Now of the matter of me being threatened and so on, it’s not that much of an issue – they know that they will have to have it all worked out and that is the problem of course because what happens is that they threaten me and I feel as though I need to keep them away from family and academic work and job and career because they are a danger to those things with those stupid threats but they have worked out that in order to breach that gap they need to talk with Politicians and media and so it goes on and on with a new need to do something about Politicians and media to keep them away from those things because they cannot keep their stupid problems to themselves; hence I dont think it is a problem. However speaking of which it is important to see that for some people once they have media appearance they become unbeatable but for me that same purpose is gained by ignoring them completely and this is the crucial difference they fail to recognise, which does not prevent me from handling them again when they wind me up; so none of it makes sense anyway i.e. their Politicians wrecking finances and chasing me up at University to attack and wreck academic work and sit down somewhere stirring all sorts of nonsense about mortal dangers that are applicable to me on a daily basis with a hope of being powerful enough to kill me when I already know the problem I face is idiots like them having money and power and people they rule or lead, I know this to be a threat to my personal safety and well being and will soon take it away from them as well: otherwise it is a matter of opinion and there is nothing they can do just as it is important they realise they are not getting along with me and need to respect the distance and how I speak of these matters because I have a writing career. It is always largely a matter of first mistakes people make i.e. they are down there I am up here, they are abusing me because they are making use of my leadership and so I want to use that power against them and resorted to weapons and hurt somebody and that was the beginning – it is how extremists are made – these fools however think their version of trouble has to do with when they want what already belongs to others which cannot exist unless those people were either given it or they created it; so having taken care of the issue of support they always tend to get from the Americans and they have not noticed how weak before me they have become as a result of that wouldn’t it be nice if they stayed away from me to the point where neither I nor them notice I exist and likewise for me too? Then again they like a bit of challenge all the time as it were of course so it is not a major crisis; worse case I get hurt or killed solving a problem but they do need to recognise I know how to solve this problem without getting hurt or killed as it were and watch their dirty mouth to that effect.

They do complain I wish to stifle their economic activity so others can have theirs of course but it is like having two concerts and being asked to lay charges to the evil one and blow it up: the ones that are doing the evil concert always know that it is a bad thing and what I do to them personally is a matter of how they feel about it when I tell them to vacate the premises so I can blow it up. These are nothing but idiots who have committed themselves to violence and are comfortable with moderate villains because the distant fascism can only spur them on and so on, which is why they are likely to think drugs will make them stronger too – I have a problem with these things because I have not committed myself to violence, it is not a sign of how much I will be beaten up by them if they wanted to. So are these things real provocation? They do know it is a bad thing and that I do have the right to destroy it if I wanted and yes in the same twisted way they have come up with their own attitude around my possessions too but are they actually that convicted about it? Of course not: The part about every process of my book sales resulting in chaos is for my part a matter of feeling that selling the books is secondary if politicians invade my space for the two reasons that I dont write books criticising them and must therefore suffer in their view on one hand which feeds into the fact that even if I did it would have been none of their concern that I did, while on the other hand I am unable to work as somebody who regularly gets refreshed from his work and there is no point those who are taking that  holiday away from me turning up to seek aspects of my life they can benefit from as a result of an easy going temperament, so they have to resort to a means of ruling me with problems and in which case it is not obvious what they are complaining about too. The matter of what I will do with the money seems to be an issue too but the first thing in mind is to find a private University as public ones have their benefits but time and again the Politicians will destroy my academic work and there will be very little I can do to save it – everything else I might think about doing with it are subjective from here on.

