So I am now told that I do not actually think the EU is as much a threat to me as it is to everybody and everyone else but the EU is not a threat to me; what we have is the fact that the EU really is very seriously a Community and whilst it does not understand certain facts about British society being a do it yourself society especially when people have Royal Offices which are of course directly linked to the top end of Executive and State power, we have not really understood here in the UK even when we take control of such things as the Elgin Marbles for safe keeping, that the EU is more of a Community than it is an International arrangement of States, so their primary view of the UK is that we are unable to appreciate our value to Europe and Europe as a Community is starting to control and protect some of our treasures for the good of all – hence the clash point is that the EU does not know its a do it yourself society and we have not really understood that the EU is a Community. It is difficult for me to see it as a threat when on one hand we have the feral Dog effect where people from the EU get around protecting me from Celebrities, while on the other not all celebrities are as incompetent as to ensure that the processes of building their equities that facilitate their job roles should add up to what State Operatives perceive to be a threat. Where people say my experience of the EU differs from everybody else's is the one where they are rather more interested in how to work neo-liberalism on existing tribalism – so my question is usually how Bosnian Serbs for instance were Murdered by the Bosnian Army if they were able to come up with alternative arguments against the one that was being levied at them? The answer is always the same as ever i.e. these are the people who spent most of their time chasing the jobs and paying the taxes and having a family life, had no idea what was awaiting them whatsoever; so what these other goons do most of the time we see is take fashion for instance where they have clothes to design but spend most of their time setting out an arrangement where things will happen and explanations will be offered which suggest it was out of their hands or just bottom whipping the public along with their Clients; so we see that there are some Countries in Central Europe that have over time because of their public ethos ended up with a good balance of less poverty and more highly paid workers quotient on the other hand, while societies like the US and the UK and Eastern Europe have ended up with more poverty and more highly paid workers because of their need to chase the single route of neo-liberalism that they claim works against tribalism but will create a type of wealth divide that leaves those who are fighting it worse off in every way and thereby leave us all with tribalism at the end anyway, this is where they then say that my experience of Europe is different from everybody else's. So the part where I need to face some tribalism and see if I can stand up to it was an old story about women who want to show I am stupid by wearing that bra and that panties and urging the Camera Man to carry on, ending up in a situation where they complain it was probably their predatory insults that were responsible for their problems – besides which the tribalism and those who work it now have a lot of money given them by Industry goons naturally but I am not finished hence they will also never have economic separatism because what I want to do for my part as well is steal my way into the market and sell some Books to build up personal finance leverage and then when I do, it will be a good time for people to start telling me that I am a coward. The more serious bit that comes to the surface is of course Muslims and their own version of superiority which adds up to the teachings and support that the Imams give their followers to set out a certain kind of violent and sexually orientated abuse which facilitates the turning House of God into a den of robbers kind of evil Merchant stuff that has to do with a need for them to see peoples children shackled under their trading table where their fortunes will be told. Their problem of course is that I become very creative about integration and tolerance determined to fight for that as well forcing them into a certain kind of Islam too because their women have become obsessed with corrupting everything I say and do from this Arch Prince's Office, making a mess of it and leaving me smelling like my toilet which they themselves do not fancy especially when they have to sit together to have a meal as a family. Where the media fits into the picture of course is that we hear them cling to my finances in order to impress their bosses and chase a job role that pays more all the time and nauseating processes of financial complications being communicated to them everyday and never once had an effect – now they think they have got some media terrorism in the works and that there is a mate of their they want to beat up with that big mouth as well. My point is that they interrupt everything I do and corrupt my sacred arrangements to leave me smelling bad and then chasing my private parts after their insulting interference leaves me looking like I have no clothes on adds up to that stupid service we see them show up to provide on standby for any idiot with money in the City that may want to buy into it – the Muslims are just the pinnacle of the society that is always doing sexually abusive things to good looking people, claiming ownership over the body and mind but will not facilitate fame from their culture and society or sell it there, which does make those threats they issue into something that can easily be taken very personally along with their very abusive civil disobedience by people like myself that can be very good as dishing out some brutal civil rule in the land as well – in the end apart from stealing my way into the market to make money and gain leverage that will really make sense of those who show up to tell me I am a coward, we would not be in this position if my Books were getting sold, that would have amounted to a better way of sorting this matter. I do not think it is a problem either for my part; I want to make a living from writing my Books while I hold Public service Office and what I am dealing with was entirely expected but having said so, such threats from people who want to gloat and handle and use and abuse good looking people but then resort to threats and promise of blood when they are not making the fame or selling the fame to their own cultural people and society people really do want to find out what will happen when that society is twisted into a position where it is queer