Now I hear them bring it up all the time that a process where they do my stuff for me is impending but of course the reality of that is that they have a few popular culture royalty allies playing silly games, such as the Duke of York who believes that when he gets a good appointment from the Labour Party who then indicate I am an obstacle he ought to get an application for a mercy disposition from me, which is why I put the issue on my websites so that he can better blow his top and he has since been at it really intensely too. On this matter of people doing my stuff I always think the real issue is that they have a difficulty understanding what my view of life really is – I have for men who look after me and the result becomes media scum who make up their own and seek extra powers of access from black people to get around abusing and bullying me and they have now reached a stage where the process of hurting me provides prerogatives they can share with important people to make progress with their stupid lives. So the part they ignore all the time is that already as it stands Royalty and Politician – back stage and front stage alike, parliament and media – back stage and front stage alike, young and old, black and white and others have a story to tell about me and any noise making can only make things worse, never mind the fact I will likely step it up as well and we are not talking about spending all my energy just to stay calm because I do not have any means by which I can be myself even in my thoughts with those their big insolent popular uprising nonsense I cannot have enough of kicking either. So that the stage has now been set whereby people will have to explain to me if I have ever indicated I have ever wanted to play around with them and more so that if I did want to play around with them, I wanted them as they have turned out – especially black men. I mean I am only being helpful by laying out what my real thoughts are i.e. people may complain that I hate the idea that somebody does not wish to be seen doing any employment for a living on account he is a fan of a rich person and yet the problem is still that the rich people think they want to play games with me and more so in a condition where their money is an advantage that will guarantee them victory and their fans think I ought to come up with leadership that they get to apply or sell in return for self advancement and it is a matter that must be settled as well because it is impossible to get into an office and do a simple job in peace, hence their yapping does not do them any good whatsoever since I will definitely handle it again and for now what they complain about they will never see again, ever, and it will get worse provided their insults do not vanish from my television and they fail to get off my book sales. I know they say I stifle the very idea of their business existing but it is nothing of that sort and I have done no such thing; what I have done however is ensure when they want it they can come round here and get it from me then handle my books and do my stuff like that insolent boast I have to deal with all the time. As I said; they will never see it again – I want an end to that money madness especially the one about picking on me to make me say something strange that stirs controversy that moves markets; as I said, twisted into a position where hurting me provides prerogatives for self advancement and when they do my stuff as well I can only be helpful; the claim they make that my office is one I have for life and therefore the advantage is utter nonsense, they do not even look so good when I always tend to deal with every issues within the space of a four year term which works with what they do in public office about which they lose all the time as it were anyway; it is something I have done for the last 12 years, besides which the businesses they own and make noise about is supposed to be an office for life as well and it is with respect to it that we will get to the bottom of the matter and the insults of their stupid women; I mean when I say they need to stay off my book sales I do not remember saying anything that looks like negotiating anyway in the first place; they clearly have no plans to work for their millions or do any work in order to keep earning those and from that angle they complain as well yap yap yap.