It is suggested the Police tend to be slow on racism and only step on the pedal when pressure is put on them  is all very well said, I don’t think that we should be having a go at them all the time when we do not equip them either. First of all which is that we cannot have a different name to describe what happens when black people discriminate in this country, the name has to be black racism as well nothing else. To which I will be told that this will mean that whites can do whatever they like and get away with it, which does not make any sense because I speak like an ordinary person; for the police it is not usual to see officers speak to criminals like they were pals. Theirs is never to judge and if you do not attack or insult them you are likely to be alright, it does not do to think that they will not be aware of it like most idiots get to do, so they can film or tape the results and speak of racism. Here of course the idea is that I have no clue what the meaning of what I am saying is, like they always say but the truth will always be the truth which is that the whites say their country is corrupted and defiled but the purpose of all they say is to have a means of getting into government to do what they like. The blacks on the other hand never achieve the minimum requirement for anything they want to be and once they find their way in they will do all that is necessary and within their power to keep themselves there, both are equal and the same thing and should always have the same name; Racism.


Now there is also much talk about the coalition government having a lot of weaknesses, I do not know what those are anyway; what I am aware of is the fact that the government has successfully made it clear to the Labour party that economic recovery will not come in a condition where people know nothing else but ripping to pieces the economy to place themselves in conditions where they can ask the rich for money, it will only come by the existence of jobs and those do not fall from the sky, people who need to be damaged so that others can be better placed to get money from the rich will have to create them but they have not translated this message and slogan to the level at which those that are likely to vote for them live and this is happening in my view because of a mismanagement of the nature of what the issues are. For example it is my opinion that a government should always set all the matters it intends to look into out and then decide later on when and where to deploy each and every one of them in order to secure a process of getting re-elected or this time around elected by a majority i.e. the process of setting out policy which secure jobs can be played out and run as public policy along side Banking reforms, which will bring the electorate closer to the issues and help them to make better and more informed decisions for example. It must be seen that what I said here is that the government has not translated the process of showing the opposition and keeping them under control to safeguard the economy that recovery can only come through jobs and not those who have always failed to achieve the minimum requirements for what they want to be which is the biggest problem that the Labour party has. I never did for a moment suggests that those who have always failed to achieve the minimum requirement for anything they want to be will not like the sound of their own voices or feel that they are long overdue.


As for conversations we have about government u-turns, I dislike it so much because it contains so little and does so little when there is so much out there to have conversations about; I mean my frustrations can be put in the context of the fact that if these u-turns mean the government is incompetent, are we suggesting that when ministers evacuate their offices it is a funny thing for a country and then there are other pressing matters such as the fact it is not just okay to set public policy to show that the economy will not recover by the hand of those who destroy peoples lives to get into position to ask the rich for money but by existence or jobs, we must also realise that whether or not we have economic recovery there will always be unemployed people and so those that are employed must be employed in worthwhile jobs. Balance this against must uproar about government u-turns when we know that the electorate is not made of stupid people and that when we have difficult social and political issues to look into there is nothing wrong with a government that makes mistakes and puts up its hands to said it made one and it is very frustrating the things people prefer to talk about these days.


The Euro zone is another strong matter as well; the problems there in my view of which are entirely made from mismanagement of the issues. We all know that the monies in the last economic crisis vanished from the banks but then again bearing in mind it is only the Euro zone that circulates the Euro, where exactly people believe we all think all the millions of Euros went is not exactly clear. Now it is the same old issue with people playing games and now what they want is that they do not want this money to circulate in the economy even if it gets to buy them luxury lifestyles because it is their own, this gets worse because they are the ones making public policy bearing in mind the way the Euro zone politics operates and of course will never allow the central banks print more money to let people move on even though they have to put up with inflation because it will devalue their money but worse still is the fact that what they really want is to get somebody that will help them make more money with that money and no body knows where they will get such a person or how such a thing is possible. So it is the same old story: you might want all the money in the world but that is not the problem obviously the problem is whether you will after getting it think fast enough to create a political system along side a process where you have all the money in the world to ensure that other peoples lives are not disrupted because you have it; same old issue, where people want things and then create a social structure out of it and suddenly become dunces thereafter.


As for the UK secretes service and how things like the 007 world is converging on our own reality, it is never clear what that really means anyway. First of all the fact is that the original book was written by Ian Fleming who is British but the franchise itself is owned by Americans. The fact of the matter is that the UK still Polices the pacific even though the US is generally the worlds police and so it is a thing that most Television and fake democracy idiots never understand, so we see them all over the place changing some Russia here or China there looking for trouble they like to talk rubbish which involves responsibilities their home governments owe them with, while more still talk so much more rubbish about which is a minor super power whatever it really means and will not get off my book sales unless I really get to make them as well. I mean when people get off to change Russia for example and end up fixing their social problems for them is it because people who live there are incapable of living in free countries? 


I have dispatched the warnings about their insults on countless occasions. The most profound has been bearing in mind they know everything about me inside and out never to talk rubbish at me about how I want to speak of economy without doing the Politics first. The other which is more recent is that of how I have had enough of them wrecking my book sales to stretch my own for me and have fun on National Television. So now I have had enough of them and will be discussing their fake democracy as this is not the 1970s where America supports everything.

I mean worse case scenario is that I die and my duties are collected for one of those that will spare them as it were bearing in mind if it results in a war I will die because I will be required to fight on the front line anyway; so they are the devil himself currently as it stands and it is always for the insults.

So they want to talk about how the main problem is that I try to tell people what to do when I don’t know what I am talking about and it results in a condition where each time there is a problem people get on television to talk about it involves a process where they target my market place and livelihood to do so. I wouldn’t know, since I never asked a conversation from them in the first place; the big problem with them remaining of course that thing they know academically; because for the bankers there is no changing of operations even when a bank is dying and a company is folding and a lot of people will loose their jobs, because people go in there to do things they learnt from school for a living and so the big problem here is that somebody should have gotten off to make rules to change things so that they work with the current economic conditions and times but no body is doing that lest they loose their own bonuses and this is the reason that they like to target and attack me as well all the time.

The three issues are of course the matter of what possesses a person to get off to dispatch his stupid daughter or women to attack my finances on account that I broke equities with their bosses as though the equities are the property of their bosses or their property or that of their stupid women or possesses some foolish idiot to liken herself to me and get involved with me to hurt me and get rich because she works in the stock market and has the same skin colour as I do and what I say is catchy for her purpose and her insults. The second issue of course is the fact that with those their insults come a process where I will have to wait and continue to put up with insults from them for years until they reach managerial positions in order to understand what I am talking about but each time they do at the time being they complain but will not stop it either. The third of course is that they will not wear their white shirts and flashy suits to talk to the Politicians to figure out how anything should be done, what they want to do is have a go at me and my business, talk so much rubbish at the other end and then tell me I don’t know what I am talking about.

They are all still living the high life and think that one of the five biggest deficits in the world was a really funny thing; politicians, media, bankers and stock market idiots, all of whom could have done these things they do without involving me but like to involve me and of course like to spread their news I am no better either, bearing in mind what they really like about me is the Christianity.  For the express purpose of supporting insults that are meant to make them rich with the use of a process where they get off to get bigger mortgages and turn up to abuse me to get money to pay for them and it will eventually lead to a process where people as I have mentioned before create big posters in the city for advert with my property without my permission and I see it, go home and get into a few rags and walk into the city to grab them by the scruff and all the glamour will vanish for a change. It al puts in obvious perspective all those other insults about claims I tell people all about my career to show off and that doing so every day is my biggest problem.