just in case those who do want to sell it as well later on; so this is the threat of Tribalism in Europe and the Islamic aspects of it too but when it comes to the racism itself, I do get told I am afraid of racism because I do not wish to make sacrifices while reality is that what racists can do is shoot and stab after telling you they are superior and the question becomes that of what you say to people who want to do it to you and what you find is that everything you would have trained yourself up to say to them has now been dismantled by the Politicians and Media who are far busier playing up some role of arbiter between you and racists in terms of what you have and what the racists do not have, what the racists have and what you do not – what I am now expecting from them for my part as well apart from the need to handle twisted evil Muslims scum making use of situations where I have much to lose every time I talking to somebody else is a process where they got off to tell the Public that racism is a lottery for those who do it – that if you are ethnic minority with fame you should expect them, if you are ethnic minority with property you should expect them, that some things people believe is safe to do through civil rights really is not. My gain is of course that old case where the Politicians have a conundrum right in front of them that they avoid doing anything about again and again for telling me I am a coward that does not want to make sacrifices over racism and what they think they have located is the alliance that exists between ethnic minorities and service personnel which of course is just going to lead to outcomes where racism bothers the service personnel until they have to do something about it all together. In the end, these are very stupid people whose lives are usually spent training themselves up in some form of criminal activity that adds up to revenge that can be exacted without the involvement of the law, on those who have or had in some way stopped their crimes from happening and I do get told that it is a difficult matter while it is not to me, its a case of the worst situation being one where I have to respond to the civil disobedience with utter violence that I am faced with it and my right to civil rule attached to it thereof or the other where their involvement with me needs to be diminished if I tackle the media and prevent them picking up information I put to culture and society to run this Book shop playing games with that will facilitate a process where they end up with a higher paying job as abusively and disobediently as only they can, the bit that causes the so called surprising feud that endlessly exists between the royal Family and the Media for instance all together – my point is that what the Politicians do with them is not to put them out of sight and keep them off the academic work and the finances, what they do is make deal with them, then spend money on them over other peoples lives – hence now the Politicians are fed up and out of their depth I am content with myself as well. The American part in this gimmick has more to do with that claim I would not fare so well if I lived in the US, what reality says however is that they think female serial killers would not find my activity to be the best thing that happened to them and that female serial killers look like those stupid individuals who complain I take their power from them while their men show up to have me start a campaign of love for older women, so those wives that love them and hate them at the same time can ensure they are never rich. In any case of which I do not live in the US at the moment and nobody knows what could have been; what we do know however is that sometimes things happen and somebody suspends their financial well being to support another person over gender inequality issues for a few years, Americans should be able to see that those contraptions they set up for hurting people which they claim amounts to a means of making a living will be seen by such persons as a clear and present number one threat, which is exactly what has happened here – what we do know is that they like to claim people want to move into my right hand because I am a threat to others, sometimes I am aware of the threat and other times I am not; reality of which is that they have developed themselves a Boo Boys abusive Politics that shows no regard for the need to secure ourself a straight lined temperament for National executive and so when other factors like the need to interrupt my conversations or corrupt everything in this sanctuary and its office leaving me all messed up as a person and feeling as though I have no clothes on, we have a group of very abusive and destructive scum that are likely to take unprecedented risks when they know they have nothing to lose, while for me it all blows over at Natural environment security (if we wonder about the fact that if they are doing these things in the UK then those people who speak of a straight temperament for National executive in the Caribbean for instance will already have become homosexuals, we are talking about their need to join organised and criminal gangs which is why I am always covering my tracks by keeping an eye on neighbourhoods and any money that will do my life and career at popular culture when I have expressly told them off for it and of course the picture where they are shooting some wild elephant in North Africa, killing other endangered species as well) – what we do know is that its the same group of goons that are always seen showing up around culture who need to ensure they groom others for extremism and misogyny so they might be able to do whatever they like and are always seen talking rubbish at any who has a conversation with them as though financially well off psychopaths should be fancied and nobody can then pass exams in school as a cultural person themselves all together, making some grand stand up comedy stuff and thinking they have rather become important people. What we know is that Politicians are the ones who are always picking up some dream that they had not fulfilled hence the reasons we never trust them but we do not here in the UK pick up other peoples dreams where they left off because some goon that was more powerful made them or personal responsibilities did – you do not pick it up if it is not one of your own. I hear they say I am star struck which is so annoying; I am not star struck – its a simple case of unrelenting pyramid sales system vandalism, garnished by Media abuses so some 90 to 130 thousand pound goon can get a sofa job that pays them double that and hence cannot understand what 10 years of nauseating financial complications for the victims of his