The case of the racist republican being a myth of course since the reality is a bit different in that a world exist where people always tend to give everything they do everything they have got for it, the outcome of such behaviour in a social sense is that once you have some problem it was not for a lack of trying to solve it but because you do have a real problem and hence there is really no point people going on and on and having a go all the time but it becomes rather interesting to note how much democrats like to have a go at republicans and how less they want the world to think it as violence, just like they do me all the time. Then there is there is the part where republican generally like the Conservatives in the UK have a real means of institutional intolerance of those who have no principles of their own and so the result of that is that obsessive desire that democrats have to beat them at popular polls that has created the kind of Politics that we have in the US but the bone of contention is even more striking i.e. democrats want a process where governments are fond of collecting people’s property for them so they can dominate people for fun to last permanently but the problem with that is that there are periodic elections and it cannot last forever, so whilst they have an insatiable need to vote their party no matter how bad its policies are and will do anything to polarise society to ensure that their generations vote their party and nothing else, the reality is that they always ironically have another insatiable need to get involved with the republican party whenever they feel it is winning elections – the clear way to have done it was of course to vote for the party with the correct Policies but as we all know they enjoy integrating into people’s societies violently with publicity built to the effect of spending other peoples personal lives which they then expect the rest of us not to think is something they plan out in some form of society conspiracy to turn up to practice on people in public all the time, they have always chosen the violent option of making sure they have a hate figure they can pick on to ensure they are tolerated by the republican party if it is about to win elections so governments can collect people’s property for them and enable them therefore to dominate people. All these is actually half the story from where I am because of course the reality is that black people practice it the most and will believe in nothing else too – so when they then say republicans are racist it does not make any sense. I mean if I were American I would be republican; thinking the stock market is the biggest farce in the world because if I wanted to sell my company to others I can always sit with them over a dinner or stage a gala but we work in an age where things must move faster so in that sense it is justified and hence it does not apply people can do whatever they like with it and create economic problems that rob people of their homes and entire life savings and continue thereafter as if nothing at all has occurred; it is not that easy. However when it really comes down to the basics then we are looking at a case claim by democrats of people who commandeer the country and exclude them and the results of checking up the facts would be that the thing they claim is glorious about my personality is something they also have even though it is not as great at mine which is why they want to be able to wreck my book sales and wreck my life to simulate and add to theirs and nobody knows how they get the crowd to go along with them to create these kinds of shared and acquired things anyway, all I can say for the most part is that a situation exists where each time they want something from you, what they do is call up society to ask you, hence I always put it down to witchcraft; the point is that this aspect of their lives is exclusively for their friends and family while mine is a populous public plaything and they will say that is not violent because they engage themselves in a game of moving into people’s right hand and moving into people’s left hand and pretending it is what the Country has become and people need to be made to give things up, so that once I have mentioned it, then they are off to make claims of a culture I handle and start to pretend they wish to get on public media to chuck it all outside and this is where the point of provocation that will not see people return happens but for them it is a game; so it is hard to actually work out where people get this racist republican stories they tell all the time and waste peoples time having a debate for from in the first place. I have always maintained it is important to ensure that more Liberals especially social liberals whatever that means, are conservative and then when they have become more responsible people and I had profited from a process of making them so, this matter that is actually some form of social selection will have been selected properly.