Now the story of how I never turn up in the open to do anything is one that has reached a stage where I must lay to rest; where people know that individuals whose finances they have completely destroyed so not wish to turn up in public to make a show of themselves but latch onto it as a means of their own version of bullying and oppression about which what we hear all the time is stories of freedom and civil rights instead of the truth. So the outcome becomes that it has now reached a point where they have gone from stage to stage and are now at the stage where I am the Christian who has no control of his penis or his head or his chest or his anus or his tummy which then means they can control me and make me a useless person if they wanted – if I mention questions as to why they are doing it they largely claim it is a matter of what different people want and how they get to work for it bearing in mind the benefit is that I am now unable to determine what I feel anymore in the sense that when I feel anger I think I feel fear and when I feel fear I think I feel indignation etc which is why I will be beaten up with that big mouth, whereas they are complaining on account I do it as well and they will never see those societies and cultures and communities ever again and can come around here and get it too since unless people display and sell them products in a way that hurts and abuses me it will never be sold and people will never make money and my crime has always been my faith of course – the reckoning with the Christian they will beat of up of which they seek and seek well indeed as it were.

Most of my actions are a matter of questions about which I will get my answers; I mean for the media fools I already know it is a matter of removing every advantage that good people have in society and then turning out to do protests and civil wars against the bad guys who have taken up leadership by whatever means is available, the end products of which is that people die and blood is shed and they are happy and the same provocation in occasions where they are unable to applies here where they need to see Politicians feel like Gods by adjudicating between me and them over difficult social issues and then they will be the evil people with whom power rests and I the Christian with whom reason rests and then I can be taken advantage of as much as they want depending on what people want and whether or not the work for it, leaving me the question of what I do about the provocation at present. So it’s like pornography where I must get to the bottom of whether people do it on account they have problems or do because they are simply wicked, I will get to the bottom of their own as well, even though I have all these facts I will gather realities for my own personal benefit to that effect and those answers I will get whatever the cost too.

They speak of media controlling me and how I think it is royalty that is doing it but that is utter nonsense; the reality is that there are people in royal circles that do popular culture very well as it were and they cannot do it without pillaging the Christian for it either; for this reason thereof I have no demarcation made between media and them and to me they are all the same thing as I had mentioned about that parts of my body are a plaything and it does not matter when they do not see anything wrong with it knowing I am a Christian, all because they wish to put me through an education of greed and to turn up on my literary empire and work and property to get rich and famous in the most insolent and abusive manner, hence all these things I am supposed to do being blown into the air as a means of insulting me to desperation and pushing off some racism at me which is why they speak of my acts of stifling the prospects of media careers thereof for I am determined to hit them harder than anybody has ever done. The media does not control me in anyway, they simply wish they did; I mean unless they will blow up their ear drums they will never be free of me, whereby reporters cannot report facts on account they want to report a writers career instead; I mean it is something about which one is the superior form of information dissemination and since they last messed up the job and the finances they have continued to do my job for me because I put them to it lest other media organisations that compete with them grab the opportunities and therefore get rich, so that each time they do they feel they wish to turn up and cover their tracks as well. It was the same with their Politicians plaything those games and the reason I have done it and have always done it continues to remain that they mess up the job and then people whom the mess affects find the owner of the job and then I have to bump into difficult things all of the time. – so they have always done it and I know they have always done it because I put them to doing it; it is the reason they complain about information overload of which there are none, only a process where walking down the streets or indeed living in a rented home means that security systems are deployed to spy on media and exasperate me like the story and issue of Nelson Mandela passing on for example, then we hear the complains about Washington as well for good measure. The story of Nelson Mandela of which they say nobody understands why I am up against it but they all know what that man did was to turn out and follow on such things they do to round me up and ensure I am helpless and unable to deny them anything they want from my work and then he took it to another level of getting around the world to make out his position as my father, which leads to a conclusion where he left off some responsibilities and created a structure where I can only access my own world if he does give permission for me to make any progress and I don’t even have ancestry that can be traced to Soweto, much less South Africa itself a typical example of how they look for trouble all the time and are very good at it, such that if their greed were indulged the person responsible for wrecking society by bringing up the idea of progress will eventually be killed to make it better.  Nelson Mandela is father of south Africa and that is an end to it and if they piss me off one more time over the matter I will rip it up for them; I mean it is something black men are very fond of doing where you bump into a condition where somebody has been winding up racists on your behalf to a point where they wish to kill you to attack them and you don’t even know it is happening behind you or indeed the part where they get involved with industry on account they want to be able to tell you and enforce it, that you are without a father when you reject them, which is something I would really have loved one of them to tell me to my face as well and find out how true that pretence that I have not had enough of them really is.

They speak of me as a bully that needs to be bullied as well, worth listening to as another delusion n that should be cleared up of course but it is not going anywhere either; I am no bully, it’s another track covering operation before they start another game plan so to speak. The reality is that the only think they really know is winding others up and looking for trouble – in the end getting stuck somewhere is something that happens if I had been playing around with them all my life, otherwise anything they do reroute to controlling all the jobs in the world would have been criminal. For those of them with something I can take away that will do instead of a Court process. I don’t think it a major issue, all they get from me are things local communities get as well, it means that I get to chose my own friends whenever I want to and those stories about controlling me is utter nonsense. The part about things I do with women is one of the most outstanding of course since I have to watch my sense of responsibility towards women and children ebb away while idiots get to create and have sex like never before with their own women that they are too lazy to work for – then they claim when they work for sex they will be sex workers and that it is unbecoming of a Christian to suggest it but we all know the crux of this matter is not just their ego and somebody to oppress with it but also the fact no matter how long I am wrecked and trapped I still will never have sex with them. I am nobody’s homie as they would like to call it, that is something about an assumption that I don’t have my own prejudices going on when after all I suffer as a result of their existence their ugly people filthy dirty sex is something I am obliged to put up with hence when finished they will then steal away and have some sex; being scared of their self harming towering civil rights politics figures cannot go from a sign they cannot let others be to becoming something I am scared of at the same time and it looks grim thus even when the part where they attend Universities after setting others out as the ones whose property everybody gets to squander which is something they then turn up on public places to enforce all the time has been created, the only thing that makes them feel their foolish loutish existence has been worth it which is never mentioned when they do the publicity about oppression and civil rights because of course we all know it is their flavour of oppression and it never stops until you had acted in a way that destroys your faith and thus until then there can never ever be a better story for others to tell of their experience in Higher Institutions; until they complain about such things as those who do not show themselves in public and I for my part will trade my books when I want to, was never published on TV and the books and the profit margins the patents offer will be safe where I leave them or it will cost anybody that crosses it everything. Clearing up this matter once and for all is rather easy contrary to claims; the reality is that somebody’s funeral, who achieved much that people recognised is being held in South Africa and some people who speak of how he was my father need to zip it as I have no ancestry that can be traced back to anywhere near that part of the world. Then there is the part that concerns me personally as well and that has to do with what exactly makes somebody who went from civil rights campaigner to prisoner for decades to the Office of the President more important than another who got a Royal Commission ex parte while he was still a student in his 20s and is still filling the Office to this day as we speak? So it comes down to the old story about these fools playing games and it is about them and their capacity for destruction and some need to show off some wealth they have got and so on about which poorer people have never asked them a story concerning it but poorer people cannot be allowed to exist unless they are breathless and restless campaigning for one thing after another after another after another – so let them campaign for the ones I dish out as well and concerning which I will dish out a lot more yet.