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 The Arch Prince has no Political powers, just the obligation of managing violent bigotry and the many forms in which it comes, from Fascism to Republicanism, his opinions and demands can be very important in Political circles.Which must be well distinguished from the violent campaigns and abuses of Godless people who have been whipped all through their childhood, not just by their parents for mentioning God or suggesting he exists, so now in their adult life they seem to realise when they say God does not exist the whipping stops and when they say he does it happens and continues to no known end, hence deduce that God does not exist and that they are atheists. However will not give this a rest and so set about finding Christians they can attack, whose lives they can ruin, whose finances they can spend on themselves, whom they can force insolent abusive errands on because of their obligation to be nice to people and to lead people to God and Salvation, which makes their problem the fault of Christians because they can make their condition the responsibility of a Christian with the help of Politicians and then attack them for the purpose of keeping them unemployed and cash strapped in order to turn them into the Christian beggars that respect people that have money(commandeering fame with media for example and coming round to abuse people in order to make them answer the questions of their problems in life, use other peoples products and market place to sell something else, in order to get rich and help people they want as followers to it too, claiming their powers can make people rich, knowing HH is a writer but to him do these things because they do not wish to buy the books but to get him to talk, so they can cheat him out of an income have followers doing so). This is an issue but it is not what violent bigotry is just physical manifestations of it in its evil products (so they always ask people what they have done for the world exactly and my answer will continue to remain the same: do they want to choose a side? I have you see, a better idea for people to choose a side with which involves insulting me less and is even more effective and it is called attacking my books).

The story of Nationalism is the same everywhere as it is in Scotland as well i.e. Nationalists are the Fathers, Family fellow and Grand Father versions of compulsive lairs - nothing more than that. So we are aware of the fact that a Scotsman in London is presumed to be there because he wants people to try and find out whether or not he wants to ruin the way things work in other peoples great City just by existing but that does not give Alex Salmon and his goons to do the damage at Scotland itself which they have been doing for sometime now. Yes I am aware they say that without him these matters would never have come to public light of course but it is entirely laughable people think that because the only thing that has come into public light since is The Scottish National Party and Refineries, The Scottish National Party and Bankers and Banks and so when people ask why they need to justify themselves to the Scottish National Party in order to show they are all right, then the response is the usual one of the fact it needs to be checked to ensure they are not accomplices of Westminster mismanagement: This is the only thing that has come to light i.e. Scottish National Party hunch men all over the Industries securing their cut.

It is never true I deploy my own property to fix problems either nor is it true I have no idea what I am doing and expect problems and issues to affect people so I can say what they are already thinking for a living; with respect to the former, the typical example is that of football people complaining about racism and seeking to extract from me a view that goes along with their ideas and becoming more and more threatening about that too - reality of which is that the violent integration into football communities has been going on at the expense of the person marked out to die for everybody for years now and it is the same as racists running a campaign of hate that will end in the death of a person and we all know that the campaign that these goons who complain about racism run like this one is meant to kill somebody as well but the difference is that racists do it for some personal reason while they do it because somebody has the temerity to have what they do not have; so any normal person to whom they channel it is likely only to ask the question I have been putting forward for sometime now i.e. they have let you into their Clubs, they have allowed you to play and you have made a lot of money from that so what more do you want and why is it assumed I must say something against racism to your benefit and what do you suppose you can do if I do not do so? The latter one is rather a matter that also affects the Scottish National Party all together because it goes right down to the issue of claims I show signs of a need to control Industry and that some Scottish Indegene had better stood up to me and those that I bring into their Country - the reality of which is that they like to play sweetie with the US and because they are such lairs have levelled it against me as well, never mind the fact that what happens is a process where people complain each time they see me they feel like investing their money and that they know they will get hurt but the feeling gets more intense  - so I have to tell them about my Equities and Securities business and how I broker the property Equities through my Books and set out the Equities they are looking at to that effect and so the big question becomes that of the fact that the Scottish National Party must be doing what they are doing because they are keeping somebody out of Scotland on seeing there are big Cities in the UK but the big four you can travel to, so seek your living is Belfast and Cardiff and Edinburgh and London, unless somebody owns you that is and in my case of which I require them to prove that ownership too and it becomes funnier to me and less funny as a social issue.

It is always said that Scottish Nationalists are running a campaign that is getting ahead of the Unionists of course, it has no basis on reality either and that is not where my concerns lie - it lies with the fact that it is the same attitude with civil rights goons and the whole purpose of their civil rights struggle is not so they can have civil rights but so somebody else can be stuck in a condition where they do not while they have the position of oppressors and so you can go off and solve it for them if you want and find out how they want you to be stuck while they are out and no products you put up at the market will ever prosper because of that, especially when you are a Christian on account you can corrupt your faith to make a living and they will win along with the devil they work with. It lies with the fact that they get listened to because people keep doing these things even when they know that if Alex Salmon said it was about something between him and David Cameron, him and Westminster, nobody would listen, he needs my possessions for that, people keep doing it and so they have started already asking me what we will become of all I write about Scotland and Scottish Nationalism when they succeed of which it will stay exactly where it is as it were. Scotland is not half the Country Alex Salmon has made it out to be of course, but if he says that what he has made Scotland out to be is a process of doing the job of giving the people a new Country it will be excusable but the part where they feel as though they have the world on their side is of course mostly concerned with their connections and friendship they have with a collection of really twisted Americans who can easily see and take up British Government work in the International circles and deploy it to better their local counties blowing it away on cheap thrills and creating publicity for themselves to that effect, so it is actually greater uncertainty to get around with Scottish Nationalists than people give it credit for, however I had made myself clear on the matter and especially over the convenience of The Queen remaining Monarch of Scotland after independence, like you can stay if you want with a big mouth.

I am a very proud British Man and it does not for one occasion bother me when people feel that my preference over the US is misinformed; they always know better but I mean as far as I am concerned, with my temper and some of the issues they complain about, it is rather my opinion they continue to raise the matter because they have not yet had enough problems especially coming from and created by me. So I can understand why I seem to stir Nationalist passions when it appears that the Union exists to serve my purpose and breaking it up will be one less thing I get to have; it does not matter in anyway - these are things I do not respond to but if I allow it to run its course because Politicians can spend tax payer funds to force me to on account they want to move into my personal life, there may be far greater consequences; what has no changed however is that they all continue to deploy my possessions to do things I do not appreciate and for now I have not yet begun to tell the women to shut the friendships down as I am not asking them a question and therefore do not need their point of view and the men do not yet hate my guts because I think their corruptions of involvement is more about something concerning their stupid personal lives they want to inform me about. 

Its a simple principle that when people think they can barge into other peoples lives and live there in a condition where they believe they do not have to hold back any feelings, especially with respect to the way the physical attributed of such a person may affect them and more so as the case applies here those physical attributes were perceptions they created and have nothing to do with what is reality, they had better been tough enough and not rely on getting on media to make noise all over the world about which there will certainly be consequences too anyway. 

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