the use of black and African societies on account it is impossible to prevent being picked on and abused to make fun on account people are trying to do business, which puts it beyond a matter of being good looking while they are ugly and think they are wicked and powerful too – for the white ones I am clear too they do need to stay away from my parents and away from my finances lest I do their own again. I do not normally think I need to discuss it because they are so abusive and so insolent they do expect a reaction whenever they are to me – I am only answering a specific question with respect to those foolish claims they mind and see themselves as a huge problem for me. They will find no other means of making money unless it is one that involves abusing me until I am unhappy and at that precise moment they set out prerogatives that mean they are superior or better people than I am which therefore means they are the place people want to be if people wish to feel good about life and then they can sell things and get rich and do it to make millions.

The part about my manners and language is an old story; they have done nothing to deserve the part of me that gets around with people and gets people together and makes people feel good, the one they want is the one they are getting; the part that is hard and punishing and uncompromising and angry. So the idea some girl has a check list and that will be a problem for me is a delusion, as I always say their families have to values and the idea they are people of values is utter nonsense; they never listen and feel others have a faith and religion for them to paint the town red in order to find husbands and the insults have other uses too and never go away which is why they get what they deserve especially those who need others to be angry so they can feel protected and safe from violence. The media ones expect each time they speak of surveillance I should come up with a civil rights idea and I suppose the meaning is that some of their fellow idiots have been getting jobs at the secret service as well and made promises to continue these abuses I mention but it is not a major crisis when we all know that there are secret service staff on my case and they need to get off my work and off my finances and stop complaining if they feel that not doing so has become a major preoccupation. I want that media quality of life, I want that media life and that media standard and I have a hold on it that I will never relinquish, I want to use it to clean up this mess. I mean it has been a decade, while and when they speak of how I take too far things that can simply be stopped if I told people to stop. It’s an old story about men and their girls of course and the abuses and so on and we all know what is happening and the significance of all these facts that come to public light regularly; apparently they mean to say they have not yet learnt why it is their society that is being used to build structures for wealth inequality and that the reason is that somebody does not want them to use his public work or his books or any effects of him to do things, especially business. So we simply need to carry on and find out what the end results will be anyway.  Obviously this is a more academic way of putting it so people can take part if they wanted because of course saying they need to stop abusing me and more so in a sexual context in order to do business, it would never have gotten better. It appears the only message they send forth for the reasons they do what they do is that they get away with it on account they are academically very clever people; so that when you tell them not to deploy your work, bottom out your finances and try to do things or do business it becomes their major preoccupation along such lines of how they keep the Queens sexual desires and hence some need to manipulate me and control my work and finances in order to clear up any problems that might come along as a result of that – hence the same old story of some issue from breaking the rules and a process of getting away with it that must cost them nothing and therefore something they inflict on those who are not relevant and therefore if it is more important to inflict it on somebody that is then a campaign must be started to unmake them so with a big mouth – it is something that is a worthy use of their time and that of others because they love to do it as a means by which they perceive themselves to be a bunch of academic geniuses; hence it might seem like much but I am justified actually in collecting that Media quality of life and keeping a hold of it to clean up anything they do here with.