It’s the same old case like we have had the privilege of hearing on National news today 17/6/14 about how white children are falling behind their ethnic minority counterparts in school: it is never be obvious what the purpose of such news is meant to be when we all know these white guys exists in a social condition where they are able to do business and make thousands without being noticed by those who work the problems even they create because they do not feel alienated like their ethnic minorities do and hence only get noticed if they make millions and some of them dont if they are not showing it off too. On the other hand however they are more interested in whether or not somebody has a white girl friend than they are in their academic work and have been able to create a condition for others who like myself I end up having my books used by Politicians in parliament which then prevents me from selling any because they used it on the premise of power and so you continue to become a celebrity without even the money to keep up with the demands people make that puts pressure on your physical energy: this is what I want them to experience as well and not because I dont know that an average 16 year old white teenager is likely to have up to £20,000 in savings within some part time work he did for five years without any demands being placed on him by his parents, while I face at 21 civil rights fraud that I know everything about but must be made to work on me anyway, along with the Politicians responsible who think that at that age and more so having been declared an adult financially three years before by the state, the least of their problems could be that I adapt and find the rubbish they say about it on media and in parliament all the time insulting enough to deserve punishment. They are always trying to ensure they determine whom I am seen with on media and then with that will determine who my friends are and in that way will determine through who my friends are, who I am, all on their media and all by themselves and that is enough to make anybody fall behind their ethnic minority counterparts in school, which then gets even better because their parents and politicians are always of the opinion that the only way their children can make progress is if they find somebody with a lot of forbearance and patience to sit down and endure all kinds of frustration from them so they can clear their little brittle heads and get ahead in life, which then gets even better than that because they are always of the opinion they can find those people in Church and hence we tend to see that very provocative process they do not expect to be punished for, where they hate your faith and go after your finances and are soon talking about competition and a desire to stick a knife into a cunt to see what it will feel like and so on. I dont think it is a problem, I am perfectly alright in the sense that the only way they can make it operable against me is to handle my possessions and there are two ways it happens – first evil twisted black people from Satan himself who always feel like seeing me fight a cause so they can gloat and attain a point where I am so bothered with other things I dont notice them defiling me to extract power to be rich and important opening me up for it with media and Politics and civil rights and the other is the one they do in their own right as white people with media where their competition with black people means thereof that I lose either way when it has nothing to do with me; there is a fault line to this of course and that is the fact that I will never just like I have never in the past variably or invariably given them permission to handle anything that belongs to me which then makes it criminal and since I dont want to engage a law Court against entire communities, these things I do to them are the price they pay – so of course there are aspects of it which makes them feel I have created a society where they can be comfortable but that is something I do because of a process where I accommodate a tolerant society and not because of their insults and power and it is important they do not flatter their stupid selves with it and try to live in reality like everybody else. In the nutshell therefore they always feel like having something I should have done for money which I have failed to, so they can get on media and elbow me really hard and grab it every time because I am scared of them, feel like using media to determine the crowd I am seen in so that they might determine my friends and therefore who I am and are always concerned about whether or not I have a rich or white girl friend and so it is impossible to figure out what sort of news this was supposed to have been, that they are falling behind their ethnic minority counterparts in school. I hear of the part where I live something next to a useless life which encourages them, which has no basis on reality and is all based on the insulting sexual fantasies of their stupid women; reality being that people never see me attend to a job but see something about me which shows I am doing something for a living but before I had explained I am a self published writer, this is where black people become useful to their society of wickedness and come through with a flurry of alternative reasons that they get on media to keep up every single day in order to get rich and decadent and do tourism which I had also decided will only be operable on Television too. Then of course it would never have been complete if we did not take note of the public workers – who on every occasion are women who compare me to a white young man preferably older than I am and are making noise about how I am not his class and finishing off with messing him and me up and ending the whole saga with a condition where I clean it up for him, while another twerp gets on media to elbow me all the time really hard to grab my fame; these are social duties nobody has asked them to perform as it were and while they are they are also complaining about my lack of respect for women because they are the ones cleaning up this mess which I thought was actually progress since they cannot find a less insulting way of approaching me as it were. The story behind my role in Europe seems to be a matter for concern but it is an old issue of letting people go without a sense of direction resulting in entire economies depending on American sex industry and some juju masters in the under belly of the fame and fortune world – then we can work out after that white dealing surgically with a problem in Greece for example was less important than making sure the whole Euro zone did not settle for a lesser disposition the world with Germans pulling the strings – of which I always think we all share the blame because we fail to integrate with the Germans and therefore let them initiate the integration first. I for my part had been there and done that; where I broker equities with German companies and it becomes an Industrial trend because of the others and each time they pay for it their stupid women turn up on social media with their sons which always ends just as badly too and has continued that way thereof.