or her practical jokes really mean and then the Celebrities and their backyards too, if I caused enough destruction for that and goons who make money for fighting others therefore meaning there is such a level of abuse and attack I end up thinking about what I could do if I had one of their cars, which makes it worse as their cars thus become more important than God, there would be nobody left to pillage my property like I have to manage all the time. Its such a difficult situation if somebody and his friend in a boardroom of 7 are the only ones that care about the environment, so they got involved with me and every narcissistic goons can get involved with me as a result as well; what will happen is that I will run their lives for them and set out a campaign which says somebody else needs their shares and their leadership positions in the companies before they understand the distress that they are causing and how difficult it is to comprehend people who claim they have fame tags on them behaving in such ways. They do say it is none of my business what they do and that is correct but we are all poorer for their behaviour in this matter; when they deploy my public work to make money, the Public is not better off, they are not paying taxes and goons who never work for anything in their lives had made money for the purpose of fighting others and will not let alone royalty thus spent the money on it as well; so the bias of not being extreme when dealing with their bad behaviour since the process of security here concerns a part where if somebody knows another person will grab the part of his life he has neglected to show up here and seek my public image right up to the point of talking rubbish about violence, he will be all over it and not me – same as the media who at present have an insatiable need to pick off information I have put to culture and society to run this Book shop and make a mess of my whole life with because they have their media jobs that gets to their heads and others are supposed to believe that while this amounts to some form of powerful media that can both build up a bad reputation on people to prevent them from getting jobs until it becomes a routine that actually works as a means of controlling others, can be free of the tyrants of the world they are all innocent in the matter and anything I may do will be unreasonable. I have been through all sorts over that matter concerning my Books; every time it is explained, what we find it their need to show up around Books that their almighty selves should be buying, then fail to buy them and ensure others cannot buy the Books that the Millionaires should be buying as well all together and I need to ensure they understood that while it is an obsession for them and especially for the media to create this service on standby for any Industry and Political scum to buy into, they have not really got the money that allows them do this sort of damage to my livelihood, if we are to take those complaints of theirs into account; other times we have to deal with them making a mess, where I have been stuck with people playing mankind games with me because I am not a fan of them wearing frocks to pretend that they are in control of the City chasing peoples bottoms or exposing people to it – I have been bullied with intention to detach me from my personality which Politicians need because they say their offices has power associated with decisions which affect the lives of criminals – I have had to deal with all sorts as a result of ageism that says I need to allow older men make money from my career first on account they are closer to their pensions in a bid to make me a hater of young people who are more successful like themselves but I am still ending up talking about anus and penis insults because what I have done and written to keep their wickedness outside of mainstream living simply is never allowed to be by the Media, the same media we find complaining all the time because they are the ones who have jobs to do which involved putting a name to their faces on Television. In the end a typical spectrum is when we see a fashion model accept they will have their pictures taken and air brushed and then a product built from another persons equity put on it but the other existence that involves women in health and beauty care services is under such an assault from male feminists in Hollywood that the British National Health services is affected and then they get my own at a stage where they deploy my Public work to make themselves famous, leave the public worse off, job or deciding what leaves this Office to serve the public undone properly and me out of pocket because I cannot broker my equities with the developers properly and sell my Books, on account they have got jobs that get to their heads and cannot stop telling lies, then we hear them tell me I am a kid that needs to let go as all is well with me as though it is actually that cheap. As I mentioned before, they have not got enough money to be rich by being so stupid doing this sort of damage and getting away with it all the time; I am going to stop talking about career and big picture very soon and then start talking about self and what is to happen every time that they do it; I mean they block my Book sales because they read previews and want to make use of it but have no wish to buy and of course have no wish to allow so called lesser people buy as well – so what I intend to do is keep all my leverage and use them to make money at the markets by not being brave so that what will become more important to them while they fried will be the bigger problem of what is to become of a process where people provide a service innovation that helps others optimise their income and then just when the customers wants to reward the service, it is blocked and held blocked for years until somebody else gets rewarded instead. So do I think it is racism? Of course not, they are just flirting with torture at my expense, their big problem these days and how to deal with the fact it is not always the best idea to keep track of people with potential then show up on media to fail to accord them respect due to their achievements; in my case I have chosen to make money by not being brave and if I did anything remotely I would be brave for not being brave because they need to accord me my respect as a writer the same way I accord them one as Politicians and Journalists – when I do their own as well. I am going to tidy up and get everything in order next but involvement with media will be met with even further consequences that set out the fact it is my working Court and not a social group they can join, which we know has been the sermon here for the last decade.